31 Sims 4 Plants CC (Hanging, Indoor, Outdoor Plants, and More)

Looking for the latest Sims 4 Plants CC to bring greenery into your virtual homes? This post has you covered! I’ve gathered 31 essential Sims 4 plant CCs, including hanging, indoor, and outdoor plants, to add life and vibrancy to your game.

sims 4 plants cc

Welcome to the ultimate green haven for all the Sims enthusiasts out there!

If you’re on the hunt to beautify your virtual spaces, look no further than my curated collection of Sims 4 Plants CC.

From lush hanging baskets that add a touch of greenery to your Sim’s porch to chic indoor potted plants that bring life to any room and vibrant outdoor arrangements that transform your Sim’s garden into a blooming paradise, I’ve got you covered.

This comprehensive guide not only features a variety of Maxis Match Sims 4 Plants CC but also ensures that every season is reflected in your decor.

Dive in to discover how these plant CCs can breathe new life into your Sims’ homes, making every corner picture-perfect and alive with nature!


Latest Sims 4 Plants CC

1. Nostalgia Living Sims 4 Plants CC Pack – Awingedllama

sims 4 plant

Step back in time with the Nostalgia Living Plants CC Pack, where each plant brings a classic touch to your Sims’ decor.

From the lush, sprawling ferns to the charming daisy-filled pots, these plants are more than just decorations; they’re a journey to yesteryear! 🌿🌸

Imagine your Sim’s home filled with these timeless beauties, where every corner whispers tales from the past. Doesn’t it just make you want to throw on some vintage tunes and relax?

2. Simple Live Sims 4 Blooming Plants CC – Joyceisfox

sims 4 plant cc

Ever feel like your Sims’ home could use a breath of fresh air? Say hello to the Simple Live Collection!

With 15 different blooming beauties, ranging from quaint succulents to lush ferns, each housed in uniquely charming pots, this set promises to sprinkle a pinch of nature’s magic into any room.

Perfect for Sims with a green thumb or those just looking to add a dash of life to their living spaces!

3. Boho Living Sims 4 Plants & Planters CC Pack – Awingedllama

sims 4 plants
best sims 4 plants cc

Inject some boho charm into your Sims’ lives with the Boho Living CC Pack!

Whether it’s the elegantly trailing plants that add a touch of whimsy or the quirky face planters that seem to say, “Look at me!”, your Sim’s home is about to get a lot more stylish.

Imagine the Bird of Paradise brightening up a sunny corner or the Fiddle Leaf Figs making a statement in every room—this pack doesn’t just add plants, it adds personality!

4. Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kits Plants CC – Awingedllama

sims 4 cc plants

Unleash a cascade of greenery in your Sim’s abode with the Blooming Rooms Kit!

Imagine a haven where vibrant ivy drapes over the edges of sleek, modern pots, and succulents dot every surface, each more quirky than the last. 🌿🪴

Whether it’s the elegant droop of the sparse ivy or the playful poise of the hydrangea, these plants are ready to transform any space into a botanical wonderland.

Perfect for that Sim who loves a touch of nature—or a full-on urban jungle!

5. Boho-Bath Sims 4 Plants CC Pack – SIXAM CC

sims 4 plants cc folder

Escape to a serene sanctuary with the Boho-Bath Botanical Retreat CC Pack. Transform your Sims’ bathroom into a lush spa day every day, featuring everything from hanging ferns to rustic succulent stands. 🌵🛁

Picture your Sim unwinding in a bath surrounded by nature’s finest, the air filled with soothing scents and the gentle whisper of leaves.

This pack doesn’t just decorate a space; it cultivates a mood, perfect for those spa-like retreats right at home!

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6. Little Ceramics Sims 4 Plants CC Pack – Leaf-Motif

sims 4 rare plants

Delight in the charming simplicity of the Little Ceramics set.

Each piece, from the softly glowing candles to the vibrant succulents nestled in whimsically patterned pots, brings a touch of sweetness and light to any corner of your Sim’s home.

Perfect for adding that splash of color and life on windowsills or bookshelves, these tiny treasures are sure to spark joy in the heart of any Sim—and maybe even inspire a bit of green thumb enthusiasm!

7. Sims 4 Apartment Therapy Sims 4 Plants CC – Awingedllama

sims 4 plant list

Transform your Sim’s living space into a sanctuary of calm with the Apartment Therapy Inspired Stuff Pack.

Each plant, from the leafy greens hanging elegantly above to the lush potted friends by the couch, adds layers of texture and tranquility.

Imagine your Sims reclining on that chic orange sofa, surrounded by a harmony of green, their stresses melting away as the sun sets through the window.

This pack is like a daily retreat for your Sims, without ever leaving the comfort of their apartment!

8. Sims 4 Potted Monstera Plant CC – NOOBOO

sims 4 indoor plant cc

Elevate your Sim’s living space with the iconic Potted Monstera Plant from Nooboo Sims.

This plant isn’t just a green addition; it’s a statement of style. With its broad, glossy leaves and elegant stature, the Monstera adds a slice of tropical paradise to any room.

Perfect for creating that lush, vibrant vibe, it’s a must-have for Sims looking to enhance their home with a touch of the exotic.

9. Sims 4 Succulent Plants CC – Joyceisfox

sims 4 succulent plants cc

Welcome a splash of desert charm into your Sim’s home with the Simple Live Succulent Plants Collection.

This vibrant assortment of succulents, from blooming cacti to rosette-shaped beauties, is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and color to any space.

Ideal for tabletops and windowsills, these little green gems are sure to bring a smile to your Sim’s face and a pop of nature to their daily life.

10. Sims 4 Plants CC Clutter Set – Magnolianfarewell

sims 4 maxis match plant cc

Transform your Sim’s humble abode into a leafy retreat with the Botanical Buds Plant Set.

This curated collection of delicate greenery and blossoming buds is perfect for adding a serene touch to any tabletop or bookshelf.

Picture your Sim enjoying a quiet moment, surrounded by the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft fragrance of flowers—a truly peaceful escape from the bustling Sim world outside.

11. Sims 4 Strawberry Planters CC – Nolan Sims

sims 4 planters cc

Sweeten up your Sim’s garden with the irresistibly cute Strawberry Planters V2. These playful pots, shaped and colored like juicy strawberries, are a delightful twist on traditional planters.🍓

Not only do they add a burst of fun to any outdoor or indoor space, but they also come alive with lush greens and vibrant flowers that spill over their edges.

Perfect for Sims who love a bit of whimsy in their gardening!

12. Daya Monstera Sims 4 Plant CC – Nynaeve Design

sims 4 all plants

Add a dash of lush elegance to your Sim’s space with the Daya Monstera Plant. This striking Monstera, set in stylish pots and stands, is a decorator’s dream, offering both sophistication and a tropical flair.

Whether it graces the living room or a cozy corner, this plant brings a breath of fresh air and a hint of the jungle to any indoor environment.

Perfect for those Sims seeking to infuse their homes with natural beauty and an air of tranquility.

13. Florence Sims 4 Plant CC Pack – Felixandre

sims 4 winter plants

Introducing the Florence Sims 4 Plant CC Pack by Felixandre, featuring elegant, classical plant arrangements that bring a touch of old-world charm to your Sim’s home.

The set includes a lush floral bouquet in an ornate urn and a robust olive tree in a textured pot, each meticulously crafted to add sophistication and a natural aesthetic to any space.

Ideal for Sims who appreciate the beauty of vintage-inspired decor and tranquil greenery.

14. Stylish Wood Plant CC Sims 4 – SIXAM CC

sims 4 outdoor plants cc

Create a welcoming oasis for your Sims’ guests with the Stylish Wood-Cozy Guestroom Collection.

These sleek, modern plant stands, featuring a mix of robust and delicate greenery, blend seamlessly into any guestroom decor, adding both style and a breath of fresh air.

Ideal for those who love a minimalist yet warm aesthetic, this collection ensures that every visitor feels right at home the moment they step in.

15. Sims 4 Plants CC Collection – SimmerKate

sims 4 plants cc collection

Introduce a lively splash of nature to your Sims’ homes with the Plants Collection.

Featuring verdant foliage and cheerful fruit-bearing trees, this set not only beautifies any space but also brings a sense of vitality and abundance. 🍋🌿

Perfect for Sims who love to merge the aesthetic of outdoor gardens with indoor convenience. Imagine the joy of plucking fresh fruit in the living room—this collection makes it possible!

16. Sims 4 Evergreen Balcony Plant CC Set – QICC

sims 4 list of plants
sims 4 large plant cc

Transform your Sim’s balcony into a lush, green retreat with the Evergreen Balcony Set.

This set combines practicality with natural beauty, featuring sleek wooden furniture and vibrant plants that breathe life into any outdoor space.

Perfect for those Sims who love to sip their morning coffee surrounded by air-purifying greenery or enjoy quiet evenings under the stars.

17. Sims 4 Boho Vibes Plant CC – Simmerkate

sims 4 fall plants

Bring a touch of rustic charm to your Sim’s space with the Boho Vibes Set.

This thoughtfully crafted set features a lush fern sitting proudly in a handwoven basket atop a vintage-style stool, all perfectly accentuated by a delicate lace tablecloth and a textured rug.

Ideal for Sims who adore a cozy, artisan-inspired corner where simplicity meets sophistication.

18. Sims 4 Lara Pothos Plant CC – Nynaeve Design

sims 4 hanging plants cc

Introduce the timeless elegance of the Lara Pothos Plant Collection into your Sim’s home.

This series showcases the lush, trailing beauty of the pothos plant, gracefully suspended from minimalist hangers.

Each version, whether variegated or deep green, is perfect for adding a touch of nature’s cascade to any interior, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

19. Home Basics Sims 4 Plants CC – SIXAM CC

sims 4 planter box cc

Elevate your Sim’s gardening game with “The Planter Five” from Home Basics. This set features five unique planters, each showcasing vibrant greenery climbing up elegant trellises.

From rustic golden pots to vividly colored ceramics, each piece brings its own personality and charm to any outdoor space.

Perfect for Sims who love to mix practical gardening with decorative flair!

20. Sims 4 plant CC Blushing Philodendron – Gold Fish Sims

sims 4 plant locations

Add a stroke of botanical beauty to your Sim’s home with the GoldFish Blushing Philodendron.

This stunning plant features vibrant pink and green variegated leaves, creating a visual feast that brightens any room.

Nestled in a chic, soft pink pot, it’s perfect for Sims who appreciate a pop of color and a hint of tropical flair in their decor.

A truly exquisite choice for enhancing living spaces with a touch of elegance and vibrancy.

21. Home Basics Sims 4 Plants CC Collection – SIXAM CC

sims 4 plants cc set

Create a refreshing botanical display in your Sim’s home with the Home Basics Complete Collection. This collection features a variety of vibrant, cascading plants arranged on sleek, modern shelves.

Each pot, from classic white to chic metallic, is tailored to complement the foliage it holds, enhancing any room with a touch of greenery and tranquility.

Perfect for Sims aiming to infuse their living spaces with a serene, organized vibe.

22. Sims 4 Tulips in Pot CC – Herasims4

sims 4 pot cc

Brighten your Sim’s day with the radiant charm of these Tulips in Pot from Hera Sims.

This delightful arrangement of soft pink and peach tulips brings a burst of spring freshness into any space.

Set in a simple yet elegant grey pot, these tulips are perfect for adding a splash of color and joy to your Sim’s home, offering a beautiful reminder of the vibrant beauty of nature.

23. Sims 4 Animal Planters CC – Leaf-Motif

sims 4 plants cc and mods
sims 4 house plant cc

Unleash a dose of cuteness in your Sim’s home with these adorable Animal Planters. Each planter, shaped like a charming animal from playful cats to cheerful bears, cradles a thriving plant, adding both life and whimsy to any space.

Perfect for those Sims who adore pets and plants alike, these delightful containers bring fun and foliage together in the most enchanting way.

24. Sims 4 Philodendron Gloriosum Plant CC – TheKalino

sims 4 plant cc maxis match

Introduce the stunning elegance of the Philodendron Gloriosum to your Sim’s home. Known for its large, heart-shaped leaves with vibrant white veins, this plant is a spectacular addition to any room.

Housed in a stylish, modern pot, it’s perfect for Sims seeking to create a bold, botanical statement.

Ideal for adding a touch of sophistication and a burst of green to your interior spaces.

25. Sims 4 Muji Plant Pot CC – Momo-CC

sims 4 indoor plants

Elevate your Sim’s home with the MUJI Plant Pot, a blend of minimalism and natural beauty.

This uniquely designed pot, characterized by its clean lines and neutral color palette, complements the lush, overflowing greenery it hosts.

Perfect for those who appreciate simplicity with a touch of contemporary elegance. Ideal for adding a serene, organic touch to any modern living space.

26. Sims 4 Minimal Plants CC – Herasims4

sims 4 minimal plants cc

Infuse your Sim’s home with the subtle elegance of the Minimal Plants collection from Hera Sims.

This selection showcases succulents in stylish, textured pots that blend modern artistry with natural simplicity.

Each pot, whether it’s adorned with geometric patterns or clean vertical lines, perfectly accentuates the serene beauty of the succulents, making them ideal for adding a touch of refined yet understated greenery to any minimalist decor.

27. Sims 4 Plants CC Set – SIXAM CC

sims 4 plants cc pack

Breathe life into your Sim’s home with the Indoor Greens Collection.

This assortment of lush houseplants, ranging from robust rubber plants to delicate ferns, is displayed in beautifully speckled pots. Each plant brings its unique texture and shade of green to the space, enhancing the natural ambiance.

Perfect for Sims who want to create a serene, oxygen-rich environment in their urban oasis.

28. Sims 4 Plants & Candles CC – Harrie

sims 4 indoor plants collection

Enhance the serenity of your Sim’s home with the Tranquil Plant Set.

This carefully curated collection features a majestic banana plant, an elegant philodendron, and a charming tulip, each housed in uniquely stylish pots.

Coupled with softly glowing candles, this setup creates a peaceful retreat in any corner of the home. Perfect for Sims seeking to add a touch of calm and a lush, green vibe to their living space.

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these vibrant and varied Sims 4 plant CC packs. Whether you’re decking out a cozy corner or transforming an entire home, these selections bring life and color to every Sim’s space.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your favorite picks, and follow me on Tumblr and Pinterest for more amazing Sims content and updates!

Happy Simming! 🌿💚

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