25+ Best Sims 4 Nose Presets You Should Have In Your CC Folder 

Looking for some great Sims 4 nose presets? Here are the best ones that you can easily download and add to your game.

sims 4 nose presets

If you’re like me, one of the first things you do when starting a new Sim is to go through all the custom content (CC) and find the perfect nose for your creation.

And while there are some great default noses in The Sims 4, there are even MORE amazing ones created by talented CC creators.

So today, I’ve compiled a list of 23 of the best Sims 4 nose presets to create the perfect Sim. From natural-looking noses to exotic ones, I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your Sim perfectly.

And, if you want even more accuracy in customizing your Sim’s nose, don’t worry; I have included a nose slider in the post, “The Best Sims 4 Sliders!”

So no matter what look you’re going for, you can adjust the size and shape of your Sim’s nose until it’s just right.

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Sims 4 Nose Presets

1. Sims 4 Nose Presets CC – Meeshi

sims 4 nose presets cc

I truly believe that this nose preset is the perfect addition to any Sims 4 game. It offers a variety of customizations, from teen to elder, and for both genders.

Not only that, but this nose preset also comes with a custom thumbnail so you can easily identify it in your game.

What’s more, this nose preset looks ABSOLUTELY adorable. Its subtle features and smooth shape are sure to make your Sims look extra cute.

2. Sims 4 Male Nose Presets – Golyhawhaw

sims 4 male nose presets

How cute is this nose preset? It’s perfect for Sims who want to bring out their inner Cavill!

The mask overlay features four swatches, giving your sims the perfect look. This preset was specially designed for male Sims, ensuring that your manly man looks his best!

The preset itself has just the right amount of depth and definition to give your sims a strong, masculine nose without looking too overwhelming.

It’s the perfect blend of softness and masculinity! Plus, the included mask overlay ensures that you get just the right amount of nose shape, size, and definition.

3. Sims 4 Nose Presets Maxis Match – Simzbee

sims 4 nose presets maxis match

I think you will really love the new nose presets available for Sims 4! This cute preset is available for all age groups—teens, young adults, adults, and elders—and both masculine and feminine frames.

This preset is especially great for those who are looking to add a little something extra to their sims without having to go through the long and tedious process of adjusting all the sliders.

Plus, the preset is now available for all occults! So no matter what kind of sim you’re creating, you can find a nose preset that will look amazing.

4. Sims 4 Female Nose Presets – Obscurus – Sims

sims 4 female nose presets

As big a fan of The Sims 4 as you may be, this nose preset from Obscurus Sims is a game-changer!

With its 7 different presets specifically made for female Sims, your sims can now have the cutest noses imaginable. Not only are these noses visually stunning, but they’re also HQ compatible, making them perfect for creating high-quality sims.

5. Sims 4 Child Nose Presets – Evoxyr

sims 4 child nose presets

It’s true: these nose presets will bring an extra dose of cuteness to your Sims!

With three distinct styles—a strong aquiline nose for the female face, a female child-elder nose, and a custom thumbnail—you’ll have plenty of options for giving your sims that extra bit of sweetness.

The aquiline nose is made using Morphmaker and the female adult face, so you know it’s going to be a perfect fit.

6. Sims 4 Nose Presets Male – Kashisun

sims 4 nose presets male

When it comes to customizing your Sims, the nose is often one of the most neglected features.

You can choose from a few standards presets, but they don’t always look right. Fortunately, Kashisun has created three amazing nose presets that are made specifically for male Sims of all age groups.

The noses feature a realistic, slightly rounded shape that will perfectly fit on any face and complement any skin tone. Whether your Sims have light, dark, or even olive skin, these noses give them a unique look that matches their ethnicity.

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7. Sims 4 Olive Nose Presets – MagicHand

sims 4 olive nose presets

Omg, I have to admit—this nose preset from MagicHand is truly a game-changer when it comes to customizing your sims!

With the “Thin Nose” preset, you can make your male and female Sims look even more adorable than before. Just one click and you can instantly transform your sims into cuter and more attractive versions of themselves.

8. Sims 4 Button Nose Presets – VibrantPixels

sims 4 button nose presets

Look at this! VibrantPixels brings you the most adorable button-nose preset for your Sims!

This preset is available for both child-to-elder males and females, although it may look a bit strange on adult male Sims.

Not only does this preset work with sliders, but it looks great even without any skin details.

With this preset, your sims can have the cutest little button noses that will make them look so sweet and innocent!

9. Sims 4 Nose Presets Pack – Peachyfaerie

sims 4 nose presets pack

Find your sims a new look with the Peachy Faerie Nose Presets Pack! This pack features four unique and cute presets that will give your sims a unique and adorable look.

Compatible with the base game, these presets are available for all genders and age ranges, from teens to elders. Moreover, these presets are enabled for all occult sims.

10. Sims 4 Wavy Nose Presets – MagicHand

sims 4 wavy nose presets

Make sure your Sims are looking their best with these wavy chip nose presets! This HQ-compatible asset is great for male and female Sims to give them a unique look.

With the wavy chip nose, your sims will have a cute, youthful look that’s sure to get attention.

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11. Sims 4 CC Nose Presets – Simzbee

sims 4 cc nose presets

Get your sims looking even cuter with this amazing nose preset from The Sims 4! This preset is designed to make your sims realistic and adorable too.

The preset is available for all age categories, from teens to elders, so you can customize your sims with ease.

12. Sims 4 Nose Presets Set – Euno Sims

sims 4 nose presets set

Who said Sims had to have the same nose? With the Sims 4 nose preset pack, you can choose from five different looks for your female Sims! Whether you’re looking for a cute button nose or something more exotic and unique, this pack has you covered.

With full customization options and the ability to easily adjust the size and shape of each nose, you can make Sims that look just as unique as you are!

13. Sims 4 Black Nose Presets – MagicHand

sims 4 black nose presets

How simple, and yet how effective! This Sims 4 nose preset provides stunningly realistic features that can be used on all Sims.

Whether Sims are male or female, this preset is perfect for simulating an upturned nose that looks amazing.

With its stunningly realistic shapes and textures, this Sims 4 nose preset is sure to be a HIT with simmers everywhere.

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14. The Sims 4 Nose Presets Pack – Meeshi

This is how you give your sims a unique look! This sims 4 nose presets pack includes 3 adorable noses to choose from – toddler, elder.

I love how they are enabled for both male and female sims, so you can truly give your sims a unique look. These noses are sure to bring a sparkle to any sim!

15. Sims 4 Asian Nose Presets – Obscurus – Sims

sims 4 asian nose presets

If you’re looking for a nose that will make your Sims stand out, this is the pack to get!

With four exciting nose presets to choose from, your male Sims will have a stylish new look that is sure to be the talk of the town.

Each of these four presets adds unique features to your Sims, such as a slightly upturned tip, a sharp bridge, and clearly defined nostrils.

16. Three Sims 4 Female Nose Presets – Kashisun

nose presets sims 4

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17. Sims 4 Wide Nose Presets – Kashisun

sims 4 wide nose presets

Do something unique and special for your Sims! With the Female Nose Presets pack, you can give your Sims a new look!

These three presets come with incredibly wide noses that stretch from teen to elder sims. They have an adorable and unique appearance that makes Sims look both cute and distinctive.

18. Sims 4 Valentino Nose Presets – Golyhawhaw

sims 4 valentino nose presets

Omg,omg,omg! This Sims 4 nose preset is absolutely adorable! With its bulbous and extended shape, your male sims will look positively charming.

Not to mention that its higher nostrils make for a unique septum shape that really stands out when viewed from the side.

So if you’re looking to give your Sims an exciting and eye-catching look, this Sims 4 nose preset is definitely the way to go! 

19. Sims 4 Hurricane Nose Presets – Peachyfaerie

sims 4 hurricane nose presets

Maybe your Sims need a new look? Look no further than this amazing nose preset pack for The Sims 4!

It is fully compatible with the base game, so you can create the perfect sim in no time.

With four unique and beautiful nose presets, you can make your Sims look just how you want them to. Plus, these noses are enabled for all genders, so you can make Sims of any age group look fabulous.

20. Sims 4 CC Nose Presets Pack – Bellessims

sims 4 cc nose presets pack

Trust me, this Sims 4 nose preset pack will be sure to make your Sims look absolutely gorgeous!

With four different nose shapes and a range of teen-to-elder sims of both male and female frames, you’ve got lots of options.

Plus, the custom thumbnails help you identify which shape is best for your sim’s facial features. Get ready to make your Sims look fabulous!

21. Sims 4 CAS Nose Presets – Seleng

sims 4 cas nose presets

Take your Sims to the next level with this amazing nose preset!

Perfectly proportioned and carefully crafted, you’ll be amazed at how well your Sims look with this Sims 4 nose preset.

Your Sims can now be more unique, bold, and charming than ever before thanks to their sharp and handsome features. 

22. Sims 4 Straight Nose Presets Mods – MagicHand

sims 4 alicia nose presets mods

Let’s keep your Sims’ nose looking straight and sharp with Sims 4’s newest nose preset!

This fantastic Sims 4 CAS Nose Preset is HQ compatible and looks perfect on both male and female Sims. It gives you a nice straight nose that is so cute and adorable, perfect for sims of any age!

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23. Sims 4 Unisex Nose Presets – Zebrafix

sims 4 unisex nose presets

I’m obsessed with the Sims 4 nose presets pack—it’s so cute and perfect for adding a touch of individuality to your sims!

The teen-elder preset comes with two different noses. Both have such interesting features that are sure to make your sims look amazing.

Plus, they’re enabled for both the male and female sim frames, so no matter what type of sim you want to create, you can do it with these fantastic nose presets!

24. The Sims 4 Nose Presets Mods Pack – Obscurus-Sims

the sims 4 nose presets mods pack

If one of your Sims needs a little nose pick-me-up, this Sims 4 Nose preset pack is the answer!

They have eight super-cute presets available for females, teens, and all supernatural Sims. These nose presets come with detailed textures that give your sim’s nose a unique look.

Whether you’re creating an alien sim or a sim with a more realistic nose, these presets provide the perfect option.

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25. Adeline Sims 4 Nose Presets Set – Lisatrait

best sims 4 nose presets

In this set, you’ll find three stunning nose presets that have a sharp and defined look. These nose mods are my personal favorites, and I have been using them for my sims for a while now.

The sharpness of the nose adds a unique and attractive feature to my sims’ faces. The nose bridge is straight, and the nostrils have a perfect width, making it look very realistic.

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26. Six Sims 4 Nose Presets Set – Loulicorn

best sims 4 nose cc

Another great set by Loulicorn, this pack includes six well-designed nose presets that can be used for Sims of all ages, from teens to elders.

What’s even better is that you can also use sliders to adjust the preset to your liking, making it customizable and versatile.

This allows you to create unique and diverse Sims with different nose shapes, adding more depth and variety to your game. Whether you want a cute button nose or a sharp, defined one, these presets have got you covered.

These were some of the best Sims 4 nose presets that you can add to your CC folder right now. I hope you found at least a few new favorites on this list.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest Sims 4 custom content, make sure to follow me on Tumblr and Pinterest. Happy Simming 😍

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