The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Challenges (Fun Ideas to Try Now)

Are you looking for the ultimate Sims 4 challenges list? Do you want to try something fun and exciting in The Sims 4? Look no further! Here you’ll find over 40 Sims 4 challenge ideas that are guaranteed to make your gameplay experience more thrilling and enjoyable.

sims 4 challenges

Honestly, I’m so EXCITED to share the best Sims 4 challenges with you! If you think The Sims 4 has lost its appeal, this is the perfect way to get back into the game.

These Sims 4 challenges will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. Whether you’re an experienced Sims 4 player or a newbie, these challenges will push your Sims skills to the limit!

From easy Sims 4 challenges to the hardest, even base game Sims 4 challenges, there’s something for everyone.

And if you’re looking for new Sims 4 challenge ideas, you’re in luck: these fan-made Sims 4 challenges will give you all the inspiration you need.

This post is all about the best Sims 4 challenges.

Best Sims 4 Challenges

1. Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge – Sims Legacy Challenge

In this Sims 4 challenge, your sim must quit their job and move into an empty lot to begin the journey.

They must conquer career-specific restrictions and face a world full of meager furnishings and limited technology.

But if your sim is able to reach the top of a career branch and make it through without breaking any Universal Rules, then you’ll be rewarded with a permanent lifting of that career branch’s restrictions.

So are you up to the challenge? Let’s see how many sim days it takes you to reach the top!! 

2. Sims 4 Asylum Challenge – Simswithcheese

This Sims 4 challenge takes Sims from the comfort of their homes to a dark and twisted asylum. You must build an asylum filled with only the cheapest objects, and you must keep your sim’s family funds at the required amount for your difficulty.

You can UPGRADE objects with the sim’s handiness skill, but you cannot upgrade objects in hard mode.

To win, you must take care of all the sims in the asylum while managing their needs and emotions without using any cheats, hacks, or mods to boost their needs or skills.

If a sim dies, you must keep their grave on the lot, and you may not rearrange furniture to reserve or use something for yourself.

3. Sims 4 Animal Crossing Legacy Challenge – Asplashofsims

sims 4 animal crossing challenge

This Sims 4 challenge is guaranteed to bring you fun and excitement!

You will be challenged to finish your aspiration, reach the top of a career, and complete different collections.

You’ll start off with two or three rooms, depending on the generation, and when you have enough simoleons, you can upgrade to more rooms! While completing these goals, you’ll be able to choose different traits and aspirations.

There are also options for romance, making money, and choosing an heir. Get ready for the thrilling Sims 4 challenge! Read the original rules here.

4. Sims 4 Animal Crossing Island Gateway Challenge – Frolicking Gnomes

fun sims 4 challenges

I’m sure you’ve been dreaming of living the deserted island life since Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, and now it’s finally time to make that dream a reality!

With Sims 4 challenges, you can set up your own deserted island or start off with two fellow sim villagers as roommates in their own tents. You can even add Tom Nook to the island!

Plus, to unlock Nook’s Cranny, you must reach level 8 in the game. You can play a generational legacy challenge or even consider playing with villagers aging off and rotating different villagers you bring to the island.

5. Sims 4 Amazon Challenge – Ellencococarmen

Are you looking for a way to create an exciting and organized ranking system for your tribe? Please consider this challenge!

Designate preferred careers, specializations, and traits for each rank, from warrior queen to elder, and divide the ranks accordingly. For each rank, decide which specializations they should focus on and assign positive traits to make them stand out.

Finally, consider adding a color-coding system to the clothing of each rank to easily differentiate them. This challenge will help you develop an exciting and organized system for your tribe!

6. Sims 4 Black Widow Challenge – Sims 4 Challenge Rules

How do you feel about a thrilling and difficult challenge to spice up your Sims 4 experience? Then the Sims 4 Black Widow Challenge is perfect for you!

Test your sims’ abilities as they marry, kill their spouses, and try to complete the challenge and the Serial Romantic aspiration by the time they reach adulthood or elderhood.

Choose from three different difficulty levels for this challenge and use either cooking, charisma, or both to complete the challenge.

With a set of rules and a scoreboard, get ready for an exciting battle as you strive to be a legendary black widow.

7. Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge – Lilsimsie & Always Simming

Are you ready to take on a challenge that will push the boundaries of your creativity and test your resolve?

Are you ready for a thrilling journey through ten generations, complete with obstacles ranging from evil gluttons to perfectionists and everything in between? If so, then this is the perfect challenge for you!

With each generation having its own unique traits, aspirations, and careers, it’s time to put your skills to the test.

Be sure to check out the links for extended generations for even more of a challenge! Extended by Neecxle, Extended by Tangysimblr.

8. Sims 4 Big Sister Challenge – Poballa

In this Sims 4 Big Sister Challenge, you will create a family with a teenage big sister and a child of your choice.

To make it more realistic, add a mom or dad and lock them in a room until they starve to death. The challenge is for the big sister to make money and raise her little sibling on her own.

So if you’re looking for an exciting challenge with plenty of creativity, this Big Sister Challenge is perfect for you!

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9. Sims 4 Bachelor Challenge – Xurbansimsx

Luckily, your sim has the perfect chance to find its soulmate in just 19 days!

In this thrilling challenge, you will get to test your sims’ compatibility through a variety of activities like speed dating, going on solo dates, and even attending a black-and-white bash. (Perfect for Teen Sims 4 Challenges)

You’ll have to do your best to make an impression on the other Sims to ensure your sims’ relationship keeps growing!

As you get closer and closer to the final elimination, it’s time to make that all-important decision: who will you give a rose to?

10. Sims 4 Big Brother Challenge – Gizmoman49 

The Big Brother Challenge is an exciting and intense competition for the Sims!

The Final Two must complete weekly tasks and form relationships in order to advance in the challenge.

The highest-performing Sim at the end of each week earns the title of “Head of Household” and is granted access to a luxurious bedroom as well as the power to nominate two other Sims for eviction.

After a round of voting, the least popular Sim is evicted from the house until only two remain. Do you have what it takes to be the last Sim standing? Give it a try and find out!

11. Sims 4 Bloodline Challenge – poohbear9718 

The Sims 4 Bloodline Challenge is an exciting adventure that combines the best of two worlds.

In this unique world, vampires are the rulers, and humans and half-bloods are not allowed to ascend the throne. You, a human, and your best friend discover that she is of royal blood, with the King being her father.

This is a challenge to help your friend prove her worthiness and become queen. You must master all necessary skills, both in-game and store ones, to make sure your best friend is more than ready for her role as queen.

There’s even an optional quest to make it to 10 generations! Are you up for the challenge?

12. Sims 4 Color Challenge – Danixsimmer01

This Sims Challenge is a 10-generation story that follows a family of Sim characters through dramatic events.

Each generation represents a different color, and each Sim has unique traits, aspirations, careers, and goals that they strive to fulfill over the course of their lives.

From a brown-colored genius aspiring to be a curator to an evil kleptomaniac black Sim determined to make his family miserable, to a white-colored vet with an intense love for animals and a burning desire to help others, this challenge is sure to be full of exciting twists and turns!

Follow this family’s journey to see if your sims can reach their goals and create a legacy that will last through the ages!

13. Sims 4 Cult Or Commune Challenge – LibrarianSimmer

This challenge is an exciting way to EXPLORE different lifestyles and understand their real-life implications through the Sims 4 game.

It requires you to begin with just a tent, fire pit, and activity item and then work your way up to building a house, having children, earning money through music, and ultimately raising three artists.

It’s a great way to test your ingenuity and resourcefulness while having fun at the same time! So, are you ready to start the challenge?

14. Sims 4 Castaway Challenge – MapleSimmer

This exciting Castaway Challenge will push your Sims to their limits and test their ability to survive the dangerous island.

This challenge will test your Sim’s creativity and resourcefulness as they start out with nothing and must craft any pieces of furniture that burn in a fire.

The challenge will reward your Sim with the glory of surviving, plus all the money they have earned or crafted, and any plants they choose to take from the island!

15. Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge – MissPlaying

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Embark on the Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge and experience a magical fairytale world!

Create your own princess and choose from a variety of enchanting locations; customize your Sim with different outfits and accessories inspired by Disney princesses; and complete special tasks related to each princess’ story.

Take on this exciting challenge and create your very own Disney Princess masterpiece!

And don’t forget, if you want to take on the challenge with the base game only, follow Bestiejermaine’s Disney Princess Legacy Challenge Rules!

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16. Sims 4 Dollhouse Challenge – Sibling Sims

Take on the challenge of raising two young adults under one roof while living with an evil, insane, and mean elderly woman!

Create a house in Oasis Springs, Willow Creek, or Newcrest, and make sure the elderly woman has her own three rooms on the top floor or in the basement.

All of the furniture must be cheap, but feel free to upgrade it when you can afford it. Complete an aspiration, get married, and have a baby, then grow a cowplant, and when it’s fully grown, kill the elderly woman to be freed!

Follow these rules, and you’ll be sure to have an exciting and thrilling experience. Can you survive? Try now!

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17. Sims 4 Elements Challenge – JakeDavid and BellaLessai

sims 4 elements challenge

Follow these ten generations of Sims as they explore their creative potential and pursue their dreams.

From eco-innovators to engineers, master vampires to doctors, the possibilities are endless. Go on an enthralling journey with these Sims as they use their skills in baking, photography, handiness, and research to reach their goals.

Experience romance, family life, and friendships as these Sims strive for success in their respective careers, build relationships with others, and strive to have a big, happy family.

Are you ready for the challenge? Play it now and see how far your Sims can go!

18. Sims 4 Family Dynamics Challenge – Pastella Pixels and standingsimmer

This challenge will have you playing the tenth generation of a successful Sim family. Your character is particularly creative and imaginative, possessing a deep fascination with the supernatural.

After the sudden death of their true love, your Sim will battle depression and loneliness through drinking, until the decision to adopt a child gives them the strength they need to keep going.

As you master writing, gourmet cooking, and mixology skills and attempt to resurrect your beloved significant other, you will work towards creating your own happily ever after.

Take on this exciting challenge and create a story of courage, resilience, and love!

19. Sims 4 History Challenge – Cloudseeker

The Sims 4 History Challenge is an exciting and immersive Legacy-style challenge that simmers can embark on.

Spanning 7 major Eras from prehistoric to modern times, the challenge is designed to be accurate on a general level while still providing a few changes and personal touches to keep things dynamic.

As Sims progress through each era, they will be able to unlock more and more options in terms of aspirations, careers, and objects.

There are challenge-wide goals to be reached, as well as specific goals per era that can only be completed while the era is active. Take your Sims on a journey through history and see if you have what it takes to succeed!

20. Sims 4 Homeless Challenge – Aislynne

Basically, you start off with nothing but your own determination and ambition.

With the help of some friends, an aunt’s generosity, and a lot of hard work, you slowly but surely start building yourself up from nothing. You can get a building permit to build your own home or do odd jobs around town as a domestic worker.

Your friends also show their support by building a shelter for the homeless so that you have somewhere to rest and eat when you need it.

21. Sims 4 Human Enough Challenge – Squeamishsims

sims 4 challenges base game

The Human Enough Challenge for The Sims 4 is an exciting and unique challenge designed to bring out the alien in you!

In this challenge, your alien sim must hide the truth and learn to fit in with humans, all while working their way up from the lowest level of difficulty.

Explore new tasks, unlock fun achievements, and develop skills to become more “human-like”! Keep your secret close and experience the harsh survival of living on Earth with no prior knowledge or experience.

Enjoy the challenge, unlock achievements, and become human enough!

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22. Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge – Snarky Witch

best sims 4 challenges

One of the most exciting challenges you can take on in The Sims 4 is the 100 Baby Challenge!

As the matriarch of your family, you must bear and raise at least 100 children without any cheats or mods. You’ll pick three lot traits, allocate rewards achieved throughout the game, age up your younger sims as they reach milestones, and even be responsible for all of your children as you can’t hire a nanny.

Will you be able to complete the challenge? Take on this thrilling game and find out!

23. Sims 4 Island Challenge – Lily Parker’s

The Sims Island Challenge is an exciting, one-of-a-kind challenge that allows you to explore the depths of survival on a deserted island. With only the bare minimum of usable objects, Sims must craft and work with what they have to make their lives as comfortable as possible.

Tackle the dice rolls of the gods, explore nature’s gifts, nurture a super survival family, and have fun with god-like powers to ensure your Sims make it to the final ritual.

With no electricity, jobs, or luxury items, every day is a brand-new adventure! So come on over and take on the Sims Island Challenge!

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24. Sims 4 Mermaid Challenge – Illusorythrall

Embark on an epic journey of self-discovery and uncover the secrets of Sulani! If you’re up for a challenge, try this ten-generation legacy!

Start with a Human Sim, then create Sims from black to rainbow hair and dress them in styles matching their personality.

Every generation has a different aspiration, occupation, and house goal— from becoming a mermaid or Renaissance Sim to reaching the top of an astronaut career!

Can you reach the ultimate goal of $100,000 and earn Mansion Baron status? Get ready to find out!

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25. Sims 4 Medieval Challenge – ResSteel

sims 4 challenges generator

Take on an exciting challenge to rise from poverty and become King or Queen by marrying into royalty!

You’ll need to use your wits and work your way through the challenge, using only CAS and Build Mode items that seem appropriate to the time period.

Once you reach adulthood, keep your relationship with the prince or princess a secret from your parents.

As you and your new spouse ascend to the throne, challenge yourself further by having your child follow in your footsteps and fall in love with another poor family’s child. Join the world of medieval royalty with this exciting challenge!

26. Sims 4 Orphanage Challenge – Uninfinite

Get ready for an exciting and unpredictable challenge where you, the owner, must manage a household with one adult worker and several children.

Roll to find out who your worker is, what traits they have, and what dysfunctions your children might have. Carefully manage the household—budget, meals, and skill building—and age up the children on their birthdays.

Fail to pay bills or salary, let a child die, or allow the owner to pass away without aging a child to adulthood, and you fail the challenge!

27. Sims 4 Parentcy Challenge – Cookingpup99

Take on the ultimate challenge and become a legendary parent.

Start with your chosen heir and have them become a teenager. Marry their high school sweetheart and have at least two children.

Then create an amazing club that brings people together, having one child in each season to celebrate the changing times.

Finally, make your way to the top and reach the last generation without having any children. Make a name for yourself in the world by maxing out your skills, and careers, and even becoming a vampire.

Follow the points system to become an unforgettable parent!

28. Sims 4 Rags To Riches Challenge – SimishGamer

This sims 4 challenges on a real-life adventure with the Rags to Riches challenge!

Start your journey with one Sim who has limited resources and turns it into a “sim from rags to riches” as you complete all the main goals and optional challenges.

From mastering skills to getting your perfect job to owning a mansion, take on the challenge and climb your way to success!

Earn Simoleons through fishing, writing novels, painting, and more. Collect items around town for the challenge and become a total Simoleonaire!

This is a surefire way to prove that your Sims have what it takes to achieve the ultimate challenge and that they have the power to take on a real-life adventure!

29. Sims 4 Random Legacy Challenge – Tigger89

Wanna take your Legacy Challenge up a notch? Step up with the Limited Generation Challenge to test your legacy’s true potential!

Select from a host of aspirations and choose an heir from a range of options, including random chance, succession law, and even a public vote!

Test your skills at building an impressive family line that will stand the test of time! So what are you waiting for? Start your legacy today!

30. Sims 4 Royalty Challenge – Lucy French

The Sims 4 Royalty Challenge is an exciting game where you get the chance to create your own empire by ruling over 10 generations of royal families.

Choose between the Aurum, Impius, and other families, or create your own, and build the perfect castle with bedrooms for each family member and extra rooms like a study, nursery, playroom, and more.

Employ your own staff and build up your kingdom to become the most powerful monarch in the land.

Gain enough reputation to unlock new families, but make sure your heir only marries nobles and royals! Are you ready to take on the challenge?

31. Sims 4 Princess Challenge – Aislynne

The Princess Challenge is a thrilling, three-week challenge where your sim will attempt to become the most successful ruler of all.

Through completing various tasks, attending events, and interacting with the royal family, your sim will gain Schemer and Kind-Hearted points in order to increase their aspiration level.

Over the course of the challenge, you’ll need to master skills like cooking, gardening, and painting to be successful.

The stakes are high—you’ll need to be careful not to spend too many aspiration points, or you won’t make it!

32. Sims 4 Runaway Teen Challenge – StormyDayz

The Teen Runaway Challenge is perfect for anyone looking for adventure!

Your teen sim will be able to explore the wilds of Selvadorada and build their own home with items bought on the cheap.

They can take part in activities such as yoga, making music and videos, and taking pictures. They will also be able to fangirl over the stars and gain fame and fortune.

If your teen is not ready to set up a permanent home, they can hide away in the jungle with tents or foliage and store their items in a rucksack. This challenge is perfect for anyone looking to live on the edge!

33. Sims 4 Super Sims Challenge –
Carl’s Sim Guides

The challenge of creating a Super Sim is an exciting one, as it requires meticulous planning and strategy to develop the perfect Sim.

With thoughtful decisions about their needs, from the quality of food, they eat with the celebrity quirk Palate, to picking an aspiration for bonus traits and rewards.

Your sim can be an all-rounder, excel in any desired skill, and live a longer life with special traits that are tailored to your unique lifestyle. So take on the challenge and make your own Super Sim.

34. Sims 4 Simple Living Lot Challenge

The Simple Living Lot Challenge brings an exciting twist to traditional gameplay.

This challenge requires Sims to have all the ingredients for cooking and baking dishes rather than just relying on the food that can be harvested or milked from their cows.

If you SUCCEED in this challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a significant skill boost for cooking and baking, a self-sustaining +2 Happy Moodlet, and the ability to write a special cookbook.

35. Sims 4 University Challenge – MapleSimmer

sims 4 challenges list

The Sims 4 University Challenge will test your strategic and management skills as you attempt to help eight of your Sims complete their university degrees in an impressive three weeks.

From obtaining scholarships to juggling jobs and joining student organizations, your Sims will have their work cut out for them.

To make it even more of a challenge, you must also provide each Sim with their own nest egg to start off their adult lives.

36. Sims 4 Vampire Challenge – Simbonez

sims 4 vampire challenges

The Sims 4 Vampire Challenge is an exciting opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a supernatural world with a family full of vampires and witches!

Follow the story of a musical genius who conjures a vampire baby, and watch their descendants grow over generations as they face difficult moral decisions.

Watch as their children master vampire lore, art criticism, and mixology skills and observe the death of a human lover.

Every generation has its own unique traits, aspirations, and rules. If you are a fan of the Not So Berry Challenge, then get ready for an unforgettable journey of power, love, and dark magic!

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37. Sims 4 Witch Challenge – njadakaufey

In this challenge, Sims must overcome a cursed bloodline in order to save the family.

You must choose the Sims they want to be the main heir to and help them progress in their respective aspirations and skills.

They must also complete the Chief of Mischief aspiration, reach level 10 in programming and mischief skills, and level 5 in gardening skills. If you have a university, they can help their Sims with a computer science degree.

They must also reach the highest level in duels in the Spellcaster Perks and know a quarter of the mischief spells. Finally, sims must complete their aspiration and all the requirements to break the curse and save their family!

38. Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge – Lydiaa88

Sims 4 Challenges are a fun way to take your Sims gaming experience to the next level! This particular challenge involves twelve generations of Sims, each with unique traits and aspirations.

Create a matriarchy or patriarchy and an expansive legacy while exploring sims with traits like Creative, Insane, Hot-Headed, Ambitious, and Evil.

Encounter Sims from a variety of backgrounds as you make your way through the generations and experience Sims with aspirations such as Painter Extraordinaire, Bodybuilder, and Computer Whiz.

Experience sims with unique lifestyles within a vampire-themed Sims 4 challenge!

So, friend, if you want to level up your Sims 4 game and make it more exciting, why not try out some of these challenges?

And if you have any great Sims 4 challenge ideas, don’t forget to share them in the comments below or tag me @freegamingideas on Tumblr.

Who knows, your challenge could be the next big thing in Sims 4 gaming! Let’s get creative and make the Sims 4 gaming experience even more fun! Happy Simming😍

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