45+ Best Sims 4 Makeup CC (Maxis Match) for Your CC Folder

If you’re looking for a way to express yourself through your Sims, why not try out some of the best Sims 4 makeup CC available? Transform your sims into glamorous and stylish personalities with a lot of makeup options.

sims 4 makeup cc

Yes, the game “The Sims 4” allows you to explore and create your own virtual world, but what makes it even better is customizing your sim’s appearance.

Finding the perfect makeup for your sim can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there is a wide range of amazing custom content (CC) available for makeup specifically.

I used many different types of MAKEUP CC to create the look that I wanted for my sims, from light and subtle to dark and dramatic.

While there are lots of makeup CCs available for The Sims 4, these are some of the ones that I PERSONALLY used on my Sims in the game.

These makeup CC options range from classic to trendy and offer a variety of colors to choose from.

From natural lipsticks to fun eye-shadow palettes, there is something for everyone! I found that the best approach is to mix and match different types of makeup CC based on the look you are trying to achieve.

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So, without further ado, here are the 37+ best Sims 4 makeup CC to style up your sim.

Best Sims 4 Makeup CC

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1. Anonimux Eyeliner Sims 4 Makeup CC Set – Anonimux Simmer 

sims 4 eyeliner cc

Jeez, this eyeliner is something else! I absolutely love it for my Sims. It adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to their look, no matter what style or color they’re going for.

The eight swatches offer variety, from subtle everyday wear to bolder nighttime looks. The fact that it’s compatible with the color slider ensures that you can get a perfect match for your sim’s skin tone.

This eyeliner really is the perfect way to finish off an amazing look for your sims. They’ll be absolutely stunning with this on!

2. Powder Soft Sims 4 Makeup CC Pack – Lady Simmer

sims 4 blush

Oh, lovely! This blush CC will make your sims look so chic and stylish! You can choose from five different swatches of blush bases that can be found in the Skin Details section.

I always love how a little blush can make such a big difference in the look of your sims. This blush also works for both teens and elders, male and female, as well as all occult, so you can make sure that everyone in your sim family looks their best!

With this blush, you can give them the perfect contours and highlight their features.

3. Sims 4 Bratz Makeup CC Pack – Vanilla

sims 4 makeup cc pack

Firstly, this makeup set is totally inspired by the famous Bratz dolls.

With its vibrant colors and blush, this set will surely enhance your Sims’ beauty look. You will have nine eyeshadow swatches that can be used to create unique and beautiful makeup looks.

The blush color is complimentary with the vibrant eyeshadow colors, creating a fun and unique look.

4. Sims 4 Contour Makeup CC – Anonimux Simmer 

sims 4 contour

Omg, look at this gorgeous sim! The contour makeup cc looks absolutely amazing, giving the sim a beautiful definition on their face.

From the lighter colors to the darker shades, you can really create a variety of looks with this makeup.

With six swatches, you can achieve natural or glam looks depending on the occasion. You’ll be sure to find something for every sim in your game with this exciting CC!

It’s easy to find in the Sims 4 CAS Moles Category and can be a great addition to any Sim’s look.

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5. Sims 4 CC Makeup (Glow Set) – TwistedCat

sims 4 cc makeup

Can you imagine the glow your Sims will have wearing this amazing makeup set?

This collection features stunning lipstick and eyeshadow with 20 and 18 swatches respectively, ranging from C-E, and are both unisex.

Whether your sims want to be subtle and natural with a hint of glow or bold and daring with a full shine, the possibilities are endless!

Create an ethereal look, perfect for a night out, or add a little sparkle on a day-to-day basis; with this glow makeup set, your Sims will be shining bright!

6. Carli Eyeshadow Sims 4 CC Makeup – Cyrpticsim

sims 4 eyeshadow cc

Bringing your Sims into the beauty world is never more fun and exciting than when you can add this eyeshadow palette to your Sim’s CC folder!

This palette is inspired by the ABH x Carli Bybel palette and provides 14 individual shades and 16 combination shades to choose from!

From shimmery, smoky neutrals to bold and daring colors, this palette has something for everyone’s Sims.

7. Glazed Lipsticks Makeup CC Sims 4 – TwistedCat

sims 4 lipstick cc

Who doesn’t love adding a bit of extra glam to their SIMS 4 creations?

Makeup is one of the best ways to make your Sim look fabulous, and with the Sims 4 Lipstick CC, you can create perfect pouts and glossy glamour galore!

From liquorice to pudding, these glazed lipsticks come with 18 and 14 swatches, respectively, allowing you to customize your Sims to match any skin tone and lip shape imaginable.

8. Sims 4 Colorful Eyeliner CC – Nsves

sims 4 eyeliner

Just when you thought your Sims’ makeup collection couldn’t get any cooler, Nsves has released their latest creation: the Colorful Eyeliner CC! This pack includes 10 stunning styles, all designed on a feminine frame for the perfect fit.

From bold and bright to subtle and shimmery, there’s a style for every occasion.

I personally love using this CC on my teen Sims to add a pop of color and personality to their everyday looks.

9. Sims 4 Highlighter Makeup CC Pack – MSQSIMS

sims 4 highlighter makeup cc

Here’s the ultimate way to make your Sims look even more beautiful with this Sims 4 highlighter makeup CC!

This makeup kit comes in three different strengths, giving your sims a subtle glow that will have everyone staring in envy.

Not only do they look amazing, but this makeup kit is also compatible with HQ mods, so you can customize your sims’ looks to perfection.

10. The Basics Sims 4 Makeup CC Pack – Lady Simmer

sims 4 makeup

Oh, pretty Lord, look at this amazing selection of makeup!

You can find everything you need to make your sims look fabulous, from creamy shadows with 4 swatches to butter glosses with 4 swatches and even a simplicity liner with 1 swatch.

Also, you can make sure that your sims have the right look for any occasion—from teens to elders and males to females, this set has it all.

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11. Sakura Moon Sims 4 Eyeshadow and Lipstick CC – Asansan3

sims 4 lipstick cc pack
  • Public Release: Jun 6th, 2024

The “Sakura Moon Set” by Asansan3 brings a delicate touch of beauty to your Sims with its exquisitely detailed eyeshadow and lipstick options.

Capture the essence of elegance with a palette that ranges from soft pinks to deep, romantic reds. This makeup set is perfect for Sims who want to express their style with a hint of floral-inspired grace.

12. Sims 4 Sweet Love Eyeshadow Makeup CC – Lady Simmer

sims 4 makeup cc maxis match

When I think of the perfect makeup look for my sims, I instantly think of the Sweet Love Eyeshadow Palette!

With 10 unique shades ranging from warm neutrals to vibrant pops of color, this palette is the perfect way for your sims to show off their unique style.

The eyeshadow looks great on all ages, from teens to elders, and on both male and female sims!

I love to use warm neutrals for a subtle daytime eye makeup look, or you can use bolder shades to create a dramatic look for a night out. You could even mix and match colors to create your own custom look!

13. Sims 4 Doll Makeup CC Collection – Pralinesims

sims 4 makeup mod

Get ready to make your Sims look beautiful with this amazing doll makeup CC!

With over 200 colors and shades, you can create the perfect makeup look for all of your Sims. Create bold, dramatic eyes with Paradise Lips, graphic eyeliners like Maze and Amusement Park, or add a soft, romantic look with Poison Love Lips.

For something a little extra, add the Ice Queen Eyeshadow or Odd Eyes. With so many options, you can make all of your Sims look their best.

14. Sims 4 Colorful Eyeliner Makeup CC Pack – Peachiiesims

sims 4 eyeliner

I’m obsessed with this Sims 4 Eyeliner Makeup CC! It has 65 swatches, with a separate eyeliner and facepaint version, plus a merged file! It’s also compatible with the base game, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

The best part is that the eyeliners are so colorful! You can go subtle and soft, or you can mix colors together to create more daring looks.

The options are endless! I love that there are both feminine and masculine frames, so you can find the perfect look for any sim.

15. Adorable Sims 4 Makeup CC Set – Inanuos

best sims 4 cc makeup

This delightful collection brings a touch of whimsy to your Sims’ looks with vibrant face stickers, charming sun bandaids, and a fresh tomato blush.

Perfect for those Sims who love to express their playful side, each item adds a splash of color and fun, ensuring your Sims always step out with their best face forward.

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16. The Channel Surfing Sims 4 CC Makeup Collection – Crypticsim

sims 4 cc makeup mod

Be prepared to be amazed at how great they’ll look with the Sims 4 Makeup CC Collection!

This collection includes a variety of makeup items to give your sims the perfect look, and this stunning CC is inspired by Madison’s real-life makeup routine.

From beautiful eyeshadows that are specially formulated for monolid eyes to eyeliner, glossy lipglosses, illuminating highlighters, and vibrant blushes actually transform your sims into a glamorous version of themselves.

17. Sims 4 Sharp Eyeliner Makeup CC – Anonimux Simmer 

sims 4 eyeliner custom content

I can’t express how excited I am to share this eyeliner CC collection with you all! These 8 swatches truly capture the beauty of subtle, yet statement-making, eyeliner.

Whether your sims prefer classic black or something more vibrant, this collection offers something for everyone. The high-definition lines make it easy to customize your sims’ looks and add a touch of glamour.

I love how versatile this collection is and how quickly it can transform a sim’s look.

18. Sims 4 Makeup Highlighter CC – Sims3melancholic

sims 4 highlighter makeup cc

Illuminate your Sims’ features with this stunning makeup highlighter CC set. The Highlight Collection introduces six new options tailored for both Alpha and Maxis Match styles, compatible with high-quality settings.

It features 50 custom colors, allowing an array of shimmering choices that perfectly complement any skin tone.

Whether aiming for a subtle glow or a dramatic sheen, this set is a must-have for beauty enthusiasts in The Sims 4.

19. Sims 4 Vampire Makeup CC Set – Ladysimmer

sims 4 vampire makeup cc set

Absolutely! This Vampire Makeup CC set is a must-have for all fans of The Sims 4.

With six swatches of contour, four swatches of blush, and three swatches of lipstick, you can create an ultra-glamorous look for your sims. Who says vampires can’t be pretty?

This makeup set works with all skin tones, including darker and vampire ones, making it suitable for everyone.

Plus, it’s available for teen and elder sims, males, and females, as well as all occult age groups.

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20. Sims 4 Cat Eyeshadow & Liner Makeup CC – Vanilla

sims 4 cc Eyeshadow maxis match

For me, this Sims 4 Cat Eyeshadow and Liner Makeup CC set is the perfect way to glam up your sims!

The colors are gorgeous and add a chic, modern touch to any look. The shadow comes in 10 swatches, giving you plenty of options to customize your sim’s style.

The liner also comes in two versions, allowing you to create the perfect cat-eye look. Overall, this set is sure to give your Sims a sleek, stylish look that they’ll love!

21. Sims 4 Toddler Makeup CC – MartyP

sims 4 toddler makeup cc

I know your toddlers will look absolutely gorgeous wearing this blush CC! It is subtle enough to give them a NATURAL BLUSHING effect without overpowering their face and comes in a variety of different colors to suit all skin tones.

The colors are also very versatile, making them perfect for a variety of looks.

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22. Sims 4 Chocolate Contour Makeup CC – Lady Simmer

sims 4 makeup clutter cc

Would you like to give your sims a stunning new look that will be sure to turn heads? If so, the Sims 4 Chocolate Contour Palette from Lady Simmer is a perfect choice!

This gorgeous palette features six beautiful and natural shades that will give your sims a beautiful, subtle contour that will have everyone asking where they got their makeup.

The shades range from light to dark and are suitable for all ages, genders, and occult types.

23. Sims 4 Wedding Makeup CC – Crypticsim

sims 4 wedding makeup cc

Mmmm, I can just imagine how beautiful your sims will look with this wedding makeup CC!

The eyeliner is the perfect winged shape, and the eyeshadow is a subtle blend of warm shades that will enhance their eyes and make them pop.

The lipstick is this gorgeous matte pink shade that is perfect for a wedding. And the best part is that it’s monolid friendly and base game compatible, so everyone can enjoy wearing it! Your sim will look absolutely stunning! 🤩

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24. Quartz Highlighter Sims 4 Makeup CC – TwistedCat

quartz highlighter sims 4 makeup cc

I love this Sims 4 highlighter makeup CC!

It comes in 18 beautiful swatches and looks amazing on both children and elder Sims. The best part is that there are two versions, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

The V1 Soft Shine creates a beautiful, natural-looking reflection and is perfect for gameplay. The V2 Intense Shine, on the other hand, is great for screenshots because it’s incredibly shiny and vivid.

No matter which one you choose, I know your Sims will look absolutely stunning!

25. Ultimate Sims 4 Eyeliner CC Collection – Pralinesims

sims 4 eyeliner cc ultimate collection

Omg, 100+ eyeliner options for your Sims?! 😍Of course, the collection has multiple kinds of eyeliners for your sims, from the lightest color to the darkest.

All these makeup CC are designed to be as realistic and beautiful as possible. Every eyeliner is made with nice shade, hue, and brightness variations that allow your sims to have the most natural and beautiful look.

One of the best features of this collection is that all the eyeliners come with a gender tag, so you can choose which eyeliners are only used by female or male Sims.

This means that you don’t have to worry about your male sims having feminine-looking eyeliners!

26. The Horse Girl Makeup CC Collection – Crypticsim

sims 4 makeup cc patreon

Gallop into glam with the Horse Girl Makeup Collection.

With 10 luscious lipstick shades, 12 dynamic eyeshadow hues, and 10 natural blush swatches, your Sim will be ready for anything from a day at the races to a night out in the city.

It’s like a trifecta for your Sim’s face: color, shimmer, and style. When I gave my Sim a makeover with these, she didn’t just enter a room, she owned it.

27. Sims 4 Kids Makeup CC – Margeh – 75

sims 4 kids makeup cc

So if you are looking for a natural and subtle blush for your child’s sims, then I definitely recommend this Sims 4 Kids Makeup CC!

It comes in four color versions and can be found in the Makeup category of the Create-A-Sim mode.

It also works with makeup sliders, so you can customize the intensity of the blush to your liking. With this blush, your child’s sims will look so cute and pretty!

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28. Sims 4 Wings Makeup CC Set – TwistedCat

sims 4 wings makeup cc set

Ohhh rocking and glamming, this makeup cc set is a must-have for your Sims!

The beautiful wing’s eyeshadow will give them that vibrant eye look that’s sure to impress. And the wings lipstick can complete the look with its glossy finish, perfect for those special nights out!

Your Sims will definitely be the center of ATTENTION with this glamorous makeup set! With so many fun colors to choose from, you can mix and match them to create a unique look each time.

29. Sims 4 90s White Shadow CC –Loreleisims

sims 4 eyeshadow

When it comes to reliving the 90s in The Sims 4, I have found my new go-to CC: Loreleisims’ 90s White Shadow! This CC pack comes with not one, not two, but SIX swatches to choose from, including some fun pink and blue variants.

As someone who grew up in the 90s, this CC brings back all the nostalgia and adds a pop of retro flair to my Sims’ makeup looks. 

30. Sims 4 Daisie Eyeliner CC – Desimny

sims 4 maxis match eyeliner cc

Do you ever want your teen female Sims to look sharp and glamorous? Well, look no further with the Sims 4 Eyeliner Makeup CC!

This custom content features FOUR swatches of eyeliner that can give your teen female Sims the perfect look they desire.

The eyeliners come in four different swatches, so you can choose which one is right for your sim.

31. Soft Petals Sims 4 Makeup CC – Lady Simmer

best makeup cc

This delightful mini set features a stunning floral eyeshadow that blossoms with creativity, paired perfectly with a shiny pink lip gloss to give your Sims a fresh, radiant look.

Ideal for any Sim aiming to showcase their charm and elegance, this makeup set ensures your Sims are always ready to dazzle, whether they’re heading to a casual outing or a glamorous event.

32. Sims 4 Eyeshadow and Eyeliner CC Collection – Ikari Sims

sims 4 eyeshadow & eyeliner makeup cc

If you are looking for a makeup CC that will make your sims look truly unique and stunning, then you should definitely give this eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup CC a try.

With 12 swatches and the ability to customize with the new slider, you can make your Sims look exactly the way you want. The colors range from plain to ombre, so you can find something that will perfectly match your sims’ skin tone and eye color.

What’s more, this CC is also compatible with the HQ mod, so you can be sure that your Sims will look as good as they can.

33. Blushing Peach Sims 4 CC Makeup Set – Miiko

sims 4 cc makeup set

With this makeup CC set, you can make your Sims look amazing! The bright colors will create a beautiful and vibrant look.

You can also use the sliders to adjust the opacity, hue, and more so that your sims can have a custom look tailored to their needs.

The 6–11 swatches provide a variety of colors that will perfectly enhance your sims’ features, while the matte and shimmery eyeshadows, lipsticks, and liners will give them a luxurious, sophisticated look.

Not only this, but the eyeshadow comes in peach, pink, orange, and red tones to make sure your Sims look their best.

34. Hollywood Contour Palette: Sims 4 Makeup CC – Lady Simmer

sims 4 contour makeup cc

I’m so sure that every sim will look absolutely gorgeous with this Hollywood Contour palette! With three swatches of contour, you can create any kind of makeup look, from a natural one to something more daring and bold.

And the custom thumbnail makes it so easy to see what your Sim will look like with the palette. Plus, it’s available for all age groups and both genders, so everyone can look stunning!

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35. E-Girl Sims 4 Makeup CC Pack – Pralinesims

best sims 4 makeup cc pack

This E-Girl is one of my favorite Sims 4 makeup CC packs because it offers a variety of makeup options you could need for any Sim occasion.

  • CC eyes come in 65 swatches, with a mix of vibrant colors and more subtle shades.
  • CC lip gloss comes in 25 swatches, with options for glossy or matte finishes.
  • Eyeliner CC comes in 15 swatches that range from a subtle wing to a bold graphic design.
  • Eye highlight in 15 swatches, perfect for adding that extra pop of shine to your sim’s eyes.
  • CC heart blush comes in 20 swatches, adding a cute and unique touch to your sim’s cheeks.
  • CC eyebrows come in 45 swatches, with a range of shapes and colors to suit any sim.
  • CC nose blushes in 20 swatches for that naturally flushed look.
  • CC eye shadow in 60 swatches, with a mix of colors and finishes to create any desired look.

36. The Basics Sims 4 Makeup CC Lipstick – Xurbacsims

sims 4 makeup cc set

Who doesn’t want Sims to look good and feel beautiful? With The Sims 4 Makeup CC, you can help your Sims do just that!

This makeup collection CC has five different makeup items: eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, jelly tint, and a matte lip. All of the assets are base-game compatible, so you don’t need any extra packs to use them.

Each makeup will make your sims look stunning, and they’ll be able to express themselves through their looks!

37. CITRINE Sims 4 Face Highlight Makeup CC – Nesurii

sims 4 highlight skin detail

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this CITRINE Sims 4 Makeup CC by Nesurii? I mean, just look at those swatches! You can choose the perfect intensity and option to make your sim’s face truly glow.

Not only does this CC give you the perfect highlight on the tip of the nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin, but it also gives you the option for a nose bridge highlight.

It comes in the skin detail category, so it won’t conflict with any other makeup CC you have in your game.

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38. Simple Eyelid Sims 4 Maxis Match Makeup CC – Soju Vibe

best sims 4 makeup cc

Wow! This Sims 4 Makeup CC is one of my favorites when it comes to creating realistic portraits of my friends.

The Simple Eyelid Maxis Match set includes 10 swatches and features both left and right options, giving you endless combinations to play with. My sims can rock these eyelids in a Maxis match style, adding a touch of uniqueness to their overall look.

Plus, I love how the eyelids adapt to the shape of their eyes, making it look even more realistic.

39. Bellini Sims 4 Makeup CC Collection – Pralinesims

best sims 4 makeup

This adorable makeup set features a range of colors for blush, lips, and eyeshadow (and who doesn’t love options?).

There are tons of color swatches to create endless looks for your Sims. What’s even better is that all the items are fully customizable with color, hue, and transparency adjustment sliders.

I especially love the eyeshadow options in this set—perfect for adding a natural, everyday look or a bold and dramatic statement to your sim’s makeup.

40. Sims 4 Sick Makeup CC Pack – Apricotrush

sims 4 sick makeup cc pack

Not feeling well? Well, now your sims can join in on the sick look with the Apricotrush Sims 4 Makeup CC Pack!

I absolutely love the concept of this pack, with nine swatches, including eyeshadows and blushes. The highlight of this pack is definitely the nose blush, giving your sim a subtle but realistic touch of illness.

This pack is perfect for creating a realistic sick look for your sims, whether they are feeling under the weather or just wanting to rock a unique makeup style.

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41. NecroNoir Sims 4 Makeup Set – Amythesailor

best sims 4 eyeshadow cc

This CC set is perfect for adding a dark, edgy touch to your Sims’ makeup looks. With bold eyeliner, intense eyeshadows, and a wide range of lipstick shades, this set is perfect for your witchy or gothic Sims.

The highlighter and blusher options add a touch of shimmer to any look, making your Sims stand out in the dark of night.

Try pairing it with some spooky or occult-themed clothing and accessories for a perfectly witchy Sim look.🪄

42. Velvety Sims 4 Makeup CC Pack – Emmibouquet

best sims 4 makeup cc folder

As the name suggests, this marvelous makeup CC exudes a luxurious and soft feel that is perfect for any Sim looking to add some elegance to their makeup routine. With a range of 10 stunning lipstick shades, suitable for both light and dark skin tones, this CC pack promises to elevate your Sims’ makeup game.

And that’s not all; the eyeliner also comes in five bold shades to create the perfect winged look.

43. Sims 4 CC Makeup Set (Eyes, Eyeliner, and Lipstick) – Angissi

sims 4 cc eyeliner

Wow, wow, wow! Have you seen Angissi’s Sims 4 CC makeup set? This incredible set includes everything your Sim needs to achieve that flawless makeup look.

From stunning eyeliner to mesmerizing eyes and the perfect shade of lipstick with added lip gloss, this set has it all! Trust me when I say it’s one of my favorites, and I highly recommend it for your CC folder.

44. AKI UKISHIMA Makeup CC Lookbook – Ezra-trait

the sims 4 makeup

Get ready to stun your sims with this funky and trendy makeup CC!

This lookbook includes a whole range of items from hair, tops, bottoms, accessories, and of course, makeup! I mean, who doesn’t love a complete makeover for their sims? 💄

I tried it on my sim and I can’t even tell you how much in love I am! 😍

45. The First Kiss Sims 4 Valentine’s Day Makeup CC Collection – Lady Simmer

makeup cc sims 4

Who doesn’t love a good Valentine’s Day makeup collection? 💄💕

Whether you’re spending the holiday with your significant other or treating yourself to some self-love, this First Kiss Sims 4 Valentine’s Day Makeup CC collection is perfect for adding a touch of romance to your Sims’ looks.

From bold lip glosses to flirty blushes and glossy eye shadows, this set has everything you need to create the ultimate Valentine’s Day makeup look.

I personally love using the “pucker up” lip gloss in a vibrant pink shade for a classic Valentine’s Day look.

46. Sims 4 Butterfly Makeup CC Set – Wotunciba

best sims 4 makeup
  • Butterfly eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, and blush.

47. Sims 4 Soft Makeup CC Set – Oito-CC

best sims 4 makeup cc set

The Soft Makeup CC Set by Oito-CC brings a touch of subtle elegance to your Sim’s look. Featuring eyeshadow, eyeliner, and blush, this set is perfect for achieving that effortlessly chic appearance.

Each piece blends seamlessly to enhance your Sim’s features, providing a fresh and natural glow.

Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, this makeup set ensures your Sims always look their best

These are just a few of the best Sims 4 Makeup CC items that you can use to style up your Sim. With so many great options available, there’s no reason not to try out a new look for your Sim!

So go ahead and experiment with different makeup styles until you find one that makes your sim stand out. Happy Simming😍.

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