55+ Sims 4 Horse CC You Have to Check Out Now

Looking for the best Sims 4 horse CC to add to your CC folder? Here, I’ve rounded up a list of the best Sims 4 horse CC finds that are sure to make your Sim’s ranch the best on the block!

sims 4 horse cc

If you’re a fan of The Sims 4, you know how much fun it can be to customize your game.

And now that the new Horse Ranch Expansion Pack has been released, what better way to add a little extra flair and excitement than checking out some of the best Sims 4 horse CC finds? I’ve rounded up 41+ great options in this post, so you can take your horse ranch to the next level!🎠

From mesmerizing custom eyes and skins to beautifully crafted saddle pads, objects, and clutter, the Sims 4 modding community offers something for everyone.

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Let’s take a look at some of the amazing horses CC finds available out there!

This post is all about the best Sims 4 Horse CC.

Best Sims 4 Horse CC

To get the best out of your Sims 4 horse ranch experience, I highly recommend you check out this amazing post about Sims 4 horse ranch custom content. This post is the ultimate guide to creating your own unique ranch with a custom look.

sims 4 horses

1. Sims 4 Pink Saddle and Bridle Horse CC – PlatinumLuxeSims

sims 4 saddle cc

Omg, look no further if you’re in search of a unique and eye-catching horse CC for your Sims 4 game. PlatinumLuxeSims has the most beautiful pink saddle, bridle, and blanket for your horses.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across this CC pack. If you want to stand out, then this is the perfect accessory to make your horse look amazing!

My favorite part of this CC is that the colors are perfectly blended. It’s not too bright or too dull—just the right amount. The textures are also smooth and give the horses a realistic appearance. I absolutely LOVE it, and my horse sims look even cuter with this CC.

2. Sims 4 Horse Default Eyes – Incandescentsims

sims 4 horse default eyes

This CC is one of the most useful additions to a Horse Ranch. Not only does it add a unique look to each and every animal in your ranch, but it also adds a great level of detail to any sim’s horse.

The eyes are replaced with a more realistic-looking natural eye, creating a more lifelike representation of the animal.

I found that this CC gave my Horse a special touch, and it definitely made the Sims look more realistic.

3. Snaffle Bridle Sims 4 Horse CC – Sweetpea’s CC

sims 4 horse snaffle bridle

Let’s get your horses ready for the show! With Sweetpea’s Snaffle Bridle CC, you can give them the look they deserve.

I personally love this bridle because it gives my horses a more regal and stylish look. The bridle comes with 8 swatches, with 4 colors and both gold and silver. Not only does it look great, but this Bridle CC is also perfect for adult or elder horses!

The Horse Ranch DLC is required for this CC, which makes it perfect for horse lovers. 

4. Sims 4 Horse Water Trough In-Fence – .Objuct

the sims 4 horse cc

When I first stumbled across this CC for the Sims 4, I was immediately impressed and enchanted by how much it could bring my Sims’ horses to life.

I was amazed by how this simple in-fence could enhance the realism of horse ranching, allowing my Sim to be able to provide water for their horses while still keeping them within the fences.

I highly recommend giving this amazing CC a try if you’re looking for that extra bit of realism in your ranching game.

5. Bareback Sims 4 Horse Without Saddle – Evilprincess-cc-creations

sims 4 horse riding cc

Oh my gosh, what can I say about this CC? It’s seriously life-changing. With it, you can make your Sims ride their horses without a saddle!

You can really feel like you’re living out all your equestrian dreams. Plus, your horses look really cool! It’s definitely more realistic than the usual saddle-ridden horse.

I would definitely recommend this CC for anyone looking to make their Sims ride horses bareback!

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6. Feed Pan Sims 4 Horse CC – Sass and Freckles

sims 4 feed pan horse cc

I’m so excited to finally have a feed pan I can use for my horses in The Sims 4! This custom content feed pan is absolutely perfect and comes with two swatches.

It has all the components of a regular rubber feed pan: it’s slightly curved at the bottom so your horse sims can comfortably eat all their food, and it has a deep bowl to hold enough grain or hay for a full meal.

It’s also easy to customize with the two swatches—one is filled with grain and one is empty—so you can choose which style fits your Sims best.

7. Sims 4 Horse Asymmetrical Hoof Colors CC – .Objuct

sims 4 asymmetrical hoof colors cc

Bringing an equestrian feel to your Horse Sims with this custom content addition is a great way to express your creativity.

Adding asymmetrical hoof colors to your Horse Sims gives them a unique look that will surely stand out from the crowd. The colors are also designed to be realistic and blend naturally with the existing hoof colors available in the game.

I found the results to be really stunning, and I’m sure your Horse Sims will look even more realistic with this custom content.

8. Oreo Sims 4 Horse Hair CC – Leepy Doptera

sims 4 horse hair cc

Let me just start by saying that the Oreo Sims 4 Horse Hair CC: Leepy Doptera swatch is a true game-changer. It adds that perfect black-and-white streak to any horse’s mane, forelock, or tail.

I’ve been a huge fan of custom content for my sims, and this swatch takes it to the next level. It adds a certain edge to your Sims that really stands out.

9. PEquichor Sims 4 Horse Eyes CC – Rheallsim

sims 4 horse eyes cc

The Maxis-match cartoony aesthetic of these eyes is absolutely adorable, and with nine swatches in various colors available to choose from, you can pick a pair of eyes for your horse sims that will perfectly match their personalities.

The pupils have a unique oval shape, adding to the charm of the eyes. I’ve used these in my own Sims, and the results are simply stunning!

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10. Sims 4 Gradient Hooves Horse CC – JellyPaws

the sims 4 horse

Wow! Gradient Hooves are a must-have for any horse lover. I was so excited to find this CC available for the Sims 4 game, as it adds so much color and variety to my virtual stables.

With five swatches of carefully chosen colors, this CC brings an extra level of vibrancy and character to your Sim’s horses.

Whether you choose to rock a bright pink mane or an emerald green tail, this CC is the perfect way to make your horse sims stand out.

11. Sims 4 Spanish Horse Braid CC – HistorySims4

sims 4 horse braid cc

This Spanish Horse Braid CC adds an extra level of excitement to your game. It’s a beautiful braid with all 36 available horse colors.

And it’s more than just a pretty hairstyle; it gives you the opportunity to customize your Sim horse and make it truly unique. I love that I can customize my horse’s mane and tail with this CC, creating an even more realistic look.

12. Countryside Sims 4 Horse CC – Leo Sims

sims 4 country cc

With this amazing CC from Leo Sims, you can take your horse sims to the next level! The Horse Grain Trunk is a beautiful addition to any stable, and the Water Bucket adds a rustic charm that looks great in any setting.

Even better is the Bell with separate string lights—such an amazing idea for making sure your horses stay safe and sound at night!

And of course, the Saddle stand is an absolute must-have for any horse enthusiast. But these amazing CCs come with a small catch: they’re behind the paywall.

13. Sims 4 Natural Horse Beds – Sass and Freckles

sims 4 horse beds

With the Sims 4 Natural Horse Beds from Sass and Freckles, you can give your horse Sims a beautiful bed to rest their heads on. I’ve been using these beds for my horse Sims ever since they were released, and the finish is absolutely stunning.

The beds have a natural-looking, rustic appeal and no mats or borders. Plus, they are both functional and beautiful, providing your horse Sims with plenty of comfort and style.

14. Tufted Tail Sims 4 Horse CC – .Objuct

sims 4 horse tail cc

Sometimes you want something out of the ordinary for your horse sims. Tufted Tail Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC is just that.

This custom content adds a great variation to the Sims 4 horse breeds, with unique tufts of fur sprouting from the hindquarters. This CC can be used to create a variety of different breeds, from zebras to donkeys to unicorns.

15. Sims 4 Unicorn More Sparkles – Vicky Sims

sims 4 unicorn more sparkles

If you’re looking for a way to make your unicorns sparkle brighter than ever, then look no further than the Sims 4 Unicorn More Sparkles mod! Vicky Sims has created this simple and effective mod to add an extra layer of excitement to your horse sims.

With just a few clicks, you can unlock the shimmering powers of these mythical creatures and bring a sense of enchantment to your game.

I’ve personally experienced the pure joy of seeing my unicorns canter around in a shower of glittery stars—it was truly magical!

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16. Sims 4 Unicorn Horn CC – Fatalrosecreations

sims 4 unicorn horn cc

Every horse sim needs this unique and amazing accessory- the Unicorn Horn CC by Fatalrosecreations!

It comes in 19 different swatches, and you can customize your Sims equine companion with any shades of colors that suit your style! This is a must-have accessory for any horse lover.

17. Sims 4 Horse Solid Western Blanket CC – Hawthorne Stables

sims 4 horse blanket cc

Even though Solid Western Blanket CC is a rather small custom content, it can add so much to your horse sims’ experiences.

I have seen my horses look more stylish and dapper when they have this CC on. The colors are so vibrant and add a nice touch to the horse sims’ attire.

Your horse sims will look so much more fashionable with the Solid Western Blanket CC.

18. Sims 4 Equistyle Hore Feed Bags CC – .Objuct

sims 4 horse feed bags

It’s no secret that equestrian style has been gaining traction with simmers who enjoy caring for horses in The Sims 4. Now, you can experience a more realistic and modern take on horse care with Equistyle Horse Feed Bags CC.

These bags come in a variety of realistic textures, including upright, laying flat, and piled-up versions.

Just like real-life horses, your sim’s horses will need the right type of feed for their development.

19. Sims 4 Horse Jumping Saddle Pad CC – XTC/Fléau

sims 4 horse saddle pad cc

I’m always so excited to dress up my horses with the newest add-ons from XTC and Fléau. Their Horse Jumping Saddle Pad CC is no exception!

Not only does it look great, but its polyfill and foam padding make sure that my horses stay comfortable while they jump and perform. If your style is more subtle, then you can get the version without the patches.

But if you want something flashier, they offer up to 10 swatches in many colors so that it perfectly matches your Sims riding outfit.

20. Soulmate Sims 4 Horse Eyes CC – Someone-Elsa

the sims 4 horse eyes

This CC is a great way to add some realism and sparkle to your sims’ horse eyes. I love the deep and oval shape of the pupils, which makes them look much more realistic.

The nine color swatches also allow you to customize the eye color of your horse, giving your sims extra personality overall. Plus, the subtle shimmer effect in these eyes makes them look even more mesmerizing.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to give your horse Sims an extra layer of life-like detail!

21. Sims 4 Horse Hair Accessories CC – .Objuct

sims 4 horse hair accessories cc

This CC is a lifesaver for my horse sims because it means they finally have the option to accessorize with neutral colors instead of being stuck with the bright colors that EAxis provides.

The white ties and polo wraps look great on my horses, and they make for a much more realistic appearance than what I could get with the original EAxis colors.

I highly recommend this CC for you if you want to add a bit of personalized flair to your horse sims.

22. Sims 4 Horse Saddle & Bridle Recolors – Stargazer-Sims-CC

sims 4 horse saddle and bridle cc

Another amazing recolor of the horse saddle and bridle CC This CC features 15 swatches of different colors.

I personally think this is an incredible way to customize your horse sims and make them look unique. From bright pink to plum, there is a color for every horse you create.

23. Sims 4 Horse Default Skin Mod – Minervamagicka

sims 4 horse skin mod

I have always wanted to make my horse sims look as realistic as possible, and this mod does just that. My Sims now look like real horses with a realistic texture.

However, it is worth noting that while utilizing this mod, the muscle slider feature for your horses will not be accessible.

This mod also allows you to apply realistic skin to both adult and elder horses.

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24. Rustic Horse Ball CC for Horses – Lunamoth

sims 4 horse ball cc for horses

If you’re looking to bring a touch of history and authenticity to your Horse Sims, then the Rustic Horse Ball CC from Lunamoth is for you.

This interactive object allows your horses to engage in an ancient form of horseplay, and it’s incredibly exciting!

I’ve personally seen horses of all breeds and ages use it in my own stable, and they seemed to have an amazing time.

25. Sims 4 Horse Saddlepad Recolors CC

sims 4 western saddle pad cc
by Leppy Doptera
sims 4 medieval saddle pad
by Luna Moth

These saddle pad recolors are perfect for roleplaying with your horse sims or helping your sims achieve those horse-related goals. I absolutely love the medieval-style saddle pad; the hand-painted swatches are so vivid and gorgeous!

And if your sim is a horse-riding enthusiast, the sporty solids set is great for getting those fancy jumping and racing looks.

I’m sure your Sims will be jumping for joy with these saddle pad swatches!

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26. Sims 4 Non-Default Horse Hoof Colors CC – Stargazer-Sims

sims 4 horse hoof cc colors

What I love about these awesome custom content hoof colors is that they are non-default, giving your horses a unique look. They come in 22 selectable swatches, so you can choose the perfect hue for your horse sims.

I also love that they are unisex, so you can use them on both male and female horses. Your unicorns will be especially happy with the vibrant colors that these swatches offer!

For my horse sims, I love to use pink swatches for a fun, bright look.

27. Sims 4 Asymmetrical Feathers for Horses – .Objuct

sims 4 cc horse

I was so excited when I came across this set of Asymmetrical Feathers for Horses! Normally, we look at the same horse legs with no variation, which can be quite boring. This creative set of asymmetrical feathers gives your horse a unique and personalized look.

The detail in the textures is quite stunning, and you can choose from 14 distinct variations to find the perfect design for each of your horse’s legs. With this set, you can be sure that no two horses will ever look the same.

28. Sims 4 Horse Forelock CC – ShinyPengin s4cc

sims 4 horse forelock cc

Yayy! Now your Sims can have fuller and more stylish forelocks for their horses. ShinyPengin has released some amazing CC for all adult horses.

My personal favorite is their forelock CC, which makes your Sims’ horses look so much more majestic and exciting.

You can find amazing horse forelock CC for both male and female horses, which will make your Sims’ equestrian experience even more enjoyable.

29. Sims 4 Rustic Hitching Post CC – Applepisimmer

sims 4 hitching post cc

These rustic and ranch-style hitching posts from Applepisimmer are the perfect addition for all horse lovers. Let me tell you why!

Not only do these hitching posts come with ample slots to fit a variety of horses, but they also have 12 swatches to choose from. I love the rustic hitching post because it has 4 medium and 4 small slots, making it ideal to fit all of my horses.

And if you have a bigger ranch, the Ranch Hitching Post is perfect for you with 7 medium and 7 small slots. Now all your horses can look great and be ready to ride!

30. Mirror Mirror Sims 4 Default Horse Eyes CC – Leppy Doptera

sims 4 horse default eyes c

This Mirror Mirror Sims 4 Default Horse Eyes CC is one of the most exciting additions to my Sims 4 Horse CC collection. It is a huge step up from the default EA eyes, which are quite dull and flat compared to these hand-painted replacement eyes.

The color variety is amazing, featuring nine different colors and four heterochromia variants.

So far, I’ve seen my sims with realistic-looking deep blue eyes and vibrant green eyes.

31. Sims 4 Horse No Breast Collar CC – Sass and Freckles

cc horse sims 4

A perfect saddle for your sims—the Sass and Freckles No Breast Collar CC is here! I had been looking for a saddle option without a breast collar to give my sims more freedom of movement, and this CC was the perfect solution.

The CC is so incredibly detailed and immersive that it gives your Sims an authentic equestrian experience.

The saddle has a unique design that is perfect for showing off in the show ring, or you can customize it with a variety of different colors and patterns. My Sims have been loving it!

32. Sims 4 Cloven Hoofed for Horses – The Kalino

sims 4 cloven hoofed cc

Now, your sims can experience what it is like to be a horse with the latest mod from Kalino: Cloven Hoofed for Horses!

Take your Sims to the countryside with this amazing equestrian fashion set. I can honestly say that I’m absolutely amazed by the level of detail and realism captured in this mod.

The mesh for the hoofed shoes has been recreated from real-life horses and is truly remarkable. The recolor of the shoe, on the other hand, is simply stunning.

33. Sims 4 Side Ears for Horses – kalino-thesims

sims 4 side ears for horses

If you want to have some fun with your horse, then I suggest getting the side ears for horses from Kalino-the-Sims. These wonderful side ears will be sure to give your horse the unique look and fun style that you’ve been searching for!

These ears are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a fun and exciting way to express yourself and your horse with added flair.

34. Sims 4 Better Leg Wraps for Horses – Sweetpea’s

sims 4 better leg wraps for horses

This is an amazing piece of custom content that really changes the look of your horses in The Sims 4. I was always so annoyed with the EA leg wraps, which looked too bulky.

When I found Sweetpea’s Better Leg Wraps, I was ecstatic! Not only are the colors better, but the wraps look more realistic. They also show off my horse’s muscles better, which was a plus!

35. Sims 4 Horse Clutter CC – .Objuct

sims 4 hay bales cc
sims 4 grain storage bin

36. Sims 4 EquiStyle Pasture Feeder – .Objuct

sims 4 equistyle pasture feeder cc

This beautiful EquiStyle pasture feeder is the perfect addition to any horse ranch that your sims are running. With the added bump map to the hay, your sims will be able to really feel like they have their own ranch.

To top it off, this feeder comes with a functional version that functions as a hay trough for horses, making feeding that much easier.

I have personally found that this feeder has saved me so much time and has added some great aesthetics to my ranch, making it feel much more authentic.

37. Sims 4 Horse Tail Ribbon Accessory – Stargazer-Sims-CC

sims 4 horse accessory cc

How cute and fun it is to dress your Sim horses with a new ribbon accessory! If you are looking for a unique accessory to make your Sims’ horse look extra special, then the Stargazer-Sims-CC Ribbon Accessory is the perfect thing for you.

I have tried it on my Sim’s horse, and I love just how beautiful they look with it.

The 35 swatches of this ribbon accessory make for endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your Sim’s horse.

38. Sims 4 Horse Body Mod – .Objuct

sims 4 horse body mod

This horse mod is definitely one of the most exciting additions to the Sims 4 horse CC folder! This adorable chin fluff comes in two versions: with and without a unicorn horn.

For those who are tired of the same old unicorns running around their game, this is definitely a great way to switch things up.

Not only does it look super cute on horses of all shapes and sizes, but it adds some much-needed personality and life to the game.

39. Sims 4 CC Horse Short Mane and Forelock – .Objuct

sims 4 horse short mane and forelock

Wow! The best experience I ever had with my Sims horse was when I found the perfect short mane and forelock for them. It’s so hard to find the right hairstyle that fits my Sims perfectly, but this one was a real winner.

After I added the mane and forelock to the horse, it completely changed the way I look at my Sims horses. I highly recommend this CC for you to give your Sims horses the perfect look.

40. Sims 4 No Unicorn Sparkles Mod for Horses – .Objuct

sims 4 no unicorn sparkles mod

Are you tired of your unicorns being too sparkly? Do you want to take a break from the realm of the magical and explore a more realistic version of your Sims 4 game? Well, with this mod, you can do just that!

No Unicorn Sparkles Mod for Horses removes the sparkles from horse coats, making them look much more natural.

I personally love this mod; it adds a much more realistic feel to the game, where you can enjoy your horses without the sparkles taking away from the atmosphere.

41. Sims 4 Horse Subtle Feathering CC – .Objuct

sims 4 horse subtle feathering cc

If you’re like me, then you love seeing your Sims 4 horses with subtle feathered details. After all, who wouldn’t want their horse to look like a real-life Arabian stallion?

Well, with the new horse, CC, you can now do just that! With this CC, your Sims 4 horses will have fluffy feather details all over their bodies. This CC can make your horse look very real and livelier than ever!

42. Sims 4 Horse Longer Tails CC – Colorfui_Sims

sims 4 horse longer tails

Omg, these suuuuper realistic tail featherings for your horse sims look sooooo amazing! You can choose from a variety of custom content, such as the straight tail, braided tail, wrapped tail, and wavy tail, for your horse sims to enjoy.

Even better, they come in both black and white versions too! The floor-length version of the tails will make sure your horse sims look like a majestic stallion or mare.

My horse sims seem like royalty with this amazing, subtle feathering CC.

If you think the floor-length straight tail is just too long, then you absolutely must check this out!

43. Sims 4 Longer Mane and Forelock Versions – Colorfui_Sims

Obviously, horse lovers out there won’t want to miss this amazing Custom Content from Colorfui_Sims! With longer, more detailed mane and forelock versions, your Sims will have the most realistic look they can get.

These three versions come in both waved and straight styles, allowing you to customize your Sims as much as possible.

44. Sims 4 Wavy Manes and Tail Recolors – Buckaroo Ranch

sims 4 wavy manes and tail recolor

Who doesn’t love a horse with a beautiful mane and tail? We all do! That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the latest recolor of the wavy mane and tail EA provided us with.

It adds strands throughout the wavy hair in all EA colors, giving your horses a unique look. I especially love that the base of the hair is a standard off-white color, which gives it an extra bit of flair.

If you’re feeling daring, you can even choose from the 34 recolor swatches available, making every horse in your stable look unique.

45. More Elegant Sims 4 Unicorn Horn CC – Stamsim

sims 4 horse custom content

This is a must-have for any Sims 4 horse lover. Stamsim’s unicorn horn CC is the perfect way to add an elegant touch to your horse and make them look even more majestic.

I really fell in LOVE with the design and how unique it looks. It’s extra sparkly and adds a nice, eye-catching touch to your horse.

46. Sims 4 Horse Earrings and Necklace – PlayersWonderLand

If you’re looking for something special to give your Sims a unique look, try adding the new Sims 4 Horse Earrings and Necklace from PlayersWonderLand.

These earrings and necklaces are designed to bring out the horse-loving side of your Sims. They come in three great colors and can be combined with a variety of outfits to create a unique and stylish look.

I love how these earrings and necklaces add a playful touch to any outfit!

47. Sims 4 Horse Dressage Bridle CC – Sass and Freckles

sims 4 dressage bridle cc

Finally, your sim can now experience the thrill of dressage riding with this beautiful bridle from Sass and Freckles. The white padding adds some extra class, and the three colors give your sim ample options to choose from.

This bridle is perfect for long night rides and dressage competitions, giving your Sim a sporty look!

48. Sims 4 Horse Reins and Bridle Invisible Mod – Yolosimcc

This mod is an absolute must-have, especially for those who like to have their Sims galloping around without a bridle or reins.

I found it to be a great way to make my horses look more realistic and stylish. The invisible mod allows you to give your horse the look of a free-running, bridleless stallion without sacrificing any of the control you’d get from a reins-and-bridle setup.

49. Sims 4 Floating Stirrups Invisible Override – Shoobysims

sims 4 floating stirrups invisible mod

A simple mod that I have used to make my sims look better is the Sims 4 Floating Stirrups Invisible Override from Shoobysims.

Using this mod, I was able to make my sims look more natural by removing the sometimes intrusive floating stirrups that appear in the game. I felt like the game was more immersive, and it gave my Sims a greater sense of realism.

50. Sims 4 Horse Snaffle Bridle cc – Sass and Freckles

sims 4 horse snaffle bridle cc

Some of the best memories I have with my Sims are when they go galloping around the countryside with their horses. But sometimes, it can be difficult to find the perfect cc, like a snaffle bridle, to make them look even more spectacular.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the Sass and Freckles snaffle bridle CC, which is designed for a truly enchanting look. I highly recommend it to every horse-loving sim out there!

51. Sims 4 Horse Forelock With Heart – RavenSim

sims 4 horse forelock with heart

Wow! This gorgeous little heart forelock is a must-have for any Sims 4 horse lover. I love the way this forelock adds a touch of style and cuteness to any horse.

With a range of 36 colors, you can match it perfectly to your horse’s color palette. And it only works for adult horses, so it won’t work on foals.

52. Sims 4 Maxis Match Horse Coat CC – Nesurii

sims 4 maxis match horse cc

If you’re a Maxis Match fan like me, you’ll love this Sims 4 horse coat CC from Nesurii!

It’s the perfect blend of EA’s style and a realistic horse coat, with just the right amount of muscle definition and low-weight details. Your Sims will look amazing with this CC; be sure to show off their new look to all your friends!

53. Sims 4 Horse Dressage Set – Sweetpea’s CC

sims 4 horse dressage cc

Another great addition to your Sims 4 Horse stable! Get ready to take them out for a spin in this beautiful dressage set designed by Sweetpea, complete with a double bridle mesh, Maxis Match dressage saddle, and a stylish saddle pad.

Dress your horse in its best finery and show off their smooth moves on the field.

54. Sharp Unicorn Horns Sims 4 Horse CC – Moriel

best sims 4 horse cc

This Sims 4 Horse CC by Moriel will make your horse stand out from the rest with its sharp and eye-catching unicorn horns!

Similar to the above fatalrosecreations CC, these horns also come in multiple swatches, but with a different design. Your sims’ horses will surely make a statement with these unique accessories.

55. Sims 4 Wild Horse CC Set – Morningstar Equestrian

best sims 4 horse cc packs
ts4 horse cc packs

Honestly, I’m screaming with excitement over this Wild Horse CC set. Have a look at these stunning manes, tails, forelocks, and even beards, each with a variety of swatches to choose from.

You can mix and match to create your own unique horse or use them as inspiration for mythical creatures like unicorns and kirins. It’ll take your horse game to a whole new level, trust me.

56. Sims 4 Carriage CC Set – Morningstar Equestrian

sims 4 carriage cc set

This Sims 4 Carriage CC Set is one of the most amazing and versatile sets I have ever come across!

From the exquisite details on the carriage harness body to the adorable ribbon accents on the mane and tail, this set has everything you need to give your Sims’ horses a stylish and functional upgrade.

And with a whopping 28 swatches for each body version, you’ll never run out of options to match your horses’ personalities and styles!

This post was all about the best Sims 4 Horse CC

I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely obsessed with the Sims 4 Horse CC! From realistic manes to intricate bridles and saddles, there’s something for everyone—and it’s all free.

And don’t forget to check back regularly for more, as new and amazing creations are added all the time. Or leave a comment below or tag me on Tumblr at @freegamingideas for any suggestions. Happy Simming 😍

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