25+ Sims 4 Fall CC Pieces to Embrace the Autumn Vibes

Welcome to my Sims 4 Fall CC roundup! As the leaves start to change colors and the air becomes crisp, it’s time to update your Sims 4 CC folder and decor to match the season.

sims 4 fall cc

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to give your Sims’ world a cozy autumn makeover.

From Sims 4 fall clothing CC to Sims 4 fall decor CC, makeup, furniture, and more, there are endless options for Sims 4 Autumn CC that will add a touch of seasonal charm to your game. 🍂

I’ve scoured the depths of the Sims community to bring you the best of the best fall-themed custom content for your Sims.

So grab a cup of hot apple cider and let’s dive into this list of 37+ Sims 4 Fall CC pieces that will make your game feel like a cozy autumn dream.

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This post is all about the best Sims 4 Fall CC.

Best Sims 4 Fall CC

1. Sims 4 Female Clothing CC – Boschiana

sims 4 female clothing cc

Get your Sims ready for the cooler weather with these gorgeous fall clothing options from creator Boschiana.

  • These pieces are base game compatible, meaning you don’t need any extra expansion packs to use them in your game.
  • The collection includes options for tops, bottoms, and full-body outfits, so you can mix and match to create the perfect fall look for your Sims.
  • With 27 swatches to choose from, including a variety of colors and patterns, there’s something for every style in this CC collection.

So go ahead and give your Sims’ wardrobe a stylish autumn upgrade with these pieces!

2. Sims 4 Toddler Fall Collection – Janelovesims

sims 4 autumn cc

Wow, your little Sims will be the most stylish toddlers in town with Janelovesims’ Fall Collection. This CC includes a variety of clothing and accessories perfect for dressing up your toddlers in cozy fall attire.

  • The Autumn Shade palette adds a touch of seasonal charm to each piece.
  • There are options for both male and female toddlers, so everyone can join in on the autumn fun.
  • The add-ons and overlays provide even more customization options for your little Sims outfits.
  • With seven new jeans swatches for the Finn outfit, you can mix and match to create the perfect fall look.

I guarantee your Sims’ toddlers will be the talk of the town in these adorable fall outfits.

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3. Sims 4 Autumn Vibes CC – Solistair

the sims 4 autumn cc

I am completely obsessed with Solistair’s Autumn Vibes CC! This collection truly captures the essence of fall with its cozy and stylish pieces.

  • From tucked tees to flared pants, there are endless possibilities for mixing and matching these pieces.
  • The soft botanical prints add a touch of seasonal beauty to the clothing.
  • With 5 solid colors and 6 patterns to choose from, you can create a unique autumn look for all your female Sims.

Turn your Sims into autumn fashion icons with this beautiful CC collection.

4. Filbert Sims 4 Fall CC – Madlen

sims 4 fall

Fall is the perfect time to switch up your Sims’ wardrobe with some cozy and stylish pieces. And Madlen’s Filbert outfit pack is the perfect addition for those chilly autumn days.

  • The soft turtle neck and high-waisted pleated pants provide the ultimate comfort and style for your Sims.
  • With both the blazer and no-blazer options included, you can create multiple looks with just one CC pack.
  • This pack is also available for both male and female Sims, making it perfect for couples who want to match their outfits.

5. Sims 4 Autumn GardenCC Pack – PufferSuffer

sims 4 garden cc

Oh my god, these Filbert Sims 4 Fall CC pieces from PufferSuffer are giving me all the cozy autumn vibes! I can’t wait to deck out my Sims’ homes with these warm and comforting items.

Imagine snuggling up on a chilly fall evening with a blanket and cup of tea, surrounded by glowing lanterns and the smell of apple harvest. Now that’s what I call cozy!

Not only do these CC pieces add to the overall aesthetic of your Sims’ homes, they also bring functionality. The rubber boots are perfect for those muddy autumn days when your Sims want to go for a walk without ruining their shoes. And the lanterns with pumpkins?

Absolutely adorable and perfect for lighting up your Sims’ gardens or outdoor spaces.

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6. Sims 4 Autumn CC Clothes – Caio

sims 4 female clothes

This collection of Sims 4 Autumn CC clothes is perfect for any fashion-forward Sim looking to stay cozy and stylish during the fall season.

From warm knits to trendy accessories, this set has everything you need to create the perfect autumnal look for your female Sims. And the best part? There are nine stunning items to choose from, giving your Sims plenty of options to mix and match for a unique and personalized outfit.

I’ve personally tested these items in my game, and I can’t wait to share my experience with you!

7. Sims 4 Autumn CC Clothes for Kids – Onyx Sims

sims 4 kids cc clothes

Now your kids can enjoy cozy and stylish fall fashion just like their parents with this new CC collection from Onyx Sims! With a variety of items to mix and match, your little ones will be the trendiest sims in town. Plus, who wouldn’t want some adorable autumn boots for their tiny feet? Trust me, they are ridiculously cute.

The full outfits included in this collection are perfect for any outdoor activities during the fall season. I mean, what could be better than a cozy hoodie or vest paired with some comfy jeans and boots?

8. Sims 4 Female Fall CC Set – Nolan-sims

Tired of the same old boring outfits for your female Sims in The Sims 4? Look no further than Nolan-Sims’ Fall CC set!

This stylish and versatile top and shorts combo is perfect for that awkward transitional period between summer and fall. With 20 swatches to choose from, including both solid colors and fun patterns, your sim will be the envy of the neighborhood. And for those chilly autumn evenings, why not have your male and female sims cozy up in Nolan’s’ sweater?

I personally love the embroidered flower detail, but if that’s not your style, there is also a version without it.

9. Sims 4 Fall CC for Male -Saurus

sims 4 coat cc

Why not add some new fall-inspired CC to your male Sims’ wardrobe? With the Saurus Sims 4 Fall CC collection, your male Sims can look stylish and cozy for the upcoming season.

This collection includes a variety of items that will help your Sims stay warm and fashionable. I personally love the Long Overcoat with Turtleneck, which comes in 20 different swatches.

You can choose from a range of colors and even mix and match with other items in your CC folder.

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10. Sims 4 Fall Sweater Dress – Thilsey

sims 4 dresses

This CC is a recolor of the base game sweater dress, which means you don’t need any additional packs to use it.

My sim has been living in this dress ever since I downloaded it, and I can’t blame her because the nine swatches are just too adorable to resist. Each one of them screams in warm and earthy tones, making my sim

11. Bo Cardigan Sims 4 Fall CC – Solistair

sims 4 male clothes cc

How cool is it that you can now dress your Sims in cozy and stylish fall cardigans? The Solistair Bo Cardigan Sims 4 Fall CC offers a range of earthy neutral colors to choose from, making it perfect for mixing and matching with different outfits.

Trust me, your Sims will look effortlessly chic and ready for the chilly weather in these cozy cardigans.

12. Amity Sims 4 Fall CC Dress – Demondare_Sims

sims 4 fall dress

Level up your Sims’ fashion game this fall with Demondare_Sims’ Amity Fall CC Dress! This custom content features two versions: V1 and V2. V1 comes in 17 plaid swatches, perfect for those who love a classic and timeless look.

On the other hand, V2 offers 17 solid swatches, ideal for those who prefer a more modern and minimalist style. My personal favorite is the V2 in a deep burgundy shade; it’s perfect for a cozy autumn day.

Not only does this dress come in various swatches, but its design and silhouette are also versatile and flattering for all body types.

13. Sims 4 Autumn Sweater CC – KiaraZurk

sims 4 sweater

Can’t decide what to make your sim wear this fall? Look no further because KiaraZurk’s Sims 4 Autumn Sweater CC is here to save the day!

This cropped sweater is perfect for any female sim looking to stay cozy and stylish during the colder months.

With a whopping 20 swatches to choose from, you’ll never run out of options to mix and match with different bottoms and accessories.

14. Nostalgia Sims 4 Autumn CC Pack – Clumsyalien

sims 4 autumn cc pack

Who says your sims can’t get into the fall spirit? With the Nostalgia Sims 4 Autumn CC Pack, your Sims will be looking cozy and stylish all season long!

From warm turtlenecks to trendy jackets, this pack has everything your sims need to embrace the fall vibes. And the best part? Each item comes in a variety of swatches, making it easy for your sims to express their own personal style.

I’ve been using this CC in my own game, and I must say, I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the “Paige” coat and “Marnie” jeans. They give my Sims the perfect mix of comfort and fashion, which is exactly what I look for in real life.

15. Nuts Sims 4 Fall CC Set – Saurus

sims 4 fall cc set

Nothing says fall like a warm and cozy sweater, am I right? That’s why I’m so excited to introduce the Nuts Sims 4 Fall CC Set by Saurus! This set includes four different meshes and six items, perfect for creating a variety of cozy fall looks.

I especially LOVE the Equinox palette used for the solid swatches; it really captures the essence of autumn with its warm and earthy tones.

And for those who love a little bit of extra flair, the skirts also come in beautiful tartan patterns, while the walnut jumper features fun mix-and-match patterns and color blocks.

16. Sims 4 Fall CC for Child Sims – Simkoos

sims 4 child cc clothes

This is the perfect time to update your child’s wardrobe with some cozy fall CC from Simkoos! As we all know, The Sims 4 has been lacking in terms of cute and casual footwear options for our little ones.

But fear not, because Simkoos has got you covered with three new pairs of boots that are just perfect for the fall season. All three styles—hiking boots, snow boots, and shearling boots—come in a variety of colors and patterns to match any outfit.

Trust me, your child Sims will be rocking these boots with style and comfort all season long.

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17. Sims 4 Fall Toddler Lookbook – Marilynjeansims

sims 4 lookbook cc

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: toddler outfits in Sims 4 are just too cute to handle. And with fall approaching, the options for dressing up your little ones are endless.

From cozy knit sweaters to adorable boots, there’s nothing cuter than a toddler dressed for the fall season.

So, I decided to put together my favorite lookbook featuring some of the favorite fall CC (custom content) items for toddlers in Sims 4. Get ready to dress your sims’ little ones in the cutest fall outfits ever!

18. Sims 4 Autumn Palette CC – Nynsimmer

sims 4 fall makeup cc

This fall makeup collection by Nynsimmer is perfect for adding a touch of warmth and coziness to your Sims 4 game. With 13 swatches to choose from, you can mix and match neutrals and colors to create the perfect autumn look for your Sims.

And if you’re a fan of eyeliner, then you’ll love the four different liner options available in this palette.

The best part? All these options are available in just one CC pack, making it easy for you to enhance your Sims makeup game this season.

19. Sims 4 Sweater CC and Maple Pants – Amythesailor

the sims 4 sweater cc
sims 4 pants cc

This fall clothing CC pack is my go-to for cozy and practical outfits.

Amythesailor’s sweater and maple pants combo is perfect for those chilly days when your Sims want to stay warm without sacrificing style. You can’t go wrong with these Maxis Match pieces!

20. Candyhearts Sims 4 Turtleneck CC – Simkoos

sims 4 turtleneck cc

I love turtlenecks, especially during the fall season, and Simkoos has created the perfect CC piece to add to my collection.

This updated version of their popular ‘Candyhearts’ turtleneck now comes in a variety of beautiful fall colors. Just in time for the cooler weather!

21. Sims 4 Fall CC Boots – Trillyke

sims 4 boots

The CAS items created by Trillyke are always stunning, and this fall boot collection is no exception.

  • These boots come in two variations: hiker and platform, perfect for all your Sims’ fall adventures.
  • With 25 swatches to choose from, you can mix and match to create the perfect look for your Sims.
  • Both female and male frames are included, so all your Sims can rock these stylish autumn boots.

Make sure your Sims are ready for any weather this fall with these versatile and fashionable boots.

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22. Sims 4 Autumn CC Pack – Clumsyalien

You can never have too many options for fall clothing in the Sims, and Clumsyalien has delivered again with their Autumn CC Pack.

With a variety of jackets, pants, and hairstyles to choose from, your Sims will be ready for any autumn occasion. Just mix and match these pieces to create a cozy and stylish look for both your male and female Sims.

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23. Sims 4 Autumn Food Decor CC – Mel Bennett

sims 4 autumn food cc

I’m obsessed with decorating my Sims’ homes for each season, and Mel Bennett’s Autumn Food Decor CC is perfect for adding a touch of fall to your Sims’ kitchen.

  • These 7 decor items include pumpkin-themed goodies such as lattes, donuts, soup, and candles.
  • The realistic details on each item will make your Sims’ homes feel cozy and festive.
  • You can use these items to decorate kitchen counters, and tables, or even as a centerpiece for autumn-themed parties.

Satisfy your Sims’ fall cravings with these adorable pumpkin decor pieces from Mel Bennett.

24. Sweater Weather Sims 4 Fall CC Collection – Qicc X Oakiyo

sims 4 fall cc collection

Yay! I am in love with this Sweater Weather CC Collection from Qicc X Oakiyo. This collection offers a variety of options for both feminine and masculine frames, making it perfect for all your Sims. With cozy sweaters, stylish jackets, and beautiful hairstyles, this CC will have your Sims looking their best for fall.

I highly recommend trying out these pieces in your game. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

25. Sims 4 Cozy Knits clothing set – Miiko

sims 4 clothing set

So, this is a must-have for all Sims 4 players who love the cozy and warm feeling of fall. Nothing says autumn like a comfy knitted sweater, and Miiko’s Cozy Knits set has got you covered.

If you’re like me and love to dress your Sims in seasonal clothing, this set is perfect for creating that cozy fall look.

26. Sims 4 Female Autumn CC Collection – Angelholiday

sims 4 female autumn cc

This Sims 4 fall CC collection reminds me of a romantic autumn stroll through the park. Creator Angelholiday has beautifully captured the essence of the season with these stunning pieces. The collection includes:

  • 3 gorgeous dresses in autumn colors.
  • One stylish hat to complete any fall look.
  • 1 pair of earrings with delicate leaf detailing for the perfect finishing touch.

Your female Sims will be ready for any autumn event with these lovely CC options from Angelholiday.

27. Forever Sims 4 Autumn Furniture CC – Joyceisfox

sims 4 autumn furniture cc

Let’s get cozy and decorate our Sims’ homes for fall with this amazing custom content by Joyceisfox! 🍁

From the living room to the entrance, these 32 items will add a touch of autumn warmth and style to any space. I’m personally loving the cute basket, perfect for storing blankets and adding a rustic touch to the room.

And don’t forget about that art TV, because even our Sims need some entertainment during those chilly fall nights.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through these amazing Sims 4 Fall CC pieces and have found some inspiration for your next autumn-themed gameplay!

And if you’ve got any other suggestions or favorite fall CC pieces that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to comment below or tag me on Tumblr at [@freegamingideas] for a chance to be featured in future posts. Happy simming and have a cozy fall season! 🍂🎃🍁

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