The Most Popular Sims 4 Decades Challenge (Updated 2024!)

Looking for a way to take your Sims 4 game experience to the next level? Here are all the details for the popular Sims 4 Decades Challenge, updated in 2022!

sims 4 decades challenge

The Sims 4 Decades Challenge is a UNIQUE and thrilling way to experience different eras of history right in the comfort of your own home!

Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted challenge or a deep role-playing experience, the Sims 4 Decades Challenge offers something for everyone.

This list of challenges offers various sets of rules, from modified originals to completely new sets that are inspired by the decades.

With these different rules, you can create your own stories and characters while still following the rules of the challenge.

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So strap on your time-traveling shoes and get ready to explore the Sims 4 decades challenge.

Sims 4 Decades Challenge

sims 4 challenges

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1. The Original Sims 4 Decades Challenge – ZombieCleo

To truly capture the spirit of each decade, this Sims 4 Decades Challenge is a great way to bring the past back to life.

The challenge brings all the best aspects of each decade to your game, from the 1890s to the 2010s. For each decade, there are different rules and stories to create for your Sims.

In some cases, such as the 1940s WWII Challenge, children must serve in the military as adults.

Others, such as the end of the Vietnam War Challenge in the 1970s, sent the first two children (of either gender) to war. In others still, such as the 2000s climate change challenge, all careers are open.

In the 1950s Korean War challenge, only RADIO is allowed; in the 1980s Yuppie Era challenge, one person must have a business or investor career; and in the 2010s, gay marriage is allowed.

In all challenges, the family must follow specific rules in order to complete the challenge successfully.

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2. Annabee’s Sims 4 Decades Challenge – Annabee

When it comes to this Mini Sims 4 Decades Challenge, you can take your sims on an exciting journey through the 1890s all the way up to the 1920s!

Take on various careers, including business, culinary, and musical. Decorate your Sims’ homes with wallpaper and light up your Sims’ lives with electric lamps.

As the challenge reaches the 1910s, male Sims will TRAVEL to war and have to take on certain traits when they return. Women can start their own businesses in the entertainment, culinary, or painting industries.

During the 1920s, sims have to contend with women’s rights and prohibition (no drinking), but Sims can watch movies if they have the Hangout Stuff Pack and listen to the radio!

With these rules, your Sims will embark on a historical and adventurous journey. She also has a scoring system, which adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to the challenge.

3. StephandMinnie’s Extreme Sims 4 Decades Challenge

Oh, such an exciting challenge awaits! Be prepared to face the ups and downs of a Sim’s life in the 1720s with The Sims 4 Decades Challenge.

This challenge brings the SURPRISES of the Sims’ lives across many decades. During each sim’s lifetime, you will roll the dice to determine if a sim passes away due to childbirth complications, illnesses, or old age.

Plus, make sure you tithe 10% of your household income on Sundays at the church and enjoy special events like art and music spirits, storytelling, a thankful spirit, appreciating an object, and family dinner.

This Sims Life challenge is full of excitement! With a little luck and skill, you’ll have a fantastic Simming experience. 

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4. Sims 4 Decades Challenge Remake

This decade’s challenge rules will take Sims through the tumultuous journey of the past 100 years in Japan.

Sims must live through every period of history, from traditional wooden furniture to baths. Traditional gender roles are also essential to this challenge, with sims having limited aspirations depending on their gender.

Even kids and teens must do their part; Sims under 18 are able to finish their aspirations and get an A in school to age up.

Sims must use the cowplant to enter the war, as in the original Decades Challenge, and Sims MUST follow strict vegetarian diets with the exception of fish.

This is a unique challenge that will completely change the way Sims live in Japan! So join in and take your Sims on an unforgettable historical journey in Japan. 

5. The Ultimate Sims 4 Decades Challenge (1300-2020) – Morbid Gamer

the ultimate sims 4 decades challenge

The Sims 4 Decades Challenge is a unique and exciting way to play the game that simulates life in England during the Medieval era.

Players must start their sims as peasants and work their way up the social ladder by growing produce, fishing, painting, woodworking, making candles (Eco Lifestyle), knitting (Nifty Knitting), having cows, chickens, and hens (Cottage Living), and doing cross-stitch (Cottage Living).

The challenge is designed to last for hundreds of years, so players must be patient and make smart decisions in order to succeed.

Just make sure to keep your Sims healthy and happy along the way! And click on the particular decade button at the end of the rules page to get more details on the rules. Have fun!

Don’t forget to check out the video below for more information and tips on completing the Sims 4 Decades Challenge!

6. Modified Sims 4 Decades Challenge (1890-2020) – Thesimschallenges

This challenge is actually a modified version of the “Sims 4 Decades Challenge,” which allows Sims to explore life in each of the decades from 1890 to 2020.

With this challenge, Sims will have to face many different challenges and objectives in order to progress through each decade. This includes sims having to go to war, having relationships with sims of different ethnicities, entering into careers, and having to complete specific tasks.

Sims will also need to be able to create sims with specific traits, BUY and BUILD in certain ways, and even complete certain holidays.

With all these objectives and restrictions, sims will have to be creative and even a little daring to succeed in the challenge and make it through each decade.

With Sims being able to explore life in each decade and having to face interesting objectives, this challenge is sure to be an exciting one!

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7. Sims 4 Decades Challenge Rules by cutecoffeegal

Take an exciting journey through the decades with the modified Sims 4 Decade Challenge.

Play through the 1890s to the 2010s as you experience societal changes, world events, and advancements in technology. From the Edwardian Era to the Yuppies of the 1980s, you’ll get to explore different cultures and lifestyles across more than a century.

With all the current Sims 4 packs included, this challenge is sure to provide a unique experience for all players.

Get ready for new stories, sims, and plenty of SURPRISES as you embark on the Modified Sims 4 Decade Challenge!

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8. Sims 4 Decades Challenge (Hard Mode) Rules – Illusorythrall

When it comes to the Sims 4 Decades Challenge, it’s all about keeping things as realistic and true to the era as possible!

Take a trip back in time, from the late nineteenth century through the modern twenty-first century, by simulating life in each decade.

This challenge’s rule set covers EVERYTHING from cell phones to computers, wars to fame, eco-living to tiny homes, and paranormal investigations. By following the rules laid out, you can experience all the excitement and joy of simulating life in each decade!

If you’re looking for a long-term Sims-related challenge, this is it! The creator also provides helpful gameplay notes and reference materials to help you along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Get simulated and experience a Sims world spanning over 120 years!

9. Sims 4 Rebooted Decades Challenge – kakeru_naruse

This challenge is a rebooted version of the Sims 4 Decades Challenge that takes Sims back in time to the late 1890s.

Players must take their sim family through all four generations, with each sim having a different experience of the times. Players will have to abide by historically accurate rules and regulations, such as limited technology, only wooden furniture, and decorating with classic paintings.

The challenge will take sims through a UNIQUE journey of life over the past four decades, and those victorious sims will be able to complete the Sims 4 Decades Challenge!

And remember that ultimately this is your game, so you can customize the Sims 4 Decades Challenge to fit your sim’s journey.

10. Sims 4 Simerican Settlers Challenge – VintageSims

Are you ready to take on the Sims 4 Decades Challenge?

Follow your sims as they start out in a humble rural cabin in the 1850s and experience life through all of the different technological and social advancements over the decades.

Brave the stock market crash of the 1880s, join the workforce to help with the war effort in the 1940s, and adjust your Sims’ lifestyle to the changing times.

Test your sims’ resilience as they experience poverty and rationing, can only eat one hot meal a day, and need to make money in any way possible.

Take on the Sims 4 Decades Challenge today and see your Sims grow up through a century of history!

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11. The Great British Sim Challenge – EmersedCrown

Omg! Get ready to explore the Sims of four decades by taking part in the Great British Sim Challenge.

Step back in time and experience the Iron Age, Medieval Period, Tudor Era, Victorian Period, and Early 20th Century to 2010s eras—all in the Sims!

Challenge yourself to complete all the goals that aim to cover all of the game achievements, and let your imagination run wild as you build a story-telling and world-building experience.

And there are three alternate versions of this challenge for players to choose from! Dark Age, Golden Age, and Modern Age, but the best part of this SIM challenge? You will be free from bigotry and discrimination, so sims of all backgrounds can have an enjoyable experience.

12. Sims 4 Updated Decades Challenge – Nerdfashion

This updated Decades Challenge for the Sims 4 is a blast from the past—inspired by history and packed with possibilities!

Test your sim’s endurance as they face the highs and lows of American life over the past four decades. Nerdfashion has rewritten the original challenge rules to include all Sims 4 packs and make them more historically accurate.

Are you up for the challenge? Take the Sims 4 Decades Challenge now and time travel through American history with your Sims!

This is such an amazing and popular way to play The Sims 4, spending time in each of the different decades.

I love how creative this challenge is and how it keeps me engaged in playing the Sims. I can’t wait to see what else Simmers comes up with for this challenge!

If you try any of these challenges out, please tag me on Tumblr at @freegamingideas so I can see your progress (and maybe give you some tips)! Happy Simming 😍

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