The Ultimate List Of Sims 4 Presets You Actually Need To Download Now

If you are looking for the perfect Sim to complete your Sims 4 game, then look no further! This ultimate list of Sims 4 presets is a one-stop solution to finding all the CAS presets that you need to make your sims unique and exciting.

sims 4 presets

Honestly, it’s hard to convey just how much joy and satisfaction you can get from playing The Sims 4. And what better way to take your Sims experience to the next level than by downloading some amazing custom presets?

With these Sims 4 CAS presets, you can create sims that look just like real people, sims with celebrity vibes, or sims with a UNIQUE and distinct fashion style.

This ultimate list of sims 4 presets includes all the sims 4 face presets such as eyes, ears, lips, jaw, and nose, as well as sims 4 body presets and even sims 4 reshade presets ( for better graphics).

Need even more customization options? Take a look at the Sims 4 sliders to create your Sim just the way you want them without any presets.

Get ready to get creative! Now let’s dive into this ultimate list of Sims 4 presets.

Sims 4 Face Presets

1. Sims 4 Baby Doll Face Presets – Meeshi

sims 4 baby doll face presets

Omggg! The baby doll face presets are so gorgeous for Sims!

With three beautiful face presets, sims can look perfect in any age group, from toddlers to elders. Each of the presets is enabled for BOTH male and female Sims, making them even more versatile.

But the real star of these presets is the eye preset, something really unique that looks great in sims of any age.

2. Sims 4 Base Face Presets – Chewybutterfly

sims 4 base face presets

The Sims 4 Base Face Presets are the perfect way to get your sims exactly the look you want!

With 3 BGC items, 1 skin blend (3 variants), 1 nose preset, and 1 lip preset, this collection offers all of the options you need to customize your sims’ looks.

And if you’ve got Sims with chocolate-colored skin, this lip preset will give them the perfect pout.

3. Sims 4 Face Presets Pack – Squeamishsims

sims 4 face presets pack

With the Sims 4 Face Presets Pack, you can customize your sims’ faces with a huge range of options.

The pack includes presets for lips, jaw, eyes, and nose for both female and male Sims, with a focus on making teens look their best!

From monolid eyes that are perfect for giving sims a droopy and drowsy look to big round noses that add personality and character, this Sims 4 preset pack has it all.

4. Sims 4 Face Presets Folder – PlayersWonderland

sims 4 face presets folder

This amazing preset will transform your Sims into a beautiful work of art. The custom-morphed features will bring out the best in your Sim’s face, making them look more beautiful and vibrant!

The forehead section lets you edit the shape of your Sim’s face, giving you complete control over their facial features like cheeks, nose, eyes, ears, lips, and jaws.

With this preset, you can easily CREATE the perfect look for your Sim without having to spend hours editing!

5. Sims 4 Face Presets Mod – Lutessasims

sims 4 face presets mod

Everyone loves The Sims 4, and with these special Sims 4 face presets, you can now customize your sims in even more detail! With three different female presets, you can choose from child to elder sims.

The presets come with amazing and realistic details for eyes, nose, and lips, which makes the sims look even more lifelike.

6. Sims 4 Basics Face Presets – Chewybutterfly

sims 4 basics face presets

You’ll be mesmerized when you see your sims using these face presets!

With six BGC items, three nose presets, two lip presets, and a set of face and body beauty marks, you can customize your sims to perfection.

Whether you want to CREATE a natural sim or an outrageous sim, these face presets have something for everyone!

Personally, the lips make all the difference; they can be used to make Sims look full of life or soft and sweet.

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7. Sims 4 Presets Pack – Sunflower-petals

sims 4 presets pack

Find your sims the perfect look with this amazing Sims 4 Face Presets pack!

This pack includes a variety of eyes, lips, ears, and noses—the perfect combination for creating the most beautiful and realistic sims.

The droopy eyes will give your sims a lovable, cuddly look, while the pert ears will add a touch of sophistication. Get ready to make your Sims look like they just stepped off the runway!

8. Sims 4 Full Face Presets – PlayersWonderland

sims 4 full face presets

Want your Sims to look extra special?

The Full Face Preset is a perfect choice! This preset completely transforms your Sims’ faces, giving them custom-morphed ears, eyes, lips, nose, cheeks, and jaw.

Whether you want a strong jawline, wide eyes, or a cute button nose, the Full Face Preset has it all! Best of all, you can still morph it differently with other presets for an extra special touch.

Make sure to check out the forehead section in Create a Sim to find this amazing preset. Get ready to make your Sims look their absolute best with the Full Face preset.

9. Prepped Sims 4 Presets Set – Chewybutterfly

best sims 4 presets

With so many Sims 4 presets out there, it can be overwhelming to try to find the perfect ones for your game. But fear not. If you’re looking for a charming and natural-looking Sims 4 makeover, then the Prepped preset set by Chewybutterfly is a must-have.

This set includes four incredibly realistic presets that will give your Sims’ features a stunning upgrade. With the eye preset, two nose presets, and a lip preset, your Sims will have a new level of beauty that will make you fall in love with them all over again.

10. Baby Sims 4 Face Presets Mod – Northern Siberia Winds

sims 4 face mods

A jam-packed mod for your sims, featuring a variety of presets and options to customize their faces and bodies! 💁‍♀️

From skin blends to freckles, eye, lip, and nose presets, and even blush options, you can mix and match to create the perfect look for your sims. 🎨 And with multiple color options and categories, the possibilities are endless!

I completely fell in love with these baby Sims 4 presets, and I hope you do too.

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Sims 4 Head Presets

11. Sims 4 Head Shape Presets – Northern Siberia Winds

sims 4 head presets

Look at these stunning Sims 4 head shape presets! It’s the best thing ever!

There is something for everyone to enjoy with 8 different head shape presets, like a fox, cute, square, and so on. With this preset, you can completely customize your sims’ cheekbones, jawline, and chin.

I highly recommend trying out different options to FIND the one that suits your Sims the best. It is available in the forehead shape category for female Sims, teenagers, and above!

Sims 4 Jaw Presets

12. Sims 4 Jaw Preset Pack – Hi-Land

sims 4 jaw presets

Have you ever wanted your Sims to have the perfect jaw?

Are you a fan of subtlety and elegance but also want a bit of an edge? Look no further than Hi-Land’s Jaw preset pack for The Sims 4!

This incredible 8-preset set will give you everything you need to create the perfect jawline for your teen-to-older age sims. Each preset is gender-neutral, so it can be used on both male and female Sims with ease. So Cool!

13. Sims 4 Ella Jaw Preset – MagicHand

sims 4 ella jaw preset

Omg, MagicHand’s jaw preset is absolutely stunning! It gives your sims a wide jaw that looks beautiful at any age, from teens to elders.

The preset adds a touch of elegance and grace to your sims’ faces; it’s truly magical. Your female Sims will look like TRUE goddesses with this jaw preset, and you won’t be able to stop admiring them!

Plus, the preset is quick and easy to apply, so you can customize your Sims’ looks in no time.

14. Sims 4 Male Jaw Preset – MagicHand

sims 4 male jaw preset

Jeeeeez, what a jaw! A neat and crisp point that gives your sims a gorgeous chiseled look.

Give them an edge with the MagicHand jaw preset for Sims 4! This preset is HQ-compatible and works on both male and female frames, ranging from teenagers to seniors.

It’s a perfect accompaniment for your Sims outfit or makeup, and it looks great no matter what angle you view it from. Have your Sims looking their best with this jaw preset! Get it and see the difference in seconds.

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15. Sims 4 Five Jaw Presets – Hi-Land

sims 4 five jaw presets

Every sim deserves to have the perfect jaw, and with Hi-Land’s Sims 4 Jaw Preset collection, you can get just that!

This incredible preset collection includes five jaws presets that range in age from teenager to elder and are appropriate for both male and female Sims. All the presets are designed to be sleek and attractive, giving your Sims the perfect look.

Usually, to achieve this look, you would have to spend hours sculpting and adjusting the facial features, but with these jaw presets, it’s a breeze!

16. Sims 4 Strong Jaw Preset – MagicHand

sims 4 strong jaw preset

When looking for a jaw preset, you know it has to have that perfect combination of strength and masculinity.

That’s why the Sims 4 Jaw Preset is the ideal choice for you. With this preset, your male sims can go from teen to elder looking strong and handsome, with a jawline that will leave all the virtual ladies swooning.😉

17. Sims 4 Elijah Jaw Preset – MagicHand

sims 4 elijah jaw preset

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a strong, defined jawline?

This preset for males is one of the best I’ve seen. It adds strength and character to your sim’s face while still being subtle. The preset is perfect for anyone from teens all the way up to elders.

With this preset, your sims will look sharp and stand out from the crowd. This jaw preset is one of my favorites, and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Sims 4 Height Presets

18. Sims 4 Height Presets For Kids – Redheadsims-CC

sims 4 height presets

Did you know that with the Sims 4 presets for body height, you can customize your child’s height to perfectly fit their age?

This preset allows you to quickly and easily set the height for your little ones so that they look just like real-life children! For a better understanding, you can see the below video, which explains how to use the preset!

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Sims 4 Teeth Presets

19. Sims 4 Mega Teeth Presets – Lightdeficient

sims 4 mega teeth presets

Anyway, the Sims 4 Mega Teeth Pack is here to give your Sims more unique and realistic looks!

With 18 tooth sets, you can customize the look of your sims’ teeth in a way you haven’t seen before. With a classic, natural, and even futuristic looks, this preset is sure to bring lots of diversity to the game!

And each tooth set adds a distinct flavor to the appearance of your Sims. 

20. Sims 4 Imperfection Teeth Preset – Yooniesim

sims 4 imperfection teeth preset

Do you know all your Sims have perfectly straight teeth? Wrong! Now they can have some real personality in their smiles with these new “IMPERFECTION TEETH” presets!

With 14 sets of teeth in various styles, you can give your sims all sorts of crooked smiles – from subtle to outright gummy!

These teeth are available for teens through elders in both masculine and feminine frames, so no matter what kind of sims you’re playing with, you can get CREATIVE with the way their mouths look!

21. Sims 4 3D Teeth Presets – Lightdeficient

sims 4 3D teeth presets

Is your sim’s smile not shining as brightly as you’d like? Are you in need of a fresh look for your Sims? Look no further! This Sims 4 3D Teeth Preset is here to give your Sims a perfect pearly white smile that will look stunning in any photo!

This preset includes SIX unique teeth presets, all designed to give your sims the perfect smile they deserve.

With a variety of different sizes and shapes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect teeth preset for your sims.

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22. Sims 4 Gapped Vampire Teeth Presets – Wyattssims

sims 4 gapped vampire teeth presets

How fun and exciting it can be for your sims to have gapped vampire teeth!

These presets are available for both genders and will make a perfect addition to any realistic Sims game. The presets are also available for non-vampires, so everyone can have a bit of fun with these gapped vampire teeth.

I mean, who doesn’t want to have a bit of vampire flair? And the best part is that these presets also come for teenage Sims!

23. Sims 4 Crooked Teeth Presets – Yooniesim

sims 4 crooked teeth presets

Has your sim ever been in need of super cute crooked teeth preset to complete their look? Look no further! This Sims 4 preset is perfect for all genders and body types.

With its pointed canines, this preset will undoubtedly give your Sims an EDGY appearance. It’s also fully compatible with the base game! 

24. Sims 4 Maxis Match Presets – Redearcat

sims 4 maxis match presets

Who else would love to give their Sims an amazing smile? With the Maxis Match Teeth Presets, you can get a perfect set of pearly whites for your sims!

These presets are great for the Sims 4 alien, vampire, and mermaid Sims in both child and toddler form. To make it even MORE impressive, you get two swatches for each category: original and whiter!

Whether you want to give your Sims something unique like tiger teeth, dragon teeth, or small canine teeth, these presets have you covered.

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Sims 4 Ear Presets

25. Sims 4 Elf Ear Preset – Seleng 

sims 4 ear presets

If you’re into giving your sims an elfin look, this preset is the one for you!

Featuring custom ears that taper down to a point and “elf-like curves” along the rim of the ear, this preset will give your Sims a unique look. It’s available in both male and female versions, as well as teen to elder.

26. Sims 4 Medium-Sized Ear Presets – Caroll91

sims 4 medium sized ear presets

If you have never seen a more beautiful ear preset than this one, you’re in for a treat!

This medium-sized ear preset offers an elegant and subtle shape that is perfect for female Sims with a small earlobe.

It’s suited for all Teen – Elder age groups, and I’m super EXCITED to tell you that it’s compatible with all HQ Mods too! 

27. Sims 4 Galactic Ear Presets – Evoxyr

sims 4 galactic ear presets

This is what you’ve been waiting for! This Sims 4 ears preset is the perfect way to give your Sims a unique look. You’ll get four presets for pointy ears to choose from, each with a different shape.

Plus, they are all enabled for all genders and frames, so you can customize the ears for everyone!

And get this: No. 1 is enabled for all ages, while Nos. 2 and 3 are enabled for children and elders. What’s more, they are not ALLOWED at random and also come with a custom thumbnail.

28. Sims 4 22 Ear Presets – Ssspringroll

Sims 4 22 ear presets

Never before have we seen such detailed and realistic elf ears for your Sims! These ear presets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles that you can choose from to give your Sims that perfect elfish look.

From large, sticky-outy ears to more subtle, pointed ones, we have you covered. And with nearly 22 elf ear presets, you are sure to find the perfect one for your Sims!

Sims 4 Chin Presets

29. Sims 4 Female Chin Presets – Northern Siberia Winds

sims 4 chin presets

Especially the distinctive and individualized facial features that make a female sim look their best.

The three presets are designed to bring out the beauty of your girls and teens with their unique styles. The custom CAS preview+ ensures that your female sims have a realistic and detailed appearance.

Whether you’re looking for a classic feminine look or something more modern, there’s a preset that fits your style.

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30. Sims 4 Bigger Chin Presets – MagicHand

sims 4 bigger chin presets

This is just one of the many amazing presets available for your male and female Sims!

This Sims 4 Chin Preset is perfect for adding a bit of definition and shape to your Sims’ faces, making them look more attractive and realistic.

The preset is HQ compatible, which means it will look great on all sizes of graphics.

This preset has a nice shape, slightly bigger than the default chin, and it blends in perfectly with the rest of the face. Play around with your Sims and find the perfect chin for them!

31. Sims 4 Rounded Chin Preset – Caroll91 

sims 4 rounded chin preset

This is probably one of the most beautiful chin presets you can find for your female Sim!

It’s as if it were tailor-made to fit every face shape, and it looks great no matter what age your Sim is. With this preset, your Sims can have a smooth, rounded chin that will give them an elegant and graceful look.

Plus, it’s fully compatible with HQ mods, so you can further customize your Sim’s facial features without having to worry about compatibility issues!

Sims 4 Eye Presets

32. Best Sims 4 Eye Presets

sims 4 eye presets

If you can’t get enough of customizing your Sims, then you need to check out this 29 eye presets for the Sims 4!

These beautiful eye presets come in various shapes and colors to help you give your Sims an extra-special look. There is eye presets for male, female, and toddler Sims, so you can find the perfect look for every one of your creations.

Get ready to give your Sims an eye-catching look with these amazing presets!

Sims 4 Lip Presets

33. Sims 4 Mouth Presets – Seleng

sims 4 mouth presets

Oh wow, this lip is absolutely gorgeous! It’s the perfect balance of sweet and sultry that all your female sims will love.

It looks amazing on teens to elders, so no matter the age, your sims can enjoy this stunning lip preset. Plus, thanks to the custom thumbnail, you’ll never forget what it looks like when you click on the mouth icon.

It’s truly a “doll’s kissable lip” that will add just the right touch of pouty perfection to your sim’s look.

34. Best Sims 4 Lip Presets

sims 4 lip presets

If you’ve ever wanted to give your Sims a picture-perfect pout, then this list of 32 Sims 4 lip presets is for you!

With options for all ages, and genders, and even a few extras thrown in for good measure, you’ll be able to get exactly the look you want in no time.

Just click the link below to get started and see just how easy it is to make your Sims look their best.

Sims 4 Nose Presets

35. Best Sims 4 Nose Presets

sims 4 nose preset mods

Have you ever wanted a perfect nose for your sims? Good news! I’ve compiled a list of the top 24 Sims 4 nose presets for your convenience.

With these presets, your sims can have a range of noses, from cute and perky to classic and strong. Plus, these presets will work for all ages and genders.

Go ahead and click the link below to explore the full list of nose presets and get your Sims looking fabulous in no time.

Sims 4 Body Presets

36. Best Sims 4 Female Body Presets

sims 4 body presets

Are you ready for the most beautiful preset for your female sims? Look no further than this amazing list of 27 Sims 4 female body presets!

Whether you’re looking for an hourglass shape, a plus-size body type, a fit, and toned physique, or something more athletic and heavyweight, this list has it all.

So treat your Sims to the beauty they deserve, and click the link below to check out this amazing set of Sims 4 body presets.

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37. Best Sims 4 Male Body Presets

sims 4 male body mods

So, you’re looking for a male body preset to make your Sims look amazing? Look no further! I’ve got 19 stunning Sims 4 male body presets that will add incredible diversity to your game.

From classic, athletic builds to bulky, toned physiques, there’s surely something on this list that will make your male sims look their absolute best.

Just make sure to click the link below to access this list.

38. Sims 4 Male Face Presets – Northern Siberia Winds

best sims 4 face presets

If you’re more of a create-a-sim perfectionist like me, then you know how important it is to have the perfect face for your male sims.

These presets offer a variety of eye, nose, and mouth shapes that can be used in both Maxis Match style and Alpha style. Although they are designed for male sims, they work for all ages and even supernatural beings.

I’ve found that these presets add a cute and unique touch to my male sims’ faces, making them stand out and appear more realistic.

39. Final Touch Sims 4 Head Presets – Northern Siberia Winds

the best sims 4 presets

Now that you’ve reached the end of this preset-downloading journey, I hope you find exactly what you were looking for to make your Sims game even more fun!

If not, keep browsing, and don’t forget to tag me on Tumblr at @freegamingideas so I can see all the great things you’re doing with these presets in your own Sims 4 game. Happy Simming! 😍

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