The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Poses (You’ll Be Excited To Try)

Are Sims 4 poses the key to bringing your Sims’ stories to life? With limitless poses from our favorite Sims 4 CC creators, you can make your Sims look and act exactly how you want!

sims 4 poses

I’m pretty sure you’ve spent hours exploring Sims 4 poses and figuring out which ones fit your Sims’ personalities perfectly.

To make your sims look stunning and UNIQUE, you need to find the perfect poses that match their characters.

But that’s not an easy task! With hundreds of Sims 4 poses available out there, it can be incredibly overwhelming to navigate through them all. That’s why I’ve compiled this ultimate list of Sims 4 poses!

In it, you’ll find model poses, group poses, baby poses, sitting poses, CAS poses, family poses, and more!

All the Sims 4 poses I’m sharing have been carefully curated by the pose CC creators, so you know they’ll look great in-game, CAS, and in the gallery!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and start downloading Sims 4 poses now!

Sims 4 Baby Poses

And don’t forget to check out the video tutorial if you need help learning how to use Sims 4 poses!

Video by MissSimReno

1. Sims 4 Baby Sleeping Poses – Legacythesims

sims 4 baby sleeping poses

How cute are these Sims 4 baby poses? You just have to love them!

These Sims 4 poses perfectly capture the precious little angels that your Sims 4 babies are. Get ready for the most adorable Sims 4 newborn poses to ever grace your Sims 4 stories.

Your Sims 4 babies will look even cuter snuggled up and sleeping in their bed.

2. Sims 4 Mom and Baby Poses – Pink Baddie

sims 4 baby pose pack

I remember when I first saw the Sims 4 baby poses and how sweet they looked. Just the overall cuteness of their tiny little bodies made me smile.

With these poses, your Sims 4 stories will be even more special as you create lasting memories of your little ones growing up.

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3. Sims 4 Baby and Toddler Poses – Legacythesims

sims 4 baby pose mods

I can just feel the love and joy in every baby pose! Seeing them interact with a highchair is just so cute and adorable!

It’s like watching a real-life moment and capturing it in your Sims 4 stories. If you’re looking for both baby and toddler poses for your story, then this is the perfect set of poses for you! But unfortunately, these poses are behind a paywall.

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4. Sims 4 Twin Baby Poses – Simsulani

sims 4 twin baby poses

On top of that, if you have twins, you can use the Sims 4 twin baby poses to create an even cuter scene!

The poses include a variety of sleeping poses and playing poses, so you can capture any moment of the day. Imagine how adorable it will be to have two sim babies playing together or taking a nap together!

With these Sims 4 baby poses, you can make your stories even cuter and more memorable.

5. Sims 4 Toddler Baby Poses – Simsulani

sims 4 toddler baby poses

What could be cuter than a baby Sim cuddled up on the sofa with its mom?

This pose set includes six unique poses of a mother and baby Sim snuggling together, perfect for adding a heart-meltingly sweet moment to your Sims 4 stories.

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Sims 4 Infant Pose Packs

sims 4 infant pose pack

Sims 4 Friend Poses

6. Best Sims 4 Friends Poses – Simvicii

sims 4 friends poses

Look at these sizzling friends’ poses in The Sims 4!

Whether you are going for a silly moment between two best friends or just capturing the perfect photo of your Sims, these poses have you covered.

With four pairs of poses in total, two of which have height differences, your Sims can show off their BFF love!

7. Sims 4 Best Friend Poses For 2 – Simssulani

sims 4 best friend poses for 2

First of all, there is the classic “best friends” pose, which includes both Sims holding hands and facing each other for a picture-perfect memory.

These poses will never go out of style and will always remind you of the bond between your two best friends!

Plus, it’s perfect for a romantic moment between two lovers, too!

8. Sims 4 CC Friends Poses – Simsulani

sims 4 friend poses

Can you imagine two female friends hugging while they make a heart with their hands?

It’s now possible with the AMAZING Simsulani Best Friends Poses pack! This set of six poses allows your female sims to show the strong bond between them.

You can have them hold hands or perform other fun activities. Showcase the friendship between your sims with these adorable poses!

9. Sims 4 Besties Pose Pack – Katverse

sims 4 besties pose pack

Oh my god, these 5 in-game poses for 2 Sims are so cute! You can create some of the best stories by having your two friends pose together.

From a passionate hug to a silly pose, these poses will totally bring your stories to life. With some of the quirkiest and cutest poses, you can create unique story moments.

10. Sims 4 Friend Group Poses – Simsulani

sims 4 friend group poses

I’m sure your Sims 4 friends will love it! With the Sims 4 Friends Group Poses, you can create six sweet and adorable poses for three of your Sims.

Now you can make special moments even more memorable with group poses that look just like real life!

Whether it’s a casual conversation among friends or a group hug to celebrate an accomplishment, you can capture all of your sims’ special moments with these amazing poses.

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Sims 4 Group Poses

11. Sims 4 Group Model Poses – Ratboysims

sims 4 group poses

I always think that the best way to create amazing stories for your sims is with some fun group poses.

Now you can add an extra bit of charm to your story with the Sim 4 group poses. With 10 poses in total, 2 for each group of five sims, there is sure to be something for everyone!

And the best part? These poses work best for model or friend poses, so you can create the perfect scene for your Sims 4 stories.

12. Sims 4 Friend Group Poses – Nemisims

sims 4 friend group poses

Oh, so sweet! Gather your Sims 4 friends and pose for a group photo with this awesome Group Pose pack.

It contains one group pose for up to six Sims. Capture memories and create beautiful stories that your Sims can cherish forever!

13. Best Sims 4 Group Pose Pack – Simmiller

sims 4 group pose pack

Capture snapshots of your sims and their adventures in a way that’s unique and special.

From magazine-style photo shoots to family pictures, the possibilities are endless with this pack of 8 poses.

With 4 poses for female Sims and 4 poses for male Sims, you’ll be able to pose your friends in style! Set the perfect place for a group photo that your sims can cherish forever.

14. Sims 4 Family Group Poses – Mel-Bennett

sims 4 family group poses

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about arranging a group of Sims for your perfect family photo anymore!

All 21 Sims are ready for their group shot in the Sims 4 family group pose. With this pose, you can create a beautiful and memorable moment with all your favorite characters in one frame!

Whether you want to CAPTURE a family reunion, birthday party, or even a graduation ceremony, this group pose is the perfect solution for capturing all those special moments.

15. Big Squad Sims 4 Group Poses – Nemisims

the sims 4 group poses

While you can use this group pose to create the most epic and unforgettable stories, you can also use it for more subtle and meaningful moments.

You already know that this is one of the most iconic group poses, but did you know that it’s also perfect for when your sims want to show off their team spirit?

Show off your Sims’ squad goals with a group pose that will be remembered forever.

16. Sims 4 Group Fireplace Poses – Surely-Sims

best sims 4 group poses

Sims 4 Model Poses

17. Sims 4 Female Model Poses – StarrySimsie

sims 4 model poses

I know you’ll love it! These poses feature a wide range of expressions, poses, and dynamic movements that you won’t be able to resist.

From an ADORABLE smile to a fierce gaze, from poses that accentuate the beauty of the female body to those that show strength and determination, all of these poses will be perfect for giving your in-game characters more life and vibrancy!

18. Sims 4 CAS Model Poses – Helgatisha

sims 4 cas model poses

Replace with: Creative or Animal enthusiast trait

Is your Sims 4 story missing something cute and cuddly? Then look no further! With this amazing collection of 33 Sims 4 model poses, you can add a whole new dimension to your story.

Perfect for both in-game and Create-a-Sim (CAS) poses, these poses are sure to make your Sims look even more adorable!

19. Sims 4 Male Model Poses – Banana-Sims

sims 4 male model poses

Well, these 8 single in-game poses for your Sims 4 stories will certainly add a touch of cuteness to the characters!

Whether you want to add a dreamy feel, capture some funny moments, or create an intense and dramatic atmosphere, these poses will surely be useful.

With their wide range of poses, you can break the monotony and make your stories more engaging.

20. Sims 4 Model Poses CC – Simsulani

sims 4 model poses cc

What else can your Sims 4 stories need? Some cute and adorable model poses!

With the Sims 4 Model Poses mod, you can give your sims the perfect pose for any occasion!

You can choose from nine different single poses, designed especially to help you tell your Sims 4 stories in a cute and exciting way.

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21. Sims 4 Model Poses Pack – StarrySimsie

sims 4 model poses pack

The Sims 4 Model Poses pack contains 10 poses for your sim that are perfect for creating cute stories and memories!

Each pose is ready to be used for your Sims 4 stories, so you can make them even more unique and creative.

Whether you want a casual sitting pose or a playful handstand pose, you’ll find it all in this pack!

Sims 4 Toddler Poses

22. Sims 4 Twin Toddler Poses – JJ

sims 4 twin toddler poses

This is what cuteness overload looks like! With the Sims 4 Twin Toddler poses, you can create the most adorable twinning moments for your Sims 4 stories.

The poses include two toddlers striking different facial expressions and postures, making for an incredibly cute combination.

Whether you’re going for a heartwarming or funny scene, these poses are sure to capture it all with their adorable style and charm.

23. Sims 4 Two Toddler Poses – Couquett 

sims 4 toddler poses
Image @Littletodds

If you’re looking for an extra bit of cuteness in your Sims 4 stories, then these toddler poses are just what you need!

Watch your toddlers bond, play, and just enjoy being together as they explore the world.

They’ll look so adorable no matter what they’re doing—making it the perfect set of poses for your Sims 4 stories!

24. Sims 4 Mom And Toddler Poses – Ratboysims

sims 4 mom and toddler poses

And if you wanna make your Sims 4 stories even cuter, then you should definitely get the Sims 4 Mom and Toddler poses!

With these poses, you can capture those precious moments between your adult Sims and their toddlers.

There are 2 adult-and-toddler poses and 2 single-toddler poses that you can use to show the loving bonds between the sim families.

25. Sims 4 Toddler Pose Pack – Simsulani

sims 4 toddler pose pack

For a playful and exciting Sims 4 story, adding toddler poses to the game is a must!

These 9 poses are perfect for little toddlers, allowing them to show off their cute and silly personalities. From crawling to running, these poses capture the adorable moments of toddler life.

26. Sims 4 Pet and Toddler Poses – Beto_ae0

sims 4 pet and toddler poses

It’s seriously amazing how cute the Sims 4 toddler poses are!

From baby and puppy cuddles to mischievous toddlers playing together, these poses bring soooo much fun and excitement to the game.

Whether you’re having your sims babysit or just simply capturing moments of family fun, these poses are sure to bring a smile to your face!

27. Sims 4 CAS Toddler Poses – Casteru

sims 4 cas toddler poses

Replace with: Clingy trait

Of course, not all stories have to be sweet and innocent! But these poses will make your Sims 4 toddler stories even more precious!

With 16 different adorable poses, you can have your Sims 4 toddler characters doing all sorts of cute things.

Whether it’s a moment of joy, contemplation, or surprise, these poses are perfect to capture that special moment of your toddler’s journey.

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Sims 4 Sitting Poses

28. Sims 4 Sitting In Chair Poses – StarrySimsie

sims 4 sitting poses

Though your Sims 4 stories can often be filled with intense action and gripping drama, sometimes your Sims just need to take a seat!

The Sims 4 sitting in chair poses can bring a whole new level of cuteness to your stories!

These 20 poses let your Sims relax and chill out in a variety of different ways. They can lean back, cuddle up close, or even take a nap.

29. Sims 4 Sitting On Floor Poses – StarrySimsie

sims 4 sitting on floor poses

Ah, these Sims 4 sitting poses are absolutely adorable!

The poses are so natural and realistic that you can almost feel like your Sims are part of the scene. It’s perfect for creating a cozy, cozy atmosphere for any kind of story.

With 22 sitting poses in different positions, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for any scene. The best part is that these poses are unisex, so you can use them on any sim of any gender. 

30. Sims 4 Male Sitting Poses – Helgatisha

sims 4 male sitting poses

Replace with: Evil trait

Have you seen the Sims 4 sitting poses? They are so cute! With 10 poses in one, they can be used by both male and female Sims.

Not to mention, they make the perfect poses for in-game and CAS screenshots!

31. Sims 4 Couple Sitting Poses – Sciophobis

sims 4 couple sitting poses

From picnics to family gatherings, these Sims 4 family sitting poses are the perfect addition to any story!

The couple’s poses are especially endearing—you can imagine the child playing in the sun or snuggled up between their parents.

With these poses, your sims’ stories can come to life with a realistic, dynamic feel. 

32. Sims 4 Cross Leg Sitting Poses – Marianne S./MARI

sims 4 sitting poses mod

Not only are these Sims 4 cross-legged sitting poses cute, but they are also incredibly fun and exciting to use in your story!

With 10 different poses to choose from, you can mix and match them to create a unique look for your characters.

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Sims 4 Newborn Poses

33. Best Sims 4 Newborn Poses – Katverse

sims 4 newborn poses

I’m obsessed with these Sims 4 newborn poses! They make a beautiful addition to any Sims 4 story.

The first pose captures the joy and love of a new addition to a family, as the mother proudly holds her newborn baby in bed and KISSES her forehead. It’s so sweet!

Be sure to capture this moment with Sim 4 Newborn Poses and create a beautiful story for your family! 

34. Sims 4 Newborn Pose Pack – Simsulani

sims 4 newborn pose pack

And, no matter what story your Sims 4 is telling, these newborn poses are just too cute!

Whether it’s a mother holding their new baby in their arms, a sitting pose with the baby looking up lovingly at their parent, or a standing pose that captures the sweet moment of mother and child together, these newborn poses are sure to add a touch of realism and warmth to your Sims’ story. 

35. Sims 4 Sleeping Poses – Natdreamsims

sims 4 sleeping poses

Ohh, soo sweet! These Sims 4 baby sleeping poses are so adorable and perfect for any Sim’s story.

With 10 different poses, you can make your story even more magical! Each pose captures the innocence and vulnerability of a newborn; display them from different angles so you can create a unique scene.

36. Sleep Tight Sims 4 Newborn Poses – Eclypt0Sims

sims 4 sleeping pose pack

Exactly! These newborn poses are incredibly adorable! It’s a mother holding her sleeping baby close and gently putting them down in their crib.

The imagery is so heartwarming and endearing that it really captures the essence of a mother’s love for her child. It brings a special kind of magic to the story.

Sims 4 Sibling Poses

37. Best Sims 4 Sibling Poses – Ratboysims

sims 4 sibling poses

These Sims 4 sibling poses are the cutest! Imagine your Sims 4 story telling the tale of a loving family with these adorable adapted poses!

Your children can be seen cuddling and playing together in a loving embrace, while your toddler is taking part in the group hug.

It’s the perfect way to capture those precious moments between a family. 

38. Sims 4 Siblings Pose Pack – Katverse

sims 4 siblings pose pack

What a precious set of poses for your Sims 4 game! These five poses of siblings—a toddler and a child—are ABSOLUTELY adorable.

Imagine the stories you could create with these poses: a young brother protecting his younger sister from harm or a brother and sister playing joyfully in the park.

With these poses, you can make unique and unforgettable memories in your Sims 4 game! 

39. Sims 4 Toddler And Child Sibling Poses – Ratboysims

sims 4 toddler and child sibling poses

Imagine all three toddlers snuggled up with the oldest child, or all four siblings playing a game together!

I can already feel the warmth and love radiating from this scene. These Sims 4 sibling poses are incredibly cute, and perfect for bringing your Sims 4 story to life!

40. The Sims 4 Siblings Poses – Chewybutterfly

sims 4 siblings pose mods

Still creating a cute, fun, and heartwarming story for your Sims 4 family? With this Sims 4 sibling poses pack, you can now bring your characters even closer together!

Let your sims family come alive and create amazing memories with these 18 poses.

Capture your sims’ moments of sibling love and fun with 4 family poses, 4 toddler poses, a toddler and child sibling pose, two children and two toddler sibling poses, and one family pose.

41. Sims 4 Teen and Child Sibling Poses – Ratboysims

the sims 4 pose cc

Whether you are creating a story about two siblings or a parent and child, these poses will help you create those special moments that make memories last a lifetime!

With four customizable poses for your Sim’s stories, you can create beautiful photos of special moments between siblings or parents and children.

Share your stories with friends and family as you create a wonderful experience for everyone!

Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs

42. Sims 4 Romantic Poses – Roselipa

sims 4 romantic poses

If you’re looking for some truly cute and romantic poses for your Sims 4 story, then you won’t be disappointed.

The Sims 4 couple poses are the perfect way to express your love for your Sims 4 characters.

From walking-style poses to holding hands and even one kissing pose– these are all incredibly cute animations that will make your Sim couple’s story even more romantic and exciting! 

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43. Sims 4 Couple Pose Mods – SimmErika

I highly highly recommend these Sims 4 couple pose packs! They are perfect for any story you have going on.

I recently used them in my own Sim 4 stories, and my Sims looked so cute together!

From handholding poses to dancing ones, these are the perfect ways to express your sims’ love for one another.

Not only that, but they are incredibly versatile, so you can use them in all sorts of stories. Omg! Simmerika, you’ve done an amazing job! My story has come alive thanks to these poses!

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44. Sims 4 Sadness Poses – Acha-Sims

pose pack sims 4

This ultra-realistic pose pack includes 10 poses and a single pose for your Sims to express their sadness.

The poses are carefully crafted to capture the emotions of sadness, allowing your Sims to convey their inner turmoil more realistically.

Whether you want to create a heartbreaking scene or simply add depth to your storytelling, these poses are the perfect addition to your game. 💔

45. Ultimate Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs

best sims 4 couple poses

If you are still searching for the perfect way to showcase the special relationship between two of your Sims, then look no further!

This list of the best Sims 4 couple poses packs has everything you need to create realistic portrayals of love and friendship between your beloved characters.

Best Sims 4 Selfie Pose Packs

46. Sims 4 Toddler Selfie Poses – Simsulani

sims 4 toddler selfie poses

Wow! The Sims 4 Selfie With Mommy Pose Pack is too adorable to resist!

This amazing pose pack comes with a total of 6 poses that include both standing and sitting poses for toddler and mommy selfies.

Every time you take a selfie with your little one, it will be more special and memorable.

47. Sims 4 Cute Selfie Pose Pack – Simsulani

cute sims 4 poses

Did someone say cute? Yes, these Sims 4 selfie poses are utterly adorable, with a total of 6 poses that include both sitting and standing postures.

So your Sims can take the perfect selfie no matter what their mood! Each pose has a unique facial expression and body language to capture every single moment.

48. The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Selfie Pose Packs

the sims 4 selfie pose pack

Need help looking cute in your next Sims 4 selfie? Check out this amazing list of over 30 Sims 4 selfie pose packs!

So much incredible detail has gone into making each pose look natural and effortless while still capturing the essence of your Sim’s character.

There are poses for every occasion, from the everyday selfie to a fun night out with friends.

Sims 4 Family Pose Packs

49. My Family Sims 4 Poses – Simsulani

the sims 4 family poses

How pretty would your stories look with these adorable Sims 4 family poses?

These six poses come complete with both a sitting and standing pose for each couple sim and include a sweet toddler family pose too. There’s no better way to make your stories come alive than with these vibrant poses!

Add more warmth and emotion to your stories with these beautiful family poses, perfect for a wide variety of themes.

50. Best Sims 4 Family Pose Packs

the sims 4 family pose packs

I’m really excited about the Sims 4 family pose packs! With 33 different pose packs, there’s something for every family and dynamic.

From playful poses that capture the joy of family life to heartwarming poses that show off your sweetest moments, these pose packs will truly make your Sims 4 family memories come alive.

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Best Sims 4 Male Pose Packs

51. Sims 4 Male CAS Poses – Beto_ae0

sims 4 male model pose pack

Replace with: Geek trait

sims 4 male cas poses

Replace with: Snob trait

These Sims 4 male poses are perfect for creating realistic and professional stories with your sims!

I highly recommend them if you are looking to add some extra levels of playability and realism to your sims’ stories.

Not only do they offer a great range of movement and facial expressions, but they also make it easier to create believable scenarios with your characters.

52. Sims 4 Male Pose Packs

male sims 4 poses

Look at these adorable male pose packs for your Sims 4! With this list, you’ll be able to create a range of fun and dynamic scenes with all the Sims you have in your game.

With 29 different packs, you’ll have the perfect poses for any in-game or CAS situation.

Best Sims 4 Wedding Pose packs

54. Best Sims 4 Wedding Poses

sims 4 wedding pose pack

If you need to up the cuteness factor of your sims’ wedding photos, these 24 Sims 4 wedding pose packs are exactly what you need!

From romantic and sweet couple poses to vibrant group shots, these fun poses will truly capture the special day in all its glory.

With so many creative options, your Sims’ wedding pictures are sure to be the envy of all their friends!

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Best Sims 4 CAS Pose Packs

55. Best Sims 4 CAS Poses

sims 4 cas pose packs

If you’re looking for even more CAS poses for your Sims 4 characters, look no further!

This amazing list of 33 Sims 4 CAS pose packs is perfect for giving your male, female, toddler, and child Sims the perfect look.

With a mix of active, casual, and fun poses, you can create the perfect mood for any Sim.

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Best Sims 4 Gallery Pose Packs

56. Sims 4 Gallery Pose Packs

sims 4 gallery pose packs

With these 39 amazing pose packs for the Sims 4 Gallery, you can make your Sim look cute, cool, stylish, or just plain goofy!

Whether your Sim is male, female, a toddler, or a child, you’re sure to find the perfect gallery pose in one of these packs.

With the infinite potential of unique poses, you can create the perfect photo that’ll make your Sim stand out among all others.

Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Pose Packs

57. Sims 4 Pregnancy Pose Packs

sims 4 pregnancy pose packs

No matter what stage of pregnancy your sim is in, these pose packs are guaranteed to have something for everyone.

From the first trimester to the baby’s arrival, you’ll find poses that show off the beauty of every stage of pregnancy.

From sweet and tender moments to playful ones, these pregnancy poses are as cute and fun as can be!

Best Sims 4 Halloween Pose Packs

58. Sims 4 Halloween Pose Packs

sims 4 mods

Best Sims 4 Horse Pose Packs

59. Sims 4 Horse Pose Packs

sims 4 cc

Best Sims 4 Female Poses

60. Cute Sims 4 Female Poses – Achu-Sims

sims 4 female poses

61. Sims 4 Will I Ever See You Again Poses – Ssiat

poses sims 4

So there you have it—the ultimate list of Sims 4 poses. I hope these poses will help bring your creative vision to life and make playing The Sims 4 even more enjoyable.

With all this creativity at your fingertips, I can’t wait to see what amazing stories and scenes you come up with!

Be sure to tag me @freegamingideas on Tumblr so I can check out what you create.

And if you need more information about specific poses, be sure to let me know in the comments! Happy Simming!

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