33+ Must Have Sims 4 Eye Presets For A Realistic Sim

If your Sims look a bit too fake for your taste, then you need to check out these Sims 4 eye presets! These presets will give your Sims a more realistic look that is bound to impress.

sims 4 eye presets

We all want our Sims’ eyes to be as realistic as possible, right? Because the eyes can say a lot about their personalities. However, the default Sims 4 eye presets can be a little boring at times.

Luckily, there are a TON of amazing Sims 4 eye presets available for download that can help add some realism and personality to your Sims.

In this post, I’ve collected some of the best Sims 4 eye presets for male, female, and even toddler Sims. With different shapes and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect eye preset for your Sims.

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This post is all about the best Sims 4 eye presets.

Sims 4 Eye Presets

1. Sims 4 Gold Eye Presets – GoppolsMe

sims 4 cc eye presets

Your sim cannot express their feelings without the proper eye presets, but with these, they will be able to show the world what they are feeling.

This preset gives your sim a sharp look, which will definitely increase their confidence level. As far as the features go, this preset is very versatile and can be used for a variety of sims.

Whether you want to make your sim look more confident or more expressive, this preset will do the trick!

2. Sims 4 Eye Preset Set – Carolforest

eye presets sims 4

How freakin’ cool are these Sims 4 eye presets?

You can now get even more creative with your sim’s appearance and create some truly stunning looks. With these presets you can create Sims with big, bright eyes that really stand out.

And best of all, they work for both male and female Sims. Especially the one with the moody eyes—simply stunning. 

3. Sims 4 Eye Presets Maxis Match – Soaplagoon

sims 4 eye presets maxis match

If not having big eyes is one of your sims’ genetic traits, don’t worry!

This eye preset will give them the big, beautiful eyes that they’ve always wanted. This preset is perfect for any sim who wants to have a more striking or elegant look.

With this preset, your sims will be able to better EXPRESS their feelings and emotions.

4. Sims 4 Asian Eye Presets – GoppolsMe

sims 4 asian eye presets

Omg, your Sims will look so good with this Asian eye preset! It’s a must-have for anyone playing with an Asian sim! Your male Sims will look especially handsome with this preset!

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5. Sims 4 Hermie Eye Preset – Raiichuu

sims 4 hermie eye preset

If you want to add some extra sparkle to your sims’ lives, then you need this Hermie Eye Preset!

It’ll give your sims a bright, vibrant look that is sure to turn heads. This preset comes with one custom eye color and can be applied to Sims of all ages.

It also has a custom thumbnail, so you can easily find it in your eye presets.

6. Sims 4 Slit Pupils Eye Presets – Stretchskeleton

sims 4 slit pupils eye presets

Don’t want your goth sims to have regular old round pupils? Well, good news!

Now they can have spooky slit pupils with this new eye preset! If you’re a fan of goth CC for The Sims 4, then this preset is a must-have.

Not only does it work for all ages and genders, but it looks particularly stunning on adult female Sims. Plus, it comes with a complimentary lip preset that works for female sims T-E. 

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7. Sims 4 Toddler Eye Presets – Ilovesaramoonkid

sims 4 toddler eye presets

Yay! Look at all these beautiful eye presets! This pack includes over 40 different options for toddler Sims, and it also comes with a lip preset pack.

You can mix and match to create the perfect look for your toddler Sims. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect preset for your Sims.

So, toddlers don’t have to be left out when it comes to having pretty eyes. Try out these presets and see how they change your Sims’ appearance.

8. Sims 4 Non Default Eye Presets – PlayersWonderland

sims 4 non default eye presets

Jeez, this eye preset is so pretty! I love how it makes my Sims look gorgeous. It’s definitely my favorite eye preset out there.

Not only does it make your sims look pretty, but it will also make them look UNIQUE too! This eye preset is perfect for any age, so no matter what age your sim is, it can still look fabulous.

9. Sims 4 Female Eye Preset – Valuka

sims 4 female eye preset

Such a pretty eye preset for your female sims! It’ll be like they’ve had a makeover once they use this preset.

Their whole face will look more awake and vibrant. Plus, it’s super easy to use. Just a few clicks and your sim will be looking fabulous!

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10. Sims 4 Eye Preset Pack – Squeamishsims

sims 4 eye preset pack

How could I not be excited about this new eye preset pack?

Not only does it have three gorgeous monolid eye presets, but they actually look like monolid eyes without needing any extra eyelid overlays or monolid skins!

These are truly versatile presets that can be used on any teen or adult sim, male or female. If you’re looking for more monolid eye presets, then this is the pack for you!

11. Sims 4 Big Eye Presets – VibrantPixels

sims 4 big eye presets

Here’s an exciting eye preset for all the female Sims out there!

This preset will make your Sims eyes look bigger and more expressive. It’s perfect for any age group, but especially for children and toddlers.

Unfortunately, male Sims aren’t able to use this preset. However, it works great with any eye slider.

So if you’re looking for a creative way to make your Sims’ eyes stand out, this is the preset for you!

12. Sims 4 Female Eye Presets Pack – Northern Siberia Winds

sims 4 female eye presets pack

Can’t decide on just one eye preset for your female Sims? Well, now you don’t have to with this pack that comes with six different options.

Plus, it comes with two sets of eyes and eyebrows, eyelids, and even eyelashes and eyeshadows to mix and match for even more possibilities.

With so many choices, your Sims’ eyes will surely be the talk of the town.

13. Sims 4 Fauna Eye Preset – Deerytrait

sims 4 fauna eye presets

Bring the deer spirit to your Sims 4 game with this eye-preset pack! This pack contains 1 eye preset and 2 nose presets that are inspired by deer.

It’s perfect for all genders and can be used on Teen-Elder sims. With this pack, you can give your sims the unique deer-like look that they’ve always wanted!

14. Sims 4 Eye Presets CC – miiko

sims 4 eye presets cc

Another great addition to your Sims 4 game is this eye preset pack! This pack includes five new eye presets that are perfect for all ages and genders.

So even your child sim can have some cool new eyes. Each preset also has a custom thumbnail, so you can easily find the one you want.

Plus, they come in different colors, so you can mix and match them to create your perfect eye presets.

15. Sims 4 Eye Presets Set – Obscurus-Sims

sims 4 eye presets set

The Sims 4 Eye Preset Pack is a must-have for any player who wants to have complete control over their Sims’ appearance.

With a variety of options for each facial feature, this pack allows you to create any type of Sim you can imagine. Whether you want a realistic Sim or a cartoonish one, the possibilities are endless.

There are five different eye presets to choose from, as well as four nose presets, five lip presets, and two ear presets. This pack is perfect for players who want to create unique and customized Sims.

16. Sims 4 Eye and Nose Presets – NoNvme Studios

sims 4 nose and eye presets

This is one of the most amazing eye preset packs that I have ever seen! It comes with a huge variety of different presets for human sims, aliens, and vampire eyes.

The eyes are extremely big and expressive. I love how it comes with another nose preset that has a wider, more rounded tip. This makes the eyes look even more amazing.

The best part is that it is only for female Sims. I think this is an incredible pack that every Sims 4 player should have.

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17. Sims 4 Tear Eyes Collection – Sims3melancholic

best eye presets sims 4
best sims 4 eye presets

18. Female Eye Presets for Sims 4 – Magic-Bot

female eye presets sims 4

Everyone needs a little bit of excitement in their lives, and that’s exactly what this female eye presets for The Sims 4 will do! with 8 different options (yay!).

Whether you want big and bold eyes or small and subtle eyes, there’s an option for everyone. Particularly with varying pupil sizes and eye shapes. You can really change up your sim’s look with these presets.

19. Sims 4 Female Lip and Eye Presets – NoNvme Studios

sims 4 female lip and eye presets

For the black female Sims out there, these eye presets are perfect!

It comes with lip and eye presets that are bound to make your Sims look absolutely stunning. I love the eye color preset in particular; it’s really aesthetic and makes your sims look even more beautiful.

Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of black girl magic? If you’re looking for some amazing presets to use on your black female Sims, then this is definitely the pack for you!

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20. Sims 4 Ptosis Eye Preset – Melunn

sims 4 ptosis eye preset

A unique and interesting eye preset for The Sims 4 that allows you to change the appearance of your sims’ eyes.

This preset gives your sims the ability to have a ptosis eye to make them look more realistic.

Having this preset will make your Sims look more attractive and unique, and it comes in one swatch and can be applied to both male and female Sims of all ages. Toddlers and elders can use this preset.

21. Sims 4 Eye Presets Dump – NoNvme Studios

sims 4 eye presets dump

How stunning are these five different eye presets for female Sims? Each one has a different eye shape, and they’re all so beautiful!

I can’t wait to see how my sims look with these new eyes! The different iris shapes are going to add so much depth and character to their faces.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing preset with us!

22. Sims 4 CAS Eye Preset – Seleng

sims 4 eye preset

I know this may not seem like a big deal, but as someone who spends a lot of time creating sims, I’m excited about this new eye preset!

It’s a huge time saver, and it looks great! The preset comes with two different eye colors: one with full black eyes and one with more natural eye color. Both look great, and it’s easy to adjust the colors to your liking.

This preset is perfect for sims of all ages, from teens to elders. It’s easy to use and looks great on any sim.

23. Sims 4 Eye Presets CC Set – Obscurus – Sims

sims 4 eye presets cc set

When nothing seems to be going right in life and you just want a change, the Sims 4 CAS Eye Presets can give your Sim the pick-me-up they need.

With over 10 different styles, there’s bound to be one that catches your eye. If you’re looking for a way to change your Sims’ eyelids, this is definitely preset for you.

This particular preset changes the eyelids of your Sims’ eyes, giving them a whole new look.

24. Sims 4 Asian Eye Preset – Caroll91

sims 4 asian eye preset

Wow, this Asian-inspired eye preset for female Sims is gorgeous!

It’s perfect for your Teen-Elder Sims, and it’s compatible with HQ Mod, so you can get the most realistic results. With this preset, your Sims will have doll-like eyes that are sure to stand out.

And, of course, all the occult Sims will love it too, except for werewolves.

25. Sims 4 Visions Eye Presets – Evoxyr

sims 4 visions eye presets

What says more about your personality than your eyes?

With these four new eye presets for The Sims 4, you can make sure that your Sims’ peepers are as unique as they are. I can’t tell you which one is my favorite, but I can tell you that each one is definitely unique.

Whether your Sim is a child or an elder, these eyes will add a touch of personality to their look.

26. Sims 4 Eye Presets Male – Stretchskeleton

sims 4 eye presets male

If you are a cat lover, then you will love this Sims 4 Eye presets!

It gives all your sims cat eyes; just imagine how cute they will look. But that’s not all, it also comes with lip presets that make your sims look even more fabulous.

And it’s not just for regular Sims but also for occult Sims. Plus, all ages and genders can use it. 

27. Sims 4 Non-Default Eye Presets – PlayersWonderland

sims 4 realistic eye presets

Oh god, I’ve always wanted fish eyes for my Sims, and now I can finally have them!

This eye preset is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s non-default, so it looks unique, and it comes with a custom thumbnail, so I can always find it easily.

Plus, it works for all ages, so I can use it on my Sims no matter how old they are. This is seriously the best eye preset I’ve ever seen.

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28. Sims 4 Small Eye Presets – Valuka

sims 4 small eye presets

I love how this preset makes the eyes look small and cute.

I know that most of the players use this eye preset for their female sims, from teens to elders. I’m one of those players. I’ve used this preset on many of my sims, and I’m always impressed with the results.

It really brings out the beauty in my sims.

29. Sims 4 CC Eye Presets – Sglynp

sims 4 cc eye presets

Omg, these Sims 4 CAS Eye Presets are the best thing ever! From teenagers to elders, you can give your Sim characters a unique look with one of the 26 eye presets available.

Whether you want a mysterious, mystical look or a more glamorous one, there’s something for everyone! I’ve already been having so much fun playing around and customizing my Sims.

I highly recommend these eye presets to all the Simmers out there; you won’t regret it!

Thank you so much to the creator for creating such a wonderful addition to the game! Now my Sims can be more creative and unique than ever before. Yay!

30. Ultimate Sims 4 Eye Presets – Lutessasims

best sims 4 eye presets

This set of eye presets is one of the best options for creating a realistic look for your female Sims in The Sims 4.

With three different presets to choose from, each with its own unique shape and style, you have endless possibilities for creating unique and diverse Sims. I tried to be creative and use these presets to make my sim look like a real-life celebrity.

For example, I used the first preset with a round shape and large size to create a doe-eyed look inspired by Zooey Deschanel.

Likewise, you can use the other presets to recreate the eyes of your favorite celebrities or simply create a new look for your Sims.

31. Gold Sims 4 Eye Presets – Goppolsme

best sims 4 eye shape cc

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32. Perfect Sims 4 Eye Bags CC – Adelarsims

sims 4 eye bags

Wooo! Have you ever looked into your sim’s eyes and thought, “Hmm, something is missing…”? Trust me, I’ve been there! But fear not, because the Adelarsims Eye Bags CC is here to save the day! 🙌

With almost 7 variations of eye bags to choose from, your Sims will have the perfect touch of realism added to their eyes.

And the best part? It’s all in maxis match style (👌YES, PLEASE!).

33. Perfect Sims 4 Eye Shape CC – Northern Siberia Winds

sims 4 eye shape cc

I don’t know about you, but having the perfect eye shape for my sims is a MUST! 👀 Just like in real life, eyes are considered the window to the soul (and, in this case, the window to your sim’s personality 😉).

This CC pack has EVERYTHING from eye presets for female Sims to different eyelid shapes and even eye bags!

I highly recommend you try out the Northern Siberia Winds eye shape for a realistic and striking look.

34. Sugar Draft Custom Sims 4 Eye Presets – Screaminsnail

sims 4 eye presets mod

From toddlers to elders, your sims can now have their eyes transformed into beautiful and captivating orbs with the Sugar Draft Custom Sims 4 Eye Presets! I mean, who doesn’t love a good makeover, right?

First off, these presets are completely unisex, so both your male and female sims can rock them with confidence. Plus, there are a total of 7 unique eye presets to choose from, giving you a wide range of options to play with.

I love using these presets for my occult sims, as they enhance their supernatural features and give them a mesmerizing gaze.

Best Sims 4 Eyelashes:

sims 4 eyelashes cc

Best Sims 4 Eyebrows:

sims 4 eyebrows

Best Sims 4 Eyes CC

sims 4 default eyes

Have you tried any of these presets? With so many amazing options, it can be hard to choose just one.

Fortunately, Sims 4 allows players to have multiple presets installed at once, so there’s no need to pick and choose.

Experiment with as many or as few as you like until you find the perfect look for your sim. Let us know which presets you used and how they turned out in the comments below! Happy Simming😍

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