33+ Sims 4 Goth CC (Clothes, Furniture, Hair, and More)

Are you frustrated with the limited Gothic options in the Sims 4 game? Look no further! This blog post will introduce you to 29 Sims 4 Goth CC (custom content), which includes everything from furniture to clothes, hair, and more.

The Gothic style has been a popular subculture for decades, known for its dark and edgy aesthetic.

And if you’re like me (and probably you as well, since you clicked on this post!), looking to incorporate some goth vibes into your game, you may have found yourself disappointed with the limited options available in the base game.

But fear not, because I have curated a list of 29 Sims 4 goth CC items that will help you transform your game into a dark and enchanting world.

From furniture to clothes, hair, and more, this custom content collection has EVERYTHING for you to quickly fill up your Sims 4 goth cc folder with stunning items that will give your game a whole new level of spookiness.

So let’s dive in and explore the endless possibilities for creating your Gothic world in Sims 4!

P.S. Make sure to browse the posts below for some amazing goth cc to give your sims an edgy look.

This post is about the best Sims 4 Gothic CC.

Best Sims 4 Goth CC

1. Essential Sims 4 Goth CC Hair – Daylife Sims

sims 4 goth cc maxis match

Omg! I can’t wait to tell you about my personal experience with this Sims 4 Goth Hair CC set from Daylife Sims.

This set includes four amazing hairstyles inspired by some of the most iconic gothic characters, and I must say, they did not disappoint! Most of the gothic hairstyles in Sims 4 tend to be either too extreme or not dark enough, but these four options strike the perfect balance.

I always end up using at least one of these hairstyles on my gothic sims, and it helps elevate their entire look.

2. The Onyx Sims 4 Gothic Makeup CC – Lady Simmer

sims 4 goth cc folder

This Sims 4 CC Goth CC is elegance meets darkness. With three different shades of black for the eye shadow, two intense and mesmerizing eye contact options, and four bold lipstick colors, this set from Lady Simmer will give your Sims a striking gothic look.

You can mix and match the shades to create unique combinations or use them with other CC items such as facial piercings or tattoos for an even more edgy look.

3. Sims 4 Gothic Decor CC Pack – Madlen

sims 4 goth cc pack

Madlen’s Sims 4 Gothic Decor CC Pack is simply enchanting. Something about the combination of faux leather, dark colors, and mysterious objects just really speaks to my gothic soul.

The backpack is probably my favorite item, as it can be used both as a decor object in your sims’ rooms and as a fashionable accessory while they explore their dark world. The perfect addition to any gothic sim’s wardrobe.

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4. Distorted Dusk Sims 4 Goth CC Collection – Ellone Andreea

sims 4 goth mods
the sims 4 goth cc

Hehe, I cannot contain my excitement to share my personal experience with this gothic CC collection. It truly captures the essence of the gothic subculture with its unique and edgy designs.

I love the Libra Hat, boots, and Zephyr Top; they add a touch of dark elegance to my sim’s wardrobe.

The Vanguard Tights are a must-have for any gothic look, and the fact that they can be worn by both male and female Sims is a bonus.

5. Sims 4 Gothic Crop Top CC – Mellosakicc

sims 4 crop top cc

This crop top CC set from Mellosakicc is a must-have for any goth sim. The tops come in various prints, such as skulls, moons, and pentagrams, adding a touch of edginess to any outfit.

You can use these tops for everyday wear or pair them with a leather jacket and boots for a more gothic look.

Just make sure you have the Discover University expansion pack to use this CC.

6. Sims 4 Gothic Y2k Makeup CC – Peachyfaerie

goth sims 4 cc

This might be the MOST unique and fun Gothic CC I have ever used. The set includes a bold black eyeliner and an eyeshadow with a dark, glittery finish that just screams Y2K goth vibes.

And don’t get to check out the collaboration with Lady Simmer; her pastel-inspired Y2K makeup is just as amazing.

I love the versatility of this set, as it can be used for both casual and special occasions.

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7. Rinne Sims 4 Gothic Long Hair CC – Gloomy Geek

sims 4 gothic hair cc

When it comes to goth hair, we all know that length can make or break a look. Sometimes your sims just need that long, flowing hair to complete their dark and alluring aesthetic.

And this CC from Gloomy Geek delivers on that front. Who says pastel and goth can’t mix? This hair comes in 22 swatches, including some unique pastel shades that add a fun twist to the traditional gothic look.

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8. Dusk Diva Sims 4 Goth CC Collection – Madlen

sims 4 goth cc collection

This goth CC collection by Madlen captures the essence of goth fashion and brings it to your Sims 4 game.

With six additional items in the collection, your Sims can now embrace their dark and edgy side with style and sophistication. This Sims 4 goth CC pack includes a choker, top, pants, dress with or without gloves, and stockings.

Each item comes in a variety of swatches to give your Sims the perfect goth look. My goth Sims look effortlessly cool and stylish in this collection, just like real-life goth fashionistas.

9. Sims 4 Gothic Build CC Set – AnniQ & Stereo91 Studios

sims 4 gothic cc
sims 4 gothic cc set

When it comes to gothic fashion and architecture, attention to detail is key. Just like the stunning architecture of Paris in Assassin’s Creed, the creators have meticulously crafted 44 individual items for their gothic-build CC set.

Each item has three or more swatches, giving you the freedom to create a truly unique and beautiful gothic home for your Sims.

The set is also base-game compatible, making it accessible for all players. Whether you’re looking to build a dark castle or a hauntingly beautiful mansion, this gothic build CC set will bring your vision to life.

The intricate designs and stunning textures will transport your Sims to a world of fantasy and luxury.

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10. Sims 4 Gothic CC Lace-Up Skirt – Shushilda

sims 4 goth clothes

Maybe your Sim is more of a pastel goth with a love for all things cute and creepy. This lace-up skirt by Shushilda is the perfect addition to your Sims wardrobe.

This is a great alternative to traditional goth fashion, with its pastel colors and feminine silhouette. It features a high-waisted design with a lace-up front, giving it an edgy yet playful look.

The skirt comes in 18 swatches, including pastel purple, pink, and blue, as well as classic black. Pair it with a crop top and combat boots for the ultimate pastel goth outfit.

11. Major Sims 4 Goth Eyeliner CC Kit – Strifewifesims

sims 4 goth lookbook

This major Sims 4 goth CC is my go-to for adding some edge to my Sims’ makeup looks. I love the bold and dramatic look of the black winged eyeliner, but there are also more subtle options for a softer gothic look.

The kit includes 11 different swatches, each with a unique design and level of intensity.

Your goth Sims can now achieve the perfect cat eye or smoky eye with this versatile CC. 

12. Sims 4 CC Goth Rock Collection – Bluecravingcc

sims 4 goth family

Bluecravings is the queen of goth rock fashion in the Sims 4 community, and her latest CC collection truly lives up to her reputation. The collection features a mix of edgy and romantic pieces, perfect for creating a punk-inspired gothic look.

This set includes:

  1. Piercings set (lip and nose)
  2. Locked corset with intricate detailing and buckles
  3. Garter stockings with lace accents are perfect for pairing with a skirt or dress.
  4. Half-pleated skirt for a playful touch to add to your goth outfit
  5. Lace top with a high neckline and long sleeves, adding elegance and femininity to the look
  6. Leather accessories, including studded bracelets and chokers, for that extra edge
  7. Heeled boots and a padlock skirt for a bold and fierce statement.

Try to mix and match these items for different looks, from a tough and rebellious punk style to a romantic and gothic vibe.

13. Cassandra Sims 4 Gothic Dress – Sentate

sims 4 gothic dress cc

At least in the Sims world, your Sims can effortlessly pull off a stunning gothic look with this Sentate dress.

The long, flowing design is both elegant and edgy, perfect for formal occasions or a night out at the vampire club. It comes in a variety of swatches, including deep reds and purples, as well as classic black.

Sentate is my go-to for high-quality CC, and this dress is no exception. Your Sims will feel like true vampires of the night in this dress, commanding attention wherever they go.

14. Sims 4 Gothic Bedroom Furniture CC – Severinka

sims 4 gothic furniture cc

If you are looking for some luxury and elegance in your Sims’ bedroom, this Gothic furniture CC by Severinka is the perfect addition.

The set includes a beautiful canopy bed, complete with a detailed headboard and footboard, as well as a matching dresser and fireplace.

The luxurious textures and intricate designs give off a sense of opulence and mystery, perfect for a gothic-themed bedroom. My favorite piece in this set is the dragon candle, which adds a touch of fantasy and magic to the room.

Oh! And don’t forget the stunning wall mirrors, available in three different designs to add even more visual interest to your Sims’ space.

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15. Sims 4 Gothic Clothing CC- Aharris00britney

sims 4 gothic clothing cc

This Sims 4 Gothic Clothing CC collection includes a variety of edgy and alternative clothing options for your Sims.

The clothes have a perfect balance of gothic elements with everyday wear, making them suitable for any occasion. But don’t let that fool you; these pieces still pack a punch with bold graphics, vibrant colors, and unique designs.

The collection features 20 items, including tops, bottoms, and accessories. One of the standout pieces is a stunning denim jacket with intricate embroidered details, adding a touch of luxury to any outfit.

16. Sims 4 Goth Hair CC Pack – Mercisims

sims 4 goth hair

This adorable Sims 4 goth hair CC pack comes with a mix of male and female hairstyles, perfect for adding some edge to your Sims’ look. The male hair has a long, flowy texture with subtle waves, giving it a romantic and gothic vibe.

The female hair features bangs and long strands, styled into a bun for an elegant yet edgy look. So your sim’s hair could be the envy of all their goth friends.

17. Realistic Sims 4 Gothic Build CC Pack – Madlen

sims 4 gothic

Here’s the perfect CC pack for all your Gothic build needs in The Sims 4.

I love the arches and doors in this pack, which come in two different sizes for added versatility. Because when it comes to Gothic builds, you want everything to feel grand and majestic.

The four types of windows in this pack are also a game-changer; the combination of tall windows allows for more creative and seamless designs.

I’m also a huge fan of Sims 4 builds that look realistic, and this pack delivers the exact textures and details to make your gothic build feel like a real-life castle, mansion, or haunted house vibe.

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18. Sims 4 Gothic CC Lace Tights – Elloneandreea

the sims 4 goth gamily

This CC is crushing it in the Lace Tights game for Sims 4. It just looks so realistic and COOL!

The intricate lace detailing and texture make it look like your Sim is wearing real lace stockings. And the fact that it’s unisex adds a whole new level of versatility to this CC.

The tights come in one classic black swatch, making it easy to pair with any gothic outfit. These lace tights are the perfect accessory for adding a touch of elegance and sexiness to your Sims’ look.

19. Willow Sims 4 Gothic CC Set – Oydis

sims 4 gothic cc clothes pack

This Sims 4 gothic CC pack is an absolute must for your female goth Sims. I mean, look at that dress; the asymmetric design gives off a dark and mysterious vibe. Who says Gothic fashion can’t be elegant?

It features a long skirt with a slit and intricate lace detailing, paired with a corset-style top. The dress comes in various swatches, including deep reds and purples, perfect for different moods or occasions.

And let’s not forget the stunning jewelry and hairstyle, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your Sim’s outfit.

20. Wednesday Sims 4 Goth Bedroom CC Pack – SIXAM CC

sims 4 goth bedroom cc

This super-aesthetic Sims 4 goth bedroom CC pack is another winner from SIXAM CC. The dark and moody color scheme, paired with intricate Gothic details, makes for a perfect bedroom for your Sims.

The furniture pieces all have a slightly modern twist to them, adding a unique touch to the overall aesthetic. My favorite piece in this set is definitely the fireplace, with its detailed stone and wood design.

The bed frame is also a standout, with its Gothic-inspired headboard and luxurious textures.

21. Sims 4 Gothic Wire Tights CC – Ellone Andreea

sims 4 tights cc

This might be the must-have accessory for all your gothic Sims. These wire tights remind me of a modern twist on traditional fishnet stockings with their intricate wire detailing.

The tights look incredibly realistic as if your Sims are wearing real wire stockings. It comes in one classic black swatch, making it easy to pair with any outfit.

22. Small Sims 4 Gothic Makeup CC Pack – Lady Simmer

Another stunning makeup CC pack by Lady Simmer. My sims can’t get enough of these bold and edgy makeup looks.

This set features two versions of gothic eyeliners, one with sharp claw-like strokes and the other with a void-inspired design.

Not to mention the ghoul lipstick and kitty eye shadow in various shades of black and red, perfect for creating a dramatic and fierce makeup look.

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23. Sims 4 Gothic Eyebrows CC – Blahberry-Pancake

sims 4 gothic eyebrows cc

These gothic-style eyebrows are so cute yet edgy, perfect for adding some character to your Sims’ face. The set includes 14 different swatches, ranging from bold and dark eyebrows to more subtle and natural-looking ones.

The eyebrows can be found in both the eyebrow category and the facepaint category, giving you even more options for customization. These eyebrows are a must-have for any gothic or alternative Sims look.

24. Shatter Sims 4 Gothic Boots and Strap Boots CC – Trillyke

Add these boots to any outfit, and your Sims will instantly look like they’re ready to conquer the world. Normally, gothic fashion doesn’t include pastel colors, but these boots break the norm with their unique and beautiful pastel swatches.

The straps and studs add a touch of edginess to the overall design, making it the perfect footwear for any goth or alternative Sims.

My absolute favorite is the shiny black swatch, perfect for completing any dark and fierce outfit.

25. Sims 4 Gothic Dining Room Furniture CC – Severinka

sims 4 goth

While most Gothic builds tend to focus on bedrooms and living rooms, this CC pack specifically caters to the often-overlooked dining room.

The furniture pieces feature intricate Gothic designs, such as delicate candle holders and detailed roses on the vases. Now your Sims can dine in style, surrounded by dark and elegant furniture pieces.

The best part? This pack offers both a long and short dining table, giving you the flexibility to customize your dining room to your liking. A must-have for any Gothic build.

26. Sims 4 Gothic Body Presets – Arowenc

sims 4 gothic body presets

You may have noticed that the body presets in Sims 4 tend to lean towards a more conventional and societal beauty standard.

However, this CC pack by Arowenc offers diversity and representation, specifically for Gothic Sims. These body presets allow your Sims to have more realistic and unique body types, whether they are transitioning or have a fluffier figure.

It’s a small but significant addition to your game, making it more inclusive and diverse. Kudos to Arowenc for creating these amazing body presets!

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27. Cabinet of Curiosities Sims 4 Goth CC Set – Syboulette

the sims 4 gothic cc set

This edgy and unique CC set is perfect for any gothic Sim who loves to collect oddities and curiosities.

The furniture pieces, such as the desk and bookshelf, feature a dark and unique design, with butterflies as the main motif. This set also comes with clutter items such as a skull and potion bottles, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to your Sims’ home.

Furthermore, the functional spiral stairs, with the use of Ravasheen’s Elevator mod, add a cool and unique feature to any build.

28. Sims 4 CC Goth Shoes – Regina Raven

sims 4 cc goth shoes

Who says Gothic style can’t be stylish and comfortable at the same time? These platform shoes by Regina Raven are a perfect example of that. The set includes both male and female versions, meaning all of your Sims can rock these cool kicks.

The spiky heels give a nod to traditional gothic fashion, while the platform adds a trendy and modern twist.

As someone who is usually afraid to wear such bold shoes in real life, I love that my Sims can now rock them without any hesitation.

29. Sims 4 Child Gothic Dress CC – Cozy_yeons Sims

sims 4 gothic outfits cc

Not only do adults get to enjoy gothic fashion, but now children can too with this dress CC by Cozy_Yeons Sims. This dress comes in six different swatches, ranging from all-black to a bold red with skull prints.

Honestly, I don’t usually dress my child Sims in gothic attire, but you can’t deny how cool and stylish they look in this dress.

The design is simple yet edgy, making it perfect for any child who wants to show off their alternative style.

30. Monster Goff Crocs (Spike & Uncursed) – llazyneiph

sims 4 gothic cc crocs
best sims 4 goth cc

You are in for a treat with these Monster Goff Crocs! 🎉 These unique shoes come in two versions: one with spike details and the other without. Both versions have a platform sole, perfect for adding some height to your Sims’ outfits.

I personally love the uncursed version for everyday wear, while reserving the spiked version for more edgy and dramatic looks 

31. Sims 4 Goth Galore CC Earring Addon Pack – Pralinesims

best sims 4 goth custom content

These Sims 4 gothic earrings are an incredible addition to your collection of CC for your Sims. This pack features both expander and piercing versions of the earring duo included in the Goth Galore kit.

What’s even better is that each version can be worn on either the left, right, or both ears, giving you the freedom to mix and match and create unique looks for your Sims.

But these earrings aren’t just for goths; they can be incorporated into any style or fashion sense.

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32. Sims 4 Goth Galore CC Clothes Pack Addons – Adrien Pastel

sims 4 goth galore cc

No more worries about your Sims’ clothing choices with the Sims 4 Goth Galore Kit. This new kit addon offers 10 stylish and edgy clothing items for both male and female Sims.

From dramatic black dresses to ripped jeans and leather jackets, your sims will have a variety of gothic-inspired outfits to choose from.

33. Simpler Sims 4 Gothic Top CC – Pixelunivairse

sims 4 gothic top cc

This simple yet stylish gothic top is perfect for your sims who love to embrace their dark and edgy side. The top features a gothic print design that adds an extra touch of darkness to their wardrobe.

To achieve the perfect gothic look, pair this top with some ripped jeans or a leather skirt.

Add some chunky boots and accessorize with chokers or statement jewelry for the ultimate goth galore outfit.

34. Sims 4 Goth Galore Hoodie CC – Adelarsims

sims 4 goth galore hoodie cc

Now, you don’t have to own the Sims 4 Goth Galore Kit to add some goth flair to your sim’s wardrobe with Adelarsims’ latest creation, the Goth Galore Hoodie CC!

The hoodie features a black and red striped design, perfect for any goth or alternative-style sim.

Best of all, it’s standalone, so you don’t need the Goth Galore Kit to use it in your game.

sims 4 gothic hoodie cc
by Nell-le

Now your female Sims can rock a killer gothic look with this new hoodie CC from the Sims 4 Goth Galore Kit!

This CC is not only stylish and edgy, but it is also base-game compatible, so you don’t have to worry about any additional expansions or packs.

With 15 different swatches to choose from, your sim will have plenty of options to express their individuality and personal style.

35. Goth Galore Accessory Garters CC – Trillyke

sims 4 goth galore kit

Trillyke’s Goth Galore Accessory Garters CC is the perfect accessory for your edgy and gothic Sims!

With 10 swatches to choose from, you can mix and match to create the perfect look. And don’t worry about gender restrictions; these garters are available for both male and female Sims.

But why stop at just one garter? You can use both the upper and lower garters at the same time for an even bolder look. These garters add a unique touch to any outfit, whether it’s for a rebellious teenager or a dark and mysterious adult.

36. Sims 4 Gothic Unisex Earrings CC – Wistful Castle

sims 4 gothic earrings cc

My latest Valentine’s Day CC finds for gothic sims! These small but fierce earrings from Wistful Castle are perfect for both male and female Simmies who love to embrace the dark side.

With 5 different swatches, you can mix and match these black heart earrings with any outfit to add a touch of gothic flair. 🖤

37. Sims 4 Spiked Heels CC – Madlen

sims 4 spiked heels cc
  • Public Release: June 18th, 2024

Madlen’s Spiked Heels CC brings a fierce and fashionable twist to your Sims footwear collection.

Available in 8 bold colors, these high heels feature striking spikes and chic buckles, perfect for adding a touch of punk rock flair to any outfit.

Whether your Sim is hitting the town or making a statement at a party, these shoes ensure they stand out with edgy elegance. Time to strut your stuff with confidence!

In conclusion, these Sims 4 Gothic CC items are my top picks for creating a unique and edgy look for your Sims.

From realistic wire tights to bold makeup looks, you can now fully embrace the gothic aesthetic in your game. With these CC items, your Sims will be ready to turn heads and make a statement wherever they go.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and follow me on Tumblr and Pinterest for more Sims 4 content! Happy Simming!

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