27+ Stunning Sims 4 Infant Eyes CC (Free To Download)

Are you looking for the perfect Sims 4 infant eyes to give your little Sims the perfect look? Here you’ll find the absolute best CC infant eyes, from default to non-default, heterochromia, maxis match, and more—all free to download!

Just like in real life, infants are a part of the Sims 4 community! And while they may be small, they still need to look their best.

If you’re looking for the perfect infant eyes to give your little Sims the perfect look, you’ve come to the right place!

I have a list of 27+ stunning Sims 4 Infant Eyes CC that are free to download—no matter if you’re looking for maxis match, heterochromia, realistic, contacts, defaults, or non-defaults, you’ll find it here!

Plus, these infants’ eyes have lots of eye colors to choose from, so you can customize your Sim however you please. So don’t wait any longer and give your little Sim the amazing look it deserves!

BTW, if you’re interested in my best list of Sims 4 eye-related custom content, then please check out the list below.

This post is all about the best Sims 4 infant eyes.

Best Sims 4 Infant Eyes

1. Aqua Trigger Sims 4 Infant Eyes – Missrubybird

sims 4 infant eyes cc

I was amazed to find out that there are many different aqua trigger eye options for infant Sims. Whether you are looking for the default or non-default version, these eyes will give your infant Sims an amazing look and make them even cuter.

My favorite is the slit pupil version of the Aqua Trigger Eyes found in the Skin Detail Version. They look so beautiful on my infant Sims, and they make them look even more adorable!

2. Sims 4 Infant Clarity Eyes – Noodlescc

the sims 4 infant eyes

Whoa! Now your infant Sims can have beautiful, clarity eyes in all the varieties, from bright and vibrant defaults to softer sorbet non-defaults, or even some wild alien eyes!

The vibrant defaults are a great way to give your infant Sims an eye-catching look. The sorbets non-defaults provide a softer look. Your infant Sims can now look as amazing as they should. How exciting!

3. Sims 4 Infant Comet and Faded Eyes – Twistedcat

sims 4 infant eyes custom content

One of my favorite eyes in Sims 4 is the Comet Eye and Faded Eyeset. It’s vibrant and can be used to create a truly unique look for your Sims.

I love how the shimmering, vivid colors of the comet eyes can be used to create bold and beautiful looks. The Faded Eye Set is great for a more subtle look while still providing plenty of color options.

No matter what your aesthetic, these eyes will be sure to make your Sims stand out from the crowd!

4. Sims 4 Infant Eyes CC Pack – Pralinesims

sims 4 infant eyes cc pack

Yayyy! With the Sims 4 Infant Eyes CC Pack, you can really give your infant sims realistic and detailed eyes!

Choose from a variety of eye colors, ranging from brown and blue to more exotic colors such as yellow and green. You can also add depth to your sims’ eyes with more than 20 eyes cc, like sparkles, stars, and swirls.

If you’ve ever wanted to give your sim a unique look with Heterochromia eyes, this pack has you covered. I highly recommend this eye pack—your infant Sims will look even more adorable and realistic with all the eye options!

5. Daydreamin Sims 4 Infant Eyes – Reticulates

sims 4 cc

These eye colors for your infant Sims are sure to take you on an exciting journey into the world of creation! With 18 default ea colors and 16 non-default colors, you can make your Sims look unique and adorable!

Plus, all 34 colors of the eye can be used as face paint! Imagine the possibilities – your Sims will look incredibly cute with these eye colors! 

6. Aveira Sims 4 Infant Maxis Match Eyes – Rheallsim

sims 4 infant eyes maxis match

With the Sims 4 Infant Felicity Eyes, you can give your Sim a real-life look with realistic details like sclera and contacts.

The eyes are available in a range of default and non-default colors, so you can give your Sim the exact look they desire. I love the options like heterochromia and contacts.

These details really bring my Sims to life! Plus, they work on infants all the way up to elders, so your Sims can maintain their unique style as they age.

7. Lora Sims 4 Infant Default Eyes – MSQSIMS

sims 4 infant default eyes

Do you want to give your Sims a natural look? These Infant Default Eyes are the answer! With a wide selection of 18 EA Colors, you can create the perfect look for your Sims.

From dark brown to light blue, these eyes will make your Sims come alive!

I absolutely adore how these eyes make my Sims look so realistic. The details on the irises are amazing and really take your Sim’s face to the next level.

The best part is that these eyes are Maxis Match and base game compatible, so you can customize your Sims without worrying about issues.

8. Helianthea’s Super Bland Comic Sims 4 Infant Eyes – Joliebean

sims 4 default eyes

Have you ever wanted to give your Sims a realistic makeover? Now, with Helianthea’s Super Bland Comic Eyes, you can! I love how these infants’ eyes give a unique and fresh look to my Sims.

The Super Bland Comic Eyes come with both default replacements and non-defaults, so you can choose between natural colors and unnatural colors for your Sims.

Just imagine how your Sims would look with these vibrant and unique eye colors!

9. Sims 4 Infant Default and Non-Default Versions – Northern Siberia Winds

sims 4 infant non-default eyes

OMGG!!! These eye colors are absolutely stunning! I’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect eye color for my Sims again!

With 18 default colors and 35 non-default colors, there are endless possibilities for creating the perfect look for your Sims.

Your infant Sims can have a sweet, innocent look with baby blues or browns, or you can give them an edgier, more mature look with vibrant green or purple eyes.

There’s something for every taste and style when it comes to the Sims 4 Infant Eyes selection!

10. Squea’s Dynastid Default Sims 4 Infant Eyes – Aridridge

the sims 4 infant eyes custom content
sims 4 infants eyes

Yes, now you can give your Sims that extra bit of realism with Squea’s Dynastid Default Sims 4 Infant Eyes! With this amazing set of colors, you can give your Sims the perfect eye color for any occasion.

I really love the mermaid and werewolf eyes – they look so realistic! And the alien eye colors give your Sims a truly unique look.

And best of all, it’s the default replacement for the base game eyes, so you can customize every single Sim in your world with these!

11. Sims 4 Adore Eyes for Infants – Simcelebrity00

the sims 4 infant eyes cc

Such a stunningly realistic set of eyes is perfect for those wanting to give their Sims a unique and eye-catching look.

These adorable infant eyes are sure to make your Sims stand out from the crowd. With 18 available eye swatches, ranging from a light, fresh green to a deep brown, there is something to suit every Sim.

And with a Maxis Match, they look so realistic that it’s almost like your Sim is a real person.

12. Sims 4 Eclipse Infant Eyes CC – Oydis

sims 4 infant cc eyes

The name “Eclipse Eyes” says it all! It’s the perfect combination of a darker center encased by a lighter ring. These eyes are sure to make your infant Sims stand out from the crowd!

Not only that, but they are also base-game compatible, so anyone can enjoy them. With eighteen EA colors plus sixteen additional Eos iridescent, you can find the perfect shade for your Sims.

I love that there are both default and non-default versions available.

13. Dolce V2 Sims 4 Infant Default Eyes – Wrixie

sims 4 infant default eye replacement

How could a simple change bring your infants to life? With DOLCE V2 INFANT eyes, you can give your Sims 4 babies a unique and realistic look.

These default eye replacements come in 19 swatches of Maxis Match colors, so your infant Sims look completely natural.

I also love that this mod includes heterochromia, so your babies can have that really cool two-colored eye look.

14. Soulmate Sims 4 Infant Eyes – Oatberrytea

the sims 4 infant cc eyes

Oh wow! This Sims 4 infant soulmate eye makes the tiniest of Sims look even more amazing. With their big, round eyes and incredible colors, these eyes bring life to your baby Sims!

With each eye pack containing several variations, you can mix and match them for an infinite combination of looks.

My infant Tom Sim looks so cute and adorable with his soulmate eyes in the Alien pack.

I love how they stand out from his other features with their bright, intense colors. Just try it on your baby Sim, and you won’t be disappointed!

15. Aoifae’s Delicate Sims 4 Infant Eye Recolors – Aoifae

sims 4 infants cc eyes

So, you are looking for a special touch for your tiny Sims? Look no further than Aoifae’s delicate eye recolors for the Sims 4! With this updated version, you can now add a touch of sweetness to your infant Sims.

The default recolors are enabled for all ages. When I saw these eyes on my infant Sims, it was just too cute for words! They had an almost magical sparkle in the glow of their innocence.

Are you looking for more Sims 4 infant CC lists to quickly fill up your game? Then check out the links below!

16. NB11 Sims 4 Infant Eyes – MSQSIMS

sims 4 cc eyes

Omg, these infant eyes for the Sims 4 are absolutely extraordinary! They have an incredibly unique shine, like two tiny diamonds in your Sim’s eyes.

It’s a must-have for any Sims fan, and the best part is that it can be used by all genders and ages. With 15 different colors to choose from, you can customize your Sim’s look even further with this eye type.

I tried it out, and I can honestly say that it looks so good!

17. Sims 4 Infant Eye and Head Size Slider – Marso

sims 4 infant eye slider

The Sims 4 Infant Eye and Head Size Slider make the eyes of your infant Sim look bigger, and their head size can be adjusted too!

It looks really cool, and you can have lots of fun playing with it! I’m sure you’ll love the new look it gives your infant Sim. You can have them look like an anime character, a cartoon character, or even a real-life baby!

18. Cmescapade’s Sims 4 Infant Eyes

the sims 4 infant eyes cc pack

This set of eyes is perfect for all your custom sim needs! The “Three Ring Circus” and “Lie to Me” eyes provide your Sims with both default and non-default options for an expansive range of eye colors and looks.

Even Heterochromia eyes are included! So no matter what look you are going for, this infant eye CC pack has you covered.

You can mix and match the EA colors, extra color variants, blind swatches, and even alien and vampire eye replacements to create incredibly detailed and unique Sims.

19. Luz V2 Sims 4 Infant Eyes CC – Simandy

sims 4 infant eyes cc folder

I know you’ve been looking for something special to make your Sims look unique and special. Look no further, because the Luz Sims 4 Infant Eyes are here to give your Sims a brand-new look!

Not only do they feature a default version for humans, aliens, vampires, dogs, cats, mermaids, werewolves, and more, but they also come with an exciting heterochromia eye option. Plus, it’s available for all ages!

20. NB20 Sims 4 Infant Eyes – MSQSIMS

the sims 4 infant eyes maxis match

Of course, you want your Sims to look their best! Now, you can do just that with the all-new Infant Eyes in The Sims 4.

With thirty vibrant colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a look that is unique and perfect for your Sims. Whether you’re creating a baby, a teen, an elder, or any age in between, these eyes give your Sim the sharp and striking look they deserve.

From the crystalline blues to the brilliant greens, these eyes are sure to stand out!

21. Whisper Sims 4 Infant Maxis Match Eyes – Dangerouslyfreejellyfish

sims 4 infant maxis match eyes

Ommgg, whisper eyes in Sims infant is finally here! Now your babies’ eyes can be as gorgeous as the adults. includes defaults, non-defaults, and contacts.

I’m so excited to see that Maxis Match Eyes is available for infants, as it’s one of my favorite eyes for all my Sims.

I’ve already tested it out on some infants, and it worked perfectly! I’m loving how cute and gorgeous they look on them.

22. Jo Sims 4 Infant Eyes Set – Nintensims

sims 4 infant eyes set

These Sims 4 infant eyes are such a great addition to the game!

With defaults, non-defaults, contacts, and heterochromia you can now give your infant Sims a beautiful, expressive look. It’s so exciting that Maxis Match eyes are now available for infant Sims!

I can customize the look of my little ones with a wide range of eye styles, from bright blue to glossy black, that can give them a unique, eye-catching look.

23. Sims 4 Infant Eyes Pack – Dangerouslyfreejellyfish

sims 4 infant eyes pack

Look no further than the Sims 4 Infant Eyes Pack from dangerouslyfreejellyfish! This amazing pack comes with 10 different eye sets for your infant Sims, featuring both default and non-default options.

My Sims can now have contacts, heterochromia eyes, and even alien, vampire, or mermaid’s eyes! Plus, the eye colors included in this pack are totally vibrant.

I personally tested each and every one of them in this pack, and they are truly stunning.

24. Dazzling Light Sims 4 Infant Maxis Match Eyes – Pralinesims

sims 4 maxis match eyes

Let’s keep the excitement going! With Pralinesims’ Sims 4 Infant Eyes, your little Sim babies will be sure to look adorably gorgeous.

Each eye comes in 18 different colors that are perfect for any Sim, young or old, male or female.

What’s even more exciting is that each eye includes its own default, non-default, facepaint version, and heterochromia version, allowing you to mix and match the eyes according to your creative vision.

The baby Sim’s eyes will be sure to sparkle and glisten like a magical crystal ball, adding that extra touch of realism to your Sims.

25. Sims 4 Infant Eye Color CC – MSQSIMS

sims 4 infant eye color cc

With MSQSIMS’ Sims 4 Infant Eyes, you can add a unique and special look to your baby Sims! These eyes are based on animal eye designs, giving them worldly charm.

They come in 15 different colors and can be used for both female and male Sims from infancy all the way to their elder years.

My Sims look so much more animated with these eyes, and I can’t get enough of how adorable their expressions become.

26. Beetle Sims 4 Infant Eyes – Squea

the sims 4 infant

These beautiful eyes provide a captivating, enigmatic energy that really enhances the personality of any Sim.

They make an ideal choice for replacing default eyes, as they have been carefully tested and their non-default, heterochromia, and face paint variations are not available for infants!

27. Plumbheadsims Sims 4 Infant Delicate Eyes – Snowiii95

sims 4 infant eyes update

Thank you, snowiii95, for these gorgeous infant delicate default eyes! They give your Sims a mysterious, intense allure that is sure to captivate any onlookers.

The unique design and subtle details make any Sim stand out from the rest. With their versatile options, you can choose between default and heterochromia for a truly individualized look.

Watch as your Sim’s eyes sparkle with life and become the focus of attention.

28. Eyes On You Sims 4 Eyes for Infants – Maxis Match CC World

sims 4 eyes for infants

The default and non-default eyes are updated for the infant patch, so you can now add a unique style to your Sims of all ages and genders!

These glamorous eyes give off an enigmatic, mysterious vibe that adds a whole new level of personality and flair to your Sim.

There you have it—a comprehensive list of the best Sims 4 infant eyes CC available out there!

These amazing custom content pieces are all free to download, so don’t wait any longer and get your game looking even more stunning with these eye-catching designs.

And if you feel like I have missed your favorite infant eyes, let me know in the comments or tag me on Tumblr! Happy Simming 😍.

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