33+ Sims 4 Kitchen CC (You Should Not Miss)

Looking for the best Sims 4 kitchen CC? Look no further! With this ultimate list, you can find the perfect counters, appliances, cabinets, decor, and more to create the virtual kitchen of your dreams.

sims 4 kitchen cc

Who doesn’t love a great kitchen? With the right CC items, you can create an amazing Sims 4 kitchen that stands out from the rest. With this ultimate list, you can find all the must-have items for your perfect virtual kitchen.

From essential counters and cabinets to appliances and decor, everything you need to create your dream kitchen is right here.

Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something modern and UNIQUE, this list has everything you need for a complete kitchen CC folder.

Plus, most of the items included are Maxis Match, so they’ll fit seamlessly with your Sims 4 game.

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This post is all about the best Sims 4 Kitchen CC.

Best Sims 4 Kitchen CC

1. Chalk Sims 4 Kitchen CC Set – Charly Pancakes

sims 4 kitchen set

This Sims 4 kitchen CC set is one of my favorites! It features unique designs that will be sure to add a lot of charm and personality to your sim’s kitchen.

The set includes all the essentials, such as counters, cabinets, and islands, that can be customized with any of the 40 swatches offered. I’m personally a fan of the wooden swatch countertop, as it gives an elegant look to any kitchen.

2. Modern Sims 4 Kitchen CC Set – Hakrabr

sims 4 kitchen

With its many designs and patterns, you can customize your kitchen to match your Sims’ style. Whether it’s traditional or modern, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

The counter island and cabinet are perfect for storing away appliances, dishes, and other kitchen items while giving the room a stylish touch. The fridge and table plants add a homey feel to the room, while the wall paint gives it a pop of color.

This kitchen set is the perfect addition to your Sims 4 home.

3. A Pre-Atomic War Sims 4 Kitchen CC- Surely-Sims

sims 4 cool kitchen stuff

Sometimes it’s hard to feel a closeness with our homes in the Sims 4, but with this kitchen CC from Surely-Sims, you can have a pre-atomic war look in your home that is sure to give you and your Sims an exciting, unique experience.

The counters and cabinets are my favorite parts, as they are half decorated and come with cluttered pieces, perfect for customizing according to your own taste.

Plus, the cabinets, tiled walls, floors, and paneled walls offer so many options when it comes to colors.

The best part of this CC is the Nuka Cola, which gives it a unique Fallout 4-inspired touch.

4. Farmhouse – Style Sims 4 Kitchen CC – Myshunosun

sims 4 kitchen counters

If you’re looking to create the perfect home for your witch Sims, this kitchen CC is for you!

This set of 12 farmhouse-style kitchen items from Myshunosun includes a kitchen counter, cabinets, bar, plant, stacked plates, picnic basket, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, vials, drying herbs wall decor, mushroom basket, and jar.

Plus, each item comes with multiple swatches for endless possibilities—from classic whites and neutrals to bolder colors.

I personally LOVE the fluffy plant; it adds such an ethereal touch! Whether you are looking for a cozy farmhouse kitchen or something more modern and chic, this CC gives you plenty of options.

5. Sims 4 Modern Kitchen CC – Myshunosun

sims 4 modern kitchen

Look no further than Myshunosun for a modern kitchen CC that will bring your game to life. With vibrant colors and sleek designs, you can create the kitchen of your dreams with ease.

The cabinets complement each other perfectly, and the countertops come in a range of colors to suit any style. Plus, the bar stool completes the scene with its wood tones that blend in perfectly.

So if you’re looking for a Sims 4 modern kitchen CC, Myshunosun has you covered.

6. Sims 4 Random Kitchen Clutter CC

sims 4 kitchen custom content
by Wirefiish
sims 4 kitchen clutter cc
by Leaf-Motif

Wow, look how these wonderful items can add a vintage and classic touch to your Sims 4 kitchen!

Who doesn’t love some cozy decor? Whether you’re going for a modern farmhouse look or vintage vibes, this set will be the PERFECT addition to your Sims home.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they will also make your Sims’ kitchen a more functional space.

7. Sims 4 Cottagecore Kitchen CC – Lilacdreamers

sims 4 kitchen counters cc
sims 4 kitchen appliances

Omg! What more can you ask for? This set is a must-have if you’re looking to give your Sim’s kitchen an adorable cottage-style makeover.

With 26 amazing items, your Sims will be cooking up some tasty dishes in style. And they can sit on counters (functional) while doing it! Even the cabinets are functional storage boxes.

And my favorite part is the cute clutter—from the strawberry cooking pot to the house-shaped teapot, your kitchen will look absolutely amazing.

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8. Sims 4 Kitchen Wall & Floor Tiles CC – Charly Pancakes

sims 4 kitchen designs
sims 4 tiles cc

Every home needs a properly designed kitchen for the Sims to cook up something delicious. With Charly Pancakes’ new Sims 4 Kitchen CC, you can create an amazing, custom kitchen experience for your sims!

This CC comes with a variety of wall and floor tiles, each with 80 different swatches, so you can mix and match to create the perfect kitchen design. There’s never been an easier way to create a unique, stylish kitchen than with your Sims!

Plus, these tiles are perfect for any other room in your home too, so don’t forget to give your bathroom a new, modern look!

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9. Sims 4 Farmhouse Kitchen CC Pack – SIXAM CC

sims 4 farmhouse kitchen cc

Hold on to your hats (or aprons!), because I’ve found the perfect kitchen CC pack for your Sims 4 farmhouse!

This classic-style kitchen from SIXAM CC is base-game compatible and includes two different styles of islands for a mixed custom design.

It also comes with 36 items, a custom island, and a special object—playable dinnerware! (This requires the Parenthood Game Pack to work.)

Plus, there’s the added bonus of a backsplash to complete the look. Let me tell you, I was beyond ecstatic when I first saw this kitchen CC; it was love at first sight.

10. Devon Sims 4 Kitchen CC – Leaf-Motif

sims 4 maxis match kitchen

This Maxis Match kitchen CC set is the perfect way to bring a classic, timeless style to your Sims home.

The pack contains fourteen different meshes in multiple colors and options. I love the tiled countertops for their texture and pattern, as well as the lofty arches for a touch of Greek flair.

The set also contains a full set of fancy dishes that will complete any kitchen build.

11. Rutland Sims 4 Kitchen CC Pack – S-imagination

sims 4 kitchen cc pack

This Sims 4 kitchen CC pack is perfect for those who love contemporary style with a modern approach.

It contains 27 items, from marble-top counters with doors and drawers to wood-top cabinets, stoves, shelves, kitchen rails, kitchenware, and more. It also comes with decorative pots, skillets, kitchen hoods, and even a bar stool!

I absolutely love how detailed each item in this set is and how it makes my kitchen look so chic and stylish. Each kitchen appliance included in the CC pack is perfect for adding a modern touch to your Sims home.

12. Sims 4 Baker’s Kitchen CC Collection – Valiasims

kitchen cc

13. Florence Sims 4 Kitchen CC Set – Felixandre

sims 4 outdoor kitchen

I know your Sim will love it! So why don’t you check out this amazing set and make your Sims 4 modern kitchen come alive?

The set includes counters, islands, appliances, cabinets, backsplashes, shelves in wood, painted metal, a matching terrazzo floor with a mosaic rug, and a machinetta clutter object.

It’s the perfect way to upgrade your Sims 4 kitchen and take it into a modern age of luxury.

My personal favorite element of the set is the appliances; they all slot into the counters, even the stove, giving your kitchen a seamless and clean look.

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14. Sims 4 Modern Kitchen CC Stuff Pack – Littledica

sims 4 modern kitchen cc

Basically, this amazing collection of custom content includes 45 build items that will allow you to craft the perfect modern kitchen for your Sims 4 game.

With TONS of stylish and modern appliances, walls, floors, furniture, and decorative items to choose from, you can create a kitchen that looks exactly how you want it to, from sleek and modern to cozy and inviting.

Not to mention the functional items like the dishwasher and stove that will make it easy to keep your kitchen clean and functional.

This kitchen CC is perfect for anyone looking to give their Sims the ultimate modern and stylish kitchen!

15. Sims 4 Bright Cheap Kitchen CC – Leaf-Motif

sims 4 kitchen cc folder

When you have this set in your CC folder, you will be amazed at how it can completely transform the look of your kitchen. The sleek and stylish design is perfect for any modern home.

The colors are vibrant and eye-catching, while the materials used provide a vintage feel that will never go out of style.

Whether your Sims is having an informal dinner with friends or a fancy brunch, you’ll be sure to impress with your Sims 4 bright kitchen CC.

16. Sims 4 Kitchen Appliances CC – Machaa Sims

the sims 4 kitchen cc

Who doesn’t love a sleek and stylish kitchen? I know I do, and recently, I got my hands on the Sims 4 Kitchen Appliances CC from Machaa Sims. It has everything you need to give your kitchen a modern and stylish upgrade.

The CC includes a coffee machine, grinder, microwave, espresso machine, mini-fridge, and fridge. It adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, which I just love.

The colors are perfect, and the textures are super realistic, making it look just like a real-life kitchen!

17. Sims 4 Kitchen CC Maxis Match – Harrie

sims 4 kitchen cc collection

Let’s be honest, nothing can be more satisfying than walking into your own kitchen and seeing sleek and stylish Sims 4 kitchen appliances.

The Sims 4 Kitchen CC Maxis Match from Harrie adds just the right level of sophistication and vibrancy you need to make it feel like home! I’ve used this game since it first came out, and I continue to be thrilled with the results.

With 56 items and 64 swatch options to choose from, you can find the perfect piece for any kitchen style—from modern to industrial, retro, traditional, and more.

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18. Sims 4 Aesthetic Kitchen CC – Aira

sims 4 aesthetic cc

Omg, such a cute and stylish kitchen aesthetic is now available in the Sims 4! These airy, sleek kitchen appliances are perfect for any home.

You can choose from 27 items, including hot pot decor, food bowl decor, coffee machine decor, and more. With 8–11 swatches in each item, you can keep it classic or go a bit trendier.

You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to add some sophisticated style and luxury to your Sims 4 kitchen!

Plus, some of the items require Cats & Dogs and Snowy Escape expansions, so you’ll have more options to choose from.

19. Essa Sims 4 Modern Kitchen CC Set – Peacemaker-ic

sims 4 family kitchen cc

If you are looking for open cabinets and a sleek kitchen, then the Essa Sims 4 Modern Kitchen Set is perfect for your needs! It is stylish and modern, featuring an open cabinet and a large all-glass pendant with both opaque and clear glass options.

The cabinet options are seamless except for a pantry and half-height style with end caps. The set includes 14 objects altogether, such as a modern farmhouse sink, a globe pendant, and more.

You’ll be buzzing with excitement over this stylish set that you can use to decorate your dream kitchen!

20. Sims 4 Industrial Kitchen CC – Myshunosun

sims 4 kitchen custom content

These modular kitchen pieces are perfect for upgrading your industrial house in The Sims 4. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing kitchen or build a brand new one, these items provide lots of options and exciting details to choose from!

The modular counters, cabinets, islands, and nooks can be customized to make your kitchen perfect for your needs.

I love the industrial light fixtures for adding a modern touch and that you can choose the color to match your decor.

21. Sims 4 Kitchen Decor CC – Who Is Sage

sims 4 kitchen decor
sims 4 kitchen decor cc

Now, give your Sims 4 kitchen the best look and feel of modern living with this collection.

With everything from wooden shelves to rugs and prints to cooking books, your kitchen will be unique and stylish. When I first used these pieces in my own build, I was amazed by the detail and quality of each item.

The wooden shelves, which come in five different colors, were perfect for my sim’s modern kitchen.

I highly recommend this collection for anyone who wants to give their kitchen a beautiful, upscale, and unique look.

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22. Grove Sims 4 Kitchen CC Set – Felixandre

the sims 4 kitchen

You can create a lovely Mediterranean-inspired kitchen with counters and an island, shelves, decorations, tables with blankets, ceiling lights, a flagstone floor, and much more!

I mean, this is an incredible set to have in your game. With eight kitchen clutter items, including plates, bowls, cups, a casserole, and a tajine with lemons, you can really customize your kitchen to have a unique look.

Overall, it’s a truly unique set for your Sims 4 game, so don’t miss this great set out for anyone looking!

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23. Retro Remix Sims 4 Kitchen Clutter CC – Leaf- Motif

the sims 4 kitchen appliances
the sims 4 kitchen clutter cc

How great would it be if you could have a splash of color to bring life to your Sims’ house? Leaf Motif’s CC is a great option when you want your home to be bright and cheerful.

Retro Remix Sims 4 Kitchen Clutter has an amazing collection of vintage-style items in a mix of colors. The collection includes jars, pots, bowls, a casserole dish, a butter keeper, and even a ceramic egg saver.

Plus, they’re all base-game compatible. So make sure to check it out and add some charm to your sim’s home.

24. Sims 4 Functional Kitchen CC – Aira

sims 4 base game kitchen

So your Sim can now cook and read in a cozy, warm kitchen with this functional kitchen set.

It comes with a rice cooker and a coffee machine, giving your Sims the perfect kitchen to create amazing dishes and snacks!

You can also decorate it with matching decor pieces, like cute teapots and mugs. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully before you download it.

25. Sims 4 Small Spaces Pantry CC – SIXAM CC

sims 4 pantry cc

To fulfill your kitchen needs, I recommend checking out the incredible Sims 4 Small Spaces Pantry CC from SIXAM.

This incredible CC is compatible with the base game and comes with an outstanding 46 new items to spruce up your kitchen or pantry! Not only do you get three pantry shelf designs, but also a brand new barn door and cart!

To make your kitchen functional and complete, it comes with pantry clutter and a functional mixer. It’s the perfect way to customize your kitchen in a unique and special way.

26. Chateau Sims 4 Kitchen CC – Felixandre

kitchen cc

This unique CC set contains everything you need to create a stunning, chic kitchen, from the bigger pieces like counters and appliances to the smaller details such as porcelain, baskets, and veggie containers.

I really love the attention to detail; you can even find a beautiful baguette and cheese board, perfect for any French-style kitchen!

Not only are the pieces of this CC set visually pleasing, but they also provide plenty of options for your gameplay. Overall, this CC set is perfect for adding a touch of classical elegance to your Sims 4 kitchen. Be sure to check it out on July 4th and create your dream kitchen!

26. Sims 4 Simple Live Kitchen Clutter CC – Joyceisfox

the sims 4 kitchen clutter cc

I know that you will love the look of these items in your kitchen as much as I do. Not only did Joyceisfox add a Taylor wall clock, but she also included some awesomely designed tea canisters and a coffee pot!

And if that wasn’t enough, she included an electric stovetop, a bread maker, and even more kitchen appliances! Plus, the colors are so vibrant that they will make any Sim’s house look brand new.

The Clutter CC also features some lovely decorations like candelabras, coffee mugs, and vases. All of the items look like they could have come straight from an antique store!

27. Tiny Sims 4 Kitchen CC Pack – SIXAM CC

the sims 4 kitchen cc pack

Sometimes, the standard kitchen objects in The Sims 4 can feel a bit too big and overwhelming for your mini-Sims.

But with this Tiny Sims 4 Kitchen CC pack, your little ones can have a kitchen of their own that is just the right size for them. Actually, this pack reminds us of our childhood memories of playing with miniature kitchen sets and pretending to cook up a storm.

Now, your Sims kids can have that same experience in the game! And not just any ordinary kitchen, but a beautifully designed and functional one too.

28. Retro Vintage Sims 4 Kitchen CC Pack – KKB

sims 4 kitchen maxis match cc pack

Omg, look at this AMAZING new retro vintage Sims 4 kitchen CC Pack! It’s the perfect addition to your game for those who love all things retro and vintage. This set is a must-have for anyone who wants to add some nostalgia and charm to their Sims’ kitchen.

The set is designed with a touch of autumn inspiration, making it perfect for the cozy season. And the best part? It’s a Maxis Match, so it seamlessly blends in with the original game content.

29. Essential Sims 4 Kitchen Clutter CC – Pinkbox Anye

best sims 4 kitchen cc

30. Pantry Party Sims 4 Kitchen CC – Pierisim

sims 4 kitchen pantry cc

Exactly what I needed for my Sims 4 kitchen! This CC set has added so much charm and personality to my Sims’ pantry.

I love how it includes a variety of shelves and storage options, making it easy to organize all of their food and kitchen essentials. And the chest freezer and cleaning items are such a fun touch! It brings a realistic feel to their kitchen.

I love this Sims 4 kitchen clutter CC, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to level up their Sim’s kitchen game! 🍴🍽️👩‍🍳

31. Hinterlands Kitchen CC Set – Peacemaker-ic

kitchen cc maxis match sims 4

Omg! Look at the options Hinterlands Kitchen CC Set has for your sims’ cooking spaces! I mean, who doesn’t love a good country kitchen aesthetic? With 32 new items at your disposal, you can create the perfect cozy and rustic vibe for your Sims.

But wait, there’s more! Not only do you get beautiful cabinetry and countertops, but also functional items like stackable dinner plates and a clickable cookbook for your sims to whip up delicious meals.

My personal favorite is the plaster range hood, which can even be resized for a smaller size. How convenient! 🔥 Just try not to burn anything while cooking with it.

32. Sims 4 Mandel Kitchen CC – Myshunosun

best kitchen cc sims 4

Another amazing Kitchen CC pack by Myshunosun! 😍

The Mandel Kitchen is perfect for your Sims, who love modern and sleek designs in their homes. This pack includes 8 items, with a variety of swatches to choose from that will surely match any kitchen theme your Sims desires.

I personally love the cabinet, giving my Sims plenty of options to mix and match. And the island, oh boy! It’s such a statement piece with its clean lines and beautiful swatches. Not a single dull color in sight!

Each item is crafted with such attention to detail, from the realistic pegboard to the stack of plates that looks good enough to eat off of.

33. Sims 4 Kitchen Appliances CC Collection – bbygyal123

kitchen cc sims 4

Nothing completes a kitchen like some stylish and functional appliances, am I right? 🍴🍳

And let’s be real: who doesn’t love a good recolor to match their aesthetic? ✨

That’s why I’m incredibly excited to introduce the Sims 4 Kitchen Appliances CC.

This collection includes a total of 11 items, all fully functional and ready to elevate your Sims’ cooking game.

I’ve personally tested each and every one of them (because I’m a bit of a kitchen appliance hoarder, shh 🤫) and can confirm that they behave just like their base game counterparts.

34. Sims 4 Kitchen Stuff CC – Hydrangea

sims 4 kitchen stuff cc
best sims 4 kitchen

35. Sims 4 Country Kitchen CC Set – Kerrigan House Designs

sims 4 country kitchen cc set

36. Sims 4 Indonis Kitchen CC Pack – Heybrine

best kitchen sims 4 cc

Indonis Kitchen Pack – Whipped up a feast in this kitchen, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer! With 15 items oozing Southeast Asian charm, it transforms your Sim’s cooking space into a rattan-wrapped slice of paradise.

Choose from 17 wood tones and 5 countertop colors; it’s like a buffet of style! And yes, the farm sink and woodsy fridge? Chef’s kiss! 🍳

37. Sims 4 Nostalgia Kirchen CC – Awingedllama

maxis match kitchen cc

Transform your kitchen into a cozy blast from the past with the Nostalgia Kitchen CC pack.

Featuring well-loved vintage cupboards, an old oven nestled in a quaint nook, and a classic washing-up sink.

Don’t miss the ‘Crushed or Cubed Fridge’ where Sims can grab a glass of water and check the functional calendar for the day’s tasks.

38. Bake a Pie Sims 4 Kitchen Clutter CC – MOMO-CC

best sims 4 kitchen decor cc

Step into a slice of cozy with the “Bake a Pie” Kitchen Clutter CC by MOMO-CC. Imagine your Sims rolling out dough on a sunny Sunday morning, the room filled with the scent of citrus and spices.

This clutter pack doesn’t just add realism; it sprinkles a pinch of joy onto every kitchen counter. Perfect for the Sim who loves a detailed touch in their storytelling!

As a simmer who adores adding a touch of sweetness to my virtual kitchen, I can’t recommend these Kitchen Stuff CC items enough! 🍳

Not only are they functional, but they also come in the cutest designs that make my heart melt. 💕

From a Kawaii Snow Cone Machine to a stand mixer kitchen aid, these items are perfect for any kitchen theme. Plus, they are all available for free except for the kitchen aid, coffee maker, and induction cooktop, which are behind the paywall.

This post was all about the best Sims 4 kitchen CC.

There you have it: 29+ of the best Sims 4 Kitchen custom content that you should not miss! Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen appliance or furniture to spruce up your Sim’s home, these CC pieces are sure to make an impact.

From modern appliances and sinks to rustic dining sets and vintage fridges, there is something for everyone here. So if you want some fresh ideas on how to customize your Sims 4 kitchen with custom content, then this list will definitely come in handy.

And don’t forget to tag me @freegamingideas on Tumblr so I can see what amazing creations you’ve made with the help of this guide! Happy Simming!😍

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