29+ Adorable Sims 4 Infant Poses That Will Capture Your Heart

Do you love to capture the priceless moments of your infant’s life? If so, you need some unique Sims 4 infant poses! With the right poses, you can add a creative touch to your storytelling. 

sims 4 infant poses

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the most stunning and incredible photos taken with Sims 4 infants. Have you ever wanted to take a shot like that?

Well, now you can! I’ve collected 27+ creative Sims 4 infant poses that will inspire you to CAPTURE memorable moments with your Sims.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect infant family poses, infant gallery poses or infant CAS poses, these Sims 4 infant pose packs have got you covered.

Just make sure you download the Teleport Any Sim Mod and Pose Player Mod before starting to take your in-game infant shots!

Are you looking for more Sims 4 infant CC lists to quickly fill up your game? Then check out the links below!

This post is all about the best Sims 4 infant poses.

Best Sims 4 Infant Poses

1. Sims 4 Infant and Parent Poses – Katverse

sims 4 infant and parent poses

Love and care are two of the most important things a baby needs. But how do you show that with your infants in The Sims 4?

With this special infant poses pack, you can show your love for your little one in a unique way! This pack includes five different poses featuring two adults (teen or elder) Sims holding and interacting with their infant sim.

I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing your Sims interact with their infant, and it looks just like real life!

2. Sims 4 Infant and Cat Poses

sims 4 infants poses

There’s nothing quite like the bond between infants and their furry little pals! With the Sims 4 Infant and Cat Poses, you can now recreate this special relationship in the game too!

This pose set includes 20 unisex poses, so you can create some adorable scenes with your infant Sims and their furry friends.

From snuggling together on the sofa to giggling and playing, bring real-life moments into your Sims game with this fun pose set.

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3. Bundle Of Joy Sims 4 Infant Poses – Scorpio.Whims

sims 4 infant and mom sitting poses
sims 4 infant and dad poses

This pack has everything you need to pose your Sims 4 infants and their parents! Create a hilarious, heartwarming moment with four different poses.

An infant can be caught in the act of doing something mischievous to their parent or in a sweet moment between parent and child.

I love these poses; they bring to mind my own experiences as a parent!

4. Morning Baby Sims 4 Infant Poses – StarrySimsie

sims 4 infant solo poses

I absolutely love these infant poses! They are so adorable and realistic, just like in real life. With four infant solo poses and six infant and mom poses, you can capture your sims’ little ones in all their cuteness!

I even love the sleeping poses; they just look so peaceful! You can create some of the most beautiful, sweetest scenes ever with these infant poses.

5. Sims 4 Infant Group Gallery Pose – SakuraLeon

sims 4 infant group gallery pose

How sweet would it be to capture a family of four generations in one single picture? Now you can do it with the Sims 4 infant family gallery pose!

I was so EXCITED when I saw this gallery pose for the first time! The pose features a family of seven members, including grandparents, parents, and their infant children.

I absolutely love the way it captures a moment in time and how precious it looks.

6. Sims 4 Infant and Toddler Poses – Acha – Sims

sims 4 infant and toddler poses

Imagine how cute your Sims can look! With the new Sims 4 infant and toddler poses, you get 10 pairs of beautiful poses that will make your Sims look so adorable.

I love using them to capture all the special moments with my toddlers.

From their first steps and hugs to funny faces and cute play poses, these poses will make your Sims look so lifelike and adorable.

7. Sims 4 Infant Solo Pose Pack – Couquett

sims 4 infant solo pose pack

Are you excited to see your Sims 4 infants in their solo sitting poses? With the latest Sims 4 update, you can now enjoy watching your infants explore their world while they sit.

It’s amazing to see how your infants interact with their environment and the different reactions they have to it.

I LOVE the way they look sitting in different poses, and it’s so fun to watch them explore.

8. Sims 4 Infant Family Gallery Pose With Cat – Simply Anjuta

sims 4 infant family gallery pose with cat

Omg! I just tried this pose out in the Sims 4 Gallery, and it’s so cute. I love how the cat is perched on the infant’s pillow, and the whole family looks so cute together!

It’s definitely a memorable pose to capture special moments with your sims. Plus, I found it super easy to set up, so anyone can recreate it.

If you’re looking for an adorable Sims family gallery pose that’s a bit different from the usual, then this one is definitely worth a try!

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9. Sims 4 Infant Family Poses – Rebouks

sims 4 infant family poses
sims 4 infant family pose pack

Don’t think twice about getting your own Sims 4 infant family poses! Just look at how your families would come together—it’s so perfect!

From infant and mom poses to infant and dad poses, there are over 14 poses to choose from that will make your pixel family look their best. Even kids and toddlers can join in on the fun too!

These poses are so versatile and will capture the warmth and love of your sim family.

10. Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack – Talented Trait

the sims 4 infant poses

Is your Sim family growing? With this Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack, you can add a little extra cuteness to your Sims life! From couple poses to kid poses and more, this pack includes a total of 20 poses to make the newest addition even more special.

Plus, infant poses are so adorable, you won’t be able to resist taking tons of screenshots!

11. Mom Kisses Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack – SamsSims

the sims 4 infant pose pack

When I first tried the Mom Kisses Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack, I was AMAZED by the beauty of the poses! The mommy-baby poses showcased the strong bond between a mother and her precious infant, with each pose being incredibly realistic.

You could almost feel the tenderness and love between the two! And for all of you who want to capture that special moment, there are also five solo infant poses!

So go ahead and show off your adorable little one in their best poses.

12. Sims 4 Infant Solo Pose Pack – Blackpanda

the sims 4 infant solo poses

Oh wow! The Sims 4 Infant Solo Pose Pack is truly incredible. With seven different poses, you can choose whatever pose best fits the mood of your game.

Each pose has a unique expression and attitude that really brings life to your little Sims. You can make them look excited, playful, or just happy and content.

13. Sims 4 Infant Family Pose Pack – JJ

the sims 4 infant family poses

This pose pack is absolutely amazing! With the Sims 4 Infant Family Pose, you can create beautiful memories of your family with a single click.

The sitting and standing poses for the dad, mom, infant, and pet dog make it incredibly easy to capture a perfect snapshot of your family.

The poses look incredibly realistic, and you can have your family looking as if they were in an actual photograph!

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14. Mamma and Infant Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack – SimsKittyKat

mamma and infant sims 4 pose pack

Keep your little ones close with this beautiful Mamma & Infant Posepack! Four fantastic poses will bring you and your snuggly infant sims together, with each pose showcasing the special bond between parent and child.

With three single infant poses, you’ll be able to capture the cuteness of your infants as they pose solo, making every photo perfect.

15. Sims 4 Infant Sleeping Poses – Acha-simS

sims 4 infant sleeping poses

What could be more adorable and heart-melting than seeing an infant snuggled up in his or her bed?

With the new Sims 4 infant pose pack, you can experience the beauty of those moments! This pose pack contains 10 solo poses for your infant Sims that capture them in various sleeping and playing poses with different expressions.

I’ve been playing with the infant pose pack, and I can tell you that it’s so precious to behold! 

16. Sims 4 Infant Carrying Poses – Gunthermunch

sims 4 infant carrying poses

The Sims 4 infant poses look so cute! I love how the adult is carrying the little one with such care and affection. These 4 poses make it easy to capture a special moment right out of real life.

Whether you’re looking for a photograph or just trying to freeze time, the infant poses are perfect!

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17. Baby Fever Sims 4 Infant Poses – Tmv Creations

baby fever sims 4 infant pose pack

With this Sims 4 infant pose pack, you can recreate those precious moments when a baby is passed around lovingly between its relatives.

The poses are so realistic, you would almost feel like you were in the moment with all of them! From cuddles to kisses and sneaky smiles, these infant poses capture the warmth, love, and joy of family life perfectly.

18. The Sims 4 Infant Twins Pose Pack – Acha_Sims

sims 4 infant twins pose pack

If you have ever had or known twins, you know how special this bond is! And with the Sims 4 infant twins pose pack, you can bring that bond to life in your game.

The pack includes six pairs of poses featuring the twins sleeping, kissing, and playing together. This pose pack will add a realistic, beautiful touch to your game—it’s just like having the real thing!

19. Sims 4 Infants Naptime Poses – Rebouks

sims 4 infant naptime poses
sims 4 infant naptime pose pack

Have you ever wished you could just cuddle up for a nap with your beloved infant sibling? Well, now you can!

With the new Sims 4 Infant Naptime Pose Pack, you can add a special touch to your game with 16 unique poses for one adult Sim and one infant Sim.

From sweet cuddles to playful interactions, these poses are perfect for capturing those special moments between parent and baby. I’m sure your sims will love it!

20. We Love You Sims 4 Infant Poses – JJ

best sims 4 infant poses

These infant poses will make your sims’ stories come alive! Now, you can relate to parenthood in the cutest way possible with this pack of 3 poses for parent and infant Sims.

Capture the sweetest moments of parenting with a hug and a kiss—all with the most adorable infant sims! 

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21. Infant Photoshoot Sims 4 Poses – Banana Simmer

sims 4 poses
sims 4 pose pack

While infants may be small, their photos can still feel big! With the new Sims 4 infant poses, create a beautiful and memorable photoshoot with 6 unique poses.

Three solo poses feature your infant alone in the Sims 4 crib, while the remaining three pairs of poses include the infant with mom.

22. Sims 4 Infant Carried Pose Pack – Blackpanda

sims 4 infant carried poses

I have to admit: The Sims 4 infant-carried poses are absolutely adorable! Not only do they look incredibly lifelike and realistic, but they also evoke a certain feeling of warmth and tenderness that’s hard to put into words.

The poses feature an adult sim carrying a precious infant, each with loving facial expressions and protective postures.

23. Momma and Me Sims 4 Infant Poses – Chewybutterfly

the sims 4 pose pack

Does your Sim’s family include a precious infant? With the Momma and Me Sims 4 Infant Poses, you can capture special moments of your infant Sim interacting with their mom!

This trio of poses includes the loving embrace of a mother and a precious moment of sharing smiles.

These poses will make your heart melt and bring the most beautiful memories of motherhood to life!

24. Sims 4 Infant CAS Poses – Blackpanda

sims 4 infant cas poses

Replace with: calm trait

Are you ready for the cutest poses ever? Introducing Sims 4 Infant CAS and In-Game Poses! With this amazing pack, your baby Sim will look absolutely adorable.

In this pack, you’ll get 7 poses specifically designed for infant Sims. From playful poses to cute expressions, these poses capture the best of your baby Sim’s moments.

So get ready to add a dose of sweetness and fun to your game with Sims 4 Infant CAS and in-game poses.

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25. Double Trouble Sims 4 Infant Twins Pose Pack – Rebouks

best sims 4 infant pose pack

It’s double the fun with the Double Trouble Sims 4 Infant Twins Pose pack! Let your sim babies shine in 17 unisex poses that are perfect for photo shoots, recording special memories, or introducing your sims’ newest family members.

With these unique poses, you’ll be sure to capture the most precious moments of your sims and their adorable twins.

I mean, who doesn’t love seeing two cute little babies snuggled up together? Plus, there are so many fun poses to choose from—from laughing and playing together to sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms!

26. First Steps Sims 4 Infant Poses – Herecirm

first steps sims 4 infant poses

Omggg, what a precious time it is when your little one takes those first steps! Watching your Sim’s baby take their very first steps feels just as amazing as if you were watching it happen in real life.

While the realistic animation of each step may seem too good to be true, the Sims 4 infant poses make it look like a reality.

27. Tiny One Sims 4 Infant Poses – MINI

dad holding sims 4 infant poses

I am sure all the dads out there can relate to the feeling of having their little bundle of joy in their arms.

There are six cute poses of the dad holding an infant as well as six cute expressions of the infant in these Sims 4 infant poses.

28. Outdoor Bath Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack – Katverse

outdoor bath sims 4 infant pose pack

How adorable is this Outdoor Bath Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack from Katverse? Your little ones will look so cute while they splash around and play in the water! You can even add some accessories to make it extra special—from swimsuits and beach balls to sunglasses and towels!

With the Outdoor Bath Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack, you can capture every precious moment for your sims. It’s the perfect way to create beautiful memories!

29. Growing Up Baby Sims 4 Infant Poses – lilalmondsim

best sims 4 infant poses

This set of Sims 4 infant poses is my absolute favorite! The six poses included in this pack are adorable and incredibly versatile.

With these poses, you can capture the most heartwarming moments between your parent Sims, and their little ones.

Whether it’s playing with toys, cuddling, or simply gazing into each other’s eyes, these poses will bring out the pure joy and love between parent and child.

30. Sims 4 Infant Complications Poses – Snarky Witch

infant poses sims 4

Not all births go smoothly, but with these Sims 4 Infant Complications Poses by Snarky Witch, you can add some dramatic storytelling to your gameplay!

These poses reflect the ups and downs of childbirth but don’t worry, everything will turn out just fine in the end!

I personally love using these poses in my own gameplay; it adds a touch of realism and emotion to the whole experience.

Plus, with the single poses, couple poses, and group poses included, you can capture every moment leading up to and after the birth.

I hope this list of Sims 4 infant poses has made you excited to capture some adorable moments with your little ones!

If you have any other favorite poses or suggestions, be sure to let me know in the comments or tag me on Tumblr @freegamingideas. So get out your camera and take some super cute shots of your Sims babies. Happy Simming!😍

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