33+ Custom Sims 4 Loading Screens to Transform Your Game

It’s time to start simming in style! With 31+ custom Sims 4 loading screen downloads, you can completely transform your Sims gaming world. 

sims 4 loading screen

As The Sims 4 continues to release more and more expansions, the Sims world remains ever-evolving.

But why settle for the generic loading screens when you can have something more unique and tailored to your Sims world? With Sims 4 loading screen mods, you can take your Sims experience from drab to fab in no time!

Plus, I highly recommend you check out this list of Sims 4 CAS backgrounds to really get that extra level of personalization!

Whether you’re looking for a kawaii aesthetic, a blue Sims 4 loading screen, or something that adds a touch of classic Sims nostalgia, you’ll have no problem finding something to suit your sims’ world.

Just make sure to only download one Sims 4 loading screen mod at a time to avoid conflicts in the Sims game.

Now, get ready to add some of the cutest Sims 4 loading screens to your game.

Cute Sims 4 Loading Screens

1. Lights Out Sims 4 Loading Screen – 20th Century Plumbob

sims 4 galaxy loading screen

Omg, the Sims 4 loading screen is out of this world! It’s a mesmerizing combination of futuristic neon and starry purple that instantly puts me in the mood for gaming.

The pulsing neon plumbob sign is so eye-catching and striking, it’s almost like you’re entering a whole new world as soon as you start your game. I highly recommend trying it out if you haven’t already!

It’s truly a beautiful and unique loading screen that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

2. Dusty Sims 4 Loading Screen – Vicky Sims

sims 4 loading screen mod

How can you resist these gorgeous and vibrant colors? They will instantly transport your game to an entirely new world, filled with beauty and magic.

Start off your game with a splash of color on the loading screen. I personally love the combination of dusty rose, lavender, and mint, which gives off a dreamy yet elegant vibe.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then you can mix it up by switching to shades of aqua, blue, and pink. Either way, your game will look stunning and lively with these colors.

3. Beach Nature Sims 4 Loading Screen Background – Cassie1900

sims 4 custom loading screen

What a stunning view! The deep blue sky, soft white clouds, and sun-kissed sand make this loading screen so inviting.

The gentle ocean waves rolling up to the shore, combined with a rock formation, add a magical touch. I’m sure this beach loading screen will make the wait for your game to load much more enjoyable!

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4. Aesthetic Sims 4 Loading Screens – Linsims

sims 4 aesthetic loading screens

With four stunning loading screens, you can have a perfect aesthetic experience in your Sims game.

I particularly love the BrightLoadingScreen, with its vivid colors and a girl surrounded by flowers in a garden. It truly captures the beauty of nature and is the perfect backdrop for a cottage-living-themed game.

Whether you choose to play at night or during the day, each loading screen has something special about it.

The SulaniStarsLoadingScreen gives you a glimpse of Sulani’s starry sky with palm trees in the background.

With these loading screens, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with each new adventure!

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5. Winter Landscape Sims 4 Loading Screen – Leandraxe

sims 4 loading screen stuck

Enough to make your heart skip a beat—that’s how stunningly beautiful the Sims 4 loading screen is!

When your game loads, you’ll be greeted with a mesmerizing vector image of the winter landscape, featuring intricate snowflakes and majestic pine trees that look like they belong in a picture book.

The vibrant colors and the intricate details of this loading screen make it so much more than just a backdrop—it’s an invitation to EXPLORE the wintery wonderland of your Sims 4 world.

6. Dark Academia Sims 4 Loading Screens – StarrySimsie

sims 4 faster loading screen mod
sims 4 loading screen cc

Want to spruce up your loading screens? Look no further than the Sims 4 Dark Loading Screen mod!

This fantastic mod changes your Sims 4 loading screen from bright and cheery to one with a dark and mysterious atmosphere.

With 10 unique loading screens, you can customize your gaming experience with a full range of visuals.

From a night sky filled with stars and the moon to a moody and atmospheric background, the Dark Loading Screen adds a touch of intrigue to your game.

7. Custom Gradient Sims 4 Loading Screen – Ahinana

sims 4 gradient loading screen

Stepping into the magical world of The Sims 4 has never been so exciting.

With this gradient-colored loading screen, every time I take an action in the game, I can expect to be greeted by a new and vibrant loading screen.

I can choose a different gradient each time because there are 24 different custom color options ranging from the bright hues of sun orange to the deep and mysterious navy blue.

So get ready to be amazed by the ever-changing beauty of this Sims 4 loading screen.

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8. Gradient Sky Sims 4 Loading Screen – Lotharihoe

sims 4 background loading screen mod

I’m sure you’ll agree that the Sims 4 loading screen is a real treat for the eyes!

Everything from the beautiful sunrise and sunset skies to the vibrant blue gradient and white gradient color screens adds a unique, captivating ambiance to the game.

sims 4 blue loading screen

It makes the already exciting experience of playing The Sims that much more enjoyable and immersive.

The loading screen gives you a chance to bask in the beauty of the game’s stunning graphics before diving into whatever adventure awaits!

9. Cute Florals Sims 4 Loading Screen – StarrySimsie

sims 4 cc loading screen

Not a fan of plain loading screens? Or just looking to add a touch of nature and beauty to your Sims 4 game? Then this Floral Loading Screen pack is perfect for you!

sims 4 cc loading screen mod

It comes with 10 loading screens that feature a stunning background of lush, blooming flowers. There are also three green leaf loading screens if you’re looking to add a more natural feel to your game.

With this loading screen pack, you can easily give your Sims 4 game an injection of color and nature that will truly take your gaming experience to the next level!

10. Sunset Ocean Sims 4 Loading Screen – Cassie1900

sims 4 anime loading screen

For those who have a passion for vivid colors, the Sims 4 yellow sunset loading screen is perfect!

As the game loads and you wait patiently, your eyes will be met with vibrant oranges, yellows, and deep reds that contrast beautifully against the night sky.

This is the ideal way to set the stage for an immersive and exciting gaming experience!

The vibrant imagery will give the game a sense of energy and anticipation, creating the perfect atmosphere for your Sims 4 adventure.

11. Tumblr Inspired Sims 4 Loading Screen Download – Debbiepearl

sims 4 loading screen download

While waiting for your game to load, you can sit back and enjoy the stunning visuals of this Sims 4 loading screen.

Featuring seven distinct backgrounds, the screen will take you on a journey of calming pastel colors and sunflower fields.

Every image is beautifully detailed with nature-inspired elements to create a unique and tranquil atmosphere.

12. Marie from the Aristocats Sims 4 Loading Screen – Trini Simmer

sims 4 cute loading screen

Who doesn’t love Marie from “The Aristocats”? She’s the cute, sassy white kitten who loves adventure and has a heart of gold.

Now, you can give your Sims 4 game a bit of Marie’s magic with the Marie from The Aristocats Loading Screen. This loading screen is absolutely STUNNING, featuring Marie in her signature white dress and a gorgeous pastel background.

As you wait for your game to load, you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of Marie’s sweet little face and captivated by the vibrant colors.

13. Color Waves Sims 4 Loading Screen – StarrySimsie

the sims 4 loading screen cc

However, when I encountered the Sims 4 color waves loading screen for the first time, it was truly a game-changing moment.

With four hand-drawn abstract loading screens, three in-game landscapes, and three hand-drawn color waves, this loading screen is an eye-catching combination of artistry and design that will make you feel like you’re entering an alternate universe.

14. Sulani Sims 4 Loading Screens – Katverse

sims 4 mod loading screen

Why worry about boring loading screens when you can have these seven Sulani-inspired loading screens? 

From a trip to the beach, exploring vibrant coral reefs and stunning sunsets, to lush forests with exotic wildlife—all in the comfort of your own game—these loading screens will bring a touch of paradise to your gameplay!

Each one is unique and captures the spirit of Sulani, giving you something new to look forward to during your loading screen.

15. Colorful Gradient Sims 4 Loading Screen – Ahinana

sims 4 gradient loading screens

Instead of a static screen, this Sims 4 loading screen is a vibrant and dynamic animation that captures my imagination. I’m greeted with multi-gradient colors in the background that give it a magical touch.

The iconic Plumbob swirls in a mesmerizing way, creating an atmosphere of anticipation as I await to dive into the world of Sims.

As I admire the beauty of this unique loading screen, I can’t help but get excited to continue my adventures in the game!

16. Studio Ghibli Sims 4 Loading Screen – Starrysimsie

sims 4 kawaii loading screen
sims 4 loading screen anime

Yay! Now your game is ready to take you on a magical journey to the world of Studio Ghibli!

With these fantastic loading screens, you will be immediately immersed in the vibrant and imaginative world of these beloved films.

Over 15 loading screens will let you explore scenes from the movies, such as Totoro in a field of flowers or Chihiro crossing a bridge. So wait no longer and start your adventure today!

17. Halloween Sims 4 Loading Screens – StarrySimsie

sims 4 halloween loading screen

Here’s what you’ve been missing out on! With five different loading screens, you get to experience the seasonal vibes of your game.

Whether it’s the majestic orange and red hues of autumn leaves, the spooky silhouettes of Halloween-themed elements, or the calming night sky with a bright moon, you can immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of your game.

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18. MT. Komorebi Sims 4 Loading Screen – Katverse

sims 4 bratz loading screen

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the amazing Katverse winter loading screens for your Sims 4.

This unique and vibrant loading screen set includes eight different background images that are sure to make your winter gaming experience more exciting.

The eight designs range from a snow-capped mountain landscape to a bright and colorful winter village, from an icy lake to a snow-covered forest.

Every loading screen is filled with color, warmth, and texture that make the game look EVEN more beautiful.

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19. The Cloudy Sims 4 Loading Screen – StarrySimsie

the sims 4 cloudy loading screen

There’s something special about watching the clouds race through the sky as you patiently wait for The Sims 4 to load on your device.

This loading screen sets the stage for your adventure with the perfect mix of beauty and anticipation.

The vibrant blues, purples, and pinks blend together in a mesmerizing display that’s sure to make you smile.

20. Warm Nature Sims 4 Loading Screen – Sunivaa

warm nature sims 4 loading screen

Who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in the beauty of a warm, summer day while they wait for their Sims 4 to load?

The bright, natural lighting of these nature-loading screens sets the perfect backdrop for your game.

From a breathtaking mountain view to a tranquil lakeside sunset, these loading screens allow you to take a moment and appreciate the grandeur of nature.

21. Night Screen Sims 4 Loading Screen Download – Cassie1900

night sea sims 4 loading screen

How incredible is this Night Sea loading screen? Seriously, it’s stunning.

The moonlight reflecting off the water and the clouds in the sky make it look like you’re looking at a real night sky!

Not to mention the vibrant colors and intricate details of the vector images that make this loading screen so captivating.

It’s the PERFECT backdrop for any late-night gaming session; it’s sure to set the mood and make you feel like you’re part of something magical.

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22. More Town Loading Sims 4 Loading Screens – Debbiepearl

sims 4 town loading screen

Basically, this Sims 4 loading screen, gives you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in a brand-new town.

You can enjoy watching the night sky filled with stars or the morning mist slowly rising above the city. With the 10 different loading screens, you can choose the one that best suits the vibe of your game.

23. Pastel Clouds Sims 4 Loading Screen – Plumbaleena

pastel clouds sims 4 loading screen

Ahhh! This loading screen is so calm and peaceful! It’s like stepping into a magical, dreamy world!

The soft pastel clouds bring out the vibrant colors of the game, and the overall atmosphere has a relaxing vibe.

Even if you’re not playing the game, just looking at this screen is enough to make you feel its beauty.😉

24. Melanin Cloud Sims 4 Loading Screens – Trini Simmer

melanin cloud sims 4 loading screen

Having the Melanin Cloud Loading Screen in my game has truly taken gaming to a whole new level!

It comes in a set of day and night clouds, each with its own unique colors and design.

The daytime clouds are soft yet vibrant and add a sense of tranquility to the game, while the nighttime clouds bring a mysterious atmosphere with their deeper hues. Perfect for creating any mood you’re looking for.

25. Toy Story Sims 4 Loading Screen – Trini Simmer

toy story sims 4 loading screen

I have experienced the sheer beauty of this loading screen featuring a vibrant sky and Toy Story characters.

The white and black background adds to its charm, making it look stunning. I LOVED the way the characters were perfectly placed on the loading screen, giving it a unique look and feel.

The way the characters are animated also adds to its charm, making it a must-have for adding a touch of fun to your gaming experience.

26. Phases Of The Moon Sims 4 Loading Screen – Lonely Graves CC

the sims 4 loading screen mod

Try out this amazing and mysterious Sims 4 Witch loading screen!

With its mystical background image of a witch, it is the perfect addition to your Realm of Magic expansion pack.

Despite the slightly blurry background image, I find myself admiring it every time my game starts up. Its beauty adds a new level of excitement and anticipation to my gaming experience!

27. Sunset Sims 4 Loading Screen Background – Cassie1900

sims 4 sunset loading screen

If you’re looking for a stunning loading screen that captures the beauty of nature and its colors, then the Sims 4 Sunset loading screen is perfect!

The warm, glowing sunset illuminates the water in a beautiful way, creating an awe-inspiring sight. From the vibrant oranges and reds of the sky to the REFLECTIONS in the water, this loading screen truly captures the beauty of a sunset.

As your game loads, you’ll be able to admire the gorgeous sky and appreciate the wonderful view.

28. Underwater Sims 4 Loading Screen Mod – LunaLobaSims 

sims 4 underwater loading screen

Don’t just take my word for it; see the majestic beauty of this amazing Sims 4 underwater loading screen.

This mesmerizing view includes an array of vibrant colors, ranging from deep blues to striking greens, that draw your attention. I can feel the tranquil atmosphere that this loading screen creates.

Every time I see this loading screen, I can’t help but be filled with awe and appreciation for the beauty of this virtual aquarium.

29. Nature Sims 4 Loading Screen – Cassie1900

nature sims 4 loading screen

Omg, it’s breathtaking! The bright moonlight glistens off the grass and the dainty pink blossoms complement the lush green trees It’s like a dreamscape!

This Sims 4 Nature loading screen is a perfect blend of beauty and mystery, ensuring you’ll be entranced by the scenery every time you boot up your game. You won’t regret it!

30. Cloudy Sims 4 Loading Screen Mod Download – StarrySimsie

sims 4 cloudy loading screen

I know I’m not alone in saying that the loading screen is one of the MOST important elements in a game.

It’s the first thing that players encounter when they load up their game and can set the tone for the entire experience.

With this in mind, I was delighted to discover Starrysimsie’s Cloudy Loading Screens set. You are instantly transported to a dreamlike realm with these clouds, the subtle textures and color schemes capturing your attention like a real sky.

31. Mushroom Loading Screen Sims 4 – Lonely Graves CC

sims 4 mushroom loading screen

There is something truly magical about the Sims 4 mushroom loading screen.

With its backdrop of lush, vibrant mushrooms and dark surface, it really captures the essence of the game.

I love how the light from the mushrooms illuminates the environment and creates a mysterious atmosphere.

32. Pinkish Sims 4 Loading Screen – Pikasims

sims 4 pink loading screen

Oh wow, what a great collection of loading screens! These four pink loading screens are perfect for anyone who loves the color pink or just wants to brighten up their game.

Just make sure to drop only one of them in your mods folder, and you’ll be good to go.

My favorite is the bubble gum pink screen. It’s light, fun, and adds a nice little pop of color to your loading screens.

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33. World Map Sims 4 Loading Screen Download – UTOPYA_cc

the sims 4 loading screens

This loading screen is my recent addition to my game, and I am absolutely in love with it! The design of the world map is vibrant and eye-catching, adding a touch of excitement to my loading screens.

The creator, UTOPYA_cc, has done an amazing job at enhancing the original map’s colors and making it more visually appealing.

I especially love how there are two versions available: one that stays true to the original colors and another that is the creator’s personal preference. It’s a great way to cater to different player preferences.

I hope you enjoyed the list of custom Sims 4 loading screens that can transform your game.

Whether you’re looking for something whimsical or more serious, these loading screens are sure to bring some new life into the game!

If you have any other suggestions on how to make your Simming experience even better, please let me know in the comments below. I love to hear from you! Happy Simming!😍

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