31+ Must-Have Sims 4 CAS Mods (Updated!)

Do you want to customize your Sims 4 characters in ways you never thought possible? Here you’ll find a list of the best Sims 4 CAS Mods that can help you do just that!

sims 4 cas mods

When it comes to customizing your Sims in The Sims 4, mods can take the experience to a whole new level.

I’ve spent hours testing and trying out TONS of different Sims 4 CAS mods for my own game, and I’m here to share the best of the best with you!

Because some mods are relatively new to me, I’ve done the research and compiled this list of must-have Sims 4 CAS Mods that will ensure you have the unique gaming experience you’re looking for.

From CAS Organizer mods to slider mods, lighting mods, CAS unlock mods, and more, this list has everything you need for the perfect Sims 4 experience. So, let’s dive in and get ready to customize!

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This post is about the best Sims 4 CAS mods.

Best Sims 4 CAS Mods

IMPORTANT: Hey, fellow Simmers! I got a quick heads-up about a super important tool that’s hot off the press: ModGuard. In light of recent events with mod files being compromised by viruses, our community developer, TwistedMexi, has come up with a solution to protect us all. ModGuard is here to save the day! This mod is like a safety net, blocking common virus vectors and alerting you when a compromised mod tries to download something harmful. I highly recommend you download it to keep yourself and others in the community safe.

1. Sims 4 CAS Unlocks Mod – Crilender

sims 4 CAS unlocks mod

For all the Simmers out there, I’m sure you know what it’s like when you can’t access certain CAS features that are restricted for adult Sims and certain occult Sims. The Sims 4 CAS Unlocks Mod from Crilender is here to solve that problem.

This mod unlocks CAS categories that were previously restricted, allowing you to use them for any type of sim. With this mod, you can unlock makeup categories, vampire categories, tattoo categories, body scar categories, body hair categories, and fingernail categories.

What’s more exciting is that it even unlocks non-occult categories for werewolves, So you can enjoy all the skin details, tattoos, and more that were previously unavailable.

You can now create more diverse and unique Sims with the help of this mod.

2. Sims 4 CAS Tuning Controlled Position Mod – Northern Siberia Winds

sims 4 cas mod

This mod is an absolute must-have for you if you want full control of your sim’s position in CAS (Create-A-Sim) mode!

No more frustrating moments when your Sim automatically changes position when you switch through its swatches. With this mod, you can put your Sims in any position you want: they can face the camera, turn their backs, stand sideways, or do whatever you prefer.

I also LOVE that you can control their fingernail positions for a more individual look.

And the best part? You can make your sim look as unique and stand out as you like; just choose the perfect pose for them. Unleashing their true personality has never been so easy!

3. Sims 4 CAS Gender Breast Option & Pregnancy Both Mod – Maars

the sims 4 cas mod

This mod makes it easy to customize your Sims and create unique stories with them. Whether you want a masculine female or a feminine male, this mod allows you to choose the physical frame and clothing preference for a truly unique Sim.

What’s more, you can also choose the gender and sexual orientation of your Sim, enabling you to create a new level of possibilities for your Sims.

sims 4 cas gender preference mod
sims 4 cas sexual preference mod

With this mod, you can mix and match genders to create a Sim that is truly one of a kind. You can even enable or disable breasts regardless of gender, so you can customize a Sim to your exact specifications.

Whatever type of story you’re looking to tell with the Sims 4, this mod ensures you can make it possible.

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4. Sims 4 No Makeup and No Accessories CAS Mod – SimplyAnjuta

sims 4 no makeup cas mod

For some reason, the randomized townie outfits in The Sims 4 can be a bit of a nightmare. But now, with SimplyAnjuta’s No Makeup and No Accessories CAS Mod, you can enjoy a more realistic look for your sims without needing to do any extra work.

This mod takes away the time-consuming hassle of having to clean up the makeup and accessories that the randomized townies were given. By disabling any makeup and accessories when randomizing a sim in CAS, you get a more natural look that you can then customize to your heart’s content.

With this great mod, you can generate townies with a realistic, natural look that will fit right in with your other sims.

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5. Sims 4 Stand Still in CAS Mod – Mizoreyukii

sims 4 stand still in cas mod

This Sims 4 CAS mod is one of the most exciting mods you’ll find! You’ll be able to fully customize your Sims in CAS without worrying about their movements or reactions.

I mean, no more annoying animations like looking side to side, smiling, and more! And there are two versions to choose from: the occult-only version or the Shimrod version.

With the Occults Only file, you can stop only the occult animations (including growling, giggling, and howling) from playing, so your Sims can still move around and act normally.

The Shimrod version will stop all idle animations for all genders, ages, and occults. Even infants are covered! This mod is sure to make your CAS experience even better. So what are you waiting for? Try out this amazing Sims 4 CAS Mod now!

6. Sims 4 EA Eyelashes Remover Mod – Kijiko

sims 4 ea eyelashes remover mod

How fabulous is the Sims 4 EA Eyelashes Remover Mod from Kijiko? This mod allows you to easily remove the default EA eyelashes, allowing you to customize your Sims with new and exciting sets of eyelashes.

Now, you can let your Sims express themselves in style with a whole new range of eyelashes! 

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7. Sims 4 No Mirroring in CAS Mod – SimplyAnjuta

sims 4 no mirroring in cas mod

I’ve discovered the amazing new mod from SimplyAnjuta called “No Mirroring in CAS”. This mod is seriously revolutionary for anyone who loves taking beautiful screenshots of their Sims!

It stops all CAS poses from mirroring, which means your sims can finally look as stylish and creative as you’d like. This mod is a must-have if you’re looking for great-looking Sims in your screenshots.

With this mod, all of the hard work you put into creating your Sims will really show in the final results.

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8. Sims 4 More Columns in CAS Mod – Weerbesu

sims 4 more columns

Do you ever get frustrated when you have to scroll up and down just to find the item you want in The Sims 4 Create A Sim? Well, with Weerbesu’s More Columns in CAS Mod, you can make your selection process much easier.

This mod enables you to select from 3, 4, or 5 columns on the catalog panel, and you can choose which one works best for your needs.

I found that 4 columns work great for me, as it gives me the perfect balance of easily finding what I’m looking for without having too many choices to sift through. Try out the mod today and make your Create A Sim experience more efficient!

9. Eye Shine Remover Sims 4 CAS Mod – Luumia

sims 4 eye shine remover mod

Wow! The Eye Shine Remover Sims 4 CAS Mod by Luumia is totally amazing!

This mod allows you to quickly and easily remove the eye shine from all your Sims 4 characters, regardless of whether they have the Base Game, Alien, or Vampire’s eyes!

This mod is also incredibly versatile; you can choose between four different options to suit your needs, so you get the exact effect that you’re looking for.

I mean, who wants to keep dealing with annoying eye shine when you could just use this mod and be done with it quickly and easily? So what are you waiting for?

Get the Eye Shine Remover Sims 4 CAS Mod and make your characters look even more fabulous!

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10. Sims 4 Floating Head CAS Mod – Buglaur

sims 4 floating head cas mod

This awesome CAS Mod by Buglaur takes out all the hassle of making headshots and transparent head icons! It hides the bodies of your Sims so you can focus on the important part—editing their heads.

All you need to do is find the “Floating Head CAS Mod” in the Outfits category for teens and elders, apply it, and you’ll be good to go.

I love how the Mod doesn’t remove the feet, so you still have access to the body menu. It’s funny and super convenient for editing the heads of your Sims.

11. Sims 4 Skip CAS Stories Mod – MizoreYukii

sims 4 skip CAS stories mod

Sometimes, it can be really frustrating when you get stuck into creating the perfect Sim but have to go through the long and tedious process of a CAS story first. Well, not anymore!

The Sims 4 Skip CAS Stories Mod by MizoreYukii is here to make your life much easier. This mod automatically skips the CAS Stories popup that appears when entering Create-A-Sim (CAS) from a New Game, taking you directly to the editor.

This way, you can jump straight into the fun part and create your Sim exactly how you want it without any interruptions! Plus, if you ever need the story feature again, you can still use it when adding more Sims.

12. Xhallie Custom Wrench Icon Sims 4 CAS Mod – MizoreYukii

sims 4 custom CAS mod

This amazing custom wrench icon mod replaces the standard Maxis wrench icon used to denote CC with a colorful and creative plumbob or color swatch icon.

With this mod, you can choose from 10 different icons, including the original grey version and nine unique color variants. I really LOVE the Plumbob Icon and Sims 3 Store Icon options, which add a bit of personal flair to your creations.

And let’s not forget the optional No Swatch Icon or Plumbob Swatch Icon, which allows you to match EA’s genetic swatches without any wrench icons. With this mod, you can add a touch of creativity and style to your Sims 4 creations.

13. Sims 4 Body Replacement Mod – Luumia

sims 4 body replacement mod

If you’re looking to give your Sims a fresh new look, then the Sims 4 Body Replacement Mod, Luumia, is just what you need!

This amazing mod comes packed with three new body replacements that will give your Sims a whole new level of detail and realism.

With Smooth II Default Skin, BOD-E II, and TIT-E, you can craft the perfect Sim to your exact specifications. I mean, just look at all the features! From blacked-out nostrils and a shaped waist to the free eye, jaw, and chin features for male and female Sims.

Plus, with the addition of aging details and 3D nipples, you can be sure your Sims will look as realistic as possible.

I ALWAYS find it amazing how much detail and realism can be packed into a game character, and this mod proves that! So don’t wait any longer and download this amazing mod today!

14. Sims 4 Randomized Sims Presets Selection CAS Mod – SimplyAnjuta

cas mods

Even the most experienced Simmers are always looking for ways to add variety and new life to their Sims 4 creations.

With SimplyAnjuta’s Randomized Sims Presets Selection CAS Mod, you can easily create more diverse and realistic Sim looks with just a few clicks. This mod provides an extensive range of body, facial, eyebrow, beard, and skin tone presets to choose from, as well as the option to exclude body hair.

My personal tuning has ensured that these presets will look great on most Sims, making it easy to come up with truly unique creations.

Especially for those who are looking to add some unpredictability to their Sims, this CAS Mod is a must-have!

15. Tidy Details & Tidy Tattoos Sims 4 CAS Mod – SparrowCC

tidy details and tidy tattoos mod

How amazing would it be if you never had to guess which tattoo or skin detail would take up a slot on your sim’s body again?

With the Tidy Details and Tidy Tattoos Sims 4 CAS Mod, your Sims will always be looking their best! This mod works like labels, showing at the beginning of each skin detail and tattoo sub-category. This means you don’t have to waste time sorting through all the different combinations of overlays and body hair when creating your perfect sim.

So say goodbye to all that guesswork and make your Sims look their absolute best with this incredible mod! My absolute favorite!

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16. Beauty Marks Sims 4 CAS Mod – Solacedo

sims 4 beauty marks mod

When it comes to creating the perfect custom look for your Sim, you can now take their appearance to the stars!

With the Beauty Marks Sims 4 CAS Mod from Solacedo, you can add realistic-looking constellation-inspired moles to your Sim’s face.

Just imagine how cool your Sim will look with fourteen swatches of moles, including seven options for all ages and genders!

I mean, the beauty marks are even different sizes, so they look even more like the constellations you’re aiming for!

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17. Sims 4 More Traits in CAS Mod – thepancake1 & MizoreYukii

more traits in CAS mod

This CAS mod is an absolute Must-Have for all Sims 4 players! With it, you can now give your Sims up to five different traits, allowing them to have more personality and depth than ever before.

When I say ‘different traits’, I mean it—your sim can now be a loner, geek, clumsy, and vegetarian all at once! So COOL!

But it doesn’t stop there; even the younger Sims can now have more traits than before.

Elder Sims can have five, adults can have five, young adults still get five, teens get four, children get three, toddlers get two, and even infants get one! No longer will you have to worry about your Sims not having the traits they deserve.

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18. Sims 4 Expanded Trendi Outfit Selection Mod – Simsmodelsimmer

Bring your Sims fashion dreams to life with the Sims 4 Expanded Trendi Outfit Selection Mod!

This mod expands upon the Trendi Fashion feature introduced in The Sims 4 High School Years, allowing you to choose from all the CAS pieces in your game rather than just a limited selection.

When I heard about this mod, I was so excited to try it out! With the click of a button, you can generate an expansive list of all CAS items from the packs you have installed. But there’s a catch: the list only generates at 6 a.m. each day!

So make sure to install the mod and wait until after 6 a.m., either the current or next day, for this fantastic list to appear. So what are you waiting for?

Download the mod and start styling your Sims with unlimited fashion possibilities! Unfortunately, custom content items are not yet supported, but I’m sure that’s coming soon.

19. Sanity Sims 4 CAS Mod – Helaene

sanity sims 4 cas mod

Wow, I’m so excited about Helaene’s Sanity Sims 4 CAS Mod! With this mod, you can update your CAS to a level that you could never imagine!

You can replace the default clothing items for hot and cold weather, as well as make sure that age-appropriate clothing is enabled. Plus, you can download the optional Randomization file to customize random Sims.

I can’t tell you how much of a difference it’s made to my game. Now, I’m able to create realistic Sims with the clothing I want them to have. And, with the Randomization file, you can choose between two options: no accessories at all or glasses only.

I’m absolutely loving it! Just download the file, and you’ll see how it enhances your game. Try it out now! You won’t regret it!

20. Sims 4 Category CAS Organizer Mod – Yoruqueenofnightsims

sims 4 cas organizer mod

I have been using the Sims 4 Category CAS Organizer Mod by Yoruqueenofnightsims for a while now, and it has made my life so much easier!

It allows me to create distinct categories for all of the different skin details I have, such as forehead creases, freckles, tattoos, piercings, skin details, tattoos, wrists, rings, and body scars.

This makes it incredibly easy to find the exact thing I’m looking for, and it looks great! If you’re looking for a way to keep your CAS organized, this mod is a must-have!

Plus, it comes in a lot of different colors and is available for occult sims too. I highly recommend it!

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21. Sims 4 Base Game Trait Mods – Vicky Sims

sims 4 trait mods

One of my favorite mods that Vicky Sims offers is their Trait Pack! This Trait Pack comes with over 100 different traits that can be added to your Sims 4 base game.

I was amazed by the detail and realism that come with each trait! From CAS animations to emotions, autonomy, and distinctive buffs, these traits make every game experience unique.

Plus, you can choose to install either the CAS Traits version or Reward Traits. Both are base-game compatible, so there’s no need to worry whether your mod will work or not!

Especially when playing the Sims 4 base game, these mods have been a great way to add even more depth and engagement to your game.

I highly recommend Vicky Sims’ Trait Pack to anyone looking for a great way to add excitement and realism to their game.

22. Sims 4 More CAS Presets Mod – Zerbu

sims 4 more cas presets mod

With the Sims 4 More CAS Presets Mod from Zerbu, your CAS options are literally endless! This mod is an absolute game-changer for me as well.

I’m constantly experimenting with different looks and styles for my sims, and this mod helps me realize all the possibilities available. It includes

  • Nose presets for a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Body presets that can help you customize the figure of your sims
  • Cheek, chin, and ear presets to give your Sims a unique look
  • Eye presets for different sizes and colors
  • Head shape presets to adjust the contour of your sims’ faces
  • Jaw and mouth presets to make sure all your Sims have the perfect expression

The mod also provides presets for both children and toddlers, as well as adult and teen genders. So you can be sure to create all kinds of Sims with this mod!

23. Sims 4 Pregnancy Belly Overlay Mod – Frenchiesimgirl

sims 4 pregnancy belly overlay mod

It isn’t hard to create a more realistic look for your Sim’s pregnancy. Frenchiesimgirl created an overlay mod so you can give your Sims the bump they deserve! With this mod, you’ll be able to customize your Sim’s pregnant belly with just a few clicks.

I love how this mod makes pregnancy look much more realistic and natural. My Sims look great when they’re pregnant, and now they can show off their baby bumps with pride.

24. Sims 4 CAS Pink Mode UI – Dskecht

sims 4 CAS pink mode UI
sims 4 cas pink mods

As a huge fan of the Sims 4, I was beyond excited to find out about the Pink Mode UI mod created by Dskecht. This mod completely transforms the UI of the game, giving it a bright and cheerful look with its pink color palette.

Instead of the cool blues and greens, all menus now appear in a bright pink hue. Additionally, the mod also updates the color palette for dialog boxes and Sims phone colors.

You can also find the Dark mode UI, Purple mode UI, and Retro (Blue) Mode UI in the alternative section at the bottom of the page. This gives you the flexibility to choose between different vibrant colors for your game.

I have been using this mod for a while now, and it has completely changed the way I experience The Sims 4.

25. Vanilla Sims 4 CAS Skin Mod – Luumia

sims 4 skin mod

I’m always looking for ways to make my sims look realistic, and the Vanilla Sims 4 CAS Skin Mod, Luumia, is a great mod to do just that.

The highly detailed skins it offers for all ages, genders, and body types make my sims look lifelike. You get age-specific details like chubby cheeks for teens and more wrinkles for adults and older.

Even the hands, feet, and fingers have been detailed. My personal favorite is the cleavage overlays that come with two swatches—for big and small breasts.

There are also belly overlays. Overall, I find the Vanilla Sims 4 CAS Skin Mod to be an incredible mod that makes the game more immersive and enjoyable.

26. Sims 4 Default Underwear & Bra Replacement Mod – Goopsims

sims 4 default underwear and bra replacement mod

Well, if you’re like me and always felt the default underwear in The Sims 4 wasn’t quite right for your gameplay, then I’ve got just the thing for you!

Introducing Goopsims’ Default Underwear and Bra Replacement Mod! This mod replaces the default salmon-colored undergarments with 15 new exciting swatches that will make your sim look even more unique.

Not only that, but the default gray, white, and black swatches give your Sims a more natural look.

And if that wasn’t enough, you also get two different versions of masculine Sims! No more dull-looking sims in your game—you can now have them look as unique and stylish as ever!

27. Realistic Feet Sims 4 CAS Mod – Magicbot

best sims 4 cas mods
sims 4 feet cc

28. Stand Still in CAS for All Ages and Life States Mod – Lady-Moriel

best sims 4 cas mod
free sims 4 cas mods

Oh em gee, guys! Seriously, if you’re as obsessed with perfecting your Sims’ looks as I am, you NEED to check out the Stand Still in CAS for All Ages mod!

This is a game-changer, trust me. No more frustration trying to capture that perfect shot or detail while your Sims continue to move and blink. 🤦‍♀️

With this mod, you can freeze their faces in place for all ages and life states, giving you ultimate control over every little detail!

29. Sims 4 CAS Lighting Mods

sims 4 CAS lighting mod

Are you ready to transform your Sims 4 CAS with some gorgeous lighting mods? Then dive right in!

Last week, I posted a compilation of the best Sims 4 CAS lighting mods, and they all look incredible. Just click the link below to check them out.

With these mods, you’ll be able to add incredible depth and atmosphere to your Sims 4 CAS scenes and make them look truly spectacular.

30. Sims 4 CAS Slider Mods

sims 4 cas slider mods

With the Sims 4 slider mods, you can go above and beyond to create the perfect Sim. Change your Sim’s face shape and body shape for an entirely new look. Adjust the size of body parts like arms, eyes, and even lips.

You can also use the sliders to modify your Sim’s overall body height and weight. Just click the button below, and you’ll be able to browse through the selection of 43+ slider mods.

31. Sims 4 Skin Mods

the sims 4 skin mods

Still looking for a way to make your Sims look extra special? Look no further than these amazing skin overlay mods! With 28 unique mods, you can customize your Sims in a variety of ways.

From realistic to cartoonish, you can create any look you want for your Sims! Click the download button below to get started with these awesome Sims 4 skin mods.

32. Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds

the sims 4 cas mods download

The Sims 4 CAS background mods are here to add more color and fun to your gaming life! These Mods allow you to customize your Sim characters with new backgrounds!

With these mods installed, you can now enjoy a whole new range of creative possibilities. I’ve got 31+ different backgrounds for you to choose from, so you can mix and match to get the perfect look for your Sim.

Just Click the download button below to get started!

33. Best Sims 4 More CAS Presets

best sims 4 more cas presets

With these amazing CAS mods, you can easily create realistic and unique Sims that reflect your own style. You can choose from a wide variety of body types and facial features to give your Sims the look you desire.

Click on the download button below to choose from a range of incredible presets from all over the Sims community.

This post was about the best Sims 4 CAS Mods.

Overall, these Sims 4 CAS mods are must-haves if you want to add more fun and creativity to your game. From storytellers to makeovers, these mods will bring your Sims alive! I highly recommend you try them out and see what kind of stories you can come up with.

And don’t forget to leave a comment below or tag me on Tumblr at @freegamingideas for any more suggestions. I hope you have fun with these mods! Happy Simming! 😍

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