37+ Cutest Sims 4 Romance Mods You Can’t Miss (Updated 2023!)

This list of Sims 4 romance mods is for all my fellow romance lovers out there! Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or just love some virtual lovin’ relationships, these mods will add a whole new level of romance to your Sims 4 gameplay.

sims 4 romance mods

Adding new content to an existing document is always a good idea, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving world of Sims 4 mods.

In this post, I will be focusing on one of the most popular categories of mods: romance mods.

If you, like me (and chances are, you’re in the same boat since you clicked on this post), are a sucker for romance in your Sims 4 gameplay, then these mods will definitely add some excitement and spice to your virtual love stories.

But first, let’s take a step back and talk about the basic game mechanics when it comes to romance. The Sims 4 is known for its simulation of everyday life, but sometimes the romance aspect can feel a bit lackluster and basic.

Thankfully, modders have taken matters into their own hands and created various mods that take romance and woohoo to a whole new level.

So without further ado, here are the best and cutest Sims 4 romance mods that you simply can’t miss out on:

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This blog post is all about the best Sims 4 romance mods.

Best Sims 4 Romance Mods

1. Bed Cuddle Sims 4 Romance Mod – Mizoreyukii

sims 4 bed cuddle mod

How cute is it to see your Sims cuddle in bed together? Thanks to the Bed Cuddle Mod, you can now bring back this sweet gesture into their romantic relationships.

This mod comes in two variants: the regular version and the No Super Speed version, which disables the Super Speed when your Sims sleep.

Speaking from my personal experience, this mod has definitely added more depth and intimacy to my Sims’ relationships, and it’s a delight to see them cuddle up in bed before drifting off to sleep.

2. The One With All The Feelings Sims 4 Romance Mod – Katie_mods

sims 4 romance

You know your Sims deserve all the feels when it comes to romance in their lives, and this mod by Katie_mods definitely delivers.

With over 30 new moods, your Sims can now express themselves and their relationships in a more accurate and dynamic way. From being infatuated and smitten to being completely head over heels in love, these moods add a whole new layer of depth and emotion to the game.

Trust me, you won’t be able to stop your Sims from constantly swooning over each other with this mod installed. I’ve personally used this mod, and it has made my Sims’ romantic relationships feel more authentic and exciting.

3. Needy Trait Sims 4 Romance Mod – Plumlace

sims 4 love mods

How about adding a whole new layer of emotional depth and complexity to your Sims’ romantic relationships? With the Needy Trait Mod by Plumlace, you can do just that.

This mod introduces the “Needy” trait, which adds a whole new set of challenges and charms to your Sims’ lives. From constantly seeking attention and reassurance to setting unrealistic expectations and discussing their fear of abandonment, Needy Sims is sure to keep you on your toes.

But the reward is worth it as you build stronger connections with your Sims through heartfelt interactions and emotional support.

I mostly used this trait for my Sims, who were struggling with their love lives, and it added a whole new layer of authenticity to their relationships.

4. Lie on Lap Sims 4 Romantic Mod Interaction – Mercuryfoam

sims 4 first love mod

Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned pampering in a relationship? With the Lie on Lap interaction added, your Sims can now do just that.

This mod adds a new interaction where Sims can lie on their partner’s lap, receiving gentle strokes and head massages. Not only does it add to the romantic atmosphere, but it also helps improve the mood of your Sims and strengthens their emotional connection.

Trust me, seeing my Sims take care of each other in this way has made me fall in love with their relationships even more.

5. More Kisses Sims 4 Romance Mod – Maplebell

sims 4 kissing mod

Only if you think your Sims have experienced all the types of kisses possible, then think again. With Maplebell’s More Kisses mod, your Sims can now share two new romantic kissing animations: “Hesitation and a Kiss” and “Tearful Tender Kiss”.

Until I installed this mod, I didn’t realize how much my Sims’ romantic interactions were missing these beautiful and heartfelt moments. The “Tearful Tender Kiss” requires one Sim to be sad, exactly the real-life scenario, making it even more genuine and emotional.

It is definitely a must-try for all lovers of romance in the game.

6. Sims 4 Romance Mod Interactions – Kiarasims 4 Mods

sims 4 romantic interactions mod

I have to admit that the romantic interactions are one of my favorite aspects of The Sims 4. And thanks to Kiarasims 4 Mods, this experience has been taken up a notch.

With 15 new romantic interactions added by this mod, my Sims’ relationships have become even more dynamic and filled with possibilities. From admiring each other’s WooHoo techniques to discussing future plans and confessing love, these interactions bring a whole new level of intimacy and connection to the game.

I personally love the “Do you like what you see?” interaction, where my Sims can express their appreciation for each other’s physical appearance.

It’s small moments like these that make me fall in love with my Sims’ relationships over and over again. Just make sure to keep an eye out for negative buffs and cooldown periods.

7. Adults Get Crushes Sims 4 Romance Mod – batsandbabydolls

sims 4 crush mod

Just in case you thought crushes were only for teenagers, think again! Thanks to the batsandbabydolls’ Adults Get Crushes mod, your young adults, adults, and even elders can now experience the thrill and butterflies of a crush.

Just imagine when you see your Sim’s eyes light up when they see their crush walk by, or the nervous stuttering and blushing when they try to strike up a conversation. 🥰

This mod truly adds a realistic touch to The Sims 4, allowing older Sims to also experience this universal feeling of attraction.

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8. Slow Dance Sims 4 Romance Mod – UTOPYA cc

Whoa! How about adding a new level of intimacy and romance to your Sims’ lives with the Slow Dance Romance Mod? This mod introduces a new interaction called “Intimate Slowdance” that will truly sweep your Sims off their feet.

Just imagine your Sims holding each other close, moving in perfect harmony to the romantic music playing in the background. It’s a beautiful and tender moment that will make your heart melt every time you see it.

And the best part? The Slow Dance Romance Mod also comes with its own set of emotions and buffs, making this experience even more realistic and special.

Unfortunately, this mod is currently behind a paywall. But don’t worry; I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as it becomes publicly available.

9. Cute Sims 4 Romantic Interaction Mod – Plumlace

sims 4 romantic mods

Wanna know a little secret? Plumlace’s Cute Romantic Interaction Mod is my personal favorite when it comes to spicing up my Sims’ love lives.

This mod adds a whole new dimension of intimacy and passion to the game with its range of romantic interactions that are oh-so-adorable. I especially love the pillow fight and the cute selfie interactions, as they really capture the playful nature of a budding relationship.

And let’s not forget about the steamy love letters, which always leave my Sims blushing and longing for more.

But what sets this mod apart is its three new traits: amorous, kinky, and affectionate. These traits add another layer of depth to your Sims’ relationships, allowing you to explore different sides of love and intimacy.

Just like in real life, each trait brings a UNIQUE dynamic to the relationship and adds that extra spark to keep things interesting.

10. Open Love Life Sims 4 Romance Mods – Lumpinou

sims 4 romance animations

This open love life mod has completely revolutionized my Sims’ relationships and romantic dynamics. With the ability to have non-exclusive relationships, my Sims can now explore different types of love and connections with others.

And what’s even better is that their preferences and choices are fully customizable.

I can choose whether they prefer being exclusive, non-exclusive, or completely indifferent. If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can still have your Sims in exclusive relationships.

But for those who want to spice things up, non-exclusive relationships bring an exciting and dynamic element to the game.

And it’s not just limited to two Sims—now my Sims can have threesomes as well! The mod allows for triangle love dynamics, where three Sims are exclusively committed to each other without any jealousy.

For those who want even more variety, the “Approved Side Lover” option allows for one extra partner with the approval of their original partner. I highly recommend trying out this mod and exploring all the possibilities it offers for your Sims’ love lives.

11. Sims 4 Pillow Talk After Woohoo Sims 4 Romance Mod – Shimrod101

sims 4 love mod

Not much to say about this mod except, FINALLY! Thanks to Shimrod101’s Pillow Talk After Woohoo Mod, your Sims can now have a more intimate and realistic post-woohoo experience.

Gone are the days of awkwardly rolling over and falling asleep immediately after woohoo. With this mod, your Sims can now engage in sweet, romantic pillow talk to further strengthen their connection and bond with each other.

But it’s not just limited to pillow talk; the mod also includes animations for whispering secrets, tickling, kissing, and snuggling nuzzles.

These small gestures add an extra level of intimacy and affection between your Sims, making their relationship feel more realistic and fulfilling.

12. No Sleep After Woohoo Romance Mod – PolarBearSims

cute romance mod sims 4

Similar to the Pillow Talk After Woohoo Mod, this mod by PolarBearSims also adds a realistic touch to your Sims’ post-woohoo experience.

But instead of engaging in romantic interactions, this mod focuses on the physical aspect by making your Sims unable to sleep immediately after woohoo.

This adds a more realistic element to the game, as in real life, it’s common for individuals to feel energized after being intimate with their partner.

This mod also allows for more variety in gameplay, as your Sims won’t always be falling asleep right after woohoo. Overall, this mod adds a subtle yet significant change to your Sims’ love lives, making it worth trying out.

13. Passionate Gifts Sims 4 Romance Mod – UTOPYA_cc

the sims 4 romance mods

Do you find the in-game gift-giving interaction between your Sims a bit lackluster? Well, look no further because the Passionate Gifts Sims 4 Romance Mod by UTOPYA_cc has got you covered!

This mod doesn’t just add new gifts for your Sims to give; it completely revamps the entire interaction to make it more realistic and meaningful.

First off, the mod introduces three new gift options: flowers and chocolates, a heart necklace, and a wristwatch. But it’s not just about the gifts, as each one comes with its own unique animation and sound.

And let me tell you, the attention to detail in these animations is impressive. From the way your Sims hold and present the gift to their partner’s reaction, everything feels natural and realistic.🎁

14. Faithfulness and Romantic Trait Sims 4 Romance Mod – Vicky Sims

sims 4 better romance

As the name suggests, this mod introduces traits that affect your Sims’ faithfulness in relationships, adding a whole new layer of complexity to their romance interactions.

But it’s not just about controlling your Sims’ fidelity; this mod also enhances their romance autonomy, making them more unique and realistic. With the addition of nine different faithfulness traits, you can now customize your Sims’ personalities and see how they navigate relationships based on their traits.

I personally found this mod to be a game-changer in terms of creating more dynamic storylines for my Sims.

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15. Sims 4 Sad Romance Mod – Voiddd

sims 4 sad romance mod

Not everyone’s love life is a fairytale; sometimes, things can get rough, and emotions like sadness can come into play. That’s why I was thrilled to come across Void’s Sad Romance Mod.

This mod allows for a more realistic gameplay experience, as it removes the restriction of only being able to perform romantic interactions when your sim is in a good mood.

Personally, I found this mod to be a game-changer in terms of storytelling and character development for my Sims. It allowed me to explore different aspects of their personalities and see how they handle romantic situations when faced with sadness.

16. Crush Overhaul Sims 4 Romance Mod –  batsandbabydolls 

the sims 4 crush mods

Another crush-related mod, you may ask? But trust me, this one is worth mentioning. Batsandbabydolls’ Crush Overhaul Sims 4 Romance Mod completely revamps how crushes work in the game by adding more logic and customization options.

Firstly, you have the option to choose from different versions of the mod: Standard, Less Crushes, Even Less Crushes, and MORE Crushes, depending on your desired level of crush development in your game.

The mod also takes into consideration factors such as relationship status and social compatibility when determining if a Sim will develop a crush on another.

Overall, I highly recommend giving this mod a try for more control over crush development.

17. The Sims 4 Romantic Interaction Mod from Sims 3 – Cepzid Creation

sims 4 passionate romance mod

If you’re a long-time Sims player like me, you may have fond memories of the romantic interactions from The Sims 3.

Well, thanks to Cepzid Creation’s conversion mod, we can now experience those interactions in The Sims 4 with added animations. And let me tell you, it’s like a trip down memory lane.

With this mod, you can now have your Sims engage in classic romantic gestures like an amorous hug or gaze into their eyes, adding more depth and variety to their relationships.

As someone who grew up playing The Sims 3, it was a nostalgic and exciting experience to see these interactions in my current game.

Overall, this mod is a must-try for any Sims fan looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their gameplay.

18. Romantic Massage Sims 4 Romance Mod – LittleMsSam

sims 4 romantic massage mod

Nothing sets the mood for romance like a relaxing massage, and with LittleMsSam’s Romantic Massage Mod, your Sims can now experience this in-game.

This mod adds a new interaction to the massage table, allowing Sims in a romantic relationship to give and receive a romantic massage.

But it’s not just about the physical aspect; this mod also sets both Sims in a flirtatious mood for 45–60 minutes. Just try this out during a romantic evening with your Sims, and you’ll see the difference it makes.

19. Teen/Adult Sims 4 Romance Mod – PolarBearSims

sims 4 teen romance mod

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my teen Sims find themselves in a forbidden romance with an older Sim. However, as one of them ages, the romantic interactions between them suddenly disappear.

It’s frustrating and takes away from the storytelling aspect of my game. That’s why I was ecstatic to come across PolarBearSims’ Teen/Adult Romance Mod.

This mod allows teen Sims to continue their romantic interactions with young adults and adult Sims, even after aging up. It’s a must-have mod for anyone who enjoys playing with different-age dynamic couples in their game. So don’t miss out on this amazing addition to your Sims 4 romance mod collection!

20. Send Sims to Bed Sims 4 Romance Mod – LittleMsSam

sims 4 romantic mod

This is an extremely useful mod for managing the sleeping arrangements of Sims in your household. With the “Send to Bed” option, you can easily send a specific Sim to bed, making it easier to manage their sleep schedule. This is especially helpful if you have Sims with different sleep needs or schedules.

But what I found even more exciting is the “Go to Bed with” option, which allows for romantic partners to automatically go to bed together.

I mean, how romantic is that? No more awkwardly trying to get two Sims to sleep in the same bed; this mod takes care of it for you.

21. Kiss-n-Grind Sims 4 Romance Mod – Utopya_cc

sims 4 kiss mod

As a fan of romantic storytelling in my Sims game, this mod immediately caught my attention. I mean, who wouldn’t want their Sims to have more passionate and intimate interactions? The fact that it adds a new pie menu with custom animations and sounds just takes it to another level.

What I love most about this mod is that it allows for more variety in my game. Whether I want my Sims to have a slow, romantic grind or a more intense and passionate one, this mod has got it covered!

. And the chance of getting notifications or comments from my partner just adds to the realism and makes each experience unique.

Overall, I highly recommend giving this mod a try for anyone looking to add more romantic content to their Sims.

22. The One With All The Romance Sims 4 Mod – KatieMods

the one with all the romance mod

This is actually one of my all-time favorite Sims 4 romance mods. It adds so much depth and realism to romantic relationships in the game. With a wide range of interactions, from expressing appreciation to arguing and even breaking up, this mod takes relationships to a whole new level.

With nine different categories of interactions, including “Friends to Lovers” and “Enemies to Lovers,” this mod allows for a more organic and dynamic progression in relationships.

If you’re a fan of slow-burn romances or love the idea of two Sims who initially hate each other secretly falling in love, then this mod is a must-try.

23. Sims 4 Child Romance Mod – Mercuryfoam

sims 4 child romance mod

When my Sims children reached the age where they could start developing crushes, I was excited to see how it would play out in my game.

But I quickly realized that there weren’t many options for child-romance interactions, which was a bit disappointing. That’s when I discovered Mercuryfoam’s Child Romance Mod.

This mod adds a dance activity specifically for children that can boost or reduce their relationship with another child depending on the success of their moves. Not only does this add a fun and unique aspect to child interactions, but it also increases their motor skills.

Overall, this is a great addition for anyone looking to add more child romance content to their game.

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24. More Kisses Romance Mod – Maplebell

sims 4 kiss mods

Instead of the plain and mundane kisses that come with the base game, why not spice things up with Maplebell’s Kissing Mod?

This mod adds four new custom kiss interactions, including a steamy and adventurous “Amorous Kiss” and a sweet and shy “Shy Kiss.” And let’s not forget the adorable “Forehead Kiss” that is perfect for those cute and intimate moments between your Sims.

But what really sets this mod apart is the added animations, which make each kiss feel more realistic and romantic.

25. Sims 4 Romances and Friendships Mod – Lumpinou

sims 4 romances

If you’re like me and enjoy creating intricate and diverse relationships in your Sims game, then this mod is a must-have.

It allows for more control over romantic and friendship interactions between Sims, including options to be celibate or always faithful. Plus, being able to customize gender preferences adds even more diversity and representation to the game.

But what I find most exciting about this mod is the ability to view relationships and send customized love letters. Just imagine the possibilities for storytelling and creating romantic moments between your Sims!

And the option to allow WooHoo without prior romance is a game-changer for those spontaneous and passionate moments between Sims.

26. Sugar Baby Sims 4 Relationship Mod – Plumlace

sims 4 relationship mod

This Sims 4 relationship mod is perfect for those looking to add a touch of luxury and opulence to their Sims’ lives.

With the introduction of sugar baby, sugar daddy/mommy traits, and interactions such as money requests, gifts and flowers, and exquisite dates, you can explore a whole new dynamic in their Sims’ relationships.

Plus, the addition of odd jobs tailored to the sugar baby lifestyle adds even more depth and opportunities for storytelling in the game.

So why not dive into a world of decadence, LAVISH experiences, and tantalizing relationships with the “Sugar Baby” mod? Your Sims will thank you for it.

27. First Love Sims 4 Romance Mod – LittleMsSam

sims 4 first love mod

Every one of us remembers our first love, right? The butterflies in your stomach, the pure and innocent connection you shared with that special someone Well, now you can recreate those magical moments in your Sims game with the “First Love” mod by LittleMsSam.🥰

This mod allows your child Sims to experience the thrill of their first crush and potentially even turn it into a serious relationship as they age up to teens. It’s like reliving our own childhood memories through our Sims!

The mod introduces new interactions such as confessing to having a crush, exchanging numbers, and even stargazing together.

With the addition of LittleMsSam’s “Social Activities” mod, you can even visit your crush’s home or invite them over to hang out. Just try not to be too obvious around your crush; they may just catch on!

28. Regency Sims 4 Romance Mod – JaneSimsten

sims 4 relationship mods

Now your Sims can experience the drama and romance of the Regency era with this new mod! As a fan of period dramas, I was beyond thrilled when I discovered the Sims 4 Regency Romance mod by JaneSimsten.

This mod adds so much depth and historical accuracy to the game, making it a must-have for any historical or romance-loving player.

The mod introduces new aspirations, careers, and traits that you can incorporate into your Sim’s life.

I personally love the “Truly Accomplished” aspiration, which challenges your Sim to become a well-rounded and cultured individual, just like the characters in Bridgerton.

And who wouldn’t want to become a “Reformed Rake” and find their true love after exploring multiple romantic interests? Cool, right?

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29. Marriage Material Sims 4 Romantic Trait Mod – wicked pixxel

sims 4 marriage mod

Marriage is a big step in any Sim’s life, and finding the right partner can be a daunting task. But with the Sims 4 Marriage Material Trait mod by Wicked Pixxel, your Sim can showcase qualities that will make it stand out as potential marriage material.

I remember when I first discovered this mod and added it to my Sim’s traits in CAS. I was immediately intrigued by the new social menu and the interactions that came with it. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint!

The interactions, such as “Share Your Life Values” and “Open Up About Getting into Relationships,” allowed my Sim to connect with their romantic interests on a deeper level, building trust and understanding between them.

Plus, mentioning new WooHoo techniques definitely added some spice and excitement to the relationship.

30. Meet & Mingle Sims 4 Romance Mod Dating App – Lumpinou

sims 4 dating app

I’ve just come across the Sims 4 Meet & Mingle Dating App mod by Lumpinou, and let me tell you, I am blown away!

This mod adds a whole new level of social interaction and dating options for your Sims. It’s like having a real-life dating app in the game, with customizable profiles, preferences, and even a messaging system.

I was immediately drawn to the idea of my Sims having online dating profiles that were visible to other users. And with the option to write custom taglines and paragraphs, my Sims could really showcase their personalities and what they were looking for in a relationship.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even choose the option of a blind date or pick a date based on specific filters like age or personality. And during the date, you can choose to take things to the next level with a romantic or platonic connection.

31. Check Out Sims 4 Romantic Interaction Mod – Vicky Sims

Yes, I know what you’re thinking—another romantic interaction mod? But trust me, this one is worth checking out. The Sims 4 Check Out mod by Vicky Sims adds a new level of excitement and flirtation to your Sims’ romantic interactions.

The Check Out interaction can be used on any Sim your Sim is attracted to, and there’s a chance that it will result in them becoming smitten or deeply in love with the target Sim. It’s like a game of chance, but the rewards are worth it.

32. Sims 4 Meaningful stories Mod – Roburky

sims 4 meaningful stories

This mod enhances the representation of emotions in The Sims 4, making them more human-like and influenced by various factors rather than predictable. I’ve noticed in my gameplay that my Sims’ moods are more stable, but also more significant and longer lasting. I also love the concept of “true happiness,” where my Sims will only feel truly happy and fulfilled when something significant or meaningful happens in their lives.

I appreciate the subtle effects of the environment and objects on my Sims’ moods, making it more realistic and less immediate.

33. Charm and Chemistry Attraction Sims 4 Romance Mod – Lumpinou

sims 4 attraction mod

Actually, this mod is inspired by Sims 2 and incorporates personality traits, preferences, skills, and physique to determine chemistry between Sims.

And it’s not just a simple yes or no; there are five levels of possible unilateral chemistry that can impact relationships and interactions. My favorite part is being able to see the chemistry status in the relationship panel and watching Sims react with thought balloons and animations, giving me instant insight into how they feel about each other.

It’s also fun to see how chemistry influences autonomy, relationship gains and losses, and even interaction success or failure.

34. Sims 4 Road to Romance Mod – Lumpinou

sims 4 road to romance mod

Another fantastic mod by Lumpinou, the Road to Romance mod expands on the base game’s romance system with new features and interactions.

My sims can now go on dates with their partners, seek counseling for relationship troubles, and even try online dating. The added romance skill adds a new level of depth to relationships, with 10 levels and thresholds that affect how quickly romance develops and the quality of moods gained from WooHoo.

And for those who prefer to cheat their way through, there’s an option to instantly increase your sim’s romance skills.

35. Surprise Proposal Interactions Sims 4 Romance Mod – Mercuryfoam

the sims 4 romance mod

How many times have you wished for more romantic interactions between your sims? Or want to propose in a unique and unforgettable way? Well, this mod by Mercuryfoam does just that!

With three new interactions under the romantic/affection pie menu—Caress Hand, Seated Propose, and Surprise Propose—your sims can now express their love in even more meaningful ways.

And for those who want a guaranteed engagement, the Surprise Propose interaction is perfect for you!

36. Sims 4 Passionate Romance Mod – Sacrificialmods

sims 4 passionate romance

Omg! Have you tried the Sims 4 Passionate Romance Mod yet? It’s absolutely amazing! With this mod, your sims can take their romantic relationships to a whole new level. From proposal photos to online dating, this mod has it all.

And the best part? It’s all customizable to fit your sims’ needs and preferences. Plus, the new and improved camera system makes for even more realistic and beautiful photos. You can easily take romantic selfies in cars, on a hot air balloon, and more!

Download it now and watch as your sims’ romance blossoms like never before!

So there you have it, my top picks for Sims 4 romance mods that will spice up your Sims’ relationship game. Try them out and let me know your thoughts.

Remember, you can always leave a comment below or tag me on Tumblr (@freegamingideas) with your feedback. Happy Simming!

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