27+ Amazing Sims 4 Wallpaper CC Pieces (Updated 2024!)

Are you looking for the most unique and exciting Sims 4 wallpaper CC? Here, I have collected over 27 of the most beautiful and eye-catching Sims 4 wallpapers to instantly transform your home decor.

sims 4 wallpaper cc

As a Sims 4 fan, you know how important it is to have the right wallpaper in your game. With these amazing wallpapers, you can give your home just the perfect touch you need.

I have gathered a variety of options, from plain wallpapers to those with UNIQUE designs and patterns that will make your space stand out.

Whether you’re looking to give your nursery a special touch or just want something cool and stylish for your adult sims, these wallpapers are perfect for every room.

Browse through and pick the Sims 4 wallpapers that best suit your needs. With so many styles available, it’s easy to find something that will fit right in with your home decor.

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This post is about the best Sims 4 wallpaper CC.

Best Sims 4 Wallpaper CC

1. Groovy Sims 4 Wallpaper – Pluto Sims

sims 4 wallpaper
sims 4 wallpaper mods

Ahhh, the beauty of the Groovy Sims 4 wallpaper! With 16 different color variations, you can find the perfect shade for your sims’ house.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle touch of color or a bold and bright statement piece, this wallpaper is sure to have something for you.

I love the white and brown paneling options that come with each swatch, giving you some extra dimension and texture to liven up any room. Plus, it’s available in all three wall heights to fit any space! So go ahead and get groovy with your home decor.

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2. Flo Sims 4 Wallpaper – Networksims

sims 4 wallpapers cc

Who doesn’t love the look of stunning wallpaper? Whether you’re decorating your entire home or just looking to spruce up one wall, Flo Sims 4 Wallpaper CC is sure to give your room the perfect touch of flair and glamour. Plus. the shining effect is so cool, right?

I recently tried this wallpaper CC in my Sim Kids room, and it added a beautiful touch of color and texture that pulled the entire space together.

3. Liria Tiles Collection Sims 4 Wallpapers – Sims4luxury

sims 4 wallpapers

Oh, if you are looking for a stylish and minimalistic interior design, look no further! The Liria Tiles Collection Wallpaper is the perfect solution for your Sims 4 home decor needs!

The tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small square patterns to larger rectangular ones, allowing you to create all sorts of interesting designs and patterns that can be used to create unique walls.

Whether it’s a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, or even an outdoor space, this wallpaper CC is sure to make any space look chic and modern.

4. Mural Sims 4 Wallpaper CC – Pluto Sims

sims 4 black wallpaper
sims 4 cc wallpaper

What a great addition to any home—and best of all, it’s available for free! This wall mural is a great way to add some life and color to any nursery or kids’ room.

Each swatch is hand-painted in watercolor, making it a unique way to make any room stand out. Choose from a wide range of themes: the sea with its vibrant fish, space, and stars, a lush green forest, and many more. Transform any room in your home with these beautiful wall art pieces.

In my own home, I used this wallpaper to add a little extra fun and creativity.

With the bright colors and interesting designs, it helps create an atmosphere of joy and playfulness.

5. Insta Pastel Sims 4 Wallpapers – Moniamay72

the sims 4 wallpapers

Sometimes your sims need a change of scenery. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you the Insta Pastel Sims 4 Wallpapers CC!

With 15 swatches and 3 wall sizes, this wallpaper CC is the perfect way to give your sims’ homes a modern and pastel makeover.

I really LOVE how this wallpaper CC enhances the home decor of my sims’ homes and adds a simple but stylish touch to their rooms.

6. Cute Sea Sims 4 Wallpaper and Framed Prints – Gladly

sims 4 space wallpaper

I’m sure you will love these ultra-cute Sims 4 wallpapers that can bring your home decor game to a whole new level! The Sea Sims Wallpaper CC has a bunch of bright and colorful designs perfect for your younger Sim’s rooms.

These wallpapers come with framed prints that come in two different versions. The first one has a white frame with outlines to match the overall design, and the second one is a dark gray or black-framed version.

My personal favorite is the bright and fun designs, which would make any room look so cheerful and inviting!

7. Sims 4 Plaid Wallpapers CC – MadameRia

sims 4 plumbob wallpaper

These Sims 4 Wallpaper CC packs from MadameRia are perfect for adding a cozy touch of home decor to your Sims 4 game! I was so excited when I found these amazing plaid wallpaper packs.

Not only do they come in two different packages with 11 plaid patterns and 12 solid swatches each, but they also come paired with four different wood tones.

It’s perfect for creating a vintage, cottage-living vibe with just the right amount of color.

8. Sims 4 Witchy Wallpapers – Studionoxs

sims 4 witchy cc

For all you witchy-lovers out there, StudioNoxs has created an awesome set of Sims 4 Wallpaper CC that’s perfect for decorating your home!

This collection offers 8 solid swatches for a variety of different colors, plus 4 stickers to give the perfect witchy vibe. From crescent moons to stars, these stickers are full of celestial symbols that you can mix and match for the perfect look.

The stickers are definitely the highlight of this collection.

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9. Sims 4 Kids Nursery Wallpapers – Sims4Luxury

sims 4 nursery wallpaper cc

Wow! Add some life and character to your kid’s nursery with these amazing Sims 4 wallpapers by Sims4Luxury. They’ve got all kinds of cool designs, from calming pastels to bright colors, florals, and cute animals. 

Plus, all of the home decor elements are perfectly tailored to fit in with any kind of kid’s room. My favorite thing is how each wallpaper comes with matching decor and framed prints—it’s like having a whole theme in one set!

10. Anthomania Sims 4 Wallpaper CC – Pluto Sims

wallpaper cc

These wallpapers are freakin’ awesome! I’m a huge fan of anything home decor-related, and this Sims 4 wallpaper CC is definitely one of my favorites. So far, I’ve used the botanical tiles to decorate my living room and bedroom.

They’re so vibrant and cheerful! I’ve also used some of the other tile patterns to make a few accent walls in my kitchen and bathroom. Best of all, they’re totally customizable—I can change up the wall paint colors to match my existing decor.

So if you’re looking for something unique and fun to spruce up your Sims 4 house, I highly recommend checking out Anthomania Sims 4 Wallpaper CC.

11. Sage Sims 4 Wallpaper CC – Nordicsim1

sims 4 kids room wallpaper

These stunning wallpapers are the perfect addition to your Sims 4 home! The calming hue of sage green is perfect for any modern home.

With 8 swatches all fitting together, you can easily create a flow throughout your room. From plain wallpaper to the 7 wallpaper with designs and patterns, you can easily make any room look chic and stylish.

Whether you’re creating a living room, a bedroom, or a kids’ room, these wallpapers will work perfectly for any home decor!

I absolutely love this star design pattern and all the different variations it comes in. Get ready to transform your Sims 4 home with this amazing wallpaper CC!

12. Cross Your Heart Sims 4 Wallpaper Set – Teekalu

sims 4 wallpaper set

Who doesn’t love a bit of animal-crossing fun? Now you can bring the classic game into your home in an exciting new way—with Teekalu’s Sims 4 Wallpaper Set!

This set is inspired by the classic game, featuring a solid background with little heart designs in various colors to make it look just like Animal Crossing!

My sim family loves it, and I’m sure yours will too.

13. Sims 4 Vintage Wallpapers – Lustrousims

sims 4 vintage wallpapers

I love this wallpaper, CC! It’s such an easy way to give your Sims 4 home a vintage feel. The 25 swatches come in seamless patterns and colors, perfect for creating cozy vintage vibes.

I used it to create a homey farmhouse look, and the effect was stunning! There’s nothing quite like it—the walls are instantly transformed, adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to your Sims 4 home.

If you’re looking for cottagecore CC, this wallpaper collection is a must-have! Plus, it’s totally free—what could be better? Get your hands on this amazing wallpaper CC now and give your home a timeless vintage look!

14. Divinity Leaf Sims 4 Wallpaper CC Pack – Amoebae

sims 4 wallpaper cc pack

These wallpaper packs are so exciting to use. Personally, I love the Divinity Leaf Sims 4 Paranormal Wallpaper Pack for its unique and versatile design.

The range of colors and textures available makes it easy to mix and match, creating the perfect look for any home. The white and dark wood skirting boards and panels look great together, giving you options to make the walls in your home truly one-of-a-kind.

Plus, the 48 colors give you even more choices to customize your walls. Just make sure you have the Paranormal Pack installed to get the full effect of this wallpaper!

15. Hygge Sims 4 Wallpapers – Helen-Sims

sims 4 wall decor

If you’re looking for some excitement and style in your Sim’s home, then this Helen-Sims wallpaper CC is a perfect choice!

With more than 10 swatches, you can truly customize your Sim’s home with a range of nature-inspired themes.

From plants to birds and leaves to clouds, there’s wallpaper to fit any mood, or you can go with something simple and classic. My favorite wallpaper has to be the green botanical one because it’s not only calming but also so vibrant and energizing!

So, if you want a unique look for your Sim’s home, this wallpaper CC is definitely worth checking out!

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16. 1920s Sims 4 Wallpapers – Roanoke Sims

the sims 4 wallpaper cc pack

When I was looking for the perfect wallpaper to outfit my Sims 4 decades challenge, I stumbled upon this collection of 1920s wallpapers from Roanoke Sims.

The collection features 30 swatches for a range of designs, from striped and geometric to floral and art deco. The vibrant colors give each wallpaper an extra touch of personality, and I love the way my Sims 4 bungalow looks with the wallpaper.

I highly recommend this collection for anyone doing the Sims 4 decades challenge, as it’s sure to give your game the perfect touch of 1920s glamour.

17. Sims 4 Two-Tone Wallpaper – Lina-cherie

sims 4 wall art

Look at this amazing wallpaper CC from Lina-Cherie! It’s two-toned, with 24 swatches in total. The colors are vivid and vibrant, giving your Sim’s home a unique look that stands out from the crowd.

I LOVE the way this wallpaper looks in my Sim’s home, and it adds such a beautiful touch to the overall atmosphere!

It’s the perfect choice for your kitchen or living room, adding an elegant yet modern feel without taking away from the overall design of the space.

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18. Sims 4 70s Wallpaper CC – Piscesim

sims 4 70s CC

Just like any other Sims 4 wallpaper CC, this one also comes with lots of options to choose from. Whether you want something simple and monochrome or something bright and bold, there is a design for your taste.

I found the dark colors, particularly dark red, perfect for one side of a wall, while the lighter colors are great for adding some brightness to a room.

And with five different patterns, you can mix and match to create 70s vibes in your Sims 4 game.

19. Sims 4 Panel Wallpaper CC – Pluto Sims

sims 4 nursery decor

How about adding a touch of nature to your Sims 4 walls? The Pluto Sims have the perfect CC for you!

This is a beautiful and unique way to add some style and charm to your Sims’ home with a Sims 4 panel wallpaper CC. It features seven different landscapes to choose from, each with its own distinct style in brown and white paneling.

Sometimes you need a break from the extra tiled wallpapers, and this is the perfect pick. Plus, it’s perfect for younger Sims’ rooms to give their area a cozy, nature-filled atmosphere.

20. Sims 4 Solid Color Wallpapers – SSR99

the sims 4 wallpaper

With this Sims 4 wallpaper CC, you can create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in your Sims home. Whether you want a purely minimalist theme or a sophisticated and elegant look, this wallpaper is the perfect choice.

You can choose from eight different colors to suit any mood. I used the brown color to create a calm and cozy living room, which, paired with some comfy furniture, created the perfect space for my Sims family to relax.

I was amazed at how modern and stylish this wallpaper made my Sims home look!

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21. Peter Rabbit Sims 4 Wallpaper – Pluto Sims

the sims 4 cc wallpaper

Omg, who wouldn’t want a cute Peter Rabbit wallpaper for their Sims kids? I love how it looks like a watercolor painting, and the colors are just so vibrant!

The pastel blues, pinks, and yellows just make me so excited to decorate the perfect nursery for my Sims.

Your Sims babies and toddlers will love this wallpaper, and it’s also great for your teens and adults who still appreciate a bit of whimsy in their lives.

22. Sims 4 Witchy Crystal Wallpaper CC – Simdertalia

sims 4 wallpaper pack

This wallpaper CC includes 34 swatches and will transport your Sim’s room to a crystal paradise. The design is inspired by ancient magical symbols, featuring pentacles and magickal sigils.

This wallpaper is just perfect for a witch’s bedroom or any room that needs a little extra sparkle.

23. Pretty Plaid Sims 4 CC Wallpaper – Lina-cherie

sims 4 wallpaper custom content

I’m obsessed with plaid wallpaper, so I was ecstatic when I found this one! Lina Cherie’s work always looks amazing, and this wallpaper CC is no exception. It comes with 25 swatches of colored plaid in a variety of different shades.

The colors are vibrant and eye-catching, with each swatch being distinct in its own way. I love that it adds a touch of color to my walls without looking too over the top. I’m sure you will love this CC as much as I do!

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24. Sims 4 Poetry Kids Wallpapers – Simplistic

sims 4 home decor

Still, searching for the perfect wallpaper to give your Sim kid’s room a magical touch?

Well, look no further because this adorable collection of 23 pastel-colored wallpapers inspired by children’s stories and nursery rhymes is sure to make your Sim’s room look absolutely magical!

With its sweet and playful designs, it’s great for kids of any age. Give your little ones a bedroom that will make them feel like they’re living in their own fairytale.

25. Perfect Sims 4 Wallpapers – Nordica-Sims

sims 4 wall

Omg, look at the options! 270 choices of wallpaper CC for your Sims 4! Here’s a list of the different kinds:

  • Boho theme
  • Outdoor theme
  • Classic theme
  • Flora theme
  • Tropical theme
  • Art theme
  • Kids theme
  • Tiles theme

Each wallpaper theme has its own unique look and feels, so you can really customize your Sims 4 home.

I especially love the boho theme with its fun colors and patterns. And the outdoor theme looks like you’re right in nature!

26. Fetching Flowers and Solid Wallpapers – MadameRia

Are you looking for your cottage living dream with a bit of a vintage vibe? Then you need to check out MadameRia’s Sims 4 wallpaper CC!

This includes two packages of light and dark wood wallpapers with patterned wallpaper and one package without any wood. It also includes a pack of plain, solid color swatches. With this CC, you can create your dream cottage or vintage home.

The colors are perfect for a cozy summer afternoon in Sim Life. Enjoy! 

27. Sims 4 Forest Mural Children’s Wallpaper – SimPlistic

sims 4 wallpaper cc folder

This amazing forest mural wallpaper for your Sims 4 kids’ room will provide a calming and soothing atmosphere. Perfect for a bedtime story or just to relax after a long day.

The detailed scenes are sure to capture the imagination of your Sim-kids. From a majestic castle in the clouds, surrounded by beautiful birds, to a deep and mysterious forest, your Sim kids will be captivated for hours.

I’m sure this wallpaper will be a great addition to your Sim kids’ room.

28. Sims 4 Rusty Wallpaper CC – Sanmyshunogirlie

wallpaper sims 4

Do your Sims need a little bit of vibrant and rustic vibes in their homes? Then you don’t want to miss out on this amazing Rusty Wallpaper CC!

This CC offers ten different swatches in various patterns that will surely add a unique touch to your Sims’ living spaces.

I personally love using this CC for my Sims’ vintage-themed bedroom, and it never fails to bring out the character of the room!

29. Sims 4 Plumbob Wallpaper CC – Treefish

sims 4 wall cc

30. Sims 4 Wallpaper CC Set – Kirsicca

wallpaper cc sims 4

31. Auringonpalvoja Sims 4 Wallpaper and Floor CC – Kirsicca

best wallpaper cc sims 4

Kirsicca’s Auringonpalvoja set bathes your Sims’ spaces in the glow of the sun, with tiles and textures that sing with vibrancy.

The moment I laid these patterns down in a Sim’s abode, the room was transformed into a sunny sanctuary fit for any sun worshipper.

It’s like a vacation for the eyes, and suddenly every day is the summer solstice in your Sim’s home!

This post was about the best Sims 4 wallpaper CC.

From calming pastel motifs to vibrant retro-style prints, these 27 amazing Sims 4 wallpaper CC pieces offer something for everyone!

Whether you’re looking to give your Sims’ home a fresh new feel or just want to spice up their living space, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you.

Feel free to browse through each one and find the perfect piece that captures your style. And if you have any suggestions or feedback, don’t forget to let me know in the comment below or tag me on Tumblr! Happy Simming!😍

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