43+ Smokin’ Hot Sims 4 Tattoo CC: Must Try Tattoos for Your Sims

Looking for some awesome Sims 4 tattoo CC to spice up your Sims’ style? Look no further—I’ve gathered some of the best Sims 4 tattoos out there that you won’t be able to resist!

sims 4 tattoo cc

When I think of tattoos, I immediately think of personality and style. Whether it’s a small neck tattoo or an elaborate full-body piece, no two tattoos are the same.

And when it comes to Sims 4, there are tons of amazing custom content (CC) tattoos available—and I’ve put together the top 37+ gorgeous packs you need in your game right away.

From face tattoos to full-body tattoos, hand tattoos to leg tattoos, and everything in between, you’ll find something for every type of Sim. Plus, I’ve got Sims 4 tattoos for both males and females, so everyone can find something to love!

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So get ready to bring your Sims’ Sims-style game up a notch, and let’s check out the best Sims 4 tattoo CC.

Best Sims 4 Tattoo CC

1. Sims 4 Tattoo CC Maxis Match – Myshunosun

sims 4 cc tattoos maxis match

I love this pack because it offers so much variety. The tattoos come in a range of designs, from classic symbols like skulls and snakes to more modern designs such as mushroom tattoos.

Each swatch is also unique, giving you the option to customize your Sims’ look even further.

With three swatch designs for the left arm and eight swatch designs for the right arm, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tattoo for your Sim.

2. Studio Ghibli Sims 4 Tattoo CC Set – Maddison

sims 4 tattoo

This amazing Studio Ghibli tattoo collection from Maddison is perfect for all your anime-loving Sims! With 10 swatches, you can customize the tattoos to fit any frame and skin tone.

My favorite is the Totoro tattoo, which features a whimsical Totoro in beautiful colors. Your Sims will look so cool rocking these unique and iconic designs! Plus, they’ll always have a reminder of their love for Studio Ghibli!

3. Sims 4 Astrology Tattoos and Pupils – Noodlescc

sims 4 tattoos

Can you imagine how cool it would be if your Sims had astrology symbols as tattoos and even pupils?

With these Noodlescc Astrology Tattoos, you can make your Sims look truly unique with constellation upper back tattoos and sign symbols as pupils! My Sims look absolutely stunning with these tattoos and pupils!

4. Sims 4 Fish Tattoo CC Pack – Atomiclight

small sims 4 face tattoos

This is a must-have tattoo set for any sim who loves to express themselves through body art.

The small face tattoo is perfect for adding a subtle touch of edginess, while the ear plugs and eyebrows offer a bolder statement.

Imagine having a sim with delicate floral earplugs and bold black eyebrows, or a sim with whimsical face tattoos paired with natural-looking brows. So COOL!

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5. Sims 4 Wingspan Tattoo CC – Alisasour

best tattoos cc sims 4

This isn’t just ink; it’s a statement. The detail is so intricate, that my Sims have been feeling like they can actually take flight.

It’s perfect for the Sim who wants to wear their personality on their, well, back. Talk about soaring to new heights of cool!

6. Garcia Sims 4 Tattoo Mods – llama-head

sims 4 tattoo mods

To make your Sims sizzle with style, the Garcia Sims 4 Tattoo Mods are a perfect choice!

With seven different swatches to choose from, these unique Garcia tattoos are sure to add a striking touch of individuality and personality to your custom creations.

Whether your Sims wants a dramatic full-body tattoo, an intricate sleeve design, or simply a few small touches that make a statement, these tattoos are the perfect way to let their style shine.

7. Oh My Goth Sims 4 Male Tattoos – McLayneSims

sims 4 male tattoos

If you are looking for a unique body art design, then the Oh My Goth Santa Teresa Tattoo is just what you need!

This iconic tattoo has five designs that blend with all skin colors and is available for male Sims only. It is a stylish, realistic-looking tattoo that will surely have your Sim looking their best.

The design features a skull and scrollwork that contrast nicely with the solid colors of the other elements.

My favorite part of this tattoo is the written tattoo on the Sims’ ribs; it gives the whole thing an extra special touch.

And to make it even better, try layering it with a Sims 4 male skin overlay to make the design pop.

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8. Sims 4 Mini Tattoo CC Pack – BexoSims

sims 4 tattoo cc folder

How cool is it that you can now give your Sims a mini-tattoo? The BexoSims Mini Tattoo CC Pack is here to revolutionize your Sim’s look.

With 14 swatches and six categories of tattoos, your Sims will be able to express themselves in a variety of ways. From some cute flower tattoos to pandas and written words, your Sims can look their very best.

9. Sims 4 Chest Tattoos Maxis Match – Myshunosun

sims 4 tattoos maxis match

These chest tattoos will add a unique and memorable look to your Sims! With six swatches available, you can customize the look for each of your Sims.

The designs feature stunning butterfly, flower, and bird tattoos that will look perfect on any Sim! Show off your style by giving your Sims a tattoo that speaks to their creative side!

10. Sims 4 Paranoid Tattoo Set – Lotuswhim

best tattoo cc sims 4

Mixing and matching these tats has turned my virtual alter egos into walking masterpieces. Picture this: a fierce dragon crawling up the arm, complemented by delicate cherry blossoms blooming on the back.

Or how about a bold snake slithering down the leg, paired with paranoid wording that will make anyone think twice before messing with your Sim? The possibilities are endless and, oh, so satisfying!

11. Sims 4 Neck Tattoo – int0x

sims 4 neck tattoo

OMG, get ready to take your Sims style to the next level with these amazing neck tattoos! Featuring Tickets to My Downfall written in black ink, this neck tattoo is sure to impress!

Not only do they come with one color swatch, but they are also skin tone compatible and included for all genders. So, you can make sure your Sims look completely unique and fashion-forward, no matter their gender or skin color.

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12. Sims 4 Playing Card Tattoos CC – Thatonegreenleaf

tattoo cc packs sims 4

13. Touch Me Sims 4 Tattoos CC Set – Wrixie

sims 4 tattoos custom content

Can you hear the stars calling? Wrixis has created an incredible set of tattoos for The Sims 4! You’ll be able to embellish your Sims with individual, full-body, or arm swatches. 

I’m absolutely obsessed with the upper chest section! It’s perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your Sims.

14. Sims 4 Under Breast Tattoos – Sugar Owl

sims 4 underboob tattoos

Such a cute and stylish new addition to your Sims 4 CC folder! These minimalist tattoos will look amazing on your Sims and fit perfectly under the breast area. With 11 swatches, these tattoos are sure to match any style.

Best of all, these tattoos are compatible with all skin tones and overlays, so they will look great on every Sim!

15. Helix Sims 4 Ear Tattoos – Amythesailor

helix sims 4 tattoos

I just thought that I would give a new look to my sim, and these ear tattoos caught my eye. It has a spooky theme to it, yet it looks edgy and unique.

The spider tattoo on the right ear is my favorite out of all the designs available. I can’t wait to pair it with a black leather jacket and ripped jeans for my sim. 

16. Sims 4 Chest Tattoos – Cowplant-Pizza

sims 4 chest tattoos

For all the dog lovers out there, these tattoos offer an amazing way to show your pup’s pride with a whimsical twist.

You can choose from two playful designs featuring a variety of breeds: one with just plants and the other with a mix of dogs and greenery.

If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, the third tattoo design features a striking silhouette of a woman with her arms raised above her head.

No matter which designs you choose, these Sims 4 chest tattoos will look amazing in-game!

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17. Sims 4 Sleeve Tattoos – Vegantrait

sims 4 sleeve tattoos

Forget boring tattoos and make a bold statement with the amazing Sims 4-Sleeve Tattoos!

The cute, creative designs will bring life to your Sims’ arms; from doodle-style designs to edgy frames, you can choose what best fits your Sims’ style. Whether you are looking to adorn both arms or just one, these tattoos come in three swatches: a full set of both arms, an individual left arm, and an individual right arm.

These tattoos will look like they were made just for you; your Sims will love the unique artwork!

18. Sims 4 Custom Tattoos Set – CarysSims

just imagine!… A butterfly tattoo design fluttering delicately down your Sim’s leg or a beautiful floral sleeve in vibrant colors that will bring life to your Sim’s arm.

How about a nature tattoo that will show off your Sim’s love for the outdoors? Or what about a floral spine tattoo, complete with vines and flowers, that will make your Sim look like a walking work of art?

I’m sure you can find something special for your Sim in the Sims 4 Custom Tattoo Set.

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19. Wren and Vega Sims 4 Base Game Tattoos  – Wastelandwhisperer

sims 4 face tattoos

Oh girl, this is the perfect way to make your Sims look tough and edgy! Whether you’re looking for a simple snake tattoo on your Sims stomach or a full body piece, these Sims 4 tattoos CC pack will do the trick!

I’m talking about intricate art designs with the perfect blend of sharpness to give your Sims that extra edge.

It suits both masculine and feminine frames, so no matter what your Sims look like, they can rock these!

20. Symphony Sims 4 Tattoos In-Game – Peachiiesims

sims 4 tattoos in game

Make your Sims look fantastic with the Symphony Sims 4 Tattoos set by Peachiiesims. With 10 swatches available for both males and females, you’ll be able to find the perfect music-inspired tattoo for your Sim.

Honestly, I love all the swatches in this set, from upper chest tattoos to music-inspired underboob pieces. They look extraordinary and will definitely make your Sim stand out.

21. Domino Sims 4 Tattoo CC Pack – lotuswhim

sims 4 tattoo ideas

I cannot wait to show you the Domino Sims 4 Tattoo Set! It is base-game compatible and works with female Sims only. With this set, you get one swatch with the full set and sixteen individual swatches to mix and match!

I really love the skull tattoo featured on the upper chest. So you can really customize your Sims with cool and unique tattoos.

22. Sims 4 Color Roses Tattoos – Reevaly

sims 4 mods tattoos

If this isn’t an exciting way to spice up your Sims’ look, we don’t know what is! Take their style to the next level with these stunning colored rose tattoos.

With seven detailed swatches to choose from, you can pick the perfect match for your Sims outfit and personality. I personally love the way they look on my Sims—a perfect combination of classic elegance with a modern edge.

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23. Sims 4 Paranormal Tattoo CC – Espace-Felin

I’m sure you’re as excited about the Sims 4 paranormal tattoos as I am. These beautiful and unique tattoos are just what your witch sim has been waiting for!

With the full tattoo and five separate tattoos, you get a variety of options to add some paranormal flair.

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24. Nocturne Sims 4 Tattoos CC – Peachiiesims

the sims 4 tattoos cc

Ah, the nostalgic vibes of the 90s! Recreate that feeling with the Nocturne Sims 4 tattoos. Whether you’re looking for an individual tattoo on the forearm or a full-body suit, this set has you covered with 56 swatches.

It works well for both male and female Sims, making it the perfect choice for everyone. And, just in time for Simblreen, you can get your hands on this unique and exclusive set.

25. Sims 4 Floral Tattoo CC – Golyhawhaw

sims 4 floral tattoos

This floral tattoo CC from Golyhawhaw is a great addition to your Sims’ body art collection. With four different swatches to choose from, you can easily add a touch of floral elegance to your male sim’s left hand, shoulder, neck, and back.

This CC is perfect for any sim that loves nature and wants to express their love for it through body art. Plus, the dark tints add a mysterious and edgy touch to the tattoos.

I personally love using this CC on my male sims who have a bohemian or free-spirited style.

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26. Archangel Sims 4 Tattoo CC – Bludepth

sims 4 lower back tattoos

These stunning tattoos from Archangel are sure to spark your creative side. Featuring a plethora of ethereal beings, such as angels and fairies, as well as forest flora and fauna, your Sim will look divine!

If you’re looking to add a touch of mystery and cosmic vibes, these tattoos will do the trick. The intricate details on each tattoo will take your Sim’s look to the next level and bring a unique sense of style to your CC folder.

27. Sims 4 Spring Tattoo CC Pack – Chewybutterfly

sims 4 custom tattoos

As the days get longer and your Sims become more adventurous, it’s time to add a unique touch of style with these beautiful spring baby tattoos from Chewybutterfly!

Each of the 12 swatches is uniquely designed, with a few variants of all the tattoos together for extra variation. My absolute favorite is the small flying butterfly tattoo; it adds a beautiful, delicate touch to any outfit.

28. Sims 4 Finger Tattoos – EKKISIMS

tattoos cc
by amythesailor

What better way to make your Sims stand out than by giving them finger tattoos? With EKKISIMS, you can do just that!

Choose from 5 swatches—Silver, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Gold, and—to adorn your Sims’ hands with unique designs. The finger tattoos come in four versions: left hand, right hand, both hands, or all-in-one items.

29. Sims 4 Harry Styles Tattoos – Alisasourr 

tattoo cc for sims 4

Oh boy, oh boy, if you’re a total fangirl or fanboy over Harry Styles (like, who isn’t, right?!), you’re going to flip over these tattoos by Alisasourr!

They’ve basically taken the essence of our beloved Harry and turned it into full-body art. And let me tell you, they did an amazing job!

I mean, just look at the intricacy of those designs and the level of detail in each tattoo. It’s like having a little piece of Harry permanently inked on your skin. How cool is that?!

30. Simlish Sims 4 Lower Back Tattoos – Peachiiesims

the sims 4 tattoos

Enough with the boring tattoos on your Sims! These amazing Simlish Sims 4 Lower Back Tattoos are here to add a touch of spookiness to your Sims’ lives.

The tattoos come in two different versions of Simlish fonts: Lengiza and Spooky Simlish. I’m sure your Sims will look even cooler with these tattoos on their lower backs!

31. Sinner Sims 4 Tattoo Mods – Verthu

sims 4 cc tattoos male

To give your Sims a unique and spooky look, check out the amazing Sinner Sims 4 Tattoo Mods by Verthu! My Sims were rocking these awesome tattoos, and they look absolutely amazing!

The mods come complete with some incredible body art, from full sleeves to intricate chest tattoos, as well as a written tattoo on the ribcage of your Sims. They look super realistic and make for an awesome addition to your Sims CC folder!

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32. Sims 4 Face Tattoos – Suzue

sims 4 face tattoos

Oh, if you thought your Sims couldn’t get any more creative, think again! Introducing Suzue Face Tattoos for The Sims 4!

This unique tattoo pack comes with 8 swatches of adorable heart, star, moon, and written tattoos that are sure to make your Sims look ultra-stylish and cool.

33. Sims 4 Ear Tattoos CC – Peachiiesims

Oh wow, these tattoos will look amazing on your Sims! Both the Spooky and Merry Christmas sets are perfect for getting into the spooky or festive spirit.

With 16 swatches and the ability to suit both feminine and masculine frames, your Sims’ ears will look fabulous!

My absolute favorite thing about these tattoos is the level of detail and realism—you won’t be able to tell if it’s real or not! Show off your Sims’ style with some of the most unique and eye-catching ear tattoos around!

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34. Sims 4 Full Sleeve Tattoos – Demondare-Sims

sims 4 full sleeve tattoos

Not to mention, the possibilities are truly endless with these amazing Sims 4 tattoos! You can create a full-sleeve tattoo of your favorite designs, ranging from sweet and simple to bold and vibrant.

I’m sure you’ll love the realistic look that comes with having a full-sleeve tattoo. With the option of both arms—left arm or right arm—your Sims can have the perfect custom look you’ve been dreaming of.

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35. Sims 4 Neck Tattoos CC Pack – liliili-sims

sims 4 neck tattoos cc pack

These neck tattoos from Liliili Sims will have your sims rocking some real eye-catching styles. From cute and realistic random designs to more intricate floral designs and even skulls, your Sims will be looking fabulous with these neck tattoos!

With 12 different swatches to choose from, you can now express your Sims’ unique styles through these unique neck tattoos!

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36. Sims 4 Hand Tattoos

These finger tattoos are one of my favorite additions to Sims 4. Not only are they a fun way to express yourself, but they also come in some of the cutest designs imaginable!

From butterflies to angels, these Sims 4 finger tattoos look so realistic and vibrant, perfect for adding a unique touch to your Sim’s personality.

37. Sims 4 Fearless Tattoos CC Pack – Afterlifesim

sims 4 leg tattoos

Omgggg, Look at these amazing Sims 4 Fearless tattoos! Perfect for a rebellious and daring look, you can choose from seven female teens to elder swatches that are available in-game.

Whether you prefer a classic heart, star, or butterfly, there’s something for everyone! My favorite has to be the heart-shaped tattoo on the leg, which looks so cute and stylish.

Plus, it’s compatible with the base game and requires no extra packs!

38. Sims 4 Spiked Tattoos – Nordic Seal

sims 4 tribal tattoos

So, are you ready to give your Sims a spooky edge? Spice up their look with the Sims 4 Spiked Tattoos collection! Featuring tattoos for both males and females, this collection has something for teens and elders alike.

These tattoos are sure to give your Sims an extra level of edginess and attitude! Whether it’s a skull and crossbones, an anchor, or a rose, this collection has something for everyone!

39. Ourania Sims 4 Tattoos – Glossari

ts4 tattoos
ts4 tattoo cc

40. Halloween Sims 4 Tattoos Mod – Magicbot

the sims 4 tattoo cc

41. Latest Sims 4 Tattoo CC Set – Lisatrait

best sims 4 tattoos

Wow! I am amazed by the latest Sims 4 Tattoo CC set, Lisatrait! This collection offers not one, not two, but three different tattoo sets for your beloved Sims.

We have a floral design set, which features beautiful and intricate flower tattoos. These are perfect for any Sim wanting to add a touch of femininity or nature to their look. And for those Sims who like to keep it simple, there’s the Simlish set, which offers minimalistic designs in the iconic Sims language. But that’s not all; there are even more options with this set, such as tribal designs and unique patterns.

I have tried these tattoos on my Sims, and they look stunning.

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42. Tasteless Sims 4 Tattoos – Meateatersims 

tasteless sims 4 tattoos

I am not sure if you are familiar with the term “tattooed for life,” but that is exactly what this Sims 4 tattoo CC from Meateatersims represents.

With two swatches to choose from, this CC allows your Sims to have a body adorned with various doodles and scribbles. It’s unique and playful, and it adds a touch of rebellion to your sim’s appearance.

I personally think that this CC is perfect for female Sims who want to break free from traditional beauty standards and embrace their true selves.

43. Sims 4 Dark Signs Tattoo CC – Wastelandwhisperer

best sims 4 cc tattoos

Have you been looking for some unique tattoos to spice up your occult Sims? Even I was until I stumbled upon the dark signs of the Sims 4 tattoo cc!

This set is perfect for giving your witches, vampires, or aliens that extra edge and making them stand out in your game.

Plus, it comes with a skin blend that gives a wrinkled effect on your sims’ faces, perfect for those ancient and powerful occult beings.

44. Sims 4 Dolly Tattoos CC – Cwunnie

sims 4 tattoos cc pack

Have fun with your sims by adding these adorable tattoos to their bodies, available in various colors and designs to suit your sim’s personality.

It reimagines the iconic dolly cartoon in a whole new way, making it perfect for any sim who wants to express their love for nostalgia and pop culture.

45. Edie Sims 4 Full Body Tattoos – Wrixie

full body tattoos sims 4

Sometimes, a sim’s style isn’t complete without some ink! 🖋️right?

Edie Sims 4 Full Body Tattoos are the perfect addition for both male and female Sims. Whether your sim is goth or part of the occult world (🧛‍♂️ 🧙‍♀️), these tattoos will add a touch of edginess to their look.

Plus, the snake tattoo on the hand is personally my favorite; it adds just the right amount of danger and mystery to any sim’s outfit.

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46. Sims 4 Paedyn Tattoos – Chewybutterfly

tattoos cc sims 4

This set is perfect for all of your female sims, adding a touch of cuteness and style to their appearance.

With front and back tattoos, your sims can express their individuality and personal style in the game. The tattoos feature a variety of designs, including flowers, butterflies, and more.

47. Sims 4 Male Old School Tattoo CC – Alisasour

sims 4 old school tattoo cc

This Male Old School Tattoo CC by Alisasour is 🔥🔥🔥!

I absolutely love the old-school tattoo designs, and this CC doesn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for creating a tough, rugged look for your male Sims. 💪

Not only does it cover the arms and chest, but it also extends to the back of the head, adding even more detail to your Sim’s look. Finally, a full-body tattoo for male Sims!

I hope you have enjoyed this list of the 41+ must-have Sims 4 tattoos. Now that you know where to find some amazing custom content, it’s time to start creating your own unique look with these stunning tattoo designs!

So don’t wait any longer and start downloading some of the best Sims 4 tattoos CC available out there today!

And, if you’ve got any suggestions for other amazing Sims 4 tattoos you think should be included in this list, please let us know in the comments or tag us on Tumblr. Happy Simming😍.

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