29+ Stunning Sims 4 Male Poses to Empower Your Gameplay

Are you looking for some fresh Sims 4 male poses to give your gaming experience a whole new level of power and expression? Here, I’ve compiled an incredible list of 29+ Sims 4 male poses that you can use to enhance your sim’s story-telling in the game.

sims 4 male poses

Downloading high-quality Sims 4 male poses can be a challenge, given the limited number of options available.

That’s why I’ve carefully chosen these poses to make sure they add the perfect touch of realism, emotion, and action to your sims.

Whether you’re looking for Sims 4 male poses for sitting, standing, group poses, gallery poses, selfies, or everyday activities, I’m sure you’ll find something here that will suit your sims perfectly.

I’ve listed these male poses equally for CAS and in-game to make sure your sims look their best in any situation.

Remember, if you’re looking for in-game poses, make sure you download the mods below to get the poses working correctly.

Let’s take a look at these awesome Sims 4 male poses!

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Best Sims 4 Male Poses

1. Sims 4 Male Smile Poses – Oherensparkles

sims 4 male smile poses

This set of male smile poses will bring a huge smile to your sims’ faces and make them look even more vibrant!

These poses are perfect to show off your male sim in the gallery. With these poses, your sims will have a more cheerful and energetic look to them.

2. Sims 4 Male Emotions Pose Pack – Aquariustrait

sims 4 male emotions pose pack

I don’t know about you, but my sims always seem to get the most out of these poses!

Not only do they help bring stories to life and create realistic facial expressions and emotions, but they also add an extra level of detail to their worlds.

I love the subtlety of these poses and the way they can capture the exact mood of a scene.

3. Sims 4 Male Sitting Poses – Katverse

sims 4 male sitting poses

Undoubtedly, this pack from Katverse will help your sims look stylish. I love the variety of poses and how realistic they look!

There are five sitting poses, each with its own unique look. The poses are perfect for any scene you want to make for your sims, and it’s definitely something I would recommend.

It’s a great way to show off your sims in all their glory!

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4. Sims 4 Male Standing Poses – Helgatisha

sims 4 male standing poses

Replace with: Dance machine or Unflirty trait

WOW! These Sims 4 male poses are absolutely amazing! No matter the situation, these poses will make sure your Sims look their best.

With dozens of poses for standing and walking, these poses will make your sims look natural and lifelike.

Whether you’re creating brotherly interactions or friends just taking a stroll, these poses will capture the moment perfectly. 

5. Sims 4 Male Group Model Poses – Ratboysims

sims 4 male group model poses

These amazing male group poses are a great way to bring life to your Sims 4 scenes!

They are perfect for any kind of group scenario, whether it’s a family gathering, a night out with friends or a boys’ night in.

The poses are easy to use and will look great on any kind of sim—masculine or feminine. I’ve personally used these poses in my game and found them to be incredibly effective.

And don’t forget to pair these poses with the perfect Sims 4 male skin overlay for a flawless and realistic look!

6. Sims 4 Male Sitting Up Poses – StarrySimsie

sims 4 male texting poses

Nowadays, a lot of us spend our time texting and scrolling through social media apps, even when we are in bed! So why not make it look cooler with some awesome Sims 4 Male Sitting Up Poses?

This pose pack contains 12 poses featuring your sims sitting up in bed and texting! You can use this pack for single or double beds, so you have a variety of options to choose from.

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7. Sims 4 Male Selfie Poses – Simunderstood

sims 4 male selfie poses

With the amazing selfie poses in The Sims 4, you can show off your sim’s unique style and personality.

Whether it’s a casual pose or one that shows off your sim’s flair, these five poses are sure to make your photos pop!

8. Sims 4 Male Gallery Poses – Juupo45

sims 4 cc male poses

I just tried these male poses for my sims, and let me tell you, they look incredibly realistic!

The facial expressions, body positions, and overall posture of the poses make them look amazingly alive.

My sims can now look really stylish with these poses. I highly recommend you try them out for yourself.

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9. Sims 4 Male Group Poses – Dyoreos

sims 4 male group poses

This amazing group of poses for male Sims is sure to bring lots of excitement and fun!

With 8 different group poses, you can have your Sims interact in ways you never imagined before! From three Sims sharing a laugh to holding hands and jumping for joy, these poses will bring life and personality to your Sims.

Whether you’re looking to create a goofy group of friends or just add some extra fun to your game, these poses will bring the PERFECT amount of silliness to your Sims.

10. Sims 4 Male Pose Pack – Katverse

sims 4 male poses cas

You’ll love the new Sims 4 male poses that are perfect for adding some serious definition to your six-pack sims.

Whether you want to show off their strength with a superhero pose or their agility with some parkour-inspired action, there’s something for everyone.

With five unique poses featured in-game, you can create some truly impressive shots of your sims showing off their muscles.

11. Sims 4 Male CAS Pose Pack – SimmErika

sims 4 male gallery poses

Replace with: Bro trait

Have you ever wanted to create bold, dramatic poses for your male sims? Then you’re in luck!

The Sims 4 Male Poses Pack is here with 10 CAS and in-game poses that will definitely add some much-needed character to your sims!

I’ve tried out this pack, and it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to make their male sims look truly dynamic and incredible.

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12. Life’s Too Hard Sims 4 Male poses – ParisSimmer

sims 4 male cc poses

No. of poses: 4

When I used these poses for my Sims, the results were simply breathtaking.

My Sim lounged in a pool float while he browsed his phone in a relaxed way. He looked so realistic! I was also amazed by how natural the friend pose looked, with him standing on the edge of the pool and looking out.

These male poses are great for anyone who wants to recreate realistic and natural-looking scenarios.

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13. Sims 4 Male Smile Pose Pack – Beto_ae0

sims 4 male smile pose pack

Replace with: Family Oriented trait

Even if boys are usually not the most enthusiastic to take photos, these poses will make it easier for them and add some fun to their routine.

Take your sims to the beach, park, or anywhere else, and make them smile with these poses.

You can make your boys look cool with their hands in their pockets or put a smile on their faces by throwing their arms up in 8 different poses. 

14. Sims 4 Male Group Pose Pack – Roselipa

sims 4 male group poses

Clearly, this pack of poses gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up your Sims in style.

Whether it be for a night out with friends or an event, these poses will make your sims look their best!

Not only that, the 5-Sims pack allows you to add variation and creativity to your scenes. This will add to the dynamic of your scene and make it come to life!

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15. Male CAS Poses Sims 4 – Katverse

male cas poses sims 4

Replace with: Hot-headed trait

Even though The Sims 4 has a wide selection of CAS poses for female sims, male sims have been left out. But not to worry!

There are now 5 special male CAS poses available to give your sims a handsome, confident look. This pose looks great when combined with formal clothing and can bring out the character of your male sims.

I personally love these poses because they give my male Sims a strong, charismatic look.

16. Sims 4 Male Director Pose Pack – SimmErika

Sims 4 male in-game poses

When I first tried out these poses for the male director, I was AMAZED at how realistic and detailed they looked.

The sitting pose had my sim looking like a real casting director, and the second pose had him ordering someone around. And you need to download the Annoyed Casting Director Posepack package file to get these poses.

And I highly recommend downloading these poses from the download page; you won’t regret it!

17. Sims 4 Male Friends Poses – Helgatisha

sims 4 male friends poses

Let me tell you about this amazing Sims 4 Male Pose Pack! This pack comes with an amazing range of 12 to 24 poses for your male Sims, including solo poses as well as two friend sim poses!

Plus, the poses can be replaced with Creative or Green Fiend Traits in CAS. So you can really customize the perfect look of your Sims! But that’s not all!

These poses are incredibly lifelike and realistic, so your sims can act out different stories and situations.

18. Sims 4 Male Group Poses – banana-sims

sims 4 male group pose pack

This fabulous set of four male poses is the perfect solution for any group of friends!

These two in-game poses feature a variety of postures that’ll make your sims look cool and ready for a night out! Not only that, but you can use these poses for any group of friends, regardless of their make-up.

Whether you’re simming a quartet of friends or a group of siblings, this set of poses has you covered!

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19. Sims 4 Male Model Poses – StarrySimsie

sims 4 male model poses

If you don’t have enough poses for your male Sims, this is the perfect pack to get them looking their best! With seven solo poses and three with the chair, you can mix and match to get the perfect look.

I love how detailed these poses are. From playful to serious, your sims can express themselves in any way you’d like.

20. Sims 4 Male Bromance Poses – Katverse

sims 4 male bromance poses

Okay, so here’s the deal: you can get your male Sims into some really cool situations with these 5 amazing bromance poses!

These poses feature two male Sims in a variety of poses, making them perfect for brotherly moments as well as for platonic friends.

With just a few clicks, you can have your Sims sharing a laugh, a hug, or a playful tussle—all with an incredible level of detail and realism.

21. Male Gallery Poses Sims 4 – Juupo45

sims 4 male magnetic poses

Want to give your male sims a new look? Then the Sims 4 Male Magnetic Poses are here to your rescue!

This amazing set of poses comes with a wide variety of options, making it possible to create the perfect look for any male sim. I love how these poses can make my sims look more attractive and realistic.

They are also perfect for a variety of different occasions, from formal events to casual hangouts.

22. Sims 4 Male Sitting Pose Pack – Helgatisha

sims 4 male sitting pose pack

If you’re looking for some sitting poses for your male Sims to make them look more realistic, then these Sims 4 Male Sitting Poses are perfect for you!

With 18/36 poses, your sims will look absolutely stunning. Whether it’s relaxed, formal, or even goofy poses, this pack has it all!

I am in love with these poses! I have been using them for some of my sims, and they look amazing.

23. Sims 4 Male Crossed Arms Poses – Whimsyalien

sims 4 male crossed arms poses

What’s even better is that these poses come with a variety of facial expressions. from angry to smug, and everything in between.

With the right facial expression and crossed arms, you can make your sim look like a total badass.

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24. Sims 4 Male Standing Poses – Helgatisha

sims 4 male standing pose pack

Replace with: Maker or Active traits

These amazing male poses for Sims 4 are perfect for any situation. The 14 standing poses feature a wide range of expressions and movements, from casual poses to formal and dynamic ones.

You can choose from a range of professional, fun, and cute poses that are sure to bring your Sims to life. Plus, the six sitting poses in the pack are perfect for those quiet moments.

25. Sims 4 Masculine Poses – Beto_ae0

sims 4 masculine poses

Replace with: Evil trait

I love how these Sims 4 Male Poses are perfect for my masculine sims. Not only are they incredibly realistic and lifelike, but they offer a wide range of poses that can take any storyline to the next level.

Especially the crossed-arm pose, which gives the impression of a strong man. 

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26. Sims 4 Groomsman Poses – Beto_ae0

sims 4 groomsman poses

You know how it goes on a wedding day: the groomsmen and groom all gather together for some hilarious photos!

With these 6 Sims 4 groomsmen pose, you can recreate those funny moments on a virtual wedding day and make your Sims 4 experience even more fun.

27. Sims 4 Urban Male Poses – Katverse

sims 4 urban male poses

Replace with: Bro trait

male cas poses sims 4

Replace with: Hot-headed trait

28. Sims 4 Male Paired Version Poses – Helgatisha

sims 4 male paired version poses

Whether you’re looking for some CAS poses that will replace bro or materialistic traits, or you’re looking for paired poses for two male friends or siblings, this pose pack has it all!

I’ve been using these male poses for my sims, and they look great—the animations are smooth and realistic, and there’s a great selection to choose from.

29. The Sims 4 Male Poses – Simsulani

the sims 4 male poses

Oh my god, these Sims 4 male poses are just too cute! Imagine the possibilities for your Sims 4 with these unique and fun poses.

From solo poses of your sims to playful pairs of male sims that could be friends or siblings, these poses will add a whole new level of storytelling to your game.

30. Sims 4 Male Model Pose Pack – Helgatisha

best sims 4 male poses
  • Replace with: Family Oriented or Loyal trait

If you’re looking to elevate your male sims’ modeling career or simply want to add some variety to their everyday lives, then this Sims 4 Male Model Pose Pack is the perfect addition to your game!

With 22 unique poses and 2 emotional versions, this pack offers a wide range of options for your male sims to strike a pose.

What makes this pack even more exciting is that it can be used for both male and female sims, but the poses are specifically designed to highlight the masculine features of your male sims.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of stunning male poses that empower your sims’ stories.

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite and if there’s a particular style or type of pose you’d like to see more of. And as always, Happy Simming! 😍

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