53+ Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC to Get Your Ranch Looking Fabulous

Get ready to saddle up for the Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion release—and get your ranch looking even better with these incredible Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC!

sims 4 horse ranch cc

With the new Horse Ranch expansion, you can now take your Sims to a whole different world of ranching. But why stop there? You can now customize your ranch by adding some of the best Sims 4 horse ranch CC around.

From cowboy boots to cowboy hats, cowgirl clothes, and more, there are plenty of options to make your ranch look amazing. But before you start, what exactly is a horse ranch?

Horse Ranch is the PERFECT destination for horse lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike! With a wide variety of activities, like horseback riding and ranching, you can create the perfect environment for your Sims to explore their wild side. From caring for horses to training them, you can make sure your Sims have the perfect ranch experience.

But your ranch doesn’t have to stop at just activities! With this list of 29+ Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC, you can make your ranch look like it just stepped out of a Western movie!

With a variety of clothing, decorations, and more, you’ll be able to give your ranch that perfect Western-style look.

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This post is all about the best Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC.

Best Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC

I’ll be updating this post regularly, so make sure to check back for more Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC to get your ranch looking fabulous!

the sims 4 horses

1. Cowboy Hat Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC – San33

sims 4 cowboy hat cc

Howdy, fellow simmers! If you’re looking for the perfect cowboy hat to top off your Sims 4 horse ranch theme, look no further than San33’s cowboy hat CC.

Not only does it look stylish and add a unique touch to your Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC folder, but it also offers 8 different color swatches to choose from!

This cowboy hat is the perfect accessory for any cowgirl sim you might have. The chin strap looks great and ties everything together for a final touch.

2. Sims 4 Cowboy Boots – Renorasims

sims 4 cowboy boots

Even the littlest cowboy or cowgirl in your game can look like a real-life ranch hand with Renorasims’ beautifully detailed Cowboy Boots!

These boots are base-game compatible, but the toddler version requires a season expansion pack to enable the adorable style.

I was amazed to see the intricate embroidery work featured in each boot. Your Sims will be the envy of all their friends with these stylish boots!

3. Poncho Top Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC – Joliebean

sims 4 poncho top cc

Wow! This Poncho Top Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC from Joliebean is such an amazing addition to your Sims’ outfits.

The long-sleeve design adds an extra edge to the look, which makes it look great for a horse ranch! The color is just beautiful, and I love how subtle the shade of brown is. This provides a really nice contrast to the other characters’ outfits.

And Joliebean even included a PSD file for recoloring, in case you want to customize the color to fit your Sim’s theme. Overall, this is a great piece of CC for horse ranch-loving Sims 4!

4. Toy Story Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC – Rimings

sims 4 horse ranch

So your Sims can have the same amazing and exciting adventure as Woody, Buzz, and Bo Peep! With this Horse Ranch CC from Rimings, your sims can rock the same look as the beloved Toy Story characters.

The CC includes a top, bottom, and hat that all feature an integrated bandana, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect combination for your sims.

I love it because each piece comes in 12 swatches, so you can mix and match to find the perfect look for your Sims. I always get EXCITED when I dress up my sims in their favorite Toy Story-inspired outfit.

5. Sims 4 Ralph Lauren Polo – Vixonspixels

best horse ranch cc sims 4

Galloping into the equestrian chic vibe, this CC had my Sims looking like they just stepped off a high-fashion photoshoot at the stables.

From the sleek boots to the polished attire, it’s a perfect ten in the horsey set’s style stakes. Ready for a trot or a full-on canter down the runway, these threads have got it all!

6. Cowgirl Clothes Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC – Belaloallure

sims 4 horse ranch clothes cc

How cool and sexy would your Sims look in this amazing western-themed clothes set by Belaloallure? It includes

  • Delilah Leather Mini Shorts
  • Elosia denim dress
  • Delilah shirt corset top
  • Maryolein denim pants
  • Jezreel leather corset
  • Jezreel mini laced skirt and
  • Maryolein leather vest

These are designed to make your Sims look fashionable and trendy in all the horse ranch activities they will do. I personally think that the great color combination of these clothing items is truly amazing.

Just imagine how cool your sims will look in these clothes while they are riding the horses around the ranch or having a rodeo competition. It will be a show-stopper for sure!

7. Sims 4 Embroidered Western Boots – Charonlee Sims

sims 4 boots cc

Add a touch of Western flair to your horse ranch sims with the Sims 4 Embroidered Western Boots from Charonlee Sims!

I absolutely love these boots and the detail that Charonlee Sims has put into them. The intricate embroidery will make your Sims look stylish and unique.

Plus, with 105 swatches available, you can find a color that perfectly suits your Sims. Whether they’re taking care of the horses on the ranch or just going out for a night on the town, these boots are perfect for any occasion.

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8. Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC Pack – Serenity

sims 4 horse ranch cc pack
the sims 4 horse ranch cc

This Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC pack is amazing!

Your cowgirl sims will look absolutely stunning in the cowgirl hat, Shellar jacket, Marfa boots (available in two versions), Kate pants, and Arizona dress. Your Sims will look like they’re ready for a ranch adventure with this outfit!

Imagine them riding horses, roping steers, or just chilling in some outdoor scenery with this amazing set! It’s the perfect way to make your cowgirl sims stand out.

But don’t just take my word for it—the set will be available publicly on July 28th, so you can check it out for yourself!

9. Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC Hair – Serenity

sims 4 horse ranch cc hair

This Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC hair is absolutely stunning! I’m totally in love with the double-braid look. It’s perfect for all your cowgirl sims out there; with the gorgeous detail that goes into this hair, you will look stylish and ready to ride.

What’s even better is that this hair comes in two versions: with and without strands. I personally love the version with the strands; it adds so much texture to your sim. The secondary colors are also available, so you can mix and match to create the exact look you want!

Overall, this hair is a definite must-have for all your cowgirl sims!

10. Sims 4 Horse Ranch Male CC – Wistful Castle

sims 4 horse ranch male cc

What’s more exciting than dressing your Sims up in the perfect cowboy outfit? With this amazing Sims 4 Horse Ranch Male CC set from Wistful Castle, you can do just that!

This amazing collection includes a hat, mask, and boots—everything your sim needs to look the part. Plus, each item comes with a variety of amazing swatches to choose from.

So you can pick the PERFECT look for your sim’s next horse-riding adventure. My personal favorite is the mask and boots combo—you can’t beat that classic cowboy look!

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11. Sims 4 Cowboy Hat for Infants – RavenSim

sims 4 cowboy hat for infants

Sometimes, you want to dress your infant sims in something that fits perfectly with the theme of your Sims 4 Horse Ranch.

Well, I’ve got just the thing! Introducing the new Sims 4 Cowboy Hat for Infants from RavenSim! This beautiful CC comes in 11 colors and can be worn by male and female Sims, making it the perfect addition to your ranch.

The design is classic yet modern, and it looks great on both genders.

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12. Sims 4 Cowboy Accessory Chaps – Deathpoke1qa

sims 4 cowboy accessory

Many of us have been dreaming about owning a horse ranch ever since The Sims 4 introduced horses. Now, with the upcoming Horse Ranch pack, you can make that dream a reality for your Sims!

But you know what would make it even better? Even more fun accessories to complete the look. And with Sims 4 Cowboy Accessory Chaps, you can do just that!

You can finally dress your Sims up in the unique cowboy look and enjoy all the activities that come with living on a horse ranch.

13. Sims 4 EquiStyle Safety Signs Horse Ranch CC – .Objuct

the sims 4 horse ranch cc pack

Are you ready to get your Sims 4 horse ranch up and running? Make sure you have the perfect signs for it with EquiStyle Safety Signs!

These custom-made signs come in both English and Simlish, perfect for any horse ranch you create. I’m always excited to add these to my horse ranch builds; they look so realistic and add a touch of authenticity.

Plus, they come in all the sizes you need, so they’ll match any equestrian space. Get yours today and make your Sims 4 horse ranch complete!

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14. Bandana Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC – Waekey

horse ranch sims 4

Do you feel like something is missing from your ranch? Do your Sims look too plain and boring on the ranch?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Waekey’s Bandana Sim 4 Horse Ranch CC is here to make the ranch more vibrant and exciting. It comes in a variety of different printed designs and swatches.

Actually, I found some Maxis Match Bandana CC out there, but for some reason, it doesn’t work well with my game. Once the CC creator creates a Maxis Match, I’ll update it here.

15. Sims 4 Cowgirl Boots CC – DallasGirl

sims 4 cowgirl boots cc

Now you can ride your horse in style! With this cool Cowgirl Boots CC, your Sim can have the perfect country look and feel. These boots come complete with classic western designs, so you can look like a cowboy and feel like one too.

With their heeled design, these boots are sure to turn heads as you ride off into the sunset. But what really makes these boots special is that they come in both regular and slider versions, so you can adjust the height of these boots for a more comfortable fit.

Plus, there are different swatches and patterns to choose from, so you can customize this cool accessory to match your Sim’s unique style.

16. Horse Ranch CC Pack for Sims 4 – DallasGirl & Joliebean

horse ranch cc pack for sims 4

I highly recommend this Horse Ranch CC Pack for your game! It adds a unique Western-Bohemian flavor to your Sims 4 world.

From the Equestrian hair and Arthur hat to the Giddy-Up boots and Mesa Clogs, this pack provides a great selection of fashionable items for both male and female Sims.

Whether your Sims are riding off into the sunset or just having a casual day out on the ranch, this pack will make them look good.

With 24 different items to choose from, your Sims will have a great selection of outfits and accessories for every occasion. Make sure to check it out and get your Sims ready for ranch life!

17. Sims 4 Pastel Cowboy Set – JujuAwesomeBeans

sims 4 pastel cowboy set

This set is perfect for that modern-bohemian look. The colors and patterns are vibrant and eye-catching.

I love how the shades range from light neutrals to rich burgundies. The scalloped shorts can be worn with any of the tops, creating a unique and fun look. The matching cowboy boots are the perfect addition to complete the outfit.

With this set, you can create a wide range of looks, from a traditional ranch look to a modern-western style.

18. Cowgirl Tats Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC – kekeinluv

sims 4 cowgirl tattoos

How cute and fitting for your country-style Sim is this Cowgirl Tattoo by Kekeinluv? I can’t get over the vibrant colors and intricate details of each design!

Your Sims can now rock cowboy boots, hats, horseshoes, and other country-style designs as tattoos. With 15 different swatches to choose from, your Sims can find the perfect tattoo that suits their style.

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19. Zora Sims 4 Horse Ranch Boots CC – Madlen

sims 4 horse ranch boots cc

I have been a fan of Madlen’s CC for a long time, and this Zora Sims 4 Horse Ranch boot is absolutely stunning!

With five different swatches, each with its own unique embroidery designs, these boots look amazing! Each design is a perfect combination of brown, green, and gold.

I love the way they spice up your Sims’ outfits and make them look even more stylish and rugged. Plus, they match perfectly with any country-style outfits you might have.

20. Sims 4 Unisex Cowboy Boots – Glammoose

sims 4 unisex cowboy boots cc

Who doesn’t love a unique and stylish pair of cowboy boots? I know, I sure do! And now, with Glammoose’s Sims 4 Unisex Cowboy Boots, you can add some flair to your Sims CC folder.

These amazing boots come in five different swatches, each with its own unique design and pattern.

From the classic brown leather look to the vibrant turquoise and yellow, you can really make a statement with this awesome piece of Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC.

21. Sims 4 Y2K Cowboy Hat CC

sims 4 y2k cowboy hat cc
by San33
the sims 4 hat cc
by Toksik

Oh, pretty! These cowboy hats are so stylish and cool! My female sims have been rocking the Y2K cowboy hat around town with its unique patterns and Barbie letters, and the chimera hat looks super sleek with its golden chain design.

Whether you’re styling up your Sims for a wild night out or just giving them a bit of Western flair, these cowboy hats are sure to complete the look.

And with five swatches available, you’ll have plenty of options to find something that fits your sim’s style. And don’t forget to check out the best sims 4 Y2K CC.

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22. Mockingbird Sims 4 Cowboy Boots CC – TitusLinde

sims 4 cowboy boots cc

I’m really obsessed with this Sims 4 Cowboy Boots Set, and I’m sure you will be too! These boots are not only stylish but also come in three stunning patterns with different swatches.

This is sure to add some spunk to your Sims outfits and make them look more fashionable. The detail on the boots is amazing, and they will fit perfectly in any Western or ranch-inspired decor.

Plus, they look great with a jean or cowboy hat—perfect for all your horse ranch CC needs!

23. Cowboy Booties Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC – DallasGirl

cowboy boots cc

These super stylish Cowboy boots are a must-have for all the cowgirl sims out there! With 10 stylish swatches to choose from, you can easily find one that suits your sim perfectly.

The download is available in two versions: normal and slider. With the slider version, you can customize the fit and look of the booties to match your sims’ unique style!

My favorite thing about them is that the color options are so vibrant and eye-catching.

24. Wild West Signs Horse Ranch CC for Sims 4 – Evi

sims 4 horse ranch cc object

Now, get ready for some wild west fun with the Wild West Signs Horse Ranch Wall Decor CC for Sims 4!

These signs are sure to bring excitement and authenticity to your Sims’ home or ranch. This collection of rustic wall decorations includes everything you need to create the perfect Western atmosphere, including Wanted posters, horseshoe signs, and classic cowboy silhouettes.

Each piece is designed to look realistic and weathered, adding an extra element of realism. I have found that these pieces look amazing when hung on walls, counters, or even fences around the ranch!

25. Sims 4 Large Home for Sims and Horses – Rachelpedd

sims 4 large family home for horses
  • Value: 98522
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3

Wow! Talk about the perfect house for your sims and their horses! Rachelpedd has created something special with this Sims 4 Large Home.

With four spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms, a generous living space, and plenty of outdoor areas for your horses to roam, this home is perfect for a large family!

The detail that has been put into the design and customization of this house is truly remarkable. I’m sure that your sims and their horses will love the wide open spaces, natural light, and custom touches throughout.

26. Sims 4 CC Horse Dot – Cowplant-Pizza

sims 4 horse cc

Wow, this CC is amazing! With the Sims 4 Horse Dot – Cowplant, and Pizza CC, you can provide your Sims with a unique and exciting experience.

This CC offers a fully-realized, adoptable horse companion for your Sims to enjoy and bond with! Dot, the horse included in this CC, is a wild horse with a terrible injury, but thanks to the power of CC, she can now be a beloved companion for your Sims.

I love how the CC offers a unique, interactive experience for your Sims—they get to nurture and bond with Dot, help her heal from her injury, and even teach her tricks!

27. Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC Clothes for Toddlers – PowLuna

sims 4 horse ranch cc clothes

How adorable are these outfits for your Sim’s toddlers? PowLuna has created the perfect set of clothes that’ll make them look like they’re ready to take to the horse ranch!

With 12 versatile swatches, it’s unisex and comes with a bandana for added flair. Whether your Sim is a budding cowboy or cowgirl, they’ll look so cute in these duds!

28. Sims 4 Equestrian CC – Mahocreations

sims 4 equestrian cc

Wow! Give your Sims a stylish look with the Equestrian CC from Mahocreations. Whether they’re horseback riding or just looking to show off their fashion sense, this collection has everything you need to create the perfect look for your Sim.

With a wide variety of shirts, pants, and caps to choose from, you can dress your Sim however you’d like.

And the best part? It’s all base game compatible and comes in 23 stunning colors! Get ready for some horseback riding fun with this amazing Equestrian CC.

29. Daisies Sims 4 Cowgirl CC – Arowenc

sims 4 cowgirl cc pack

This stunning CC from Arowenc is sure to give your Sims a fun and fashionable twist!

With a set that includes six swatches of nails, five swatches of cowboy boots, and two swatches of eyeliner, your Sims can express themselves in style! The bright colors and intricate details make this CC a must-have for any cowgirl Sim.

Whether they’re headed to the Wild West or just want a fresh look, this Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC will be sure to give them the perfect look. 

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30. Miniscule Sims 4 Horse Ranch Hat CC – GegeSims

sims 4 horse ranch hat cc

I’m not sure why, but seeing my sims dressed in these whimsical little horse ranch hats just makes me smile!

These must-have pieces of CC from GegeSims are base game compatible, and come complete with both hair frames – all you need to do is just pick the one you like best!

Whether your sims are having a wild time at the horse ranch or just looking cute in their everyday life, these hats are sure to add a touch of style and fun.

31. Sims 4 Cowgirl CC Clothes – HFO x Joliebean

the sims 4 cowgirl cc pack

With this gorgeous cowgirl set, your Sims will be the most stylish cowpersons in all of Strangerville! The top, dress, boots, and overalls are all intricately detailed and designed with a unique flair.

The accompanying hairstyle is the perfect complement to this set, allowing your Sims to express their inner cowgirl. All of these items are sure to bring a touch of Western-style class and sophistication to your Sims 4 horse ranch!

I’m sure your Sims will look positively radiant in their new Cowgirl CC Clothes.

32. Bandit Scarf Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC – sloedancing

sims 4 bandit scarf

This awesome bandit scarf Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC by sloedancing adds 17 plain color swatches to your game.

Now you can choose from a range of colors and styles, including both tied and normal versions. Plus, both frames are included too! What’s more, Horse Ranch is required for this recolor to work. I’m sure you won’t regret downloading this awesome CC!

33. Riding Breeches Sims 4 Cowgirl CC – Sass and Freckles

sims 4 ranch cc
by Sass and Freckles
sims 4 bottoms cc
by XTC/Fléau

Get ready, Simmers! It’s time to saddle up and hit the trail with the all-new Riding Breeches Sims 4 Cowgirl CC from Sass and Freckles!

Imagine your Sims galloping across a horse ranch, dressed in these vintage yet modernly styled riding breeches. Choose from six vibrant colors, each featuring a unique touch. Hot pink and electric green for a daring look?

Absolutely! Plus, these riding breeches come with a realistic suede-style knee patch that adds extra grip and control when your Sims are in the saddle.

34. Sims 4 Equestrian Vest CC – Luvillia

the sims 4 horse ranch cc

This Sims 4 Equestrian CC from Luvillia is a must-have item for any Sim who loves to ride and show horses. The vest looks great on any sim and adds the perfect finishing touch to any look.

The vest looks great with a variety of different colors, styles, and textures, making it the perfect choice for those seeking an equestrian-style look.

My Sim loves to show off this vest when they take their horse out for a ride, and it even looks great on the ranch.

35. Sims 4 Cattleman Hat for Infants – Aith

sims 4 cowboy hat for infants

This cute cattleman hat is the perfect way for your sims to express their style in a fun and fashionable way!

I had so much fun styling my Sims with this CC, and they look so adorable in it! It’s a must-have for any player of the beloved Sims 4 game. The 17 swatches offer a wide variety of colors to pick from, ensuring you’re able to find just the right one to fit your sims’ style.

Just make sure you have the required Horse Ranch Expansion Pack installed, and then you’re good to go!

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36. Sims 4 Horse Tattoos CC – Simmiller CC

sims 4 horse tattoos cc

What’s great about the Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC is that it looks amazing and adds an extra sense of realism to your Sims.

Whether they are cowboys, jockeys, or just enjoying a leisurely ride out in the country, these tattoos have such detail and look so great that your sims will always stand out in a crowd.

The running horse tattoo is my personal favorite, as it looks best on my cowboys, but I’m sure there are plenty of others you’ll love too!

37. Sims 4 Equestrian Top CC – Sass and Freckles

sims 4 equestrian top cc

With the new Sims 4 Equestrian CC Stuff Pack, we are seeing a lot of amazing CC for your sims. One of the most popular content creators in this field right now is Sass and Freckles.

The newest item in her collection is called the Equestrian Top CC, which is a beautiful silk blouse with intricate details that will make your Sims look amazing. The top has a stunning design on the front and back.

With this CC, you can give your sims a unique equestrian style that will be sure to turn heads!

38. Sims 4 Cowgirl Lookbook – Simatomica

sims 4 cowgirl cc

I was amazed by the amazing Sims 4 Cowgirl CC that I found in this lookbook. It even included items like boots, clothes, hats, bandanas, hair pieces, jackets, and makeup too!

I was able to create the perfect cowgirl look for my sims with some of these great CC items.

Plus, it’s so easy to find the right CC that fits your tastes. Just go through the download page, and you’ll be able to find something you like.

39. Sims 4 Breeches Equestrian CC – Sass and Freckles

sims 4 breeches cc

Wow, it’s an amazing experience getting to dress up your Sims in the most stylish and realistic equestrian clothing! With the new Sims 4 Breeches Equestrian CC from Sass and Freckles, your sims can look their best!

These breeches are made from a male full-body outfit but have been converted to fit both genders.

Plus, they work with all EA swatches, so you can make them exactly how you want. And I love the shorter length—it gives the breeches a stylish, modern look.

40. Sims 4 Cowgirl Wallpaper CC – Simmiller CC

sims 4 cowgirl wallpaper cc

Bring the Wild West to your home with this Sims 4 Cowgirl Wallpaper CC from Simmiller! This wallpaper is perfect for adding a touch of country charm and nostalgia to any room in your virtual home.

With seven vibrant color packages, each featuring multiple matching patterns and swatches, you can create a completely unique look that is sure to make a statement.

Whether you’re decorating a living room, bedroom, or bathroom—or even a barn for your horse ranch—this wallpaper is sure to brighten up your Sims’ day!

41. Sims 4 High-Waisted Beeches – NO STYLE X W O O D L A N D

sims 4 beeches

These high-waisted Sims 4 CC beeches are perfect for your sims! With its fit silhouette and multiple color swatches, you can choose the best one to fit a variety of looks.

From sleek black to beautiful burgundy, you can create lovely outfits for your sims that will make them look fashionable and elegant.

The long length also makes these beeches perfect for horse riding, giving your sims an edge during their equestrian activities!

42. Sims 4 Bandit & Bandana Horse Ranch CC – Aith

sims 4 bandit & bandana horse ranch cc

One of my favorite creations in the Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC is the Bandit and Bandana, a beautiful addition to the game, and I instantly fell in love with its vibrant colors and patterns.

The unique design of this CC makes it stand out, and I’m sure your Sims will look amazing wearing it. There are 17 different swatches to choose from, so you can mix and match the colors according to your preference.

43. Sims 4 Equestrian Clothing Set – Shandir

If you’re a fan of horse riding sims, then the Shandir Equestrian Clothing set is right up your alley!

This incredible set includes two hats suitable for both male and female Sims, a jacket and pants for both genders, as well as two pairs of boots and a jockey outfit.

The hats are unisex, but all the other items will only fit male or female frames, respectively, so you can mix and match them for a unique look! The set is really beautiful, with plenty of detail for your Sims to enjoy.

I’ve personally had my sims wear the clothing, and they looked absolutely stunning—perfect for any horse-riding enthusiast!

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44. Sims 4 Trot Poles Horse Ranch CC – Sass and Freckles

sims 4 trot poles horse ranch cc

Wow! Now your ranch can look even more professional with the addition of these “non-functional” trot poles! You can place them, however, you’d like—mix and match colors, create a pattern, or spread them out.

My horses love them, and I’m sure yours will too! Enjoy the freedom of adding your own unique look to your ranch with these amazing trot poles.

45. Sims 4 Horse Competitions Give Fame Mod – Waffle’s Mix-Ins

sims 4 horse ranch mod

Omg, what an amazing mod. This mod has transformed my game’s Horse competition experience from mundane to exciting!

Now, instead of my sim’s hard work not being rewarded with fame after winning the competition, they actually get an appropriate reward for their efforts. Even better, the rewards increase in magnitude as the competition’s rank increases.

You can really feel the growth and progression in your sim’s career as they work their way from Beginner to Ultimate Rank competitions.

I highly recommend this mod if you enjoy horse racing in The Sims 4!

46. Equine Careers Sims 4 Horse Ranch Mod – NerdyTrait

sims 4 horse ranch mods

Howdy simmers! After downloading and testing out the Equine Careers Mod, I was truly impressed. With it, you can choose to take your Sims on an exciting journey to become a horse trainer or even a professional equestrian.

Each level of the career has its own unique requirements, such as learning new riding techniques or managing daily horse care. There’s also an option to raise your own horse and train them, which I found to be especially enjoyable.

Plus, with the base game skills that are needed to progress in this mod, it’s sure to keep your sims busy for hours.

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47. Sims 4 Ranch and Farm Hand Part-Time Career – CosmicZephyrus

sims 4 farm

If you’re an avid Sims 4 player who loves ranching and farming, this is the perfect mod for you! Created by CosmicZephyrus, this mod adds a 5-level part-time career to the game that tracks your ranch and farmhand progress.

As you progress through your Sims career, two exciting custom interactions become unlocked: feeding and grooming animals and entertaining them on your ranch. I’ve personally been playing with this mod, and I love it!

48. Ranch Style Sims 4 Cowgirl CC Pack – Boschiana CC

the sims 4 cowgirl

This Sims 4 cowgirl CC pack is the perfect way to add some style and personality to your ranch-style sims. Whether you want something classic or modern, Boschiana’s CC pack has everything you need to give your cowgirl sims a unique, stylish look.

From Lola jeans to Western shirts and tops, this CC provides a range of items for you to choose from.

With a variety of styles, colors, and textures, your cowgirls can show off their unique fashion sense.

49. The See’haw Sims 4 Cowgirl CC – Dogsill

the sims 4 cowgirl cc

I’m absolutely loving the See’haw Sims 4 Cowgirl CC pack! From hats to jeans and tops to neckties, it has something for every cowgirl-style sim.

The hair accessory is a particularly nice touch; it looks great with long hair! And if you’re looking for something more modern, there’s also a range of short hairstyles that look like hair accessories, creating a unique take on the classic cowgirl look. Plus, the cowgirl hats will add a touch of Western flair to any look.

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50. Sims 4 Horse Ranch Add-Ons – Boschiana CC

sims 4 horse ranch add-ons

This amazing CC pack is perfect for your cowgirl Sims! From vibrant color patterns to stylish designs, these 10 items will take your Sim’s style game to the next level.

With both top, bottom, and full-body pieces available, there is something for every cowgirl Sim. And with more than 27 swatches available in full colors and patterns, you can create a unique look for your Sims, whatever their style!

Whether they’re headed to the ranch or out on the town, they will look amazing in Boschiana’s CC pack.

51. Rodeo Sims 4 Cowboy Boots – Madlen

the sims 4 cowboy boots

This pair of cowboy boots is my recent favorite CC for my Sims 4 Horse Ranch. The details on these boots are simply stunning, from the intricate embroidery to the perfect mix of classic and modern design.

I love how the boots come in two different heights, making them suitable for both male and female Sims. Plus, they are perfect for the fall season and add a touch of Western charm to any outfit.

52. Sims Western Track Room Decor CC – Buckaroo Ranch

best sims 4 horse ranch cc

Ahh, the joys of living on a horse ranch. This tack room set is exactly what you need to give your ranch a true Western feel.

With a variety of items to choose from, you can mix and match colors to create the perfect look for your tack room. From Western boots to hanging bridles, this set has everything you need to make your horses and cowboys feel right at home.

And let’s not forget about the stunning Native American pattern on the Western bridle—it’s a real showstopper!

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53. Got Sims 4 Cowgirl Hair CC – GiggleCoffin

best sims 4 cowgirl cc

Another great addition to your ranch-themed gameplay is the Sims 4 Cowgirl Hair CC. With 73 different swatches (omg😱, just imagine all the possibilities!) and a mix of EA and creator-made options, your cowgirl sims will look absolutely stunning.

The double-braided style is perfect for tucking under a hat, while the messy and grunge versions add a touch of rustic charm.

And the best part? There are two versions to choose from, giving you even more versatility in creating your perfect cowgirl look.

54. Sims 4 Western Jeans CC – Buckaroo Ranch

sims 4 western jeans cc

Now your cowboys can dress to impress with the Sims 4 Western Jeans CC! These jeans aren’t just any ordinary pair; they come in four different colors for you to mix and match.

And don’t forget about the buckles and belts—we’ve got three different styles for you to choose from, all in stunning silver and gold. Plus, the back pockets have some cool designs on them too.

Whether your sims are wranglin’ cattle or just lookin’ to make a statement at the local saloon, these jeans will have them looking sharp and ready for anything the Wild West throws their way.

55. Cheltenham Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC Clothes Pack – Joliebean

best sims 4 horse ranch

56. Indiana Sims 4 Cowboy brimmed hat CC – Thatonegreenleaf

sims 4 cowboy hat

This post was about the best Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the best Sims 4 horse ranch CC and that it helps you create the perfect ranch for your Sims.

Don’t forget to check back regularly for more content, or leave a comment below or tag me on Tumblr at @freegamingideas for any more suggestions. Happy Simming! 😍

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