37+ Amazing Sims 4 Bedroom CC (Updated!)

Are you looking to upgrade your Sims 4 bedroom game? Here are stunning Sims 4 bedroom CC to quickly fill your CC folder with the best bed CC, ideas, and decor!

sims 4 bedroom cc

Honestly, bedroom decorating is one of the most fun things to do when it comes to Sims 4. With thousands of Sims 4 Bedroom CC available out there, it’s hard to know which ones are the BEST Sims 4 Bedroom sets to download.

That’s why I’ve compiled an extensive list of the top Sims 4 beds, clutter, and decor ideas. You’ll find that each of these CC pieces is sure to bring your Sims 4 bedroom to life.

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So let’s get started! Here are all the Sims 4 bedroom CC to create your dream home.

Best Sims 4 Bedroom CC

1. Eliza Sims 4 Bedroom CC – Taurus Design

sims 4 bedroom

Ayyy! I’m so excited to finally share this new set with you. This bedroom mod is perfect for those who want to create their own unique bedroom style. You’ll have a great selection of 57 items to choose from to create your dream bedroom.

What I love the most is the canopy. You can have it hang from the ceiling, and you can even add a TV projector for watching movies in bed! You can also find different headboards, LED lights, and a sunken fountain for extra coziness.

I highly recommend this bedroom set for anyone looking to create a space that’s unique and inspiring.

2. Bastvik Sims 4 Bedroom CC – Myshunosun

sims 4 bedroom cc maxis match

What better way to make your Sims bedroom exciting than with Myshunosun’s Sims 4 Bedroom CC? From the double and single bed frames and mattresses to the toddler bed frame and mattress, this set has something for every age group!

Not only that, but you can also download a nightstand and dresser from the Bastvik bedroom set. You can even find functional vanity tables and patched stools in this set that are compatible with the latest update.

I have personally had a blast dressing up the bedrooms of my Sims with these great pieces, and I’m sure you will too!

Plus, all of the pieces are Maxis Match, so they’ll fit right in with any room.

3. Stylish Wood Sims 4 Bedroom Set – SIXAM CC

sims 4 bedroom cc download

I really love wooden furniture in my home, so when I discovered this Sims 4 Bedroom Set from SIXAM CC, I was ecstatic! This amazing CC pack features 26 items, making it perfect for creating a stylish and comfortable bedroom.

From the double bed mattress to the single bed frame and from the wall lamp to the rug, the variety of items included is great for any sim’s bedroom.

Plus, there are some special items like a functional vanity table, a functional mirror for the vanity desk, and more. What’s more, the wood design of this bedroom set helps to give it a cozy and inviting look.

4. Bertilo Sims 4 Bedroom Set – Madlen

sims 4 bedroom cc folder

Sometimes, your sims need that extra something to make their bedroom feel complete. Madlen’s Bertilo Sims 4 Bedroom Set is the perfect addition to your sim’s bedroom!

From the office chair to the desk, bed, and more, you can give your sims the bedroom of their dreams. My favorite part of this set is the cozy feel it brings to the room.

The contemporary design of the pieces creates a modern yet natural look that will make your sim’s bedroom feel like home.

5. Sims 4 Toddler Bed CC – Pink Baddie

sims 4 toddler bed cc

Let’s keep your toddler’s room looking stylish and cozy! This Sims 4 Boho Toddler Bed is the perfect mix of fun and functionality.

The frame itself has a unique shape that adds to the charm of the room and is adorned with a bright array of colors and textures.

The bed also comes with a cozy blanket that is functional. Your little one will love falling asleep and waking up to this vibrant piece!

6. Sims 4 Modern Bedroom CC – Myshunosun

sims 4 modern bedroom cc

Exactly what you need to give your sims a cozy and modern bedroom! This Sims 4 Modern Bedroom CC by Myshunosun has everything from a sleek bedframe to a mattress with different swatches to match any color scheme.

From end tables and mirrors to desks and desk chairs, your sims can now have the perfect bedroom for any occasion. And to top it off, you can add a pendant light to give your bedroom that extra special touch.

I really screamed when I saw the variety of swatches and sizes for each item!

7. Baysic Sims 4 Bedroom CC – Felixandre

sims 4 aesthetic bedroom cc

Just imagine how amazing your Sims 4 bedroom could look with this creative bedroom CC!

With the Felixandre Packs Wardrobe System, you can create a built-in wardrobe that fits your room perfectly and comes in a variety of colors.

Plus, bed frames and cozy bedding come in matching sets for single, double, and toddler beds. Now you can truly customize the bedroom of your Sims’ dreams!

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8. Cozy Sims 4 Bedding CC – Caio

sims 4 bedding cc

If you’re looking for a simple yet modern and unique bedroom for your Sims 4 game, look no further! This beautiful CC from Caio is the perfect solution!

The double bed, dresser, nightstand, and armchair pieces all come together to create a cozy bedroom setup for your Sims.

One of my favorite things about this CC is the cool color palette; it’s perfect for adding a splash of style and personality to your sim’s bedroom.

9. Sims 4 Murphy Bed CC – Awingedllama

sims 4 murphy bed

Awingedllama’s Murphy Bed CC is the ultimate solution for small-space living in The Sims 4.

Available in three swatches, this functional and stylish bed seamlessly folds away, giving your Sims more room to enjoy their day.

Whether it’s for a tiny apartment or a cozy guest room, this Murphy bed adds versatility and charm. Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to efficient living!

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10. Sims 4 Master Bedroom CC Pack – Max 20

sims 4 master bedroom cc

Obviously, we all know that the Sims 4 bedroom is the heart of your house, and you want it to be truly special.

Well, this fantastic CC will do the trick! With a stunning aquarium full of colorful fish and an armchair with a pillow, you will have a cozy and inviting room. The bedside lamp, table, ceiling and floor lamps, and more will add a touch of glamour to the room.

I love the curtains, especially the stealth ones that have both long and short options. So cool! 

11. Stefan’s Sims 4 Bedroom Set – Pierisim

bedroom cc maxis match sims 4

12. Sims 4 Kids Bedroom CC Pack – SIXAM CC

sims 4 kids bedroom cc

Now your kids can have their dream bedroom with the Sims 4 Kids Bedroom CC Pack, SIXAM CC! With 46 new items to choose from, including beds, mattresses, bassinets, and ceiling lights, you can create the perfect room for your little ones.

I especially love the Freezer Bunny Frame Bed, which is sure to be your kid’s new best friend!

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13. Sims 4 MCM Bedroom CC – Pierisim

sims 4 bedroom no cc

You’ll love this Sims 4 Bedroom CC by Pierisim. It’s the perfect way to give your Sim’s bedroom a modern, stylish upgrade. With 46 new items, it’s sure to bring a new look to any home.

The modular pieces, like the walking closet, accent storage, and fabric headboard, can be customized to fit any size room. Plus, the Extravaganza collection’s wigs are a great addition!

I always love adding a few clutter pieces to really bring the room together, and Pierisim’s special vases are just the thing to make your Sim’s bedroom feel truly unique. And the best part is that it’s all base-game compatible!

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14. Sims 4 Beds – Pink Baddie

Look at this modern and stylish Lilly bed! My absolute favorite—it’s perfect for giving your Sims’ bedroom an extra stylish edge. It fits perfectly in any modern or contemporary bedroom.

Plus, the Halloween pumpkin bed is unique and eye-catching, perfect for adding a touch of spooky vibes to your sims’ home.

I personally love the blanket and pillows; it adds an extra layer of authenticity to your sim’s bedroom.

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15. Sleepyhead Sims 4 Bedroom – Charly Pancakes

the sims 4 bed cc

Are you looking for a modern Sims 4 bedroom design that will add charm and character to your virtual home?

This bedroom is perfect! You’ll love the bright and exciting accent walls, as well as the carefully chosen custom content to complete the perfect look. It’s an adult bedroom that’s made to make your sim feel luxuriously comfortable.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about any complex furniture pieces—it all comes ready for you with the required CC objects.

16. Sims 4 Bedroom CC Collection – Harrie

sims 4 bedroom ideas

This bedroom CC collection from Harrie is the perfect way to make your Sims 4 home look and feel truly unique! With a range of different pieces, you can easily create the bedroom of your dreams.

If you are looking for a Sims 4 mattress CC, then you have come to the right place. The double mattress is a perfect addition for creating a cozy bedroom.

Plus, the double four-poster bed frame will add a touch of luxury to your Sims’ bedroom. Overall, your Sims will have the perfect bedroom setup for relaxing and recharging.

17. Sims 4 Urban Bedroom CC Pack – QICC

sims 4 bedroom cc pack

Have you ever wanted to create the perfect urban-style bedroom for your Sims? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the Sims 4 Urban Bedroom CC pack has you covered!

This pack features a variety of modern furniture pieces and decor items that will help bring your urban bedroom vision to life! With 50 different items to choose from, you can easily customize the look and feel of your sims’ bedrooms.

I’m sure your Sims will love the seven bedding swatches this pack offers.

18. Sims 4 Hotel Bedroom CC Pack – Sixam CC

sims 4 modern bedroom ideas

Sometimes, your Sims just need a change of scenery. Especially when you’re stuck in the same old bedroom for days on end, it’s time to spruce it up with something truly special!

With the Sim’s 4 Hotel Bedroom CC Pack from Sixam CC, you can transform your bedroom into a five-star hotel room with all the amenities. Especially with its base game-compatible items, you can customize your bedroom to the last detail.

My favorite features are the twin beds with functional bed decorations, the new carpet floors, and the mini bar and room service cart to make your bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel room.

19. Judith Walk-In Closet CC – Taurus Design

sims 4 closet
  • Public Release: May 22nd, 2024

Step into luxury with this impeccably designed walk-in closet CC.

Judith Walk-In Closet offers a meticulously organized space filled with stylish storage solutions for your Sim’s extensive wardrobe.

From elegantly displayed shoes and accessories to neatly hung dresses and suits, this custom content turns dressing up into a delightful experience. Perfect for fashionista Sims who loves to keep their style on point!

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20. Daria Sims 4 Bedroom CC – Myshunosun

sims 4 bedroom ideas base game

Wooow! Look at this amazing bedroom CC I found for you! The Daria Bedroom from Barbara Sims is the perfect addition to your Sims 4 house!

This set includes 11 items in total and over 100 swatches to customize the colors and patterns! The bedframe and bedding are my favorite pieces of this set; the double bed just looks so comfy.

And the double mattress is also a great choice with 18 swatches. You know your Sim will love it!

21. Sims 4 Goth Bedroom CC Pack – Sixam CC

sims 4 goth cc

Let’s make your Sim’s house look even more amazing with this Gothic Bedroom CC Pack from Sixam. With it, you can give a gothic, slightly modern twist to your sim’s bedroom.

From furniture pieces like the double bed and single bed, love seat, and more to decorative items like a fireplace, wall lamp, table lamp, and even skull sculptures.

You’ll be able to create your own unique interior design that your Sims will love.

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22. Forever Autumn Sims 4 Bedroom CC Set – Joyceisfox

best sims 4 beds cc

A serene bedroom collection that perfectly captures the essence of a peaceful autumn day.

With its classic black furniture contrasted by the soft, patterned linens, this set creates an oasis of calm for your Sims. It’s the ideal setting for a restful sleep or a lazy Sunday morning in bed.

23. Sims 4 Bedding CC Recolor – Awingedllama X Goldenwaves

sims 4 bedding cc recolor

Awingedllama and Goldenwaves team up to bring you delightful bedding recolors for your Sims’ bedrooms.

Featuring charming patterns from whimsical moons to cozy plaids, these bedding options add personality and comfort to any sleep space. Perfect for refreshing your Sims’ bedrooms with a touch of style and warmth.

Get ready to tuck your Sims into these dreamy covers!

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24. Calderone Sims 4 Bedroom CC Pack – Pierisim

sims 4 beddings

I absolutely love this Sims 4 Bedroom CC Pack. I feel like it brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to my Sims’ house.

The color palettes are stunning, and the matching swatches make it really easy to create a room that looks stylish and inviting. Plus, it includes all the base game items you need to create a complete bedroom.

25. Olivia Sims 4 Bedroom CC – Helenmay

best sims 4 beds

26. Tui Sims 4 Kids Bedroom CC – Kiwisim4

sims 4 kids furniture cc

Here’s something really exciting for your Sims 4 kids’ bedroom! Tui Sims 4 Kids Bedroom CC is a fun and vibrant pack that will take your little Sims from infancy to the preteen years.

It includes 32 items in bold and natural swatches for you to choose from. The bold colors will be perfect for making a bright and fun room for your Sims, while the more natural swatches are great if you’re looking for something a little more subtle.

Plus, bunk bed and toddler bed options are available, so your Sims can have a sleepover anytime!

27. Sims 4 Bedroom Sets – Myshunosun

What a lovely way to give your sims’ bedroom a makeover with the amazing bedroom sets! From LOTTIE BEDROOM to LUNA BEDROOM, you have plenty of options for Sims 4 bedroom CC.

If you are looking for a boho-inspired look, check out the LOTTIE BEDROOM collection. It features both functional and decor-buy-mode objects to embrace the comfy vibes.

If you prefer a contemporary look, Luna Bedroom is perfect for you! It comes in Maxis Match wood tones and neutrals, with several functional objects as well as some lovely decor items.

Whether you are looking for Sims 4 bedroom ideas or Sims 4 bedroom CC, Myshunosun has something for everyone.

28. Neat Sims 4 Dressing Room – Joyceisfox

sims 4 dressing room
  • Public Release: May 25, 2024

This “NEAT” series from Joyceisfox makes creating a tidy and sophisticated dressing room for your Sims a breeze.

With 27 items to play with, organizing becomes part of the decor! I set one up for a fashionista Sim, and let me tell you, it wasn’t just a space—it was a statement. Every item had its place, and so did my Sim’s sense of style.

A clutter-free zone for a clutter-free mind, am I right? 🧺

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29. Elsa Sims 4 Kids Room CC – Taurus Design

sims 4 room cc

As a Sims 4 player, I’m always excited to see what new content comes out with each update. The Taurus bedroom CC set is one of my favorites.

It has all of the basic elements you need for a great children’s bedroom, plus some added flair to make it really stand out.

My absolute favorite part of this set is the bunk beds; they’re a great space saver and really fun to decorate. Plus, there are so many CC items in this set to give your bedroom a unique touch.

30. Sims 4 Girl Bedroom CC – Syboulette

sims 4 girl bedroom cc

How about a bedroom design that is both fun and practical? If you’re looking for something unique, then Syboulette’s Sims 4 Bedroom CC is the perfect choice.

This bedroom set comes with a wooden bed frame, complete with animated bedding and curtains.

There’s also a computer desk with English and Simlish keypads, a pegboard for tools and supplies, and plenty of storage to keep things neat and organized.

31. Sims 4 Room CC Pack – Pierisim

sims 4 room cc pack

With this Sims 4 Bedroom CC Pack, your Sims can finally relax and enjoy their luxurious holidays in style.

I have personally tried this CC pack and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. From comfortable beds to stylish wallpapers, from bathtubs to archways, everything in this set is perfect for creating the perfect bedroom for your sim.

You can give your bedroom a modern and chic vibe with the white and gold bed frame.

32. Smol Kids Bedroom Stuff Pack – Charly Pancakes

sims 4 kids room

Wow, another incredible Sims 4 bedroom custom content pack is here! With this amazing collection of 32 items, you can create the most magical and fun bedroom for your Sims.

My favorite aspect of this pack is the selection of nightlights—a star, moon, and shooting star! Plus, the bunk bed option, with two single beds and a toddler bed, is the perfect way to accommodate your virtual family.

So whether you’re looking to create an inspiring space for the little ones or a cozy retreat for the adults, this custom content set is sure to delight you.

33. Sims 4 Japanese Bedroom CC – Peeacemaker_ic

sims 4 japanese bedroom cc

I think this bedroom looks amazing and really pushes the boundaries of what I thought was possible with CC. It has 20 items, which is a lot for a bedroom. I love the luxurious bedding with bold colors and modern patterns.

The bed also comes in several sizes, so you can mix and match different sizes and still get the same look.

My favorite piece is the armchair; it looks totally modern and classy. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your sim’s bedroom, this is definitely the place to go.

34. Simple Life Sims 4 Bedroom CC – Joyceisfox

the sims 4 bedroom cc

35. Enchanted Dreams Sims 4 Teen Bedroom CC – Syboulette

ts4 bedroom

If you’re a fan of creating magical and imaginative worlds for your Sims, then the Enchanted Dreams bedroom CC is perfect for you!

With 29 new items in 8 different color schemes, this set has everything your Sims’ infants, toddlers, and kids need for a dreamy bedroom or nursery.

From functional pieces like a changing table and alchemist table to fun decor like stuffed animals and ceiling drapes, this CC set will bring a touch of fairy-tale wonder to your Sims’ lives.

36. Caebbigro Double Bed Sims 4 Bedroom CC – NSWL

best sims 4 bedroom cc

37. Sims 4 Bed CC Pack – NSWL

sims 4 bed cc pack

I’m a big, big fan of NSWL! They never disappoint when it comes to creating unique and stunning furniture for our sims. And this bed cc pack is no exception!

It includes four different bed designs: three double beds and a single bed, all with their own unique and eye-catching designs.

Being able to choose from a variety of options is always a plus when it comes to decorating in the game, and with this pack, you have even more choices for your sims’ bedrooms.

  1. Kohev Sims 4 Double Bed CC
  2. Kasvo Sims 4 Single Bed CC
  3. Favlu Sims 4 Double Bed CC
  4. Yottu Sims 4 Double Bed CC

38. Gemini Sims 4 Bedroom CC – Myshunosun

bedroom cc

I have a great passion for interior design in The Sims 4, and I must say, this bedroom CC by Myshunosun has completely blown me away!

The contemporary design and the wide range of swatches make it a must-have for any modern and stylish Sims household. You can mix and match the different items to create your unique combination or use them as a full set for a cohesive look.

My personal favorite is the nightstand and rug. With their sleek design, you can easily pair them with any other bed or piece of furniture.

39. Sims 4 Kopenhagen Bedroom CC – Plushpixelssims

best sims 4 bedroom

This set is all about creating a serene and stylish bedroom for your Sims, complete with nude and earthy tones that will make them feel cozy and relaxed.

The gentle curves and organic shapes of the furniture add a touch of modernity to the room while still maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere.

With nine items and swatches to choose from, you can mix and match to create the perfect bedroom for your Sims. Mirror, bed, chair, and more—this CC set has everything you need to bring peace and calm into your Sims’ lives.

40. Snuggle Bedroom CC Set Sims 4 – Thecluttercat

bedroom cc sims 4

Imagine stepping into a room where every detail whispers ‘Relax and stay awhile’. That’s exactly the vibe the Snuggle set channels. From the warm and fuzzy lambskin to the collection of soft pillows, this set has all the ingredients for a perfect snuggle space.

But it’s not just about aesthetics – the creator also thoughtfully included practical items like candles and clutter to add to the cozy atmosphere.

What caught my eye were the wooden furniture pieces that were inspired by the popular hygge style.

best bedroom cc sims 4

Diving into Snuggle Bedroom Part 2, it’s obvious each piece is made with love, especially for the perpetually cold among us (raises hand). What’s a cozy winter night without a hot water bottle, right? The essential item’s design, with its soft knit cover and cute heart-shaped tag, is just a chef’s kiss.

Lighting is key for a cozy vibe, and this set nails it with a star lantern and matching bedside lamp, covering both functional and decorative needs. The tray with its candles adds the perfect touch of warmth and charm to any room.

The real highlight, though, is the furniture, seamlessly matching Part 1 and tying the snuggle theme together.

41. Tilkku Sims 4 Bedding CC – Whirliko

bedding cc sims 4

When I first stumbled upon the Tilkku Sims 4 Bedding CC Set, it was like a breath of fresh air for my Sims’ bedrooms.

The variety of 12 swatches means there’s something for every Sim personality, from the vibrant and bold to the cozy and subdued. And let me tell you, my Sims have been loving it.

42. Cutest Sims 4 Bedroom Clutter CC – Sundays

best bedroom cc sims 4

Omg! I am so excited to share with you all the cutest Sims 4 bedroom clutter CC that I have found for my game. With 18 amazing items, this CC pack has truly elevated the aesthetic of my Sims’ bedrooms.

Whether you’re a fan of cozy and bohemian vibes or sleek and modern styles, this pack has something for everyone.

43. Judith Sims 4 Luxurious bedroom CC Pack – Taurus design

best sims 4 bedroom cc set

Don’t you just love when a new set comes out and it has everything you can possibly need to create the luxuriously modern bedroom of your dreams? Well, that’s exactly what the Judith Sims 4 Luxurious Bedroom CC Pack does.

As a lover of all things interior design and decor, I was immediately drawn to this pack when I saw the stunning Boca do Lobo-inspired pieces.

And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Just look at that bed frame and those chandeliers! swoon

44. Umraro Sims 4 Vanity CC – NO STYLE X W O O D L A N D

sims 4 vanity cc

Enhance your Sims’ bedrooms with the elegantly crafted Umraro Vanity set, designed by NO STYLE X WOODLAND.

This beautiful piece features a sleek wooden finish and is accompanied by a stylish stool and decorative accessories, providing both functionality and a touch of nature-inspired decor.

Perfect for Sims who appreciate a serene and organized space to prepare for the day.

45. Ultimate Sims 4 Bedroom CC Set – Felixandresims

sims 4 bed frames cc
  • Public release is expected at the beginning of July.

Transform your Sims’ bedrooms into a haven of style and convenience with Felixandresims’ Ultimate Bedroom CC Set.

This comprehensive collection features a beautifully designed bed frame with integrated side tables, spacious walk-in closets, and sleek sliding door wardrobes.

It’s the perfect blend of modern design and functionality, ideal for those looking to elevate their Sims’ living space.

I hope that this list of 37+ Amazing Sims 4 Bedroom CCs has provided you with some great ideas for sprucing up your Sim’s bedroom and making it the perfect place to relax and unwind.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment below or tag me on Tumblr at @freegamingideas!

With so many amazing bedroom-themed CC ideas out there, your Sim’s bedroom can now look as stylish and unique as you! Happy Simming!😍

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