27+ Must-Have Sims 4 Office CC (Computer CC, Desk CC, Decor CC, and More!)

Looking to revamp your Sim’s workspace? Check out my ultimate list of Sims 4 office CC packs that will transform any room into a stylish and productive haven!

sims 4 office cc

Hey Simmers! Have you ever found yourself scrolling through endless CC options, trying to find the perfect pieces to create your dream office in The Sims 4? Well, I’ve been there, and I know the struggle.

That’s why I’ve put together this ultimate list of Maxis Match Sims 4 office CC packs that will make your Sim’s workspace both stylish and functional.

From sleek desks and ergonomic chairs to high-tech computers and chic decor, this list has it all.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy corner desk or some eye-catching wall art, these CC packs will help you build the perfect office for any Sim.

Let’s dive in and transform those bland office spaces into something truly inspiring!


Latest Sims 4 Office CC

1. MidCentury Sims 4 Office CC Set – Surely-Sims

sims 4 desk cc

Ever wanted your Sims to feel like they’re working in the Mad Men era? This 41-item set is your golden ticket! Inspired by the sleek and stylish workplaces of the ’50s and ’60s, this CC set brings mid-century charm to your Sims’ offices.

Get ready for a blast from the past with vintage desks, retro chairs, and those iconic wall clocks.

Just remember, you’ll need the Get to Work expansion pack to enjoy this nostalgic masterpiece. 🕰️💼

2. Sims 4 Home Office CC Kit – IllogicalSimmer

sims 4 home office cc

Transform your Sim’s workspace with this sleek Home Office CC Kit by IllogicalSimmer.

Perfect for the modern work-from-home setup, this kit includes everything from chic desks to minimalist shelves and even a stylish whiteboard for brainstorming sessions.

Your Sim’s productivity will skyrocket with this elegant and functional office space. Ready to turn your Sim’s home office into a productivity haven? Let’s get to work!

3. Rusti.co Sims 4 Office CC Pack – Kaiso

sims 4 office cc pack

Step into a cozy, rustic office vibe with the Rusti.co Office CC Pack by Kaiso. Perfect for Sims who love a blend of modern and natural elements, this pack features earthy tones, lush greenery, and unique furniture pieces like the circular bookshelf.

Whether your Sim is a writer, artist, or business mogul, this stylish setup will inspire creativity and productivity.

Let’s bring some rustic charm to your Sim’s workspace!

4. Berlin Sims 4 Office CC Set – Felixandre

sims 4 office cc set

Elevate your Sim’s workspace with the chic and modern Berlin Office CC Set.

This set exudes sophistication with its sleek lines, neutral tones, and spacious layout, perfect for those high-powered meetings or deep focus sessions.

The stylish shelves and elegant furniture create an atmosphere of professional efficiency and urban elegance. Ready to turn your Sim’s office into a productivity powerhouse? Let’s get organized! 📚

5. Leander Sims 4 Home Office CC – Pinkbox AnYe

sims 4 office

Create a serene and stylish workspace with the Leander Home Office CC by Pinkbox AnYe.

This set beautifully combines rustic charm with modern simplicity, featuring a cozy wooden desk, comfy chair, and tasteful decor that feels both homey and sophisticated. Perfect for Sims who love a touch of nature in their work environment.

Ready to make your Sim’s home office a peaceful productivity haven? Let’s get cozy! 🪴

6. Sims 4 Office Mini Kit CC – Pierisim

sims 4 office kit cc

Simplicity meets elegance with the Sims 4 Office Mini Kit by Pierisim. This kit is perfect for creating a minimalist yet stylish workspace for your Sims.

Featuring a sleek desk, a modern chair, and just the right amount of greenery, this set ensures your Sim’s office looks chic without the clutter.

Ideal for those who believe less is more, it’s time to elevate your Sim’s productivity in style!

7. Sims 4 Aubrey Office CC – Leaf Motif

best sims 4 office cc

Step into elegance with the Aubrey Office CC by Leaf Motif. This set is all about combining leggy staples with chic decor, featuring a cool desk, fancy chair, and tall shelves.

The sophisticated vibe is completed with beautiful portraits and thoughtful details, perfect for creating a workspace that inspires creativity and productivity.

Whether your Sim is writing the next bestseller or crafting their latest masterpiece, this set adds a touch of class to their office.

8. Sims 4 Office Clutter CC – Simkoos

sims 4 office clutter cc

Bring your Sim’s office to life with the Sims 4 Office Clutter CC by Simkoos.

This pack is packed with all the little details that make a workspace feel real – from stacks of books and filing cabinets to stylish chairs and lush plants.

It’s perfect for adding that lived-in, productive vibe to your Sim’s office. Ready to make your Sim’s workspace look busy and bustling? Let’s get cluttered!

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9. Sims 4 Computer Desk CC – NO STYLE X W O O D L A N D

sims 4 desk

Upgrade your Sim’s workspace with the sleek and functional Öelti Computer Desk. Designed by Nostyle x Woodland, this desk features ample storage and a modern aesthetic, making it perfect for any home office.

With its clean lines and warm wood tones, it’s both stylish and practical, providing the ideal setup for your Sim’s productivity and creativity.

10. Arrie Sims 4 Office CC – Myshunosun

sims 4 office ideas

Create a serene and stylish office space with the Arrie Office CC by Myshunosun. This set features sleek shelves, a modern desk, and comfy seating that brings a touch of elegance to any room.

The neutral tones and minimalist design make it perfect for Sims who love a clean and organized workspace.

Whether your Sim is diving into work or enjoying a moment of relaxation, this set provides the perfect backdrop. Ready to transform your Sim’s office? Let’s get stylish!

11. MCM House Office CC Sims 4 – Pierisim

office cc sims 4

Embrace mid-century modern elegance with the MCM House Office CC by Pierisim. This pack includes 62 stunning items that bring a sleek, retro vibe to your Sim’s workspace.

From stylish desks and comfy chairs to chic bookshelves and lush plants, every detail is designed to create a sophisticated and productive environment.

12. Sims 4 Office Concept CC – Pacosims

sims 4 office mod

Give your Sim’s office a modern makeover with the Office Concept CC by Pacosims. This set includes sleek, minimalist furniture in a coordinated color palette, perfect for a professional and stylish workspace.

With everything from chic desks and comfy chairs to functional storage solutions, this pack has it all. Designed to match perfectly, it ensures your Sim’s office looks as organized as it is fashionable.

13. Sims 4 Modern Elegance Office CC – Bostyny

sims 4 modern office cc

Step into sophistication with the Modern Office CC by Bostyny. This set combines sleek furniture with lush greenery to create an elegant workspace that’s both functional and stylish.

The minimalist desk, chic chair, and contemporary decor pieces are perfect for Sims who value modern design.

Whether your Sim is a high-powered executive or a creative entrepreneur, this office setup will boost their productivity in style.

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14. Sims 4 Office Storage and Clutter CC – Myshunosun

sims 4 office build

Organize your Sim’s office with style using the Flow Storage and Clutter CC by Myshunosun.

This set features sleek storage units, stylish boxes, and practical clutter that make any workspace look lived-in and efficient.

From tidy shelves to charming desk accessories, it’s perfect for adding a touch of realism and functionality to your Sim’s office.

15. Luxe Sleek Sims 4 Office CC Set – Platinum Luxe Sims

sims 4 office building

Transform your Sim’s workspace into a realm of luxury with the Luxe Sleek Office Set by Platinum Luxe Sims.

This set combines elegance and modernity with its clean lines, white and gold color scheme, and chic furniture pieces. Featuring a sophisticated desk, stylish chair, and sleek shelving unit, it’s perfect for Sims who appreciate the finer things in life.

16. Ruth Sims 4 Office CC Chair – Nostyle X Woodland

sims 4 office chair cc

Enhance your Sim’s office with the comfort and style of the Ruth Office Chair by Nostyle x Woodland.

This chair combines a sleek design with ergonomic support, making it perfect for long hours at the desk.

With its clean lines and neutral tones, it’s a versatile addition to any workspace.

17. Vara Sims 4 Office CC Set – Peacemaker-ic

sims 4 lamps

Elevate your Sim’s workspace with the stylish and colorful Vara Office CC Set by Peacemaker-ic.

This set includes a range of modern furniture pieces, from sleek desks and comfy chairs to vibrant bookshelves and chic decor.

With multiple color options and wood tones, you can customize your Sim’s office to reflect their unique personality.

18. Busy Bee Sims 4 Office Decor CC – TheClutterCat

sims 4 office cc

Turn your Sim’s office into a hive of productivity with the Busy Bee Office Decor CC by TheClutterCat.

This set is brimming with stylish and practical pieces, from retro shelves and a chic desk to cozy seating and quirky decor.

The vibrant rug and eclectic accessories add a touch of personality, making it the perfect space for creative and busy Sims.

19. Sims 4 Work from Home CC Pack – SIXAM CC

best sims 4 office cc pack

Maximize your sim’s productivity with the Work from Home CC Pack by SIXAM CC.

This set is designed for small spaces, offering sleek and functional furniture that fits perfectly in any nook or cranny.

With a stylish desk, cozy chair, and practical storage solutions, it’s ideal for creating an efficient and comfortable home office.

20. Sims 4 Office Wall Decor CC – Melbennetts

sims 4 office wall decor cc

Add a touch of personality and organization to your Sim’s office with the Office Wall Decor CC by Melbennetts.

This set includes a magnetic whiteboard, clipboards with five swatches, posters, and a corkboard, perfect for creating an inspiring and functional workspace.

Whether your Sim needs a place to jot down ideas, showcase artwork, or keep important notes handy, this decor has got it covered.

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21. Elle Sims 4 Office Surfaces – Myshunosun

best sims 4 office furniture cc

Elevate your Sim’s office with the sleek and modern Elle Office Surfaces by Myshunosun.

This set features minimalist furniture, including a stylish desk, a practical bookshelf, and a versatile side table, all crafted with clean lines and warm wood tones.

Perfect for Sims who appreciate contemporary design, these pieces will make any workspace look sophisticated and organized.

22. Octave Sims 4 Desk and Office Chair CC – Harrie

sims 4 desk and office chair cc

Bring modern sophistication to your Sim’s workspace with the Octave Desk and Office Chair CC by Harrie. This set features sleek glass desks and ergonomic office chairs, perfect for a stylish and productive environment.

The minimalist design and clean lines make it an elegant addition to any office setup.

23. Raphael Sims 4 Wood Office CC Set – Maxis Match CC World

best sims 4 office cc set

Transform your Sim’s workspace with the Raphael Wood Office CC Set by Maxis Match CC World.

This collection offers a blend of functionality and style with its sleek desks, organized shelves, and practical storage solutions.

Perfect for Sims who love a modern yet natural look, the set includes everything from drafting tables to file cabinets, all in a chic wood finish.

24. Sims 4 Office Notebook CC – Comiko

sims 4 office notebook cc

Add a touch of organization and style to your Sim’s office with the Office Notebook CC by Comiko.

This sleek and modern notebook comes in four elegant colors, perfect for any workspace aesthetic.

Whether your Sim is jotting down important notes or sketching out their next big idea, this notebook is a must-have accessory.

25. Sims 4 Designer Office CC Set – Syboulette

sims 4 designer office cc

Transform your Sim’s workspace into a creative haven with the Designer Office CC Set by Syboulette.

This extensive collection includes everything from sleek desks and stylish chairs to unique decor pieces and essential office supplies.

Perfect for Sims who live and breathe design, this set offers a professional yet artistic vibe that inspires creativity and productivity.

And there you have it, Simmers! With these incredible Sims 4 Office CC packs, your Sim’s workspace will be the envy of all. From sleek modern designs to cozy rustic vibes, there’s something to suit every style and boost productivity.

Ready to transform your Sim’s office into a stylish and efficient hub? Download these CC packs and watch your sim thrive!

Do you have any favorites or new recommendations? Comment below, and let’s chat! Happy Simming!


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