29+ Gorgeous Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC (Updated!)

Are you ready to plan the perfect Sims 4 wedding? Look no further than this collection of Sims 4 wedding dress CC! Your sims will look stunning in one of the 29+ wedding dress CC options included here.

sims 4 wedding dress

Everyone knows that a wedding is not complete without the perfect dress! And with all of the Sims 4 custom content out there, it’s easy to create your dream sim wedding.

From classic Maxis Match gowns to statement-making Alpha dresses, I’ve put together a list of 29+ gorgeous Sims 4 wedding dress CC for your sim couples to look picture-perfect on their big day.

This collection has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern and unique.

And, to complete your sim’s perfect wedding look, I highly recommend pairing these sims 4 wedding dresses with my list of the best sims 4 curly hair CC

Best Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC

1. Sims 4 Bridesmaids Dress – RIMINGS

sims 4 cc wedding dress

I always knew that a Sims 4 wedding dress would be something special, and this Pearl Dress Collection is no exception!

Featuring three bridesmaids’ dresses in classic pearl shades and a stunningly unique bride’s gown with an artfully puffed skirt,🤩🤩🤩 this wedding dress pack is sure to make any Sim feel like a true princess on their special day.

The gorgeous pearl earrings are the perfect finishing touch. I’m obsessed with how beautiful and unique this dress is. It’s perfect for any bride looking to make a statement on their big day.

2. Sims 4 Wedding Dress Collection – Blue Craving

sims 4 wedding dress collection

Wowwww, this wedding dress collection is absolutely stunning! From the beautiful lace details to the exquisite sleeve and sleeveless options, these dresses will make your Sim look like royalty on their special day.

You’ll love the intricate details that make each dress unique and truly one-of-a-kind, as well as the variety of styles to choose from. This pack is a must-have for anyone planning a wedding in The Sims 4!

My absolute favorite is the lace dress—it’s so romantic, I just can’t get enough!

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3. Freya Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Sifix

sims 4 wedding dress mod

I am *obsessed* with this wedding dress for Sims! The cut is flattering, the floral embroidery adds a touch of elegance, and it comes in 10 different color swatches, so you can find one to match your sim’s unique style.

Whether you want a romantic pink or classic white dress, this is the perfect piece for your sim’s special day!

I absolutely love how it looks in the springtime when the beautiful colors stand out against the backdrop of nature.

4. Sims 4 Wedding Dress Pack – Joliebean

sims 4 wedding dress pack

How excited would you be to have a wedding dress that includes everything you need to make your bride look dazzling on her special day?

The Sims 4 wedding dress is what you need! This beautiful dress comes with 31 swatches and features a necklace, earrings, and a full wedding set. Your sim will look absolutely stunning in this dress on her wedding day!

5. Sims 4 Floral Wedding Dress – Simsonico

sims 4 floral wedding dress

Omggggg! This Sims 4 floral wedding dress is just breathtakingly beautiful! The intricate details and the soft, romantic pastel colors are so lovely.

It’s the perfect choice for a romantic, fairytale-like wedding. The dress comes with both hair accessories and clothes that are ideal for a cottage living theme. My sims look stunningly glamorous in this gown!

Every time I look at them, I just can’t help but admire how perfect they are for a formal wedding. So gorgeous! 

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6. Sims 4 Black Wedding Dress – Akalukery

sims 4 black wedding dress

Just look at the beauty of this black wedding dress! Perfect for the modern, chic Sims out there.

It features 18 stunning swatches taken from the original EA dress. Not only is it a beautiful dress, but it’s also base game compatible, so you can show off this unique look right away!

My favorite thing about this dress is how effortlessly it can make your Sims look like a million bucks.

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7. The Sims 4 Wedding Dress Collection – Busra-tr

the sims 4 wedding dress collection

Exactly—isn’t this dress just gorgeous? From the beautiful mermaid design to the voluminous tulle skirt of the Princess Bridal, you won’t be disappointed.

With 10 beautiful colors available, you will have no trouble finding the perfect dress for your Sim. Whether they are adults, elders, teens, or young adult females, there is something to suit everyone.

And don’t forget the no-feet mod! It’s a must for achieving that perfect look, and you can find the link for it on the download page.

8. Briyana Sims 4 Wedding Dress – HuiEn

sims 4 wedding dress maxis match

Coming to my favorite wedding dress for sims, I’m absolutely in love with the Sims 4 Wedding Dress Maxis Match!

With 8 stunning swatches to choose from, this dress is sure to make your sims look their best on the big day! The dress is totally base-game compatible and perfect for any sim looking to make a statement.

You can really customize this dress and make it unique to suit your sims’ individual styles.

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9. Antonia Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Blue Craving

blue craving sims 4 wedding dress

Sooo pretty! This Sims 4 wedding dress is perfect for a special day, giving your Sim an unmistakably sexy look.

It comes in different swatches, each giving off its own unique vibe. From a sultry, romantic red to a subtle, feminine blush pink, you can choose whichever one speaks to you.

Plus, it’s base game compatible, so you can use it with no additional files needed! This dress is a total must-have for any Sim’s wedding wardrobe, and it looks absolutely stunning.

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10. Romanza Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Cloudcat

the sims 4 wedding dress

And, if you want to bring some vintage and romantic vibes to your sim’s wedding, this lace-printed wedding dress is perfect!

It comes with 15 swatches, so you have plenty of options to pick from and make your Sims look stunning and stylish. Plus, it’s compatible with the base game, so you don’t need any extra mods.

My sims look gorgeous in this, and I absolutely love it!

11. Christmas Rose Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Mayasims

sims 4 best wedding dress

Oh, this dress is absolutely stunning! The Christmas Rose Sims 4 dress is the perfect wedding gown for any princess.

It comes in 15 beautiful swatches to choose from, each one as captivating and enchanting as the next. With its sheer elegance and sophisticated look, this dress is sure to make any sim shine!

Whether you are playing with the royal family or simply looking for a show-stopping gown, this is one you won’t want to miss.

I love how it sparkles and shines, the intricate details that make it so special, and how perfectly it fits in with your Sims’ royal style.

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12. Elaine Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Madlen

sims 4 mermaid wedding dress

Of course, this wedding dress is gorgeous! The ruffled mermaid design is perfect for showing off your sim’s curves, while the sweetheart neckline and sharp ends bring a hint of romance and elegance. The nearly invisible belt is just the right touch to accentuate your sim’s hourglass figure.

And that’s not all—there are 11 swatches to choose from, so you can have exactly the look you want!

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13. Mary Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Cris Paula Sims

sims 4 wedding dress custom content

Just imagine the gasps of awe when your sims walk into their wedding celebration in this gorgeous strapless wedding dress!

With multiple swatches available, you can pick the perfect color for your sim’s special day. Whether you want something white and classic or a bolder statement, you can make your sim look like the most beautiful bride ever! I absolutely love this dress; it’s truly stunning!

14. Sims 4 Wedding Dress Set – RIMINGS

sims 4 wedding dress set

What a beautiful wedding dress! This gorgeous off-shoulder frill bell line wedding dress and deep heart neck mermaid wedding dress will make your sim feel like a fairytale princess.

With 24 or 14 swatches, you can customize your Sim’s perfect wedding look to make her stand out on her special day.

Whether you want something romantic and timeless, or something fun and flirty, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination to make your Sim’s wedding look truly unique.

I’m absolutely in love with this dress—it looks so stunning and definitely won’t go unnoticed on the big day!

15. Sims 4 Mini Wedding Dress Set – Reigningsims

sims 4 mini wedding dress set

Oh, this wedding dress is simply stunning! It’s a strapless beauty with an elegant silhouette, designed to make your sim look like the most beautiful bride on the block.

And I just love the 12 swatches for the bridesmaid dress, there are so many options to choose from, allowing you to create a truly unique wedding look.

Whether you’re going for a classic white or something bolder, this dress is sure to stand out and make your bridesmaids look fabulous. 

16.  Male Tuxedo Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Atelier Lena

sims 4 groom wedding dress

How about the Male Tuxedo Sims 4 Wedding Dress? What could be more special for your sim’s wedding look than this gorgeous dress?

It features all 31 swatches, stunning details, and a sophisticated silhouette. You can find it in the suit category, so you can dress your sims up in the most stylish way for their special day.

I’m in awe of how beautiful and elegant this dress looks, making it the perfect choice for any wedding ceremony!

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17. Sims 4 Wedding Dress Maxis Match – Magnolian Farewell

sims 4 off the shoulder wedding dress

Okay, how can I not get excited about this beautiful wedding dress?

It’s a stunning neoclassical piece that features loose, flowy silhouettes with an empire waistline—it’s absolutely gorgeous!

The 14 swatches make this dress even more eye-catching, allowing you to choose the perfect hue for your sim’s special day.

My favorite thing about this dress is how it looks so beautiful and elegant while still being easy to pair with other accessories—resulting in an unforgettable look!

18. Sims 4 Ball Gown Wedding Dress – Euno Sims

sims 4 ball gown wedding dress

Oh My Gosh! This wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous. With its sweetheart neckline and strapless ball gown silhouette, it’s the perfect dress for your Sims’ special day.

Plus, with 15 swatches to choose from, you can find the perfect gown to express your sim’s individual style, whether it’s a plain white dress or a delightful floral print.

No matter what you choose, you’re guaranteed to love the look of this beautiful dress.

19. White Garden Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Rusty’s

sims 4 wedding gown

Bored of conventional wedding dresses? Step into this gorgeous regency-style Sims 4 wedding dress!

It comes with a luxurious design, featuring 4 unique dresses that will make your sims look like royalty. Each dress features exquisite embroidery and delicate craftsmanship, with a stunning flower in the middle that gives it an extra touch of elegance.

I’m absolutely in love with this dress, and I’m sure your Sims will be too! 

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20. Laura Sims 4 Wedding Dress Set – Atelier Lena

wedding dress sims 4

Who doesn’t love a good wedding dress? With this Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC pack, you can create a stunning and unique look for your sims!

From romantic flower-printed lace to long sleeve dresses, this pack has everything you need for a perfect wedding day look!

With 29 swatches and 6 different dress trains, the variety of options will let you create a unique and beautiful wedding dress for your sims!

21. Lace Gown Sims 4 Wedding dress – Melonsloth

What do you think of when you hear the word “wedding?” Of course, you think of the beautiful and stunning dress!

With the Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC Pack, you can now create your own perfect wedding dress for your sims.

The Kate Lace Gown is a full-length version with 14 swatches and a lace skirt found in the sock category.

But if you are looking for a cathedral-length gown with lace details and an off-the-shoulder look, then the wedding dress is perfect for you!

With 16 light pastel swatches and a beautiful silhouette, this dress will make your sims look like the perfect bride. I absolutely love these dresses.

22. Sims 4 Wedding Blazer For Men – Sims House

sims 4 wedding blazer

Let’s make your Sims look the part for their special day with this amazing wedding blazer!

This stylish blazer comes in six vibrant colors, perfect for any groom or groomsman. With its slim fit and tapered collar, your sims will be looking sharp and ready to walk down the aisle.

I absolutely love this blazer and think it really completes the perfect wedding look, giving your sims an extra special touch.

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23. Sims 4 Bridal Pack – Madlen

sims 4 boho wedding dress
sims 4 bridal dress

Get your Sims ready for the most romantic day of their lives with this beautiful wedding dress set!

The two dreamy silk gowns are absolutely breathtaking, and the intricate details of the fabric will make your beloved Sims look like a true princess.

With multiple color variations, you can use them for any special occasion or even day-to-day fashion! I absolutely adore this dress, and I know your Sims will too!

24. Sims 4 Wedding Dress Base Game – Lazy_Eyelids

sims 4 base game wedding dress

What do you say when you see this amazing sims 4 wedding dress pack?

Wow! This Sims 4 wedding dress CC pack is insanely beautiful! With 27 swatches of a v-neck wedding dress, 20 swatches of a linen formal outfit, 14 swatches of a lace corset wedding dress, and 21 swatches of a formal blazer, you can create the perfect wedding look for your sims!

My favorite part of this pack is the lace corset wedding dress.

It is simply stunning, with delicate lace details and flattering curves. I’m sure your sims will look breathtaking in this!

25. Sims 4 Suits – Darte77

sims 4 suits

Are you looking for the perfect suits for your sims’ wedding? Look no further! This wedding dress pack for The Sims 4 includes suits for both males and females.

With different swatches and colors, your Sims will look absolutely stunning. Personally, I love suit 1 for men with its 28 swatches—so much variety and color!

26. Sims 4 Beach Wedding Dress – Zeussim

sims 4 beach wedding dress

Oh, so adorable! The Sims 4 Beach Wedding Dress Pack is a must-have for any beach wedding! With six different swatches of dresses and designs, your sims can have the perfect beach-themed wedding look.

My sims recently tied the knot at a beach-themed wedding, and this dress was just perfect! With its white fabric and delicate embroidery, it was elegant yet fun and whimsical.

My sims looked amazing in it, and I just love how pretty this dress is!

27. Long Sleeve Sims 4 Wedding Dress – MelonSloth

long sleeve sims 4 wedding dress

I absolutely adore this long-sleeve Sims 4 wedding dress! It’s perfect for any wedding, whether your sim is royal or not.

Its court-length skirt and A-line shape draw attention to the beauty of your sim’s figure, and its seven light pastel swatches make it easy to find something that will match your wedding theme.

It’s base-game compatible and found in the long dress category, so it’s easy to accessorize with any style or color of accessories you choose.

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28. Blossom Sims 4 Wedding Dress – Atelier Lena

blossom sims 4 wedding dress

Let’s be honest: when it comes to a wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with the Blossom Sims 4 Wedding Dress.

Not only does this beautiful long dress come with six spectacular swatches, but it also features an extra-special sparkle effect and gorgeous flower applique lace.

Plus, you’ll be able to accessorize with the included gloves in three additional swatches!

This is truly a stunning package for any sim’s dream wedding. I just LOVE how this dress is able to capture the beauty and elegance of a wedding day.

29. Bohemian Sims 4 Wedding Dress – DanSimsFantasy

bohemian sims 4 wedding dress

It’s genuinely breathtaking! This bohemian wedding dress is so detailed, it looks like the perfect combination of modern style with vintage accents.

The unique mermaid cut and long tail will make any bride feel like a princess, while the intricate lace embroidery with its vibrant floral and abstract patterns adds an air of sophistication and elegance.

Not to mention, the ten shades available offer the perfect palette for any bride to choose from.

30. Sims 4 Groom Wedding Dress – KK’s Creation

Tuxedo sims 4 wedding dress

Still, looking for that perfect wedding dress for your Sims 4 character? Here it is!

The Tuxedo Sims 4 Wedding Dress offers 15 swatches of stunning jackets, paired with 14 different styles of bottoms. Whether you’re looking for a formal or contemporary look, this dress has it all.

From classic black to vibrant colors, this dress is sure to turn heads at any wedding. Plus, the hand shape makes it even more stylish and comfortable to wear!

I hope you found your perfect Sims 4 wedding dress CC amongst this selection of over 29 gorgeous options!

Now you’re ready to start crafting an unforgettable wedding story for your Sims. If you have any suggestions on other amazing wedding dress CC for The Sims 4, make sure to comment below and let us know! Happy Simming!💕

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