41+ Sizzling Sims 4 Piercings CC for an Edgy Look (Updated!)

Here are the newest and trendiest Sims 4 piercings to give your Sims an ultra-edgy look! This list includes all types of Sims 4 piercings CC, from nose piercings to lip piercings, face piercings, and more.

sims 4 piercings

When I first started playing The Sims 4, I was EXCITED to create my perfect Sim. But I quickly found myself feeling underwhelmed by the limited selection of piercings available in the game.

I wanted to give my Sim the edgiest look possible, but without any decent piercings CC in the game, it felt impossible. That’s why I am so excited to share this list of 35+ sizzling Sims 4 piercings CC with you today!

This list includes all of my personally tested piercings that will give your sim the ultra-edgy look you’ve been searching for.

Whether you want to give your Sim a nose piercing, lip piercing, septum piercing, ear piercing, belly button piercing, or even eyebrow piercing, this list has you covered.

Most of these piercings are Maxis Match to fill up your Sims 4 piercings CC folder. So, get ready for a style upgrade with these real-life-inspired piercings—your Sims will thank you!

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This post is about the best Sims 4 piercings CC.

Best Sims 4 Piercings

1. Sims 4 Belly Button Piercing – PralineSims

sims 4 belly button piercing

Let’s start this list with the amazing Halo Belly Button Piercing. This piercing is a great choice for both female and muscular sims, adding just the right touch of style and elegance.

I recently tried this navel piercing out on my female sim, and I was absolutely amazed at the result. The halo design of this piercing is simply incredible, and it really highlights the shape of my sim’s navel.

What I LOVE most about it, though, is that it comes in 40 beautiful colors. Whether you want a subtle or bold look, this piercing has something for everyone. I personally love the solid colors the most.

Overall, this is a unique piece of jewelry that looks incredible on any sim.

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2. Sims 4 Nostril Piercing Stud – Pralinesims

sims 4 piercings cc

Are you ready to make a statement and bling up your Sims? Check out Pralinesims’ Nostril Piercing Stud! This piercing is perfect for adding a subtle element of style to your Sims makeup look.

It’s perfect for dressing up a plain outfit or just giving your Sims a bit of flare. This piercing comes with five different colors to choose from, so you can mix and match them according to your style and preference.

It’s also compatible with both genders, so no one has to miss out on the fun!

3. Sims 4 Heart Nose Chain Piercing – Bellassims

sims 4 piercings cc folder

Sometimes I feel like my sims just need something extra to make them stand out, and this heart-nose chain piercing from Bellassims does the trick with its unique look.

I love how the delicate heart shape frames my sim’s face and adds a bit of edge to it. The piercing is quite small and detailed, making it look very realistic and cool.

Plus, it comes with four swatches, so you can customize the colors of your piercings to whatever you like. Your male and female sims can look equally stylish when wearing these amazing piercings.

4. Sims 4 Ear Piercings CC Collection – Pralinesims

sims 4 ear piercings cc

I recently found this Thunderstruck Sims 4 ear piercings CC collection from Pralinesims, and I have to say it’s been a game-changer for me! Not only does it come in six versions and 15 colors, but they are also unisex, so anyone can rock this look.

  • V0 No Pendants is the simplest version, and it comes with a mirrored option too.
  • V1 is the regular full-ear pierced look, but if you don’t want chains, there’s also V1#2.
  • V2 is the regular look but mirrored, and if you don’t want chains, there’s also V2#2.
  • V3 has just pendants.
  • V4 spiky pendants,
  • V5 Bzzt Pendants
  • and V6 are only the studs of the bolt.

Plus, if you want the glitter version, you can find the original Thunder ear-piercing collection on the download page.

5. DS Design Sims 4 Lip Piercing – DarkNighTt 

sims 4 lip piercing

Do you want to add a bit of extra charisma to your Sims? Then DS Design Sims 4 Lip Piercing is the perfect way to do it!

I must say, after installing this piercing on my Sims, they have become even more stylish and attractive. This lip piercing is exactly like a lip cuff with some stones, making sure your sims will look stunning and cool.

6. Sims 4 Lip Stud Piercing – Pralinesims

sims 4 mods piercings

I’m sure you have seen the trend of piercings all over social media, and you’ve been wondering how to get them in your own Sims 4 game. Well, you’re in luck with the amazing selection of lip piercings from Pralinesims!

This amazing mod includes 16 unique piercings with 15 colors each! That’s a ton of variations to choose from! Not only that but they can all be combined for a wild and creative look that’s just perfect for any sim.

Plus, the piercings work for both male and female Sims, so everyone can get in on the trend.

7. Sims 4 Eyebrow Piercing – Pralinesims

sims 4 eyebrow piercing

I’ve had a ton of fun playing around with these custom eyebrow piercings. From subtle to bold, the variety of looks I can create is astounding.

With 15 colors to choose from and six different variations of piercings for both the left and right sides, I can mix and match to get just the right look.

You can choose a look that’s subtle and understated or go for something daring and dramatic—it’s completely up to you!

8. Sims 4 Piercings Pack – Pickypikachu

sims 4 piercings pack

These piercings from Pickypikachu have completely changed the way I play The Sims 4! If you’re looking for Maxis Match piercings with a little something extra, then look no further.

This collection includes five different septum rings, a Smiley Piercing, and a 3D Belly Button Ring with different variants, such as beaded, plain jane, open-ended, and petal styles. Each piercing looks incredibly realistic in-game, with an editable color wheel to perfectly match your Sim’s look.

My personal favorite is the Smiley piercing, which is a stunning statement piece. I definitely recommend these piercings to anyone looking for an exciting way to customize their Sims 4 experience!

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9. Goddess Sims 4 Belly Button Piercing – WisteriaSims 

sims 4 piercing cc folder

This Sims 4 belly button piercing is just what you need to spice up your characters. For those who love a bit of bling, this is the one for you! I personally love this piercing; it adds just the right amount of sparkle to any character.

The stones are carefully placed and look amazing; they catch the light in all the right ways!

Plus, the set comes with two piercings to fit different skins, so you can make sure your characters are always on trend.

10. Sims 4 Bigger Septum Piercing – Pralinesims

sims 4 septum piercing

If you want to rock a bold, statement piece of jewelry with your avatar in The Sims 4, the bigger septum piercing from Pralinesims is a perfect choice.

This pack includes three different sizes of septum piercings, each featuring a barbell style that looks great and adds an edgy element to any outfit.

I love the simple septum piercing because it is easy to style with any look yet still adds a touch of glamour and sophistication.

11. Sims 4 Bridge Piercing – Weepingsimmer

sims 4 bridge piercing

This Sims 4 bridge piercing by Weepingsimmer is an absolute must-have! I have been using it for years, and the results are absolutely stunning! It comes in 20 swatches, so there is something to suit every Sim’s look.

And it’s unisex, so your male and female Sims can all rock this amazing piercing! Plus, it comes in different variations, so you can find the perfect bridge piercing for your Sim.

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12. Bow and Kitty Sims 4 Belly Piercings CC – Atomic Light

belly piercings cc sims 4

13. Sims 4 Butterfly Nose Piercing Stud – Simlasya

sims 4 cc piercing

Who would’ve thought a tiny nose-piercing stud could make such a huge statement? Well, with the Sims 4 Butterfly Nose Piercing Stud, it certainly does!

With its five vibrant and unique swatches, you can make a bold impression without saying a single word. Plus, this piercing is unisex and can be used in both your Sim’s left and right nostrils!

My sim looks like a total rockstar with its butterfly piercing, and I’m sure yours will too.

14. Nath Sims 4 Nose Piercing Set – Okruee

sims 4 piercing set

If you don’t want your Sims to feel left out of the piercing trend, you’re in luck! Nath Sims 4 Nose Piercing Set: Okruee is here to save the day!

This set includes three stunning nose rings that will make your Sims look more fashionable than ever! Plus, it comes with 12 swatches in different designs for you to choose from.

This piercing set is perfect for historical sims, and it’s the perfect way to add a touch of classic charm and sophistication to your sims’ looks.

15. Sims 4 Designer Lip Piercing – Playerswonderland

sims 4 lip piercings

This Sims 4 lip piercing is one of my favorite piercings! It’s a great way to give your Sims characters a unique, stylish look. You get six swatches to choose from, and each one looks amazing.

The pearl gives it a sweet touch that makes the piercing stand out, and the silver detailing is definitely eye-catching.

I love how the piercing looks on my sims, and it adds a fun, trendy accessory that really enhances their style.

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16. Sims 4 Piercing Set – Bellassims

sims 4 piercings set

This set from Bellassims is one of my favorites! It has everything you could possibly need to make your Sims stylish and edgy.

The pack includes five pieces of earrings in a variety of sizes and shapes: industrial, lobe, and upper lobe. In addition to these piercings, you also get a matching corset dress, ace boots, and sheer tights.

This piercing set is great for any Sim who wants to add a little bit of edge and flair to their look.

17. Sims 4 Vampire Lip Piercing – Pralinesims

the sims 4 piercings

I recently discovered the amazing Vampy Rivet lip piercings from Pralinesims, and I must say, they are absolutely gorgeous! These piercings are incredibly lifelike and come in a huge variety of shades to choose from.

With 20 shades available, you can customize your Sims’ looks to be unique and on-trend. Every shade of metal is available in two versions, making it easy to match the piercing with any other style you choose.

Plus, the piercings are unisex, so they can be worn by both male and female Sims.

P.S. If you’re looking for more awesome CC to enhance your Sims’ vampy look, then don’t miss my roundup of the best Sims 4 Vampire CC.

18. The Ultimate Collection of Sims 4 Piercing Pack – Pralinesims

sims 4 piercing pack

Omg! Get ready to get pierced and rock your Sims’ style with the ultimate collection of 92 piercings from Pralinesims.

With a wide variety of piercings for your Sims’ nose bridge, septum, lips, eyebrows, and around the eyes—even studs and nostril piercings—you can give your Sims the look they’ve always wanted.

With this awesome collection of piercing mods, your Sims can now look as awesome as they feel! I mean, what’s better than that? Download now and get ready to rock your Sims 4 face piercings!

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19. TikTok Filter Sims 4 Piercing Set – Bellassims

sims 4 face piercing

Another set of piercings to add to your Sims collection is the TikTok Filter Sims 4 piercing set. Created by Bellassims, this set comes with 14 piercings for both your male and female sims! You’ll find a

  • Septum horseshoe-pointed
  • Septum ring
  • Nose stud star (left, right)
  • Septum horseshoe
  • Nose stud pointed (left, right)
  • Nose stud heart (left, right)
  • Nose rhino piercing
  • Nose bridge piercing
  • Eyebrow ring piercing
  • Eyebrow ring pointed
  • Double-nosed pointed

Plus a few makeup sets to make it even more exciting! With a range of piercings, from classic septum rings to pointed nose studs, you can give your sim the perfect look.

20. Sims 4 Heart Septum Piercing – Simlasya 

sims 4 heart septum piercing

There’s something special about a septum piercing. It’s the perfect blend of cute and edgy, and it adds a unique element to your Sims look.

Simlasya has created this beautiful, unique septum piercing that features a heart design in the center. It’s available in 10 different colors, so you can customize it to match any look.

I love how versatile this piercing is: it can be worn with just about any outfit in the game and looks great with a variety of hairstyles.

21. Diamond Butterfly Sims 4 Navel Piercing – WisteriaSims 

sims 4 navel piercing

Wow, the Diamond Butterfly Sims 4 Navel Piercing from WisteriaSims is truly a unique piece of jewelry! I’ve been a fan of Sims 4 body piercings since I first started playing, and this one really stands out in terms of design and detail.

The two piercings come in two different skin types: A for the base game skins and B for customized skins. Plus, it comes in four different swatches, so you can mix and match them to create your Sim’s unique navel piercing look.

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22. Sims 4 Industrial Piercing – NataliS

sims 4 industrial piercing

What I personally love about this style of piercing is that you can customize it to your own taste.

For example, the color palette comes with five different swatches ranging from silver to black and rose gold, so you can choose the color that matches the sim’s outfit or personality.

The chain itself is delicate yet eye-catching and really adds a unique edge to your sim’s look.

23. Sims 4 Multiple Ear Piercings – Pralinesims

sims 4 multiple ear piercings

With Sims 4 Multiple Ear Piercings from Pralinesims, you can deck out your sims in all the trending ear piercings.

From a classic lobe piercing to the more unique and daring forward helix, daith, mid helix, or even a combination of all of them, you can mix and match to create the perfect look for your sims.

I’ve personally tried out this mod, and I must say that it is a great way to add some extra flair to your Sims.

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24. Sims 4 Vertical Labret Piercing – Vegantrait

sims 4 piercings mod

Add an edgy new look to your Sims with the Sims 4 Vertical Labret Piercing! This piercing is perfect for adding a bit of edge to your Sims’ looks, with six swatches available and a unisex design so any Sim can rock it.

Whether you want a subtle lip piercing for a more minimalistic look or an eye-catching statement piece on their face, this piercing has it all.

One of my personal favorites, this piercing is sure to make your Sims stand out from the crowd! Take their style to the next level with this unique Maxis Match piercing.

25. Jealous Star Sims 4 Nose Piercing – Nsves

sims 4 nose piercings

How cute are these piercings? I absolutely love the Jealous Star Sims 4 Nose Piercing set. It adds a unique and trendy twist with its two nose piercings and septum ring with a star-shaped design.

It’s great for both male and female Sims! What’s even better is that this set comes with star earrings for your Sims as well.

I absolutely adore the look it gives my Sims in the game. It adds a fun and exciting element to their look.

26. Meltdown & Porcelain Sims 4 Face Piercings – EvellSims

sims 4 face piercings

This set of Meltdown and Porcelain face piercings from EvellSims is a game changer! With five swatches and a unisex design, you can customize any of your Sims 4 characters with the perfect piercing look.

From vampire piercings to lip studs, claw septums to eyebrow piercings, you can find it all here. In my personal experience, these Sims 4 face piercings are a must-have for any Sims 4 gamer who wants to take their game to the next level.

They look incredibly realistic and really add a whole new dimension to the game.

27. Sims 4 Stretched Claw Septum Piercing – Tumble_Weedsims

sims 4 mods nose piercing

This set of piercings from Tumble_Weedsims is a game-changer! Not only is it available for both men and women, but it also comes with an impressive 46 swatches to choose from.

From subtle to more dramatic piercing looks, you’ll have so much fun customizing your Sims.

The Stretched Claw Septum Piercing is particularly noteworthy because it’s flexible and designed to fit different-sized and shaped noses. It adds a unique and stylish look to your Sims and is sure to catch the attention of your friends.

I’ve had so much fun playing around with the different looks my Sims can have now that I have this set.

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28. Sims 4 Stretched Septum Piercing – JellyPaws

sims 4 nose piercing

I’m always a fan of piercings, and these Sims 4 Stretched Septum Piercings from JellyPaws have really been a lifesaver for me!

I found that the normal septum piercings didn’t fit my big-nosed sims properly, and they just didn’t look right.

With this new Sims 4 Stretched Septum Piercing, I can finally give my Sims a piercing that looks completely realistic and fits their facial features perfectly.

29. Sims 4 Tongue Piercings – Pralinesims

sims 4 tongue piercings

Wow! Now your Sims can express themselves in a whole new way with the amazing Sims 4 tongue piercings from Pralinesims.

With a variety of placements and 15 different colors to choose from, your Sim can customize its look and make a true statement. And that’s not all—the tongue color overlay (available in 20 versions) adds an extra touch of realism and style.

Your Sim’s piercing will be visible while they laugh, talk, or open their mouth—what a great way to show off their unique personality!

I love how the piercings help my Sims stand out and make a bold statement in their virtual world.

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30. Sims 4 Chain Piercing – Pralinesims

sims 4 chain piercing

It isn’t every day that you get to add something totally unique and unexpected to your Sims’ look. And this is exactly what these chain piercings do!

The 7 different placement versions of the chain-style ring piercing by Pralinesims are all incredibly versatile—you can have your sims wearing a single chain ear piercing, a combination of nose and lip piercings, or even all of them!

The possibilities are truly endless. I love how each variation of the piercing adds something unique and special to my Sim’s look; it’s such an effortless way to switch up their style and make them look even more fabulous.

31. Sims 4 Fancy Lip Piercing – Pralinesims

sims 4 piercing mod

If you’re looking for a lip piercing that’s edgy and fancy, you’ve got to try the new Sims 4 Chain Piercing from Pralinesims. This daring yet stylish lip ring is inspired by the one Yunho Ateez wore, and it’s sure to be a standout in any Sims wardrobe.

It’s crafted from a metal chain and adorned with ornamental details, giving you an exquisite piece that will turn heads. Plus, it comes in two sizes—small and big—so it fits most lip shapes and can be worn by both male and female Sims.

Are you daring enough to try the Sims 4 Chain Piercing?

32. Sims 4 Heart Nose Ring – jell-o-sims

sims 4 piercings maxis match

Absolutely stunning! The Sims 4 Heart Nose Ring from Jell-O-Sims is here to make your Sims look stand out!

This gorgeous piercing comes in four amazing colors and is unisex, so your Sims of all genders can rock this look.

I’ve personally experienced how cute this piercing can be, and it looks amazing on my Sims! It’s subtle but still has an edge that makes it so unique and special.

33. Sims 4 Orbit Nose Ring – Simtone

sims 4 piercings cc maxis match

I’m pretty sure your sim will look absolutely stunning with the Sims 4 Orbit Nose Ring! With five swatches available, you can give your Sims that perfect look that fits their individual style.

This nose ring works best with medium-width nostrils (it’s not too big or too small). From my personal experience, I can say that this piercing looks super cute on my Sims, giving them an extra edge that really stands out.

34. Sims 4 Belly Rings – Ikari Sims

sims 4 body piercings

Who doesn’t love a bit of bling in their lives? Sims 4 Belly Rings from Ikari Sims is the perfect way to add some glamour to your Sims!

These sets include two belly rings—a heart and a butterfly—both with four metal options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something classic or on trend, these are perfect for your Y2K Sims.

Plus, this set also includes some cute clothes and accessories for your female Sims to complete the look.

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35. Sims 4 Face Piercing Set – Bluecraving CC

the sims 4 face piercing

Nowadays, more and more simmers are on the lookout for new and exciting custom content that will spice up their game. I am one of them.

Recently, I came across Bluecraving’s CC Sims 4 Face Piercing Set for my Sims and was really thrilled by its amazing features. This set includes three piercings.

  • Spike Bridge Piercing
  • Lip piercing and
  • Septum Ring 

perfect to give your Sims that badass goth look. The items are perfectly designed and have great detail too, making them incredibly realistic.

In my personal experience, I found these piercings to be absolutely adorable and couldn’t wait to put them on my Sims.

Plus, this piercing set is Maxis Match.

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36. Sims 4 Fantasy Belly Button Piercing Set – Yooniesim

sims 4 cc piercings maxis match

Is there any fashionista sim that doesn’t love piercings? Yooniesim has just what you need to add some subtle spook and style to your Sims’ looks with the all-new Sims 4 Fantasy Belly Button Piercing Set!

This set includes 10 variations of piercings with a unique fantasy-inspired theme, perfect for creating spooky and stylish looks for your female sims. Whether you want to go full-on witchy with a gothic-inspired piercing or simply add some subtle glamour to your Sims’ look, this set has something for everyone.

I can personally attest to how cute this piercing looks on my own Sims!

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37. Regent Sims 4 Trio Nose Piercing – PralineSims

sims 4 nose piercing trio

This Sims 4 nose piercing trio is one of my latest favorites! They’re so delicate and pretty—perfect for adding a subtle yet stylish touch to your Sims. With these nose studs, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Whether you prefer one side or both for your sim, there’s something for everyone. And with 25 different colors, you can find the perfect shade to match any outfit. I just love how these Piercings look on my Sims!

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38. Sims 4 Chest Piercing CC – Fukkie Mom

sims 4 chest piercing cc

39. Haylee Sims 4 Nose Piercing CC Rings – Maxi Moons

best sims 4 piercings cc

This Sims 4 piercings cc is my recent obsession! I mean, who doesn’t love a good nose piercing? And with the added bonus of tight septum rings, you can rock that edgy look effortlessly.

Plus, with 5 different swatches to choose from, you can mix and match for the perfect combination.

40. Sims 4 Pierced Ears CC – Adelarsims

ts4 piercings cc

If you’re a fan of edgy and alternative style, then this Sims 4 piercings CC by Adelarsims is a must-have for your game! With various options for double and triple-pierced ears in lower and upper positions, you can add some serious attitude to your Sims’ look.

And for those who prefer a subtler touch, there are also swatches with fewer piercing holes available. When it comes to placement, this CC gives you the freedom to choose from five different slots, including acne, occult brows, and upper back tattoos.

41. Sims 4 Nose Piercings CC Pack – Atomiclight

sims 4 nose piercings cc

This is an edgy and versatile nose piercing pack that includes a variety of options for your Sims.

Whether you want a simple stud or a more daring bridge piercing, this CC pack has got you covered. I told you at the beginning of this post that nose piercings are my absolute favorite, and this pack does not disappoint.

My personal favorite is the double piercing loop; it adds a unique touch to any Sim’s look.

42. Realistic Sims 4 Piercings CC Set – Simtographies

sims 4 piercings cc set

Look how realistic these Sims 4 Piercings CC sets look! I’m beyond excited to finally have a nose hoop, vertical labret, and septum piercings that accurately represent body modifications on my Sims. These piercings add a unique touch to my Sims’ appearance that I’ve been missing.

But what truly sets this set apart is its accurate sizing. As a fellow Sim enthusiast, I know the struggle of finding piercings that fit properly on my Sims’ faces. With this CC set from Simtographies, that issue is now solved.

43. Spidey Sims 4 Nose Piering CC – Katverse

sims 4 nose stud

A perfect addition to your sims’ alternative look, these Spidey nose piercings from Katverse will add a unique touch to their appearance.

With both left and right versions available, you can mix and match for a more edgy, asymmetrical style. These piercings are perfect for those who love gothic or alternative fashion, but also for those looking to experiment with their Sims’ style.

I can already picture my sims rocking these piercings with a bold makeup look and a leather jacket.

44. Asher Sims 4 Nose Piercings Set – Overskillsimmer

sims 4 nose piercings set

This adorable set of nose piercings for The Sims 4 game is a must-have for any fashion-forward Sims out there!

As someone who loves to experiment with different styles and looks in the game, I can confidently say that this set is a game-changer.

It includes not just one, but two nose piercings: a classic hoop ring and a trendy septum piercing with a cute butterfly design.

My personal favorite is the butterfly septum piercing, which adds a touch of whimsy and femininity to any Sim’s look.

45. Sims 4 Ball Septum Piercing – Vhsync

septum piercing sims 4

Ball Septum Piercing – Sims 4 Style – Amped up my Sim’s edgy factor with this piercing pack.

Whether you’re going for “rebel without a cause” or “rockstar in the making,” these septum rings are the perfect touch. Plus, they come in colors to match any wild (or mild) personality!

This post was about the Sims 4 Piercings CC.

There you have it! Whether you’re looking to add a subtle hint of edge or want to go all out with your Sims 4 piercings, these amazing CC choices are sure to take your Sim’s look to the next level!

And, if you’ve got any suggestions for other amazing piercings I should include in this list, please let me know in the comments or tag me on Tumblr; I’d love to hear from you! Happy Simming😍.

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