31+ Sims 4 for Rent Builds: Multi-Family Builds, and Apartments

Need some Sims 4 rental lots for your gameplay? Today, I’m sharing the top 28 Sims 4 For Rent Builds, featuring multi-family builds, apartments, and more.

Hurray! It’s time to get ready for the newest expansion pack with this Sims 4 For Rent Builds collection! 🥳🥳🥳

In this round-up, I have handpicked my favorite Sims 4 apartment builds, including some amazing multi-family complexes. And that’s not all, because the best part of this pack is being able to have multiple households on a single lot!

Whether you’re looking to create your dream home or a profitable rental property, these Sims 4 For Rent Builds have got you covered.

And even if you haven’t purchased the Sims 4 For Rent pack, you can still enjoy the creativity and storytelling behind these AMAZING builds. So let’s get started! Let the inspiration begin.

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This blog post is all about the best Sims 4 for rent builds (Sims 4 Residential Rentals).

Best Sims 4 For Rent Builds (Apartments and Multi-Family Builds)

the sims 4 rental mod

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1. Nookstone Flats (Residental Rental) For Rent – Myshunosun

sims 4 for rent
  • Value: 36 084§
  • Units: 2
  • Lot Size: 20×15

Omg! Look at this adorable Sims 4 residential rental lot I found after the For Rent EP release.

Nookstone Flats is a quaint and cozy apartment building located in Oasis Springs. Originally built by the talented Simmer Myshunosun, this lot features two fully furnished units for you to rent out to your Sims.

I’m obsessed with the minimalistic and eco-friendly design, perfect for Sims who want to live sustainably. Remember, you’ll need the For Rent and Eco Lifestyle expansion packs to play on this lot.

2. Arid Ridge Sims 4 Apartment Complex – Ravenjinx

sims 4 apartment
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1.5
  • Apartments: 6

This stunning apartment complex is the perfect addition to any Sims 4 For Rent game.

With six apartments available for rent, you’ll have plenty of space for multiple households on one lot. The minimalist design and attention to detail make this complex feel both luxurious and realistic.

This lot is only a shell, so you can have fun decorating each unit to your liking. I loved creating unique spaces for each tenant and watching their stories unfold within the complex.

This is definitely a must-have build for any Sims 4 For Rent player!

3. Elm Street Sims 4 Apartments – Frootjice

sims 4 apartments
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Value: 121 976§
  • Lot Size: 30×20

This lot has the perfect combination of modern and vintage vibes.

Inspired by the iconic Elm Street in New York City, this apartment complex features six spacious units with a mix of brick walls and exposed beams.

The best part is that these apartments can be rented out individually with Sims 4 For Rent or as one large multi-family home.

4. Acacia Avenue Sims 4 For Rent Build – Simkhira

sims 4 apartments for rent
  • Units: 6
  • Value: 121 976§
  • Lot Size: 30×20

Can you tell I’m obsessed with these apartment buildings? Well, get ready for another one because this Acacia Avenue build by Simkhira is incredible!

This apartment complex has been recently renovated with a modern and luxurious touch. With six units available for rent, your Sims will have plenty of room to grow and thrive.

With minimal custom content, this build is perfect for those who prefer a more streamlined and simplistic approach to decorating.

5. San Myshuno Sims 4 For Rent Apartment – Create4sims

sims 4 lots
  • Units: 2

Sometimes, city living can feel lonely and isolating. But not for the Sims who live in this stunning apartment building by Create4Sims.

This building offers the perfect balance of privacy and community, with individual apartments for rent and shared spaces for your Sims to socialize and connect with their neighbors. The view of the serene pond and water is just a bonus to this already-perfect location in San Myshuno.

Plus, the rooftop terrace is the perfect spot for your Sims to relax and take in the city skyline.

Get ready for your Sims to live their best lives in this beautiful apartment building. With units that are both modern and cozy, your Sims will never want to leave!

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6. Sims 4 Gilbert Gardens Townhomes For Rent – Simkhira

sims 4 townhouse
  • Units: 4

When you’re looking for a bit more space and privacy, these luxurious townhomes by Simkhira are the perfect option.

Its clean and modern design combined with the beautiful waterfront location make this complex a highly sought-after rental property in San Sequoia.

And with four units available, you’ll have plenty of room for multiple households or a growing family. Plus, the garage and park nearby add some extra convenience to this already ideal location.

Make sure to add this to your list of must-rent properties in the Sims 4 For Rent game!

7. Foundry Cove Sims 4 Apartment Complex for Rent – Dreamscarx

sims 4 apartment for rent
  • Units: 4

When I pictured the perfect rental property, I imagined something like this Foundry Cove apartment complex.

With four move-in-ready units, each with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, this property is perfect for families or roommates looking for a comfortable and affordable place to live.

The roof deck and outdoor pool add a touch of luxury to these otherwise modest apartments, making them the perfect place for Sims looking to relax and unwind after a long day.

8. Apartments For Sims 4 Rent – Danuta 720

sims 4 apartment builds
  • Units: 4

One of the newest additions to the Sims 4 for rent builds, these apartments offer a unique and modern living experience for your Sims.

Looking at these apartments, you can almost feel the bustling energy of city life. With four apartments available for rent, each with its own unique layout and design, your Sims will have plenty of options to choose from.

The communal outdoor space provides the perfect opportunity for your Sims to socialize and make new friends within the complex.

9. Classical Sims 4 Townhomes For Rent – Amelie

sims 4 townhomes
  • Units: 3
  • Value: 289,247
  • Lot Size: 30×20

If you’re building in Windenburg, you have to check out these stunning townhomes by Amelie.

Ocean views, a bustling city atmosphere, and proximity to amenities make this property highly desirable for both renters and buyers.

These townhomes offer a perfect blend of classical design with modern conveniences; you’re sure to find the perfect home for your Sims here.

10. MT. Komorebi Sims 4 Apartments For Rent – Axiisims

the sims 4 for rent
  • Units: 2

Omg, the colors are really attractive. One of the simpler yet charming apartments in Mt. Komorebi, this property is perfect for Sims who prefer a cozier and more traditional style of living.

There are two units available for rent, each with a spacious layout and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

The rooftop, with its stunning flower display and cozy seating area, is the perfect spot for your Sims to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of this location.🤩

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11. Sims 4 Modern Bungalow For Rent – Bojana Sims

sims 4 bungalow
  • Units: 4

These modern bungalows, designed by Bojana Sims, are a breath of fresh air in the rental market.

With four units available for rent, your Sims can enjoy the perfect balance of privacy and community living. And with their sleek and contemporary design, these bungalows offer a unique and luxurious living experience for your Sims.

Plus, the outdoor pool and patio area provide the perfect opportunity for your Sims to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding these bungalows.

12. Sims 4 London Townhouses For Rent (No CC) – Kelly

sims 4 apartments cc

If you are anything like me, you have been eagerly anticipating the Sims 4 For Rent pack. These stunning London townhouses by Kelly are the perfect addition to your rental property collection. This lot has no CC, making it easily accessible for you to download and start playing right away.

There are two townhouses available, and you can choose between a modern and renovated design or an elegant and chic style.

13. New York Inspired Sims 4 Townhouses For Rent (No CC) – Kellyhartx

sims 4 apartments download
  • Lot Size: 30×30

This Sims 4 for Rent build is inspired by the bustling and diverse city of New York. I wanted to create a vibrant and lively street for my Sims to live in, with a mix of townhouses and apartments that catered to different lifestyles and families.

Plus, the coffee shop, gym, and pizzeria add some additional options for my Sims to socialize and enjoy some local amenities.

The industrial loft on top of the pizzeria adds a unique living space for someone looking for a more urban and modern vibe.

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14. Windenburg Sims 4 Apartments for Rent – Amelie

sims 4 builds no cc
  • Value: 410,664§
  • Units: 4
  • Lot Size: 30×20

Another stunning apartment complex by Amelie, this property offers a modern and luxurious living experience for Sims in Windenburg.

There are several facilities available for your Sims to use on the ground floor, including a gym and sauna, making it a perfect place for those who value wellness and staying active.

And with a garage available for rent, your Sims can easily have access to their own parking space.

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15. Renovated Sims 4 London Townhouses for Rent – BojanaSims

sims 4 london townhouses for rent

Units: 4

Omg! This Sims 4 townhouse is freaking amazing! I’m obsessed with the renovated design and attention to detail by Bojana Sims. I highly highly recommend this lot for anyone looking to rent in the Sims 4 game. This townhouse is perfect for those who value a modern and luxurious living experience.

With four units available for rent, two of which are fully furnished, your Sims will have plenty of options to choose from. Plus, the color scheme adds such a unique and vibrant touch to the overall design.

16. Modern Parisian Sims 4 Apartments For Rent – Axiisims

the sims 4 apartments
  • Value: 56,153
  • Lot Size: 30×20

Axiisims is ONE of my favorite creators when it comes to Sims 4 builds, and this modern Parisian apartment complex is no exception.

Inspired by the beautiful and romantic city of Paris, this property offers a chic and sophisticated living experience for Sims. It is Shell build, meaning you have the freedom to decorate and design the interior however you like.

And with amenities like a basketball court and a cafe bar on the ground floor, your Sims will have plenty of activities to keep them entertained within the complex.

17. Lakeside Retreat Sims 4 For Rent (No CC) – Spookcy

sims 4 for rent lot

Lot Size: 40 x 30

This is such a cozy and picturesque residential rental lot for your Sims to escape to in the beautiful Granite Falls. Perfect for a relaxing and peaceful retreat, this lot offers a mix of modern amenities with the natural beauty of the surrounding lake.

With a hot tub, room for infants and toddlers, and pet-friendly features, your Sims can bring their whole family for a Winterfest celebration or just a weekend getaway.

18. Britechester Sims 4 Townhouse For Rent – Lollisimsi

sims 4 for rent apartment

This Sims 4 townhouse for rent by Lollisimsi is the perfect option for young adults or students looking to live in the bustling university town of Britechester.

With no custom content required, this 20×15 lot is easily accessible and ready for your Sims to move in. The townhouse offers a cozy yet modern living space with a spacious layout and stylish furnishings.

I have personally enjoyed living in this townhouse, as it offers the perfect balance of privacy and community living.

19. Shire Sims 4 Apartment For Rent (No CC) – Cubzikbuilds

sims 4 apartment for rent 8 units
  • Value: 36 084§
  • Units: 7 (2 studios and 5 one bedroom)
  • Lot Size: 30×40

This Sims 4 seven-unit apartment for rent by Cubzikbuilds is the perfect option for anyone looking to live in the heart of Del Sol Valley.

With a mix of studios and one-bedroom luxury apartments, there are plenty of options for Sims to choose from. I highly recommend taking advantage of the private gym, lounge area, and terrace located on the first floor for socializing and relaxation.

And with beautiful views of the city, your Sims will feel like they’re living in luxury.

20. Modern Tomarang Sims 4 Apartments For Rent – Lighthouseeee

sims 4 tomarang
  • Units: 6
  • Lot Size: 30×30

This modern apartment building in Tomarang is a dream come true for my Sims. The sleek and stylish design, paired with the convenient amenities such as a parking lot, playground, cafe, and gym, make this apartment building a must-have in my game.

Get ready to move your Sims into this vibrant and modern complex and watch as they thrive in their new home.

21. Taka Soi Sims 4 Apartment For Rent – Lighthouseee

sims 4 residential rental
  • Units: 4
  • Lot Size: 20×15

Lighthouseee has truly outdone itself with this Sims 4 apartment for rent located in the vibrant city of Tomarang.

The unique and modern design, along with the convenient amenities such as a laundry room, make this apartment building stand out from the rest.

I love the studio apartment option for a student and the family apartments with two rooms, which provide options for different types of Sims.

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22. Luxurious Modern Sims 4 Townhouses For Rent – XureilaYT

sims 4 townhouse for rent
  • Units: 3
  • Lot Size: 40×30

Who wouldn’t want to live in a luxurious and modern townhouse like the ones designed by XureilaYT? With sleek and stylish interiors as well as top-of-the-line appliances, your Sims will feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury.

The bonus rooms and study areas provide extra space for your Sims to relax or work, making these townhouses perfect for families or young professionals.

23. Sailboat Sims 4 Townhouses For Rent – Farfalla

sims 4 townhouses for rent
  • Value: 443,230§
  • Units: 3 (4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) per townhouse.
  • Lot Size: 30×20

24. Colorful Tomarang Apartment Sims 4 For Rent (No CC) – Chrissieytbuilds 

the sims 4 apartment
  • Units: 6
  • Lot Size: 40×30

Well, where do I even begin with this apartment? It’s simply stunning! The use of bold and vibrant colors truly brings life to the building, making it stand out in the cityscape of Tomarang.

You need not worry about any custom content as this apartment only requires The Sims 4 For Rent pack. I personally love that there are six separate apartment units, providing such a diverse range of options for my Sims to choose from. Whether they prefer a cozy one-bedroom or a spacious three-bedroom, this apartment has it all.

25. Morensong Sims 4 Family Townhouses For Rent – Chrissieytbuilds

sims 4 family houses for rent
  • Units: 2
  • Lot Size: 20×15

Chrissieytbuilds has done it again with these modern and spacious family townhouses in the bustling city of Tomarang. As someone who enjoys playing with larger families, I appreciate the option of two different apartment units, each with enough space for multiple Sims.

The use of natural lighting and sleek interiors adds a touch of modernity to the building, making it a desirable and comfortable living space for any family.

26. Sims 4 Tenants Apartments For Rent No CC – Create4sims

sims 4 tenants apartment for rent
  • Units: 2

27. Rippling Sims 4 Flats For Rent (No CC) – Helgatisha

sims 4 flats
  • Units: 7
  • Lot Size: 30×20

Omg, this Sims 4 build is nothing short of stunning! From the sleek and modern exterior design to the spacious and luxurious interior, this apartment building is perfect for any sim looking to rent.

With six individual units for tenants and a separate space for the owner, there’s plenty of room for everyone to live comfortably.

I tried this build out in my own game, and let me tell you, my sims were living their best lives in this beautiful building.

28. Night City Sims 4 Apartments For Rent – Machinegrl

the sims 4 apartments for rent
  • Units: 4 (Apartments, Container home, Loft Bedroom)
  • Lot Size: 30×30

This Sims 4 residential rental is located in the bustling and vibrant city of Night City. It is the perfect place for your sims who are seeking a fast-paced and exciting urban lifestyle.

The apartment complex features four different units. Whether your sim prefers a cozy loft bedroom or a modern container home, this place has something for everyone.

And the best part? No custom content is required, making it easily accessible for all players who have all the packs!

29. Sims 4 Tomarang Apartments – Asimsayt

sims 4 tomarang apartments
  • Units: 4
  • Lot Size: 20×20
  • Value: 202 652$

30. Futures Past Sims 4 Apartments – MarsoSims

sims 4 tomarang lots
  • Units: 6

Another winner in the Sims 4 rental game, MarsoSims has created a delightful and versatile apartment building in Oasis Springs. The best part? No CC is required! 🚫🛍️

With a total of six units, you have plenty of options for your sim families or roommates.

I personally had a blast testing out different family dynamics and roommate combinations in this building.

31. Sims 4 Tomarang Townhouses – Kellyhartz

sims 4 tomarang townhouses
  • Gallery ID: Kellyhartx
  • Units: 5
  • Lot size: 20 x 15

These beautiful Tomarang Townhouses in Sims 4 are 🔥🏠! I mean, how can you resist living in a stunning townhouse with not one, but FIVE apartments?

Perfect for all your sims to live together and still have their own space. Plus, the added bonus of balcony and a common room for some fun hangouts!

These townhouses definitely bring some charm to the new world. So, why wait? Move your sims into these amazing townhouses now and watch them thrive in their new home! 

32. Sims 4 Tomarang City Apartments – Asimsayt

sims 4 tomarang lot
  • Units: 3
  • Value: 193 019§
  • Lot Size: 20×15

A perfect lot for Sims 4 Tomarang 🏠!

With 3 floors and 3 units, your Sims can live in luxury and style. Whether they prefer a cozy studio apartment or a spacious loft with breathtaking views, this lot has it all.

Asimstayt is my go-to for unique and creative builds, and this one is no exception. Each unit is designed to cater to different lifestyles and personalities, giving your sims the freedom to choose their own dream home.

33. 20×15 Sims 4 Tomarang Apartments – Captain-Silvera

sims 4 tomarang apartments for rent

This Sims 4 Tomarang Apartment is my recent obsession in the game! Not only is it perfectly designed for your sims to live in, but it also comes with a spacious balcony!

Imagine sipping on your morning coffee ☕ while enjoying the stunning view from your balcony. It’s definitely my go-to spot for relaxation and inspiration. Plus, the interior of this apartment is to die for! 🤩

With a 20×15 size, it’s perfect for a small family or a solo sim looking for their own space.

34. Sims 4 Tomarang Tropical Apartments – Axiisims

best sims 4 tomarang lotsbest sims 4 tomarang lots

35. Latest Sims 4 Apartment for Rent (No CC) – Helgatisha

sims 4 rent
  • Units: 4
  • Lot Size: 30×20

36. Sims 4 Asian Tenement Building – Machinegrl

sims 4 building cc

37. 5-3-1 Shinrinyoku Sims 4 For Rent Lot – Helgatisha

best sims 4 rental lot
  • Units: 3
  • Lot Size: 30×20

I hope this list of Sims 4 for rent builds has given you some inspiration and options to add to your game.

Whether your Sims prefer a cozy and traditional living experience or a modern and luxurious one, these apartments and homes offer a unique and vibrant choice for your Sims to call home.

Keep an eye out for more builds becoming available, and don’t forget to share your creations with other players in the Sims 4 community. Happy Simming and happy renting!

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